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Thread: Freelance: 70s Nostalgia in Full Swing

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    Freelance: 70s Nostalgia in Full Swing

    70s Nostalgia in Full Swing
    October 10, 29481 - Ferrell [Atlantean]

    IRRK Freelance - It is now 29481, and the new decade has scarcely begun. Still, nostalgia for the previous decade, the so-called 70s era, is already in full swing. Wherever you go, you can see folks wearing the old fashions and watching the "classics", reliving the moments from one of the most bizarre and world-changing decades of this century.

    We sent some of our freelance reporters on the street to canvass some opinions on the past decade, and here are the responses that we got:

    "Man, there were some great holo-vids. Remember that space opera one, Notum Wars: A New Hope? I hear that the director is going to make a whole trilogy of them. And who can forget the drama of The Boy in the Nullity Sphere or the horror of the original Grim Gofle Reaper?" said film critic Howard Roper. "Of course, there are the standards, like Rocky MCXVII. There were also some real doozies, like all of those Troxploitation vids and the whole Aliumz fan-vid movement. Although I did enjoy Close Encounters of the Kyr'Ozch Kind."

    "The fashion was so totally awesome! I remember folks walking down Omni-1 with mismatched sets of Nail Armor and Nomad gear. It was so totally chic," said Katy Morgan, corporate secretary in Omni-Med and part-time fashionista. "Oh, and remember those hot dance crazes, like Slashdisco and Slashpulp? I hear that people at the new swank joints play all of the oldies and dance the night away, just like we used to do at Omni-1 Entertainment."

    "The music of the decade ran the gamut from hard Trox metal bands to Clan protest songs. Most of them were one-hit wonders. We've heard them all at Gridstream Productions," said Mikey Hart, a music promoter and talent agent. "Songs like Another Brick in the Omni-Wall and Dark Side of the Rimor hit the top of the charts. And there was all that music you could dance to, like the theme to Rocky and Y-M-C-A? My personal favorite? The Opisex Pistols... but I have a soft spot for Donny Troxmund."

    "The past decade was an age of Discovery, with advances that rival even the original discovery of Notum and reclaim technology," said Drake Rodriguez, of Jobe research. "The discovery and subsequent opening of the Shadowlands and the vast amount of strange and useful technology that we have salvaged from the invading aliens have pushed the limits of all Human breeds. We are only just beginning to see the potential in combined Research on these new and exciting technologies. But exploratory science wasn't the only focus of the past decade. With the large influx of new immigrants, especially after the ICC lifted the fees, we spent the last decade learning how to live together as one big multi-cultural melting pot."

    "We must remember that the past decade hasn't been kind to Mother Rubi-Ka," says eco-activist Miss Ernetta. "After all, the resource rush has produced horrors such as the Three Mile Notum Mine disaster. There's only so long before the Notum Mines will tear apart and destroy Rubi-Ka. At least, the past decade has brought about awareness of the precarious position we are facing when we dig too deeply into our only home. Clans like Eco Warriors and the former Gaia are our only hope."

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    The Opisex Pistols, sounds like my kind of band
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    "Sounds like"? You mean you haven't heard them? Where have you been the last few decades?
    Agnostic Trox was more my kind of band.
    ahh..happy memories
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    Johnny Credz! Gotta love the Trox in black.
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    i don't have much time to listen to music and all being on the run of omni-pol and fanclubs and so on
    Never knock on death's door, always ring the bell and run. Death really hates that.

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    Hmm.... is this what was happening while I was in AF those sixteen years? Makes me glad I missed it. And makes me wish I was still in AF... and still back on Omni-Prime.
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    I feel old now... *sighs*
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