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Thread: DeM Threat on Omni-Pol

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    DeM Threat on Omni-Pol

    Report in from Sergeant Thegenerator of Omni-Pol:

    "This Saturday all the bars and food shops in Omni-entertainment received a portion of food supply which turned out to be poisoned.
    Luckily Omni-Officials noticed this after only a few people became ill.
    With the supply of food there came a little package which contained a letter with the falsified signature of Omni-Med and the writing "DeM" in a corner, and a bottle of drugs. The letter stated that the powder in the bottle was a preventive drug against common diseases which had to be mixed with the food.

    I can now announce that the situation is under control and that no more poisoned food is currently in any shop or bar.

    Also I'm pleased to say that Omni-Pol has caught two members of this DeM group.
    While on patrol a few of our officers reacted to the alarm signal being sent from their city. When they arrived they spotted two people in DeM outfit who were placing some kind of bomb near one of the buildings. The two criminals were caught swiftly and the bomb was diffused before they could set it off.
    After a thorough interrogation of the suspects they revealed that their names were "Bombuzal" and "Dragonguard" and that they were members of Deus ex Machina.
    Though they claimed not to know anything about DeM, we discovered that they had gotten their assignment through a spokesperson called "OctoberDeM" who seems to sometimes appear in public places.
    The two people who were caught will be properly reformed to become loyal Omni citizens with a new identity.
    Other information concerning the subject is classified.

    The concerning officers were corporal Scenegg, corporal Sharrik and Sergeant Thegenerator."

    On a side note I would also like to note that after a thorough scan of the City I found no other traces of explosives.

    After a recent conversation with Investigator Lex McCalistair about a certain object discovered at the explosion at Omni-1 Trade ( A gold disc wth an undistiguishable emblem on it), I took it upon myself to scan the recovered explosive device, but found no similarities to the item Investigator McCalistair had discovered

    This concludes my Report

    Sergeant SceneGG


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    hmm... so omni-pol is good for something after all
    Never knock on death's door, always ring the bell and run. Death really hates that.

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    Well if you consider catching two bit 'terrorists' who engage in low level vandalism and thievry to be an accomplishment... I suppose they are good for something.
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    yeah, but they're DeM, from what i saw they've been killing people and bombing stuff and all, so they're part of more than vandalism i guess
    Never knock on death's door, always ring the bell and run. Death really hates that.

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    Bunch of kids thats what they are. If they want to kill soliti. . hey be my guest. Saves us from the trouble. That is not terrorism, its part of our preservation program.
    Kill a solitus today, save a nanomage tomorrow.
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    Because Nanomages originally sprouted from tha ground and had nuthin' ta do with anyone, of course. Everybody knows dat.

    "Preservation program"... Hah. Excuse me while I proceed ta throw up a lil'. Although I'll give ya a prize: dat's tha most creative sorry excuse fer terrorism I've heard in a long time.

    And my preservation program involves feeding every human being in this world to the Brink. Can I?

    *mutters* No. No, ya can't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by playboyfixer View Post
    yeah, but they're DeM,
    Or perhaps they're using someone's bad name and reputation 'cause kids like them ain't got the moxie to do real harm.
    I never believe in easy labels.
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