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Thread: The SoS Presents: The Olive Branch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kotts View Post
    Heh, Clever. bash on clans, camp out in their capitol, then whine when clans fight back. Calssic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sanqq View Post
    Thank you to Gridstream Productions and all those who attended. I would consider the party a success. While Simon Silverstone and his Sentinels arrived in order to evacuate those he found offensive, his efforts were for naught and the party continued.

    Not Quite whining but close.

    (( on another note. the Leeting of ARKies was not cool IMHO. No one like being ninja leeted or morphed, especially chain leeted. It was very rude guys, and personaly I feel it takes things well beyond IC. If it was me in any given situation I would *avoid* any RPers that pulled that crap. It was abusive. ))
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    It was good to see members of the Assembly present at the party as well, though a number of them left quite early. It has been my experience that your organization makes for good company at parties.


    ((I don't think it was an extensive period of chain-leeting and I don't think anyone doing it meant as anything other than an IC means of responding to the Sentinels' hostility. Also, the ARK behind Silverstone could have easily put an end to it: the Sentinels had every ability to fire on characters who had no ability to fight back. Or, a warning could have been given from any of the ARKs, which would have been obeyed.))
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    Bite my gray arse.

    (( the above is with IC hate, and OOC <3. I'm glad to see event still happening. the leeting went on for 15 minutes if not more. My guess with the Arks were playing nice and didn't want to send people to reclaim. kind of a toss up between ruining a good time and just playing the part. I myself have been black listed and banned just because I acted the part of any pro-war-ill-tempered clanner. I mean you guys certainly saw the fuss made by people that were not playing a character part them selves. One shouting for silverstone to go play WoW with the rest of the cry babies, or some such got a chuckle out of me :P. The ARks were more the likely just trying to keep close to their character, and still maintain a level of enjoyment for the players.

    Just remember the ARKs are not employees. they do this out of the love for the game, and because they hate sunlight. Just cause their name is blue does not mean you can treat them any less then any other player. Before you take any action be it /me or game supported like nano casting or attacking a flagged RPer, ask yourself if it was you in their place, how would you feel.

    Rp is give and take, not take take take /flex lookit me I pwned Simon!

    Rp has to be enjoyable for people to want to participate. if every one runs around trying to prove they are the alpha dog, then it's just bullying under the guise of RP.

    Good lord I'm a windbag. ))
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    Good lord I'm a windbag. ))

    (( aint that the truth and be easy on the others maybe it wasn't an rper that spammed him with leet nano after an rper did it 1ce, and if it was, it was in the heat of things and ppl don't really know how everyone reacts to it

    maybe we could have a sort of spoken / lightly written () rp rule to not use excessive leet cast on others. just use it 1ce or so like when saying "ah go back to the forest with the other leets". that way there won't be any leet spamming, thus no one angry or pointed at, and less windbags xD

    party was very good though even though it took me ages to get rid of silverstone ))
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    ((votes again for making the leet nano self only))
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    ((Jeeze I'm sure if the ARKS had taken issue with it they could have told the players to cut it out. RP facism doesn't belong here.))
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    Quote Originally Posted by playboyfixer View Post

    maybe it wasn't an rper that spammed him with leet nano after an rper did it 1ce, and if it was, it was in the heat of things and ppl don't really know how everyone reacts to it
    Sadly it was an RPer. Which is why I posted this. It's little stuff like that, I think, that's slowly sucking the fun out of RP.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowKali View Post
    ((Jeeze I'm sure if the ARKS had taken issue with it they could have told the players to cut it out. RP facism doesn't belong here.))
    They did ask for it to stop, and yet it continued, well after msice was shot. The leeters were warned three times in vicinity, and then shot as well. Shortly after Sentinels just opened fire. Besides when was the last time you saw an ARK break character?

    Second, flames don't belong here ether, go reread my post it said several times that it was *MY OPINION* (*I* think, *I* Feel, IMHO= In my humble opinion). So get up off my kool-ade.

    Edit: Chain leeting is also considered harassment. there was a huge stink about that when it was first released a few patches ago. If you were at the concert last night (the first one at least) and tuned into GSP they talked about chain leeting being rude. Players were doing it to combat lag, but still if someoe askes you to stop doing something to them, and you do not, it *is* harassment
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    I do not agree that this event was conclusively successful but it is a step in the right direction...despite the unpleasantness involving Simon Silverstone and his Sentinels.

    ((Since I am responsible for the initial leeting and also to blame for the spam leeting I am obligated to respond to this 'issue'.

    I understand where Kotts (and a few others I spoke in-game with) might be coming from. Spam leeting is a nuisance when done during inappropriate times. CAPS LOCK IS ALSO EQUALLY ANNOYING!! Consider this though, when is Caps Lock appropriate? Would it be considered bad form to use Caps Lock when your character is yelling in character? Why would it be improper to use a legitimate in-game mechanic as a means to respond (the only way we could, mind you) to a role play situation? If we had been able to attack Silverstone everyone would have turned a blind eye if a player were to start complete healing him. It is unfair to judge our actions so harshly when they were done in the heat of the moment and to say that role players like us should be avoided. Also please acknowledge this action was only taken after our President (Msice) was sent to reclaim. This alone suggests that the ARKs involved were willing to respond in lethal force. The players who countered Silverstone and his Sentinels were well aware of the risk or should have been after Msice was shot down. If the ARKs requested that we stopped our leet spamming they did so IC and a typical reaction to their IC demand would be to continue our leet spamming. If they would have made their request in OOC through bracketed vicinity chat or private tells I would hope all of us would have adhered to their command. Our intention was not to inconvenience the ARKs and our actions were taken out of context.

