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Thread: Missing Equipment, wanting it back please. No questions asked.

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    Missing Equipment, wanting it back please. No questions asked.

    Last week I started a study on the consumer habits in Borealis. It's a boring study and is aimed to help advertise more isolated shops in desolate regions attract customers. I used a very uneventful looking piece of standard, simplistic, ordinarily common technology not unlike a personal service tower. This unit was only programmed to monitor and download data about consumer traffic around Fair trade including the implants shop, and GMS, nothing else. The data is unimportant and should pose no interest to anyone of its contents, it does however mean several days work and there fore the ignorable data disks contained in the unit would only be of value to me. If you happen to have found the unit and for some reason decided to dispose of it under the impression it was trash, or try to sell it for scrap, or were simply interested in what it was; it is a worthless uneventful unit of machinery but I would like to have it returned to my possession, no questions asked.

    A reward of 5 million credits can be offered for the untampered remains of the unit.
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    Would that be this "Wierd Looking Bomb" I found? It's got a red light on it, and it's started blinking.
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    you mean the one i threw at the omni-pol in the R.U.R. shareholder meeting?
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