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Thread: Confused Pres of Total Chaos.

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    Unhappy DAMN !!!!!

    What happens last clan raid ???

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    Originally posted by Creep
    It's people like you what cause unrest. There is no need for elitist nonsense like this.

    [edit]Actually, thinking about it, I'm gonna report this post. Never reported a post before, but I think this kind of outlandish rubbish should be kept away from the boards entirely. If this is your opinion of WWII, that's fine. Just don't shove it down my throat. I'm sure there are plenty of places for stuff like this, but here is definately not one of them.[/edit]

    Very well done Creala

    /me salute
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    duh ...


    I dont think that his discussion have anything todo with the forum It would be better placed in "Rubi-Ka 2 Organisations". Anyway Shtylez and all other: there cant be the ideal system for such a raffle. That was also the problem of us claners or the guys on Rk1.
    Ppls arnt 7 days a week online and cant be available each raid. So they go after a few trys there own way. Other will complain ... ergo flaming instead of telling ingame.
    Each system we had this period was good but was after a time of boredom bashed/ broken from others (no offence). Thats just human In astis colum on her webbi I didnt read that she mean all of TC (just in her PS note). Exact the same was by claners tho, as some guys from a guild (no I dont want roll it up again; Its just an example) did went her own way. Anyway I wasnt there just been tierd of reading the same over and over

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    Originally posted by labrutte
    /ROCKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah finally the omni tek unity in T raid broke !!
    I'm so happy, maybe we (poor clanners) will get a chance to kill you all.
    And get some loot (i always need dragon chest armor)

    Hey littletotem will we see more quiz in camelot now there will be less omnis ?

    Cyu in camelot

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    I know some quiz are going. for me killing that dragon is old news . Maybe if the edge drops more i'll come round. right now i'd rather be making alts or going for 200 on totem.

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    pls remember that this is a discussion about a messed up raid and not about WW2...

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    I think that dirtie must buy a brain on ebay like besh, and i'm happy that all americans are not like you two (i hope)

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    it wasnt flawed shty, It was just one kind of fair system. It was a dedication system. Yes if you go ALOT more your going to have quite a bit of advantage in pts over someone who goes every once in a while, but thats FAIR. even if you only go twice you still have a chance to get loot, right along with people that have gone 10+ times.

    Im not saying I expected it to last, i really did expect something along the lines of this to happen, people are impatient. Especially in these games people put zero effort into anything that they dont directly benefit from, which is a crying shame.

    what loot dropped is not the point.

    i also agree this is not a TC issue.

    However, to kindly disagree with Faolrin, i dont think any one Enf deserves that sword more then the next guy who is there helping Omni own the spawn. Yes shty is L 200, etc etc, but who is to say Ozzyvegas, Menahem, Grontha, etc all who i have seen attend, should not have an equal chance at it.

    Oh well, back to the drawing board.
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    man. this sux. but whats in the past is in the past

    hey, its wuzuppp.

    What happened, happened! Lets move one, but lets learn from our mistakes.

    In my opinion:

    The problem is no leadership. What i mean is "Leadership with some power behind it." Astriell did a good job leading the raids, but he had no power and no support from the major guilds.

    This made it seem that it was Astriell's roles and Astriell's raid and if u dont like it. leave............

    The roles of the raid were setup by everyone setting around and discussing what they thought was fair. So, they come up with a system that had roles. But what didnt happen at the discussion is the ironing out of how u enforce these roles.

    So, this system was doomed to fail........

    The only way to attempt enforcement of roles is by a "council of guild leaders". That makes and enforce fair roles. The council will determine the leaders of the raids, the loot system, the punishment or penilty of breaking the roles.

    Example: If wuzuppp, desided to make an alternate damage team and out damage the "Raid leader's designated damage team" for the sole purpose of looting the remains and not because the designated damage team needed help because they where takening to much damage and dieing. The raid leader can suspend wuzuppp's team members from the loot raffle, pending the decision of the guild council.
    The guild council then reviews the scenerio and makes a decision.

    This is the only way i see enforcing the roles. Most high lvl people belong to guilds and enjoy them. If the guild leader can't get a specific member to obey the roles, then the guild leader has the power to remove the player from the guild.

    The council of guild leaders can make decisions about super rares. Like the EOT-who gets it and in what order.......

    my to cents.
    Omni Trader on RK2

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    Cool agreed

    I Must say i agree with wuzuppp in this, we have to move on.

    Having rules set by guild leaders will def be the best thing to do,
    and it ensures that most ppl will have a good time down there and many will attend.

    I personally must say that i ha many good times at the raids.
    The last times however we filled one spawn hence not too many clanners got inside, and we could easily take down tara.

    Me myself often wonder why ppl dont use the /ignore instead of pissing on eachother all the time. Sure there are ppl i like and ppl i dont like but i try as good as i can not to flame and disgrace them.

