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    Post Request for investigation

    Form 11-067: Petition for investigation

    To Whom it May Concern:

    One month ago I submitted Form 83-451, Request for Security Assistance, and despite the requirement that a reply does not exceed twenty five days, I have not yet heard back from the administration. In this form I complained about the lack of security in the 2HO outpost. Clan members have at times occupied the path from the Grid terminal to the only Whompa access to our Longest Road mining facility, killing new personnel in transfer. Meanwhile, all Omni-Tek security forces congregate in front of the 2HO front gate, leaving the Grid terminal unguarded and allowing rogue elements to infiltrate the outpost. This has caused a significant drop in productivity at our Longest Road facility, which is unacceptable given it's our largest mine after losing 4 Holes. I am concerned that unless Omni-Tek increases security in the 2HO area, Clan anarchists will launch an attack there and cut us off another significant portion of our Notum mining capacity. In addition, considering that my request was ignored in clear violation of Omni-Tek request fulfillment policies, I believe the administration has been infiltrated by enemy agents who are plotting to keep Omni-Tek's resources strategically misaligned.

    I hereby petition for a formal investigation of this issue by an Omni-Tek security committee.

    Undersigned, Marrok Wolf, May 1, 29481
    9 out of 10 Leets prefer Omni Mining. The tenth Leet is a traitor and will be dealt with.

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    come to old athens, and bring your forms, i'll shoot it all to pieces, including you
    Never knock on death's door, always ring the bell and run. Death really hates that.

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    why would you want to have an investigation, wouldnt that just waste more valuable manpower, you would be better off leaving it all as it is.

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    Ha! I knew it. I'm onto you, clanner
    9 out of 10 Leets prefer Omni Mining. The tenth Leet is a traitor and will be dealt with.

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