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    Talking Wasteful


    Why oh why dont people use those maginificent meeting rooms that are included with the large org city building? How awesome would that be to have meetings in that room.

    p.s. And if you *do* use that room, /invite? hehe
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    ((becasue froobs can't use them, otherwise I think you would see stuff like that a lot more))

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    Bleh, meeting rooms... I want to be able to use the HQ bar!

    Edit: Correction. We've just used the HQ bar for a party ^^ Was a bit complicated with teaming the people outside the guild but it was worth it. Wish everyone (AI or not) could enter though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Llesa View Post
    Bleh, meeting rooms... I want to be able to use the HQ bar!
    I hear that! If your in a Large City we could hit up the bar get drunk then go take a dip in the swiming pool.

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    I'm not in a RP org but we use meeting room for our board meetings. That's way too cool to not be used
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