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Thread: RUR Meta-Water Contest results

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    RUR Meta-Water Contest results

    The results of the contest will be announced on Sunday July 1st, at 19:00 GMT by the Bronto Burger outside Newland City. The lucky winner will recieve 25 million credits for his or her work on inventing a process to turn meta-water into ordinary water. Everyone is welcome to come. Light refreshments will be served.

    As part of the evening the lifeguards from the Bay (of Rome) Watch will be accepting donation of any spare swimming clusters which will be used to help support the constrction of the Adonis dam and telling us a little about water safety.
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    Tha Bay of Rome Watch, eh? I'll see if I have a spare cluster in tha mess dat is currently my storage room. I admit I dun't use 'em myself. Drowning is so much more fun.
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