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Thread: Day On Rubi Ka Part 3

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    Day On Rubi Ka Part 3

    ((This is part 3 to the Day on Rubi Ka story. It is about one day in Foos' life on RK. its taken me forever to write, so keep in mind this happened sometime last march. right after Nulion came out and said he was in the legion.
    Aslo there is some very private stuff, so the story is really only for understanding what Foos is about. Most of the info here, nobody would ever know about so please no meta gaming. I'llpost links to the other two parts here later, they're on the the fourm here somewhere.
    well enjoy, feel free to leave coments, questions and what ever.
    oh yeah and I'm sorry it's long ]]

    Foos sat on a tree branch looking down a valley in Eastern Foul Plains. He watched sentry drones patrol the grounds of what appeared to be an abandon building. He knew what was inside the building, it was his next job. He flew down from the branch and deactivated the running nano program, and retained normal shape. He watched the guards a moment longer, and then thought to himself, “Why do these people always feel the need to hide out in the middle of nowhere? Don’t they know, the farther they run, the bigger the trail they leave?” Tracking had always been second nature to him, it was a skill Foos would find most valuable on Rubi-Ka.

    He reached into his pocket and pull out the note with his orders printed on it. He glanced over it once again, and questioned whether or not he was doing the right thing.

    Greetings Mr. Cross,
    We need you to track down and find one Darian Whright. He is a disgruntle corporation scientist, whom on numerous occasions has plotted to take over Omni-Tek. Our efforts to reform him have gone unsuccessful. We have received recent reports he is currently working on a mass perma-kill device. We are certain he is planning to use this device in an attempt to take over Rubi-Ka and Omni-Tek.

    We can no longer tolerate his actions. Your job is to put a stop to him once and for all, as well as gathering any and all information pertaining to the perma-kill weapon. Any other plans or devices you find you make keep as part of payment.

    You will find the necessary equipment in the package you received. Payment will be issued on the completion of the mission. As always this is a covert operation, should you be captured or exposed the corporation will disavow any knowledge of your existence.

    Make contact when your mission is accomplished.

    Foos looked at the note and laughed softly. The note was so unassuming, even if he decided to abort the mission and go public with the information of his work, who would believe him? The note could have been made by anyone including himself. He knew the odds were good the only fingerprints on the note would be his own. Either way it didn’t matter he agreed to take the job, right or wrong, going back on his word was something he didn’t take lightly.

    He slowly moved closer to the entrance, watching the robotic guards make there rounds. He watched for a pattern in what appeared to be a random patrol of the area. About an hour after watching he figured out the timing. He paused for a moment and appreciated craftsmanship of his implants. He moved in a little closer finding a good spot to make his run for the door.

    Once in place, nanobots started to swirl around him changing his form once again, this time into a leet. He took a moment to get used to his new form. He checked his calculations of the guards' movements and headed for the entrance. He darted across the small patch of land between him and the doorway. Quickly and silently he passed by the guards and entered the not so abandoned building.

    Once inside he scanned the room for any surveillance or alarms. To his luck, but not surprise, there was none. He deactivated the nanoprogram and assumed his normal form. He stood in a small empty room with two doors, one leading to the outside, the other heading inside the rest of the building. Foos stood in front of the door leading to his mission objective and took a deep breath, as his guns came out of their hidden hostlers in his sleeves and to his hands. He focused for a moment and nanobots started too swirl around the barrels of his guns. He exhaled, opened the door, and started to walk down the hallway.

    As Foos began is walk he was spotted by a ninja droid. The droid started at him, and without breaking stride Foos kept walking, raised his guns, and began to fire on his would be attacker. With the deafening noise of his weapons now silenced by nanobots, Foos unloaded two full clips into the droid, never once stopping his forward motion. With the droid now scatted in pieces across the floor, he ejected the empty clips as two new clips popped out sides of his armor. Foos slammed the guns down to his sides and reloaded them.

    He walked across the remains of the droid as a door to his left opened, and with out looking he raised his gun out to his side and fired two shots blowing the head clear off the droid ready to come out of the room. Foos continued on his path, as he turned to the corner as he was greeted by another ninja droid. It took a fighting stance before him, Foos quickly fired his guns deactivating the unit.

