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Thread: OOC: Thank you!

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    OOC: Thank you!

    For anyone who hasn't heard yet, the main page has been given a new look. Along with that new look includes an updated timeline, a brand new "People of Rubi-Ka" section (which should help with wikipedia , and new art and renders page.

    Thank you, Funcom and ARK!

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    Nice! But is it just me or is the loading of it REALLY slow?
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    I imagine a lot of people are viewing it. /shrug

    Early this morning, it was moving along pretty quick.

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    As a new player, this helps a lot with trying to learn about what's happened the past few years, as the forum posts are obviously seen by last post as opposed to date of the original post.

    Also, loving the control-map on the right hand side.

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    ((I was really depressed yesterday. Log on, say hi to some people and a few guildies that were on. Made my way to OA and sent out the recruitment message for the RP guild... and instantly had players sending hate messages about RPers and then it went on to some anti-jew slurs and jokes. "/petition blah blah blah 'quoted material' blah blah" minutes pass "/petition status" ... "you have no petitions in the queue".

    Having FC finally do something to show support for RPers made my day.

    *I know that there are still ARKs filling the shoes of some LTCs but still, storyline info ceasing in 29479 was hurtful figuring OT invaded a neutral city, ICC ordered anti alien battle platforms, OFAB shows up with products, and mechs roam the planet.))
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    the new site actually got me to farm some phatz i didn't knew existed before xD and i know copperneedle, the pvp elitist bishes (pardon my french ) will always use whatever they can to bash the RPers cause they think they're the top of the line players (which actually shows them it's vice versa )
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    The new site is awesome and has some very neat information on the people, world and of course the timeline.

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    I thought for a long time FC gave up on the storyline, the old timeline being one of my primary reasons. Seeing that they updated it means a lot.

    As for the anti RPers, the hell with them. You are always going to come across people who will ridicule you for playing a character out. When it comes to the online gaming world you have a food chain of sorts. There is your Real Time strategy players, then your first person shooters, the instanced based RPGs (Diablo, Guild Wars), then your MMOs.

    The chain is based on competitive skill. the ones on the higher links require quick thinking, and fast reflexes, the further down you go, the more it depends on levels, and items to when, and less and less skill.

    Players with an inferiority complex will have the urge to lash out at the ones below them (like highscool, but you can hide behind a computer screen and not worry about getting your teeth knocked in). RPing is commonly associated with D&D nerds that sat around the kitchen table rolling dice, and swilling mountain dew, and with good reason. RP is nerdy, yeah, but so is sitting at a computer for hours and hours going on about how many frags you got, the highest on the ladder you are, or grinding out levels, camping phats, or hugging titles.

    It's pointless to argue it though, it'll never change. On the other hand, be glad that you are at the bottom. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. If you get killed in pvp, or end up 50th on the Damage dump, so f*ing what? We have absolutely nothing to loose at this point, and everything to gain.

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