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    Underground Experementation

    ((read the thread Bloodshot Eyes, Twitching Fingers to read the story so far))

    The ingition of Raav's hovercraft let out a dull constant humm as she blasted across the sky towards her destination. She had recently recieved underground information about a testing sight, somewhere called Foremans, where they did twisted experementation. She was unsure about the place however, and was doing basically a scouting mission. Recon, if you will.

    Raav cooled the jets of her bike and coasted to a stop at the entrance of the facility. It was guarded by a bored looking Omni-Tek standard issue guard. The door seemed to be just a hole in the side of a cliff-face, but Raav could feel a rumble under her feet, and smell the sweet smell of electricity in the air. Raav flashed her badge at the guard who glanced up, took a bored look at it, and went back to procrastinating. 'All on the OT dime' thought Raav.

    She walked into the facility, and immediately noticed something didn't seem quite right. The receptionists desk was empty, and the halls were barren. The alarms were blaring throughout the entire facility, and she could hear a firefight within the confides of the place. It looks like she wasn't the only one who recieved this intel...

    Raav started to run. She wanted to catch up to these other plunders and see if she could request their assistance. She immediately ran in guards who were now set to shoot on sight, regardless of who you were affiliated with. Raav's loyalty to Omni-tek was only on paper. Biomare was said to have been cut off from Omni-tek's corperate umbrella, but the guards were still loyal to Omni-tek, even if their director wasn't. But if she needed something, nothing would get in her way, not even the big "OT" or their loyal followers. She dispatched the guards without any dent to her morals or "devotion" to Omni-tek. They shot first, they die. Luckly for Raav, they died pretty quickly.

    She soon ran into the team that was ransacking the place. Plenty of firepower, they were taking out adversaries with much more brutality and quickness, so Raav called out to them. Thankfully they were short 1 person. They needed to gain Raav's trust however, they weren't quite sure if she could be trusted to not just blast them in the back. Raav started assembling her nanobots to configure to theirs and repair the damage they have suffered. This made them trust her a bit more.

    ((One was too low for me to team with them, so I outside healed until he leveled up twice))

    While Raav was holding back, initializing her nanobots to heal the bullet wounds of others, Raav brought up the official record of Biomare on her personal gridstream live feed...

    ((next post))
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    ((found at: ))

    Biomare (Foreman's)

    Biomare was previously one of the earliest notum mines Omni-Tek ran and was constructed into a large complex in the early days of mining on Rubi-Ka. It once employed several thousand people and functioned as a small society on its own.

    Because the workload was so heavy, Omni-Tek assigned huge numbers of atrox miners to the job. The complex finally applied to build their own reproduction labs to alleviate the pressure on the other bio facilities. The application was approved by Omni-Med, and the Biological Material Research (Biomare) center was founded, with the addition of hundreds of scientists working on top secret projects regarding the human genome aside from cultivating atrox.

    Over the years, the research labs grew larger while the amount of notum in the mines decreased. Soon, the labs were the bigger part, with only a few hundred tons of notum being brought out of the mines every month. Many moved away from the facilities and on to larger mining sites or to the cities, but all those who worked in the labs stayed.

    In the early 29470’s, central Omni-Med directors became su****ious that everything wasn’t as it should be in the Biomare labs. The reports the facility sent were showing little progress, virtually no production and there were several discrepancies in the expense forms. A team of Omni-Med investigators were sent to inspect and when they reported back to head quarters. When they returned, they reported that the lab director was taking the lab in a much too radical direction and as a result, Omni-Med turned down the director and the institution’s plans rather harshly.

    The argument between the lab director and Omni-Med went on for many years, until in the late ‘70s the director stopped barraging the home offices with his insane ideas. It was quiet for a while, perhaps too quiet for comfort. Little did the officials know that the director had been contacted by another group, one that funded all of his radical ideas. The lab director continued to work on the projects assigned by Omni-Med as before, but in addition he used the resources at hand to start other projects. The people working for him believed it was a part of the tasks given upon them as a research institute by Omni-Med, and would do as they were told. The few asking questions simply disappeared – officially being transferred to other divisions of Omni-Tek.