    Foos turned another corner and arrived at the end of the hallway. He came to a door in front of him, and two on either side of him. Before he could decide which door to chose, all opened with a guard stepping out of each one surrounding him. Foos moved his eyes around assessing the situation. As the one guard spoke, “Ok buddy, got any last requests?” Foos in one fluid motion raised his right arm in an arc motion ejecting a blade hidden inside the elbow of his armor slicing the throat of the guard to his right. As the blade glided across the one guards throat Foos fired both of his guns, shooting the other two stand at his front and left side. He stood there for moment listening for the collective thud of three bodies hitting the floor at the same time.

    As the body in front of Foos dropped, he saw another guard turn and run the other way. Quickly Foos pressed a few buttons on the device on his wrist shooting a field of nanobots at the guard rooting him in place. Foos stepped over the dead guard’s body and headed toward the motionless man. Foos walks around him, looking him over and slowly disarming him. He stares at the guard as beads of sweat start to form on the man’s brow.

    The guard tries to make out Foos’ face, but can only make out a wicked smile. He feels a sharp pain as he drops to his knees. The pain quickly subsides as he feels a warm metal barrel pressed up against his forehead. Terror fills his eyes as he looks up to see the hooded figure place a finger up to his lips, telling him to be quiet. The guard tries to nod in compliance, be remains motionless while the gun barrel rest firmly against his head.

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    Foos looks down at the frighten guard, and then reaches in his pocket and pulls out a cred chip and shows it too the guard. “Hold out your hand” Foos says to the man. The guard slowly holds out his hand as Foos drops the chip into his hand. “You work for me now” Foos says as he moves the gun back so it’s no longer resting on his head. The man still starring at the gun nods in agreement. “So are there anymore guards I need to worry about?” Foos asks.
    “No, there was only the four of us” the man replies, “and you killed the other three” he added. “All that’s left are the drones outside but they are hooked into a different system, so they won’t come inside” he finished staring up a Foos trying to get a look at his face, and see more then just a shadowy view of his lips.
    “Alright this is…” Foos’ words were cut short as the voice of an irritated man comes over the guard’s com, “What the hell is going on out there?”
    “Answer him” Foos said calmly, “Tell him there was an intruder and he was neutralized. The others are busy deposing the body.”
    The guard quickly gave the message to his old boss.
    “Damn it! I can believe those fools at Omni found me already, and I’m so close to finishing. Alright they pay for this interruption soon enough.” Whright’s voice sound both annoyed and cocky. “Okay, tell everyone where are moving out, it won’t be long until there’s more Omelets knocking at our door.” The guard’s com fell silent, as he sat there trembling slightly, and breathing deeply.

    Foos slowly looked around the room and spotted a large metal door with a keypad on the side. “So that’s where he is?” Foos asked. The guard slowly nodded his head yes. “What’s the pass code?” Foos said looking back at the guard. The guard paused for a moment trying to think, “Its 779081”.
    “Alright we’re done here” Foos said as he started to turn for the door. The guard looked at Foos asking “So I’m free to go?” there was a slight hint of relief in the guard’s voice as he called out to Foos’ back.
    “Yeah” Foos answered still moving toward the door, “You’re free to go to reclaim” the guard’s eyes widened in shock at the sound of Foos’ words. Foos moved his arm, and pointed the gun behind him shooting the guard straight between the eyes, killing him instantly, all the time never taking his eyes off the metal door.

    Foos walked up to the door and typed in the pass code. He wasn’t at all surprised when the door opened; he knew the guard wasn’t lying. Foos slowly opened the door, and looked inside the large room and watched the man sitting with his back turned to him, busy at a long workbench, filled with computers, papers, and tools.