    I also think that having a conflict with an individual should not end up beeing a trouble for 80-90 omnis that have attended tara throughout the raids.

    ohh well lets get the leaders together to work something out so omni-tek can stand united at tara and maybe once in a while give eachother a little *hug*


    Cyb appearing in 14.5 as an icc peacekeeper

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    I think tara is old news for most people now... it certainly is for me but the entire AO world is also old for me now to. A system will never be perfect... thats just the way its meant to be. Every loot system will suck to someone

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    /me grabs a beer and some popcorn
    oh wait nevermind I was in the clan version of this movie....
    heh guess clanners and omni aren't so different after all.
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    rofl devis, sad but so true
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    Smile Never know what posts I take a fancy to =)

    I don't go to Tara due to the fact that a few people have always and will continue to go down there until Shtylez gets the sword. Shtylez has always gone for the uber items in the game. He puts alot of time into the game therefor i don't blame him for wanting the sword. I do blame him for the tactics he is taking to obtain it. He is the tank of the 5 so called ubber 5 man team that they have put together. Until he gets the sword and they are on, there will be nobody else getting the kill of Tara. Since Vikie plays Cocio also who's to know if it was the real Cocio or Vikie playing in the group of 5. Maybe TC is responsible since Vikie is the president of that guild. Don't kid yourself if you think for one minute that group of 5 didn't know what they were going to do before they even got there or that TC didn't know they were there.

    The way I see it is that Omni has now become Clan over loot. Do I blame everyone in TC, no.... but since the group of 5 are TC, in most everyones eyes that guild has become no better than Quiz when Quiz got slandered by this very group of 5 people about the loot they took. So in my eyes they are worse to do the very thing they were gripping about.

    Funcom has no system as to show what is being looted which is implemented in other games. Then everyone would know what is being looted and who looted it. So what did really drop? Was it something nice that dropped and the group of 5 looted it also? Who knows? Nobody knows forsure.....except whomever looted it.

    Someone ask why does Shtylez deserve the sword over another enforcer there. Simple answer.... He wants it and has for along time. His so called high end game friends will make sure he gets it.....

    first 200 Omni Mp on Rk2
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    " Just because someone doesn't love you the way you think they should doesn't mean they don't love you"

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    Simple answer.... He wants it and has for along time.

    ....are you saying no other enforcer wants it, and has for a long time? im pretty sure your not, so whats your point.

    if you're saying he has the power to get it, and that is why he deserves it, i would agree with you. However that power/greed/ableness to attain the sword came at the cost of 'a' fair looting system for the best loot in the game for HALF OF ALL LVL 100+ ON OUR SERVER. Thats a big price to pay just to have a crack at recieving the sword, which he could have had anyway if he would have participated in the system like every other omni.

    I 'was' proud of such large non-guild organisation and tactics, that is the pride and joy of being omni, order, organization, power.....shtylez's actions remind me more of clan.
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    ...after you fix cams can we get a 250 lvl cap? or maybe a 5k token board? for some poetic justice...
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    Originally posted by Vikie

    I had been on holiday for 2 weeks and I see that Rubika2 became funny.

    i heard Total chaos "are the elite with more power than other" and they can own T themselves 'well ....'
    i heard my dog are sick 'doh ' - it's not true '
    i heard Total Chaos are ninja ppl. 'r u sure ? /nod /nod"
    i heard the f***g patch will not .
    i heard my red fish have a baby. '-who want a baby fish ?'

    well .... im very happy PvP will be more funny now

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    Originally posted by Lordbedwyr

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    Unhappy TC strongarming

    Haven't read the boards for a while, so completely missed this wonderfull post to troll a bit on

    First of all - Sthy and gang DID know what they were gonna do before they went there - He had considered the idea back at the first loot meeting I attended, but let it pass for the time being. He later revitalizes this idea, and invites people to join (myself invcluded).

    I go to bed.

    When I wake up, all hell is loose. A few people decided to strongarm the Omnis (well most of 'em anyways).

    I wasn't present, but I think I know the motivations behind still...

    a) Shty didn't like the loot sytem - he managed to get himself booted off the chat set up for a Loot Meeting when he couldn't shut up and let other peoples have their turn.

    b) Shty didn't like Astriell one bit (neither do the rest of the 5 i seems - as well as Vikie). Well, alot of people doesn't like Astriell, but they do not strongarm their decissions over the board.

    !)If you don't like the raid leader, then at the next meeting, you propose a new one. I haven't heard ANY of the involved persons offer this - infact, Shty have said "I'm no leader".
    Cocio, when leading the defense at the box room, couldn't get people to move away from the stairs cried out "That's it, I'm out!".