    Let's remember the true nature of role playing. It should not be limited by what we perceive to be annoying during entirely different situations.))

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    It not always about life and death. You don't always have to use lethal force to prove a point. In the past people have been known throw eggs at politicians in sign of protest and draw satyirical pictures to undermine authority figures. So then, in this day and age, why not leeting?

    (( I think it's all about context. This event was a party. More specifically it was a semi-serous, rebellious and anti-establishment kind of party. Having an Omni organisation hosting a protest party for peace in Tir one is striking both at the Omni and Clan hardline establishment with a single blow - and frankly there seems so little room for moderates these days on the political scene. Anyone going to that party should have understood that was the theme of the night and how leeting one of the main warlords of Rubi-Ka fits into that theme.

    Leeting Silverstone at a CoT meeting or any other heavy political event would probably not be appropriate. But it all comes down to getting into the spirit of a specific event and the mind of the people hosting it rather than trying to draw rules for all. Seems pretty easy to me. ))
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    I don't see anything wrong with the leeting of Mr. Silverstone.
    When he shot our president, he acted like a animal. There was no provocation what so ever. The only thing she did was to ask him for a dance. And when he act like an animal, he might as well look like one.

    ((The only thing the ARK said was "stop that" IC. He didn't indicate that he felt it as an harassment at all, or else he would have told us. And no, I wasn't one of the leeters ))
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    Well it if Makes you feel any better I was a bit disappointed, I was ready for a fight, and got nothing.

    (( Point to those three. of all the times I tried to morph ARKs, buff them or team them I was told to stop it, or simply not allowed. Player wise I'd think this would be a rather amuseing manuver to pull on someone who was loosing their temper or what ever. how ever casting it again and agian forcing someone to stay in leet mode is by far wrong.

    Angellis, I saw you, and I also saw you stoped when you were asked to. I also leeted you a couple of times before then it was after the point when one said "stop it" and people just kept doing that bothered me.

    As for the event I kinda did wish it would have taken a turn for the violent side when the sents were there, but meh, oh well I guess Ol Simon is getting soft ;P

    SoS, I'm sorry this garbage happened, I'm sorry if I came across harsh-- pfft who am I kidding I always come across harsh *rolls eyes and sighs *. but I still hope to see more events coming from ya'll. If you need someone to play the mean clanner give me a shout.

    Oh one more thing... Fascim? you're giveing me way more credit as far as my place in the community. I'm not an Org leader, I've never created a successful event, nor do I hold any political seat on any of the factions, and I most certainly am not part of some movement to force people to RP a specific way. I'm just a player who voiced an oppinion.
    At the very bottom I found the paragraph 'Fascist as epithet' to be very fitting for that comment. If you'd like to call me names, just us the PM option, and save face. ))
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    ((wait a sec))

    (( O_0 casting nanos on an ark? serious? *takes a breath* Ark as green are there to resolve an issue or answer an inquery. Ark as blue are characters in the story, an 'artificial intelligence' NPC for lack of a better phrase. They are not there for you to 'toy' with like a doll if you want to name call and rattle them about their IC actions, that is one thing; but refrain from treating an ark the same way you would a 'credz-begger' etc. Appropriate or not, it is disrespectful even if you do play an obnoxious character. Leet or other morphs or even any stat buffers or the like; they are ARK they have all the tools needed for a situation if they so see fit.

    On a side note *applaudes* brovo for someone like simon not warping the offender into the middle of pande with rez sickness and a root to boot.))
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    ((Copperneedle- It is obvious you were not there and have no idea what went on by everything you just ranted about....if you are going to get into a conversation then:

    1) Know what went on. Silverstone did have the Sentinels send us to reclaim which brings me to:

    2) Read the entire thread so you won't be inserting foot in mouth..or else you would have known 'Silverstone did have the Sentinels send us to reclaim'...alright so it isn't quite the same as rooting us in the middle of Pandemonium but the difference is just mere seconds that you will end up in the same place.

    Of course the Society of Salvation and every RPer I choose to surround myself with has only the deepest respect for the ARK community. If you had been there and knew the actual situation and circumstances surrounding this issue perhaps you would have developed an entirely different perspective...Silly Copperneedle. No form of harassment went on during the event. It was merely taken out of context. Now don't make me get my horse whip out.....why do I have this thing anyways?...I don't have horses.. 0.o))
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kotts View Post
    As for the event I kinda did wish it would have taken a turn for the violent side when the sents were there, but meh, oh well I guess Ol Simon is getting soft ;P
    (( next time i'll try to not convince him to leave peacefully & letting me handle it but simon's not gone soft at all just a teeny bit more diplomatic around me xD ))
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    (( It started out as the event coordinators, talking, teasing, and even trying to seduce Simon. nothing wrong with that. Then the first leeting happened, not too wrong at that point, and it stopped when an ARK flat out said 'Stop it'. After which Sents gave their last warning (for the 5th time :P ) and started shooting, I think it was Metaing, Msice, and Angellis. still no harm no foul. it was right after that it got to be too much. that's when about 3-4 other people started mashing hte crap out of their veterian leet nano, forcing the ARK to be stuck in a morph, and keeping him from doing anything but constantly cancel it.

    It wasn't SoS's doing at all (or if it was someone from SoS I didn't see them.) any who, that's when they just mowed every one down, and left saying they'd be back in 3 minutes, and they just logged out. Not LD'd or disconnected, or regroup, they logged out, and abandoned the event... That's why I said something.

    Will-- I tried, I was talking with him in tells, but I guess he was more for growling the bitting at that time *shrugs* ))
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