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Thread: Adam Roycraft Day approaches!

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    Adam Roycraft Day approaches!

    That's right, Saturday, November 17 - Newland City hosts the annual celebration, Adam Roycraft day!

    So come on down and join in the celebrations, and stay tuned for more announcements on the community and the Newland Council's plans for the event!
    Come along and join the fun!
    Trixie "Tryqz" Rhaiyne, Newland Council Science Minister

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    Sounds great. What time?

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    Stay tuned for more updates from myself and the other counillors on times for the parade and party, and for the games and events which will take place!
    Trixie "Tryqz" Rhaiyne, Newland Council Science Minister

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    The parade will start at 7pm RST. The parade will start at the Newland front gate down Adam Roycraft Ave. to the Bronto Burger in Newland City.
    Hope to see you there.

    ((ooc if anyone what's to be in the parade send a tell to Foosball33 in game or pm me here on the board. Looking for people to be leets, hoverboards, bikes, yalms, and people dressed funny.
    Also saddly GSP can't do the party after so I don't know what will be going on after the parade))

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