He adjusts his shades quietly, glancing about as he slowly walks the streets of Old Athen. His green eyes fall to the faces of the other clanners running to a fro, glancing at their glowing nano protections, spikey armor, or lack thereof.

Like my father said once....."To expect violence is to invite violence." And we seem to be expecting a hell of a lot. Why?

He sighs and settles against a wall, leaning his back against the cool stone. Crossing his arms, he continues his observations.

Omni-Tek. That's why. They think they are God. They think that THEY are the ones who will lead us all. They think that THEY are right. Always. Bah. They think an awful lot. Funny. But of course....what of us? We clanners? We think a lot too. That we deserve freedom, liberty, and justice. Why? Didn't the old religions say we were created to serve? Oh, freedom of choice? Free will? All lies. We are expected to serve. Someone.

His eyes follow a rather pretty looking solitus female as she strolls on by. He smirks slightly to himself.

Who would this someone be? God? Man? The Soul? Who knows? We seem to think it is man we must serve. Well, at least Omni-Tek does. Man obviously still holds onto religion. Though the tenets are of violence, bloodshed, lies, and subversion. We follow the religion of existance. Yes, that's it. And the holy text is what we make up. Ahh....whatever we want it to be at that time. When it serves us, we follow it. Is that morally allowed? In this religion it is. Because we can say it is. If we feel like it.

He smirks again as an opifex female walks past, she in a black miniskirt, top, and leather thighhigh boots.

So deciet is allowed. Lust is allowed. Murder is allowed. Gluttony is allowed. Sloth is allowed. Jealousy is allowed. Hatred is allowed. Veangeance is allowed. When we feel it serves us, it is allowed. Then what is sin? Is it life? Death? Apathy? Existance? Hmm...that one seems to fit. Existance. What a wonderful sin, and one we can't escape. So long as man is here, sin is here. I like that.

He glances down the road, watching the sway of the opifex woman's behind.

I love sin. What an interesting concept. I like to exist, to live, to lust, to desire, to kill, to hate. Definately like to lust. That woman is quite a sight. Yes indeed. Wonder if she'd like a bald man. Probably. Wonder if she'd like me. Probably not. Oh well, still nice to look at.

He grins to himself as he again adjusts his shades.

I love religion. Manmade, yet alien too. We never trully understand it. But isn't that the same of all things we create? We create, we build, yet we do not get it. An interesting cycle. Maybe that's why we create God. To make it make sense. Why? Isn't mystery part of the fun? To know everything would be boring. I feel sorry for God. He must be bored as hell up there in heaven. Heaven? Where would that be? Another universe? Parellel to ours? Possibly. Always had the su****ion angels were aliens. It only makes sense. To me anyway.

Another opifex female walks by, this one wearing a skintight suit of white leather.

God I need a partner. Staring only makes me want it more. Oh well. Wonder if she'd like my shades. Always said "Shades equal cool." Been true in the past, in the present, and will be in the future. Why else would shades STILL be made, sold, and worn now? Because of the coolness. My old girlfriend did say without them, i'd be lost. She's probably right. I do look damn good in them. Maybe i'll buy buy another pair. Yeah, I think I will.

He grins and pushes off the wall and heads towards the Whom-pahs, glancing at the fine delicacies that walk by.

Shades equal cool. Always remember that.