    If you think Astriell is doing such a poor job, then why don't YOU propose to lead a raid or two? Then YOU will have to deal with peoples NOT wanting to do as is said, peoples discontent with how the rolls turned out, discontent at the loot system as THEY don't get loot, 10 tells after the rolls cuzzing you, having people talking behind your back how your a "Smoker of Meatcigars", "Powertripper" and I know not what.

    Because you don't can't handle it.

    Now either grow the stones needed to lead OR accept that you cannot! (After what has happened, I don't think you will get to lead anything)

    !) If you don't like the loot system, then you simply wait for a new loot meeting to continue disgussing this - OR continue on the thread I started on the RK2 Organizations board.

    I know TC was informed about this thread, its intentions, location and time when it was created - I had Vikie, Supersolid, Cocio and Shty sending me tells about it, as well as me announcing it on the OT Learder Chat prior and after its creation.

    What I saw there was a Cocio supporting the current system, saying it was the most fair - This support might as well have been over the stability wich would then settle over the whole Tara deal.

    Wich leads me back to WHY these peoples acted like they did.

    Loot rules? I hardly think so - they have had a board to troll if they wanted so, but all what I saw was a little nodding and agreeing.

    Then why do all this? And why would Vikie make a post to slander Astriell, acting like a lapdog instead of acting like a leader and apologize for what her Guild Members and Officers! had done, be it on this board or on the leader chat? Because it is a personal attack on Astriell, nothing else - Shty even said so when he informed me of his plans one very late morning in MMD.

    All in all, this insident makes me ashamed to be an Omni.

    Vikie, start acting like a leader instead of a lapdog, and perhaps you will avoid your guild members being called "The Big A-Word".

    In a case with little to be proud off, it should still be mentioned that alot of peoples put alot of work into this, be it leading the raids, web-pages or leading the Meetings.

    Also, Orbakay. Though being one of the "bad guys", he alone had the stones to take any concequenses and leaving TC after what happened, sending me a tell to inform people that they should blame him, not TC for his actions as he was no longer part of it.

    To see such a post from Vikie gets me going - lay off the personal attack and start acting like a leader - I trust you are capable of rising above that level?

    Too all the Clanners out there - No Omni's are making grabs at Tara after what happened - they are all scared that should they band up, another happening like the one we have all witnessed would happen again.

    Littletza, President of Shadow Ops
    194 soldier

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    If you are going to quote me .......

    quote it all :

    His so called high end game friends will make sure he gets it.....

    I am not saying he deserves it over another enforcer in the game but I would bet he has known about it long before most of the other enforcers due to the fact he is always looking to better his toon... Which hey isn't that why we all play ? to better ourselves?

    He was the first Omni 200 enforcer =) And first Omni 200 on RK2

    I would say that counts for something, wouldn't you?

    No he didnt go on a level bing until the last week before his vacation.

    If another enforcer gets the next sword dropped it will be because the 5 man team wasn't online =)

    /em tells ** Funcom to drop the sword more often and get on with the program =)

    Ipsa first 200 Omni Mp on Rk2
    "Some people come into our lives and quickly go, others leave footprints on our hearts."

    " Just because someone doesn't love you the way you think they should doesn't mean they don't love you"

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    Lightbulb All for game items?! /laugh-b

    First off... BLAH SHUTUP

    Heres the problem I see... To many damn people think they get a say in it... its like a world problem where everybody on the planet gets to have a say, how the hell would anything ever get decided? Ast, your system would never work sorry, tough luck.. suck it up and walk it off. Heres why it would never work, because to many people had say in the matter of voting. If all of TC went to the meetings we could out vote everyone and have our leader leading the raids.. that wouldent make people happy now would it? so heres what you need to make it work.. A (ONE, 1, Uno) representative to go to the tara meetings... have back up people incase that one could not make it, but only one person from a guild represent the whole guild, so therefore if there are disagreements it will be within the guilds where friends can talk it over.. arguing is always better with friends cause the hard feelings wont last. Each guild can give their imput at the meeting through the representative. That representative can relate what went on at the meeting to the rest of the guild as its happening or afterwards. Each guild member if has a problem will tell it to the guild representative to avoid massive confusion about who said what where. Maybe weekly meetings to hear the voices of the guilds.
    Anyway if everyone thinks they get a say, sorry your wrong, it wont ever work with 500 people yelling what they want. only way you get a say in the system will be to be guilded... sorry.. guilds add the the strength of Omni, so if you choose to be unguilded you wont be heard and you'll have to go with the system the guilds determine. life aint fair dont cry.
    Lastly if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all, for all of you who saw bambi as a kid (or adult) thats a good lesson to keep in mind, arguing wont solve anything. Thats what i think is needed to make the tara omni again, Menahem out.

    P.S. dont message me arguing with what i just said cause i really dont care to hear it.

    Menahem -Pround member of Total Chaos.
    Hugs to all and a kiss to Mentalcrazd

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