    The lab director started experimenting with new substances and their effect on the human body and mind, encouraged by his new benefactors. Using and creating mutants, he soon had to dig out a whole new test subject containment area, in order to keep the mutants away from the official parts of the facility, which was regularly visited by Omni-Med inspectors.

    A big change happened when after years of scrutiny and secret investigation, former CEO Philip Ross surprisingly made an official statement that the Biomare institution no longer was a part of Omni-Med, or Omni-Tek for that matter, and that a rogue operation was currently running the facility. He went far in claiming that the operations in the institution had received funding and support from a militant, outside group.

    Shortly thereafter, Philip Ross was shot during a speech in Omni-1.
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    Raav closed the live stream down, and continued to press onwards in Biomare. The deeper her and her team progressed, the weirder the abominations became. Guards were mixing with these horrors of nature, mutant freaks whose bodys were beyond mutilated and experemented on. Some appeared smiliar to humans, while others were completely devoid of any physical humanistic qualities. The team ripped through these and murdered any guards along the way. By this time, the teams caution with Raav was thrown to the wind, and Raav was one with them. This was really solidified when a teammate ran out of bullets, and Raav gave the last of her supply to him. His weapon was much nicer anyways, so Raav gladly gave him the remainder of her resources.

    Raav and her team ran onward, and came to what appeared to be an autopsy lab. Raav atleast hoped it was an autopsy lab. The carcass on the table that looked as if it was torn in half, and it's face frozen in horror and pain, told Raav otherwise. There was a woman in the lab observing out of a window with fright at this massive robot that was rampaging below. One of the mutated freaks had escaped into the robots holding pen, and was clawing futilly at the monsters leg. Raav watched with interest as the robot lifted its massive claw, gripped the mutated freak and ripped it completely apart. It seemed that the only thing left of the abomination was a bloody mist mixed with pieces of flesh and bone.

    The lady was speaking to Raav and her team, asking if they could stop it. She called it T.I.M. but Raav didn't quite catch what the acroynm meant. Didn't really care, Raav wanted a piece of this bot. Raav noticed that its optical sensor was the same scope that she had seen earlier in intel reports. "I piece of bounty" she laughed as everyone looked at her.

    They finally reached what appeared to be a replication factory. 'So this is where those freaks are coming from' Raav thought. She looked up the huge vats with disgust, but the kind of disgust that keeps your full attention. 'Like watching a Yalm wreck,' Raav thought, 'you can't look away'. Raav pulled up the intel pictures she recieved, and noted that the paths up the sides of the factory lead directly to the director of the operations, which meant it lead too her guns as well...
    "Violence is never the answer, but it might be the solution." --me
    "I would fight and die for my country, but not for my government." --me

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    Raav and her team dispatched the initial guards in the replication chamber and proceeded up the ramp and through the door. The corridor was brightly light, with a lone room standing in the middle, surrounded by 2 guards. The guards took notice of the intruders and attempted to 'assess the situation', but Raav and her team quickly dispatched them and stood outside of the Director's office. The door appeared to be soundproofed, so the racket of killing the guards outside of the door was contained. Raav and her team stood back and prepaired for the assault.

    The bulky Atrox in Raav's team signaled he was going to grab the 'director's attention'. As the door opened, he was met with bullets. It seems that the director was watching from inside of the room and had prepaired a couple of drone assault droids and a couple guards to assist him in complicating the matters for Raav and her team. The brawl spilled into the hallway. The trox could not keep the attention off of Raav. The director shouted something about how it was all Raav's fault for FUBARing his operation and proceeded to blast gunfire at her. Bullets ripped through the air, the battle was chaos. Raav took 15 bullets to the chest, her armor cracking and tearing as if it was a thin piece of paper. Her nanomachines activated in an emergency fashion and continually repaired the bullet wounds as they came, but it almost seemed too much for her overloaded system. Raav slumped against the wall, bleeding and broken, as the fight continued. Bullets still hailed in her direction, but the director was taking damage from the rest of her team.

    The trox in her team bashed the directors head, diverting his attention to the immediate threat, shouting something about killing Raav next after this peon was taken care of. Raav could hardly hear what was being said, blood pumped out of her like she was a leaking vessel, her heart weakly pounded in her ears like thunderclaps. Her vision was fading fast, her bots unable to keep up with the barrage of fire she was still recieving from both of the turrents. Her vision fading, she heard the director scream out. She meekly opened her eyes to see him fall. "Fair enough" she miserably thought "but the turrets are going to kill me..." as bullets pelted her continiously. The Atrox in her team rushed over and bashed the closest turrent, the remainder of her team shot at the 2nd, and soon they were destroyed as well.

