The Chaos Theory is a part of advanced mathematics of the late 20th century of the place called Earth. Here on Rubi Ka though stirring up the cauldron of fortune and misfortune of so many souls, politics, factions, fashion, each person's luck. And what else could I, Jandaar, do than give luck a certain "buff". Here and thereby you already started reading the proclamation, or should I say manifesto, or should I say propaganda of entropy, of chaos, of theoretical questions and answers explained (heh or not) below.

Rubi Ka on the brink of war once more, as war never ends. The so called forces of order and the so called forces of rebel strife striving towards endless "discussions", hereby this document will give you an alternative another path another road, another way. This way is paved out of luck, chaos, entropy, social structures, demolitions and sweet leet candies. The corruption of the system is what brought me here to this position to write this manifesto risking capture of the omni police and probably a primary mark on the so called rebels. The inevitable is here! After the babbling of fools and the remarkable dance they do, let me finally give a heads-up and clues to where this is going.
Clans : A force that used to be so unpredictable so unstable that every man or woman would find to flourish in the serenity of chaos and occasional mayhem is corrupt is deteriorating is nothing more,quite honestly, than a bunch of rabid wolves gathered around, barking at Omni Tek, thinking of freedom and democracy and playing the anarchists in the streets of Old Athens. News Flash: Democracy is meant to be corrupt. Anarchy is already predicted and suffocated, subdued, a few more Clanner wont do anything but remain in the history of the planet as a cosmic joke.
Speaking of jokes and jokers; lets see the opposing side, lets see the mighty Omni Tek. They give controlled freedom to it's citizens, supporters, and finally, born to be slaves while taking away the most precious part of life- to be unpredictable. News Flash: Hey, Omni Tek! Empires do thrive, do flourish, do nourish but they do diminish as well. And there you stand dear Omni Tek citizen wondering of the ravings of "madmen" in your so clean streets. Is it not that madmen make prophets and prophets make martyrs and the late causes and causes make movements that Do change Rubi Ka!? So history teaches...
And finnaly, the neutrals a ravening and maddening sight in the eyes of the lawfull to the eyes of the cop inside you all, is a bliss, a star on the endless sky, an oasis in the stagnant desert, a sign of Hope. Yes, you, dear reader of these soothing words, that make your skin crawl. Shed a tear not for neutrals, who still stand insane and yet healthy, unstable yet with beliefs of a brick. So a variety of well standing organisations are gathered to stand for the beliefs of the neutral I say No, Not really.
In my Journeys through Rubi Ka, I can sense it: You are out there alone, and moderely insane, and of course neutral. So, luck's fickle fate has it that only a chaotic system would serve you. As mentioned above, politics is what shapes the world. If you seek for a new way a path that will change the face of Rubi Ka (and may occasionally send you to reclaim) Chaos Theory is a new neutral organisation standing for no beliefs what we dont believe are the following : Stability, Common logic, Social Structured Stupidity, Peace, War, Anarchy,Democracy, Republic or Absolute Regenes, Leets on a Stick and sugared Bronto Candys, Make Us Sick... Want to give your two credits, Do so You are welcome too, Communicate through A secured Communication Relay Jandaar or Victory.