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Thread: OTPC: Suspect In Ongoing Criminal Investigation Assassinated

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    OTPC: Suspect In Ongoing Criminal Investigation Assassinated

    Suspect In Ongoing Criminal Investigation Assassinated
    October 19, 29481 - [Global]

    OTPC - ROME - Earlier this week, Omni-Pol confirmed, a suspect in the ongoing criminal investigation into the death over a year ago of an Omni-InternOps agent was shot dead in Rome whilst being escorted from prison facilities to an Omni-Pol office where they were to make a full confession to their involvement, implicating those whose orders they were acting upon.

    As Omni-Pol guards and the investigator heading up the case led the prisoner through the city, a sniper positioned on an overhead walkway fired a single round, cleanly killing their target. The prison's insurance systems were unable to recover the victim's pattern, in an ironic twist mirroring the original death last year of agent Callahan of InternOps, whose office the suspect was employed by.

    The investigator heading up the case has confirmed that evidence discovered at the scene links this crime to a string of other illegal activities now believed to be perpetrated by the same group. While the exact nature of the ties between these crimes has yet to be made public, it appears likely that Omni-Pol have discovered a signature linking them, a "calling card" of sorts. When questioned however, no further comment on this matter was forthcoming, as the investigator pointed out the dangers in making such information public in an ongoing case.

    It has been confirmed that Omni-Pol are hard at work on the case, with forensic experts working on tracing the weapon used in the latest killing. Omni-Pol are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the killing, or seen anyone behaving su****iously recently, to come forward.

    Whilst this matter is clearly a setback in the investigation, Omni-Pol remain optimistic, claiming the additional evidence now provided, while less valuable than a full signed confession, has allowed them to tie together several separate cases into one investigation.

    While the reasons for the original killing of Internops agent Callahan still remain uncertain, it is increasingly likely that as more cases are tied to the same perpetrators, his connection to the case will become apparent, and a motive for his murder will be deduced.

    As usual, OTPC will keep the public appraised of all information as it becomes known.

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    looks like omni-tek is more rebellious than the clans itself
    Never knock on death's door, always ring the bell and run. Death really hates that.

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    Always better without witnesses...

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    *Omni allergies start acting up. Heads for the out zones*

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