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Thread: Freelance: Missing Citizens found - Dead

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    Freelance: Missing Citizens found - Dead

    Missing Citizens found - Dead
    October 14, 29481 - Marion Vein [Rimor]

    IRRK Freelance - Numerous missing citizens are found permanently dead in a village in Andromeda, after an investigation is carried out following a lead in the case.

    Saturday, September 8th, a strange woman approached my companion, Kode 'Codenaam' Darrigan from InternOps. She possessed the call name of 'Nihchla', and was a dark haired Opifex Fixer.She went up close to him, and commented that he had a very pretty face. Then, she placed an unknown device into his pocket. Seconds later, Codenaam vanished. In a flash of light, Nihchla was gone also.

    Codenaam replied on his commlink that he was in some sort of house, then after a few short moments the comm fell silent. The woman, Nihchla, returned to Newland, and did almost the exact same thing to Tom 'Hollowpoint' Harking of Trans. When she was asked for Kode back, she simply gave an evil smile, and vanished again into nothingness.

    Several bystanders who knew these people, such as Tresa 'Cylie' Cross, Beta "Foosball33" Cross, and me, wandered around in confusion for about a minute, then Foos ran into a woman by the callname of Omnickor, and he called the rest of the party over to him. Omnickor reported that she was looking for her friend, Mirli, who had gone missing.

    Our stories were explained to her, and she requested that we stay with her, and commented 'I don't want to be alone'. A few minutes later, she received a brief message from Mirli, and was told 'Dish...Unicorn'. Then the connection was terminated.

    It wasn't too difficult for us to figure out that the dish guarded by the Unicorn Company in Borealis was probably near their location, so we set out together there. I checked the nearby shacks, and by sheer luck managed to locate the hiding place were Nihchla was holed up. In there was Codenaam, Hollowpoint, Mirli, and Nihchla. In the middle of the room was a large flat wooden table, on which Nihchla had placed an assortment of knives.

    Unfortunately, she easily overpowered me, and I was rooted with a strong nano program, unable to move to any great extent, or to make a comm call. She smiled at me, and kept twitching, somewhat uncontrollably.

    Thankfully, Foosball33, Cylie, and Omnickor managed to find me, but they too were rooted.
    Finally, the nano program stopped for a few seconds, and Foosball managed to break free. He tried to shoot her down, and a long gunfight ensued. Bleeding at the arm, she dropped her submachine gun, and backed into the corner. Rooted, we all watched them cautiously.

    Foosball33 tried to reason with the woman; however she simply made a comment about how pretty our faces were. She took out a small black object, which, when dropped to the ground, created an explosion which killed her instantly. Miraculously, none of the others were injured by the blast.

    After her death, the nano program ended. We were all very relieved that everyone was alright, and went our separate ways that day.

    On Sunday the following evening, Hollowpoint was approached by an ICC Investigator by the name of Kevliar, and was told to go with him to questioning. He also added that anyone involved in the incident should go also, so Hollowpoint, Codenaam, Cylie, Foosball33 and I went to Neuters together with the investigator, to go over the events of the past day.

    He commented that Nihchla seemed to be permanently dead, to our surprise and awe. He requested to be shown the shack there the events of the previous day had occurred, and so he was led to Borealis to check it out. He collected the knives from the desk as evidence after a lengthily chat, and went out again.

    The investigator had managed to locate the residence of Nihchla, in a villiage near a 'Fixer Grid' exit in Andromeda. He said that he would be conducting a search of the area, and welcomed anyone who wanted to help, so we all went with him.

    Once there, a general search was carried out, and doors were searched. Codenaam managed to find n unlocked door to a building, and the party proceeded inside.

    It was horrible. The putrid stench of rotting corpses filled the room, as we stepped delicately around several dozen headless corpses, which were slowly being consumed by filth fleas, which were dispatched quickly upon entry.

    The investigator scanned their DNA, and concluded that these were the people declared missing earlier this year by the ICC, from all types of backgrounds and factions. In a nearby metal barrel was found the (headless) body of a female doctor, with a report still on her person.

    Nihchla appeared to have been a previous patient of this doctor. It was noted that she had a serious psychological condition, which included acting in a childlike way, having a fascination for beauty, and a grotesque fascination for the collection of it. It was also noted that she had always posessed a deep mistrust of the Insurance system, and thought that it controlled the people. This could possibly be a reason as to why she and her victims were permanently dead.

    The report went on to say that the doctor had applied medicine, which had appeared to work on curing Nihchla's condition, also that Nihchla had been able to obtain a job modeling for billboards. In a later edit of this report, she noted that Nihchla's condition had apparently returned, and that she was on her way to Nihchla's place of residence...

    The rest of the report was, at the time of writing, soaked with blood, and was illegible.

    Although these atrocities are deeply shocking, at last the issue of the missing citizens can be laid to rest, and we may all sleep more soundly knowing that Nihchla is no longer among us.

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    If possible, I'd like a copy of the list of people so that we can confirm names and ID's of the dead as well. Clanfolks have a missing's person list a mile long, and I am quite certain there will be questions.

    In return, I offer any aid to the investigation that would be relevant.
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