Born to hard working parents in a long forgotten mining community located deep in the heart of the Newland Desert, Borrace was orphaned early in life...

Unhappy with the working conditions and oppressive Omni-Tek overseers, the townspeople held a single meeting to discuss the possiblity of striking. This one meeting was enough incentive for the Omni-Tek to eradicate the entire town...and its workers.

In the dead of night, and without warning, Omni-Tek troopers entered the homes of the villagers in a lighting fast attack. Only a few elderly people and children survived to tell the story.

With his parents and siblings slaughtered, Borrace was cared for by an elderly woman and brought up in the streets of Tir. He wanders the lands of Rubi-Ka as an adventurer, biding his time and building his strength to bring justice to his long forgotten birth place, and vengence against Omni-Tek for their evil acts.

Despite his rough upbringing, he is outwardly friendly and easy going. However, behind his sunglasses are the eyes of a man always plotting a way to put the Omni-Tek Corporation off of Rubi-Ka, and Omni-Tek employees in their graves.