    Foos scanned over the room and saw a pair of Blackbirds hanging by their straps on a hook in the wall. Foos deactivated the silencer nanoprogram on his guns. His one gun retracted back into his sleeve and he raised the other and fired a single shot. The man sitting quickly reacted and darted over to his guns, and stopping at the sight of their shattered remains. He turns and looks at Foos, “You bastard you shot my guns.”
    Foos removes his hood and smiles, not saying a word.
    “How did you get in here, and who the hell are?” Darian said in a forceful voice.
    Foos looked at him studing his face, “Darian Whright. I'm here to put and end to you and your actions.”
    “Ah, an Omni lackey trying to stop me. When will they learn they can't hold me.” He stood there almost laughing at Foos, “Fine lets get this over with, even if you win I'll just find myself in a prison reclaim, and I'll get out soon enough”. Darian looked around, “It seems you have me at a disadvantage, are you the kind of person that would shoot an unarmed man?”
    “No.” Foos spoke in a firm voice, and reached inside a pocket on the front of his pants and pulled out a hunting knife. “Here” Foos tossed the knife over to Darian, “Pick it up and you'll no longer be unarmed.”
    Darian started down at the knife laying by his feet, “A knife versus a gun, what kind of a fool to you take me for?”
    Foos moved forward leaving a large gap between him and the doorway, “Here's the deal. You pick up the knife, and try to get past me. If you can get through this door you're free to go. If not, well you know. I'll give you a few to get ready”

    Darian picked up the knife on the ground and examined it. “You're a fool you know that.” And without another word Darian started moving his hands around as nanobots starts to whirl around and lighting up the room. A flash appeared around Darian's body and he took off running at a great speed. Foos press a button on his wrist and a thirty second counter turned on in the HUD of his eye implant and starting counting down, while he places his free hand behind his back. Foos concentrated and perception started to change, time seemed to slow down as he watched Darian's run. Foos aimed his gun and fired a shot which flew right past Darian's face making him change direction. Foos keeps firing shots always missing Darian making him zig-zag across the room, as the counter in his eye kept going down.

    Twenty-eight seconds have past and Darian is now in range of Foos. He lunges out with the blade, only to watch it bend after hitting an invisible shield of nanobots around Foos' body. Darian shocked face turned to horror Foos pull the knife he was hiding behind his back and plunged it into Darian's stomach and up his chest. He momentum was instantly stopped as he moved backwards clutching the knife sticking out of his body, as he slowly collapsed to the floor.

    Darian laid there on the floor watching clouds of nanobots try and heal his gapping wound, but to no avail. He can tell by the handle what kind of knife it is, and he knows he's going to die. Foos kneels down beside him and gives him a shot, “Alright this will take away the pain. You only have a few more moments left, I suggest you make peace with yourself” he says in a clam voice.
    Coughing up blood and trying to breath, he presses a few buttons on his wrist unit, “you'll never get my plans, they die with me.” Sparks start to erupting from the work table, as Foos looked over to watch computers starts to melt and papers start to burn.
    “Damn it” Foos says half-heartedly, and looks over at Darian taking his last breath. With one last cough of blood he passes into twilight.

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    Foos gets up and walks over to the work bench. He sifts through the remains trying to find something, but there was nothing. He walked back over to Darian's dead body. He keeled down and grabbed his hand and placed it on a scanner. The scanner beeped and the word “Confirmed” came across the screen. A moment later Foos' com turned on with the voice speaking, “Ah Mr. Cross, I see we have another job well done.” Foos sat there silent listening to the man speak, “So I see you have taken out your target, were you able to gather the data we requested.”
    Foos walked back over to the table and replied, “Negative, all information regarding the weapon as been destroyed.” Foos takes a moment while he does another search of the remains, “Whright managed to have all his systems self destruct just before he died.” Foos walks over to the end of the table and see a small filing cabinet, he checks inside but finds it all but empty. Both draws and only one medium sized package, “Hello what do we have here?” He thinking to himself, and begins to read quickly, “Advanced AI system for battle and protocol.”
    “So did you find something”, the voice could tell by Foos pause he came across something.
    “Nothing really, just some plans for a bot and some spare parts. Nothing pertaining to the weapon” Foos replied in a clam manner.
    “Well please set the beacon so I can send the droid crew in for clean up. And I have another job that requires a man of your talents.”
    Foos took the beacon out of his pack and place it on the ground, turning the unit on. “Okay the here's the deal I'm done” Foos says calmly.
    “What? You need a break? Well that understandable, I'll contact you the next time I need you” the voice replies.
    “No. You don't understand I'm done. I'm out, I can't do this anymore” Foos demands.
    “I see” the voice pause for a moment “Well seeing as how you've done far more then the agreed upon terms of the contract, and as much as I would hate to lose a man with your talent, I guess I can let you go” the voice says, “But understand we will be keeping an eye on you and if you....”
    Foos cuts the voice off before he can finish, “I know if I say anything I'll be killed or worse. I gave you my word, I know what the deal is. Besides I don't think I would make many friends if they knew what I was doing. Not to mention I doubt anyone would believe me.”
    The voice starts to laugh, “No I suppose you wouldn't make very many friends and no nobody would believe you. Well Mr. Cross, you done good work and I have no reason not to trust you so I will consider this your resignation. Keep in mind should you have a change of heart we'll always be here. Also don't be surprised if we contact you from time to time just in case you should be looking for work” the voice finished.
    “I understand, Cross out” Foos said as he shut off is com.

