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Thread: 17.7.3 Update Notes

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    17.7.3 Update Notes

    **17.7 Release Notes**

    **New Content and Major additions**

    - New Dust Brigade Quest line.

    - High level players can seek out the new ICC Officer at ICC headquarters in Andromeda to embark on an ivestigation into the recent increased Dust Brigade Activity.

    - Each profession can attain a new HUD / UTIL slot item that allows them access to 4 new improved nano formulas that can be found through rewards for the quest line.

    - New Rubi-Ka Quest lines.

    - Mid level players can visit the new outpost built around the old Bronto Burger stand in Holes in the Wall to find a variety of new quests.

    - These quests come in a number of level ranges. Starting at level 60, then from 80 onwards and lastly for those above level 120 - there are no max level restrictions either, so you can go back and do them with higher level characters if you wish

    - New weapon upgrades now available.

    - A new series of tradeskills have been added to allow some of the older classic weapons to be upgraded and improved.

    - A new vendor in Borealis can provide the starter upgrades at certain Quality Levels.

    - Subsequent upgrade items can be found from mission and outdoor mobs as well as from the new quests.

    - Each upgrade kit can be used on an old weapon type to start the upgrade process.

    - Subsequent upgrades can be added to improve the weapon and add new special attacks.

    - New visual rendering options for shoulderpads

    - In your F10 options menu you can now choose which shoulder pad or combination you wish to render.

    - New options for locking your action bars to prevent removing icons by accident.

    **Perk Changes**

    - Blunt Defense and Cripple defense should now work correctly

    - Updated the description of the Grasp ability to reflect that the caster is immobile as well when it is activated.

    - Fixed the Symbiosis perk special so that it should give the correct bonuses now.

    - Double Shot should now scale correctly with over 2,000 skill

    - Weapon Bash should now be using the Assault Rifle skill for its attack calculations.

    - Damage from Arouse Anger should now scale correctly at higher skill.

    - Righteous Strike and Pure Strike both have a proc duration of 60 seconds now as intended.

    - Resolved an issue with Tremor Hand not firing correctly with skill values over 2,000

    **Nano Changes**

    - Pack Hunter, Howl of the Wolf, and Leader of the Pack should all now tick correctly after 90 seconds.

    - Puissant Momentary Daze and Puissant Restrict Movement should no longer debuff the runspeed of the caster rather then the target.

    - Fixer Shadowlands runbuffs should no longer give incorrect feedback messages.

    - The three top engineer pet heals have been adjusted so that the healing scales correctly.

    - Aegis of Notum now lives in a more appropriate stacking line.

    - Doctor Nano Crystal Weird Looking Continuous Reconstruction should now work correctly for Agent with False Profession.

    **Item Changes**

    - Some Vendors now stock ammo boxes with 50,000 charges for speedier resupply.

    - All the 'grail' type items that had vanished should now be visible again when equipped.

    - The correct gems should now be able to be defrosted in Alappaa

    - Second Tier Soldier Jobe Helmet should now display correctly for the Atrox breed.

    - Battlesuits should now correctly display their different textures instead of the default brown.

    - Changed the name of the Camouflage Hood to better fit with the rest of the garments in this series.

    - Resolved issue with incorrect stat scaling on the Improved Ofab Agent Sleeve.

    - Revised Mutant Domain and Lush Field Maps so that they can both be upload correctly.

    - Revised the description of Pillows with Important Stripes.

    - Silenced Kyr Ozch Rifle - Type 3 should now proc 'Glory' correctly.

    **World and NPC Changes**

    - Resolved an issue where engineer pet dogs would do less damage with more attack rating at certain AR ranges.

    - The landscapers and virtual lumberjacks have been out again and removed some obstacles to help aliens find their way to their targets better at some city locations.

    - Some of the military (Dreadloch) bosses have become more aware of their side and will try and punish players of the same side who attack them.

    - Bosses in the Temple of the Three Winds should now have the correct corpse timer.

    - Fixed a collision issue on the platform where the Muddy Dryad appears in Adonis.

    - The Bound Dryad should no longer take exception to fellow NPCs and break the quest by killing them.

    - Updated some of the 'flavour' conversations you can have with NPCs on Rubi-ka.

    - It should no longer be possible to used ranged attacks on NPCs from a distance where they can not return fire.

    **System Changes**

    - Dying in mech now gets you res 'sickness'. You can no longer order a mech when you have res 'sickness'. NOTE: This only applies to outside the battlestation.

    - Resolved an issue where dying while in a mech could cause the game to delay your respawn for too long.

    - Pets charmed by another player should now give correct feedback when returned to the original master's control.

    - Dying on the battlestation should now properly remove all hostile pvp effects.

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    17.7.1 Update Notes

    **17.7.1 Release Notes**

    - Fixed a serious exploit concerning the Notum Overflow hostile perk.

    - The combat skills of some Dust Brigade Quest targets have been adjusted.

    - Electing to beat answers out of John Solare will now update the entire teams mission to a kill mission to avoid having to kill him multiple times.

    - The Final Turret at Checkpoint Relay Five will now only spawn after the other three Dust Brigade Turrets are defeated.

    - Dust Brigade Turrets on "The Patrol" will now despawn after 10 minutes if not killed to prevent turret pile-up.

    - Sean Powell will now speak to players correctly as intended. Keep him alive to gain his trust!

    - 'Motivational Speech: Improved Heroic Measures' is now properly available to Bureaucrats through the Dust Brigade Quest line.

    - Adventurer team and self versions of "Calias Form: Parrot" should now have a higher stacking order.

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    17.7.2 Release Notes

    **17.7.2 Update Notes**

    - All Dust Brigade missions no longer have time limits.

    - Dust Brigade quest NPCs now have reasonable Nano Resist.

    - Issues where some Dust Brigade quest NPCs would refuse to speak with players should now be resolved.

    - Accurate Wen-Wens should no longer prevent Agents from equipping the new Nanodeck.

    - Sean Powell should no longer do area of effect damage making this area once again safe for damage shields.

    - The Christmas Hoverboard should now appear correctly on Opifex Female and Atrox models.

    - The Vegetarian Leet in Hollow Island is no longer attackable.

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    17.7.3 Update Notes

    **17.7.3 Update Notes**

    * Fixed a serious exploit.

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