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Thread: Freelance: Property values at an all-time high!

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    Freelance: Property values at an all-time high!

    Property values at an all-time high!
    September 26, 29481 - Ferrell [Atlantean]

    IRRK Freelance - Despite the continuing war against the invaders and inter-factional conflict, Rubi-Ka property values have reached an all-time high during the last quarter. While regulatory controls have stalled the overall inflation of the ICC credit, the corporate estate market continues to boom. Estimates as high as 8 billion credits for even the smallest plot of corporate land are not uncommon.

    "It is a matter of supply and demand," states economist Officer Simon Penders. "The land itself is the one resource on Rubi-Ka, other than Notum, that is hotly contested. Unlike the Notum fields, however, all of the corporate and commercial sectors have been distributed and approved, and they can only change hands with the transference of the lease. With a limited supply and a huge demand, the organization plots will continue to rise in price as long as there are credits to go around."

    Several organizations have resorted to mergers to raise the capital needed to purchase a lease from another organization. Other organizations rely on loans from friendly organizations, but this is rare. The value of the properties have become so high that smaller organizations and individuals are starting to rent the property on the lease for months at a time, rather than purchasing the lease outright. The maintenance costs for these organization land plots have remained constant, despite the toll of the war against the alien invaders.

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    good thing i got one with special connections for 3.2B
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    This is an odd report....a known factor for quite some time i wonder why its news...

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    So the inside traders have something to complain about why the land market is spiking. Some people are that bored these days.
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    maybe to make a statement out of it (( and bubba posted in atlantean thread now must forcefully join RK1 ))
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    (( ha ha ))
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    o.0 this post is totally about me o.0 i sold my ai city for 8b lol!!!! /strong4!
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    I think it is a bit of a bubble that is soon to burst...

    With the new ways Aliens and with the new battle stations...

    They are good for shops... which can be shared ...

    and ... ?

    (Anyway the need for them is lessening)

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    Yea w/ s10 value droped a bit but my city was the first to be sold in 6 months shortly after it was sold about 5 citys came on the market hitting 6b,6b 5b. 4.2b, 4b so value has droped sense then but @ least deserving orgs got them @ least 3 of the citys went to nice orgs
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