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Thread: Official CoT Announcement: NLCC Representative Update

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    Official CoT Announcement: NLCC Representative Update

    Greetings fellow Rubi'kans,

    Today, I have the pleasure of announcing that the Council of Truth has, after a series of internal discussions, held a vote was for a new representative to the Neutral populace. The individual whom has earned this position is Veteran of Clan Forsaken, Mona "Sovieta" Creehan. Her views seemed both sympathetic and understanding of the neutral body as a dynamic entity and still holds the clan political stances in the highest regards and we believe will do an excellent job in dealing with the members of this community.

    If you have need to contact the Council of Truth regarding Clan and Neutral matters of politics or general interest please feel free to seek her out as she has the full support of this Council.

    Congradulations Mona.

    Thank you,
    The Council Staff

    [ps sorry for the delay I was hoping Fay would do this but he has been tied up on RK4 ]

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    Congratulations, Sovieta.

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    Thank you CoT for entrusting me with this representative. I will do what is in my power to be of service for the CoT and the dialouge with the NLCC.

    Sovieta, Seraph - Angel of the first order
    Ihsahna,my Twinkie

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    —Moment of Freedom- Jens Bjørneboe 1966

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    Nice, more fun for Berael. Perhaps we can discuss what we know about what we know against who we know.
    Server first !!! Neutral Solitus Male Soldier named Boltgun to wear a short with pink spots on RK1 !!!
    N E U T R A L I Z E R S

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    we already did that ;p
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    Quote Originally Posted by playboyfixer View Post
    we already did that ;p
    Server first !!! Neutral Solitus Male Soldier named Boltgun to wear a short with pink spots on RK1 !!!
    N E U T R A L I Z E R S

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    Hurray for our new drinking buddy.

    * kicks back some more of his home brewed boom-boom*
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