    Raav laid against the wall in a pool of her own blood, her nanobots decharged, her life fading fast. She was blasted with a nano-recharger and felt a surge of energy as her nanobots kicked back to life. Raav passed out; caring not if she lived or died, she just wanted to rest.


    After she regained conciousness, she looked around. White hallway, her team. Her wounds were healed, and the director laid dead, clutching a pistol. Her pistol. She slowly stood up, checking to be sure her nanobots worked. They did. She felt alive again. She walked over and kicked the carcass in the abdomen. No life. she kicked once more and spit on it. Reaching down, she pulled the Desert Reet from his hands. It was upgraded. Searching his body, she found a 2nd...

    ((OOC: we killed him twice, but that wouldnt fit well into my story, so for this purpose, she found them both on the first go))

    already fully customized pistol.

    The pistols were remarkable. Raav polished the remainder of the blood from the director off of the pistols. The pistols were customized for standard shooting, an additional fling shot setting as well as a 3 round burst. In the hands of someone experienced, these pistols would still be pretty good. Raav placed them into her pack. She would have to take a couple crash course training excercises before she attempted to use these in battle.

    The team regrouped and decided to fulfil the doctor in the gruesome lab's request. Destroy the T.I.M. mechanical nightmare. The group travelled down the corridor, killing the guards that got in the way. Raav saw these as mercy killings really. Dejected, broken and confused guards who had nowhere to turn and nowhere to run. With their leader killed, they were just walking ghosts waiting to be finalized.

    They reached the door labeled "Experementation: T.I.M." and went in. There, in the back of the room, stood a massive bloodstained monster. The beasts optical sensors surveyed the room, making electric zipping noises as it fixated them on Raav and her teammates. The lumbering mechanical giant let off a blast of exhaust steam and took a shuttering step foward. Raav could feel the gound shake beneight her feet. How the hell were they going to kill this thing?

    The T.I.M. started to sprint towards the team, screeching out a mechanical shrill. The meatsheild ran in front of it and immediately started bashing it with his weapon. The T.I.M. swipped down and almost took his head off with one blow, but Raav was ready for this and actively connected her nanomachines to his, restoring his vitality. The metal monster leaped around, scanning for the explaination of how his blow didn't finish the target, and locked his optical sensors on Raav. The T.I.M. struck Raav with the blunt side of its claw, jarring her senses, but not doing too much bodily damage. The Atrox in her team lept up and smashed the metallic beast in its face. Drops of what appeared to be notum infused oil leaked out. Raav pondered this for a second and put this on the back of her mind. The T.I.M. swung wildly, and the Trox easily sidestepped it. The killing blow was landed, and the T.I.M. fell. Mission accomplished.

    Raav ran out of Foremans, satisfied with her bounty, and flew off towards Borealis.

    ((coming up thoughs about infusing the old: oil, with the new: notum))
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    Raav's thoughts:

    ((OOC the whole notum infused oil is my idea, not funcoms, so if I go against FC lore about the T.I.M. don't flame me please ))

    Notum is used with the capturing of the soul and creating life from death. It is how nanomages can stay alive on RubiKa and Shadowlands, but nowhere else. It is also how when you die on RubiKa or Shadowlands, you arn't dead; your body is recreated, and your soul is transplanted.

    Oil is composed of dead material. Dead plants, dead animals, after millions of years, geting compressed and turning into crude oil. But it was once alive.

    If one was to take notum, which has the property of life, and infuse oil with it, which is dead organic matter, who knows what would come of that? Especially if you put this into an inanimate object to power it, such as that of an android? Perhaps the andriod would in fact take on certain characteristics of the dead animals that make up the crude oil?

    Raav pondered these thoughts as she flew towards Borealis.

    /end of chapter
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    "Violence is never the answer, but it might be the solution." --me
    "I would fight and die for my country, but not for my government." --me

    Former General Of The league of Fabulous Ninjas on RK2

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