    Foos looked around once more and sighed as he headed for the door. He looked down the hallway to the door leading outside and started to walk. He stopped and shook his head, then pressed a few buttons on his wrist unit then disappeared.

    Foos teleported to Newland City, and arrived next to the back cliff wall, next to the entrance of one the backyards, on the platform over looking the Bronto Burger. Foos walked over to the cliff wall and slumped on the ground. He there with his back against the wall, looking down and rubbing his temples. He closed his eyes and heard a familiar voice call out to him.
    “What seems to be the problem Foos” the voice said.
    “Nothing” Foos replied, never looking up at the man “Nothing at all, everything is just... fine”.
    “Don't lie to me Foos. If there was nothing wrong I wouldn't be here would I son?” The voice answered back.
    “No dad I guess you wouldn't be” Foos said, then laughed softly. For a moment he wondered if the voice was just inside his head or was it really the ghost of his father, either way it didn't matter, Foos was just happy to hear his voice again. “Well dad, I've been a bad man.”
    “I know what you've been doing son.” said his father, “So what you've killed some people, what's the big deal? You've killed lots of people, more then you can count throughout your life, what makes the few you've killed here so different”
    “Because its not the same as before dad. It not like when we're on the ship fighting for our lives, this is different” Foos said, still never looking up.
    “So what you get paid to kill now. They were bad men, who did things that made them deserve to die, didn't they?” His dad's voice was stern but understanding.
    “No dad it's not that. Look, back on the ship everyone I ever killed at some level knew they weren't going to come back if my bullets got them. They new the risks they were taking. These guys they never see it coming.” Foos said running his fingers through his hair “Like this last guy, he was unarmed but never once did he try to make a bargain with me. Never once did he try and beg for his life. And you know why dad?”
    “No son tell me” his dad's voice sounded concerned.
    “Because he didn't know he was going to die. He thought if he lost with me, he would just end up at some reclaim in a prison or metal hospital. He didn't know he would be breathing his last breath, that thought was never in his mind.”
    “Son I..” his father's words were cut short.
    “Let me finish dad. Most of those people I've killed would have never gotten themselves in that position had they known they could really die because of it. Sometimes I get so sick of this planet and this damn reclaim. I'm telling you dad, it makes hero's our of cowards, and warriors out of bystanders.” Foos still looking down shakes his head and sighs.
    “Foosball” he paused for a moment “ Vincent. Look son, I raised you well. You know how to choose what you feel is right and wrong, your a good man. Do what you need to do and be done with it. Don't waste your time wallowing in mistakes, do what you think is right and fix them and move on. I've always said you need to learn to let go. Maybe you just need to find yourself a good woman.”
    Foos laughed, “Yeah sure dad, that will happen” he said in a sarcastic laugh.
    “Alright son, I have to be going you take care of yourself. Call your brother. And know that I love you.” his father said.
    “I love you too dad” Foos looked up and for an instant saw the image of his father, and then he was gone.

    (possible ending)
    Foos sat there in Newland alone and felt a cool breeze blow across his skin. He sighs and thought for a moment, then laughed. He turned on his com, and dialed in the node.

    Cylie: Hmmm,
    Foosball33: is that you Cylie?
    Cylie: yeah, sorry I was just thinking aloud.
    Foosball33: How are you today, tonight whatever it is right now
    Cylie: *sneezes* just fine
    Foosball33: bless you
    Cylie: and sick... thank you
    Foosball33: Sick? Maybe you should go see someone...

    Foos sat there in Newland talking over the node not knowing where the night would lead him, but he no longer cared. It would be a new day soon, time for him to move on.

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