Just so you guys don't feel left out.

  • Airborne Unicorn forces above Sector 42 are now able to delay the Alien airstrike for an additional 10 minutes.
  • OFAB Shoulders should now display correctly on all breeds.
  • Mechanical failure concerning range and specials should now be corrected.
  • Veteran L33T Nano should now have a longer recharge for less spam-ability.
  • Refreshing buffs on pets should no longer generate NCU errors.
  • Nano casting should once again correctly take into account the available NCU of your target.
  • Certain Veteran Items are now No-Drop as originally intended.
  • Addressed an issue that was causing client crashes in Sector 10.
  • One Who Gives Warnings in the Adonis quest series should now give players the correct profession specific reward.