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Thread: FJRK: Vanguard Expose Omni-Tek Spy Operation In Athen

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    FJRK: Vanguard Expose Omni-Tek Spy Operation In Athen

    Vanguard Expose Omni-Tek Spy Operation In Athen
    October 10, 29481 - [Atlantean]

    FRJK - ATHEN - A supposedly haunted office in the heart of Clan territory was revealed to be a cover for an Omni-Tek reconnaissance mission, the Vanguard reported Monday evening.

    The office, according to local legend, was the site of an experiment performed by an Omni-Tek metaphysicist prior to Athen's liberation, meant to breach the barrier between life and death. Instead, as the legend went, the metaphysicist was found dead, with his blood coating every surface in the building.

    Recently, the Vanguard purchased the office, intending to expand their own facilities in Athen, only to encounter strange ghost-like creatures within its walls. Hiring freelance Clan operatives to clean it out, the creatures were revealed to be the work of Omni-Tek, who had stationed an agent within the building in order to spy on Athen.

    "The situation didn't start off as an Omni-Tek scheme," said Elvirion, the reported leader of the Clan operatives and a high-ranking member of the Mjolnir clan. "But when we got to a big Omni infiltrator starting shooting at my friends."

    This 'big room', according to internal Vanguard reports, was the location of a nano-technological laboratory used by the Omni-Tek infiltrator to produce "ghosts" and "skeletons" that would lurk in the abandoned building, providing the illusion of a haunted office and likely ensuring his presence was hidden. Samples of the technology have been recovered, and are being studied in hopes of reverse-engineering the methods by which the odd monsters were produced.

    "I don't think he was just a spy," Elvirion warned this reporter as I prepared to leave. "I think he was filling a key role in Omni-Tek's attempted takeover."

    Whether this will prove true is yet to be discovered, but knowing Omni-Tek, it would prove hard to think otherwise.

    Willian Mulryan, FJRK

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    hmm... Mjolnir never mentioned anything of this
    Never knock on death's door, always ring the bell and run. Death really hates that.

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    Prolly so they wouldn't alert Omni to how much they found out.

    Ether way, Good job guys! Nice catch!
    Point Blank

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    cover for an Omni-Tek reconnaissance mission? pffft... with halloween around the corner this might could have been just a harmless project to see whether our latest ghostly creations are scary enough.

    Makes you wonder why the "brave" Vanguard would hire freelance Clan operatives to do the cleaning...

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