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Thread: Comedy Night

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    Comedy Night

    Date: Sunday 27th
    Tie: 19:00 GMT
    Location: Br&Oz Bar.

    RUR present a night our third Comedy Night. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, is welcome to grab the mike and share his or her comedic stylings - just keep the jokes reasonable clean, you never know who is listening. Or you can just sit in the crowd, drink beer and heckle.

    Due to a nanite problem at our HQ, this time the Comedy Night will be held in Hope, at the Br & Oz bar, so come join us there.
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    Excellent! I best start writing some jokes...
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    the 0% supression bar in Hope?? or is there another ive missed out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vickie View Post
    the 0% supression bar in Hope?? or is there another ive missed out there?
    Yes. Consider the suppression gas as a form of quality control for the performing acts.
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    Right. I hope I'll be able ta be there on dat day. There's no way I wanna let such a trainwreck in tha making go without me.
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    Njineyr: Uh... R i g h t ... ... ... I might just sit in the corner near the exit incase Bonzo thinks someone is mocking her.
    ((time to roll a lvl1 and a list of bad jokes... aw, no lvl 1-5 to boot me off stage? lol))
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    Why did the Clanner cross the road?

    Because I launched him across using a notum cannon.

    Hee hee hee hee heeeeee!!!!

    Take this Clanner's life. Please.


    How many Clanners does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    An infinite amount if you wire the trap correctly and they all die a horrible death from electrocution.


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    *laughs out loud*

    Thank you, Nevver. Your cruelty and sense of humor should be awarded by Omni-Tek.

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