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Thread: OTPC: Omni-Pol issues warning for all parents

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    OTPC: Omni-Pol issues warning for all parents

    Omni-Pol issues warning for all parents
    October 10, 29481 - [Atlantean]

    OTPC - A spokesman of Omni-Pol, Rubi-Ka addressed the public today in a short statement, stressing the responsibility parents have for their children. This is what the officer had to say:

    "It has come to our attention that there are issues with children of loyal employees playing on the streets of cities and towns that are not currently under the law-abiding protection of the corporation.
    Omni-Pol would like to remind all parents on the entire planet that their kids are kept safe and sound wherever and whenever they walk around areas monitored by Omni-Tek.

    This is not, I repeat *not* the case in chaotic areas without law and order such as the territories currently occupied by the oppressors that call themselves the clans or their affiliates and any other lawless and anarchic groups other than the official leaseholders of this planet, Omni-Tek.

    Omni-Pol thus recommends that no one, permit or suggest anyone under age to venture forth into such dangerous areas as there is always the risk of outlaws such as the aforementioned groups kidnapping people to force parents to pay a high ransom to get back their beloved kids alive.

    We understand that loyal employees tend to be a bit unconcerned or ignorant about this topic as they are not used to such inhumane actions against the weakest in our society - children.
    For us civilised people it is beyond comprehension how someone could kidnap or even kill a kid, but the brutal reality is, that there are many groups out there who do not hesitate to use such methods to get whatever they want.

    Omni-Tek protects!

    Wise words the spokesman of Omni-Pol had in stock for the parents all over Rubi-Ka. This proves that the police branch of Omni-Tek cares in particular for those who cannot protect themselves - our kids.

    All this humble reporter can do at this point is to recommend taking Omni-Pol's advice to heart and keep an eye on our future. Our kids are our most valuable good and we should not put them in danger by allowing any terrorists to harm them.

    We at OTPC would also like to ensure all employees that we would send our best journalists to investigate any case of any kidnapped children all over the planet, no matter the costs or dangers we would have to face.

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    omni propaganda... we don't harm kids, it's once they're above age they should stay off our streets
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    Hey! Speaking of which. What ever happened to those Clan children Omni-Pol rescued from the Legion about a year ago? huh?

    Oh right! We don't need to mention that, It might ruin public oppinion.
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    OTPC employs the finest journalists and their relentless pursuit for truth is admirable. They will go the extra mile, no matter how unpopular they will get in the eyes of the clans.

    I thought I had seen it all, but it seems the clans hold even darker secrets, almost incomprehensible to civilisation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Editor: OTPC View Post
    "Omni-Pol would like to remind all parents on the entire planet that their kids are kept safe and sound wherever and whenever they walk around areas monitored by Omni-Tek."
    Yeah well, I'd think Peter Hansen's parents have a bit of a different opinion about that.
    Oh wait, Omni-Ent's sewers aren't under under OT supervision, I guess..

    Funny enough, both in Newland and in Borealis I've had children of all factions come to me for safety when some of those blackhearted OmmerPollers were harrassing them. Of course, one can't fault OmmerPollers for joining those winos they couldn't beat.. and they were OT higher-ups, too, and one has to look to one's career.. *shrug* Thugs will be thugs, in uniform or not.
    Tempus fugit.

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