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Thread: some hints for my 140 enfo?

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    some hints for my 140 enfo?


    I've been doing a trox enfo, he's around 140 by now.
    Was wondering if I should change weapon line or stick with 2he? What weapon(s) should I have equipped by now?
    And will miy's tank/melee be good enough? Can't really afford combined set as of now.
    Thanks for any and all answers =)

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    If your weapons are working good for you, I wouldn't change them. There is a really wide range of weapons you could be using that level. Just depends on what your focus is and buffing items you have available.
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    You will never go wrong with dual 1hb for pvm. Its the easiest and tankiest. Stick with miy's tank armour chest. Its one of the best chests for tanks since it came out, for the levelling game. Rare to see drop, but worth it when you got one.

    2he looses alot of its luster past the pained panther. I almost can't recommend them unless you wanna save IP.

    Its perfectly easy to gear a levelling enforcer in the game as it stands. Just make sure your insides are better taken in stock as much as your outsides. Never underestimate the value of extra AR, and dont neglect evades (have enough to keep yourself from being critted 24/7)

    Being healed for regular hits is okay, but spike damage will make your healer wince.

    Perk Genius 2. Get the highest level compiler on ASAP. Never be afraid to ask for buffs.

    The toughest lesson to learn about tanking as you level, is to learn how to tank as if you have no backup. Dying is easy, and slows down progress, and creates headaches. So, its plenty okay to engage in combat conservatively. Mostly, tanking is about mindset. All the tools in the world mean dick, unless you can assume the mindset that you earn your deaths. No one dies on your watch (except you) ever ever.

    Of course, when you hit tl 6 that all come crashing down around you and the utter spiral of not being able to do your job because X prof can do Y. Then, instead of tanking mobs, you tank your own diminishing sense of self worth as DD profs do all the work till you complete and upload your Dustbrigade nanos. Then, once you've done that, no one will ever steal agg from you ever again (provided you still remember how to keep it).

    Weapons are sort of the least of your worries.
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    You didn't say what you want to do with that enfo. I guess you have all boosters as you talk about combined armor. Do you plan to level as fast as possible in SL? Do you plan to stay a while at TL5 for BS and/or S10?

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    Ah damn, must've been tired yesterday, thought I said I wanted a pure PVMer. No s10/bs/tower wars. So just decent lvling gear, doesn't have to be cheap, but ~50 mil/piece would be my limit or so. I'm neutral, going to omni soon.

    I've switched to 1hb, kyr'ozch hammers typed would be a good choice at my lvl, right?

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    S10 is pure pvm with aliens and a good way to ear some money via bounties that drop like candys and give 4 mln / each. I tend to earn money there even with 2 220 toons.
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    Any (supported) weapon works then. Same for armor, anything with HP and AC is fine. As long as you can keep agg when needed, survive on your own for some time and do decent damage.

    1hb is a good option and yes hammers are good. Try to find a 190ish typed (Type 112) that you can keep in your left hand as it has low multi melee requirement. Then upgrade your right hand weapon as you level.

    For armor, tank/melee works. There's also Predator armor which is often used (and you can give it to your alts later) as it gives everything you need + some extras. After 150, you can also do the Dark Ruins instance. The boss there drops a nice set of armor (close to predator set but with better stats). As you are 1hb, you should get Tier shoulderpads. They give everything you need.

    Also, if you can get some help, try to do the Xan quest in ado. You'll get a nice NCU, a brain symb that you'll keep for a loooooong time and some parts to upgrade 1 piece of Tier armor. The xp is quite good too.

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    If you stay neutral a little while longer, I always found Reactive armor is nice leveling armor at 150-190 for any nano-spamming prof who likes HP. (Omni can only use Proactive, which IMO isn't nearly as useful for a leveling PvM enf).

    Oh, and I definitely like Miy's Tank Body Armor for chest.
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    Ok, maybe I will stay neuter then. =) How long would I have to camp that boss/mob(whatever drops the set) to get them? Are they camped hard? I'm having a hard time getting miy's in my ql range, but I guess I have to do with a bit sub-par for a few more lvls.
    Thanks for all help so far

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    May the Sploitz be with u Ciex's Avatar
    You wot kill them alone, best way to get them is checking spawn points for someone that camps BD keycards and just ninjalooting armor parts that are usually let to root.
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    If you're in a neutral org, maybe some 220s want to come farm "clan" biodome keys, too. Or you could ask for spare reactive armor parts if you see someone farming the mobs. People who are after keys are usually just happy that someone wanted to pick up the armor. The mobs you're after are the "swamp hags" in belial forest.

    Edit: ..and, alas, while a 220 enfo with a semi decent setup can solo these without much trouble, a 140 enfo doesn't stand a chance.
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    I figured as much, glad to hear they drop other things than the armor, so there's a chance for me to loot. =)

    ATM I have 7.9k hp with behe and 1.9k nano pool. It's really really too little nano and the hp is probably on the low end, am I right? I haven't had a chance to perk any hp yet tho, as I've used all perks on enhance dna/1hb. My ACs are almost at 5k. Is it ridiculously low? :P

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    If u have the opsibility to get an azure chest when u get to that lvl range it helps with ur nano pool.
    Tbh i havnt looked much at the Miy's armour tho since i been to well geared/lvld to use Miy's for anything but buffing stats.
    (does Miy's add - nanocost?)
    And hmm u would be far better off perking Bio sheilding or troll form as ur first perk line instead of 1hb and genious instead of enhance DNA.
    You could also invest some perks into manners of mongo since the line gives stuns and taunting perks, ur main function in a team isnt to DD its to keep the squishier DDs alive.
    Also if u find that you have alot of problems with holding agro i suggest u look into the jellousy augmented agression enhancer (correct me on the name plz someone since i cant remember the exact name) wich is a taunting tool that locks ur psychology and is realy easy at 140 to solo farm from Steps of Madness uotside Omni ent.
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    A little update : he's hit 151(no going back to s10 now=)) and he's become quite good imho. Question now tho is, is it good to type the off-hand weapon at ql 199 and then just keep upgrading the mainhand weapon, as someone suggested? Won't the specials, fast attack and brawl, get worse attacks bc of this? Thanks for all your help. =)

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    Best would be to type both ofc. But brawl and dimach don't scale with your weapon (only with brawl and dimach skill) so the the only lost dmg would be from FA which is 1 regular hit every 7s. Not a high loss.

    Just in case you don't know, if both weapons have the same specials, the damage (on Fast Attack in 1hb case) will be from your main hand (right one) weapon.

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    What's the benefit of typing both? Will it improve the dmg/lockout or something?

    What's the cap of fa/brawl?

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    More chances to proc Glory as non typed doesn't have that proc and Fast Attack with main hand.

    By cap you mean recharge? It's 15s for brawl, can't be higher nor lower. It's 5s + weapon_attack_speed for Fast Attack. You need 1750 FA skill to cap its recharge on Hammers.

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    Fast attack can sometimes be what limits the weapon QL you can equip, in which case you will want the typed weapon to be the highest QL your fast attack allows and the other weapon to be an untyped weapon at the highest QL your 1hb skill allows. (hope this makes sense at all. I think I ran into this case when leveling my advy -- don't really remember how enf skills scale)

    ..though from a more practical point of view, it seems convenient to upgrade the typed weapon less frequently and just keep buying new untyped hammers from GMS once in a while. Saves some messing around with clumps and tradeskills..
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