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Thread: [Rimor] Player / ARK Events - OOC Meeting

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    [Rimor] Player / ARK Events - OOC Meeting

    Listen up boys and girls and trox kids.
    As usual, with a new Events Director comes a new ARK-Events / Player - ooc Meeting.
    To follow up on that tradition it was choosen to come together at:

    Die Neue Welt: Friday 18th of May 18:00 GMT
    Rimor: Saturday 19th of May 18:00 GMT
    Atlantean: Sunday 20th of May 18:00 GMT

    Unlike the last times we will meet not were usually the OAM takes place.
    Instead we will meet in the ICC meeting Hall at the ICC HQ in Andromeda.
    If you come by Whom-Pah turn half right (South-East), the door with "ICC" written over it
    (coordinates: 3267 856).

    If you can't find it or would suffer major disadvantages by travelling there,
    feel free to send me a tell shortly before.

    In order to have an idea about the groupsize (with 20+ people we will get discounts from the bartenders)
    please note your nick and org if you represent one here.
    (For those that have a free Account and can't post here,
    send a mail to

    As usual the meeting is open for everyone,
    but should there be too many people we will restrict it to 1-2 person per org.

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    ah hell mine as well punch my ticket in

    nickname: Freyda

    org: The Hand

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    You know me, I will never turn down a good time.
    RKBH (Rubi-ka Bounty Hunters)
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    Towerblock, 220/30/70 Engineer
    President of Steadfast

    And way too many alts...

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    I'd like to attend too.

    Anamelle from Lumen Orien.
    Anamelle Marecki, adventurer, leader of Lumen Orien
    Llesa Varela, MP
    Alossa Laurence, beaurocrat, director of Newland News
    Erissen Altaire, doctor
    Vektria Ervasse, fixer
    Daeranne Smith, engineer, Last Ditch Academy scientist
    Lumen Orien

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    ...I sure hope there's cookies! I'm in


    Alpha Omega
    220 Finalizer (FINALLY, after 3 years without a single ding!) Nulion, Squad Commander (And Council of Truth Clerical Staffer) of Alpha Omega

    Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly...Suddenly I awoke...Now, I do not know whether I was then
    a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming that I am a man. - Chuang Tzu

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    Venice Academy

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    Will there be a par-tay after?


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    Tdok - General with House of Black Star
    Csar - Advisor with Neptueg Atav

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    Shattered Dreams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Csar View Post
    Will there be a par-tay after?


    You'll be invited to the Pants party :-)

    Trousers + Guest
    Omni-Tek Transportation and Shipping Department.

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    I'll try to be there, no guarantee though.
    Pevarnj, Omni-EF

    Update: I'll be out of state, and it will take too long to download AO onto another computer...
    I won't be able to make it.
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    Ziriman of We Free Geeks would like to attend

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    Gonna try to be there, i don't want to miss that

    nickname: Chnix

    org: Le Cercle Obscur

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    I'd like to attend if i manage to be online at that time.

    name: Telperion
    org: First Light
    Finalizer Telperion 220/22
    Manager Laurellyn 125/5

    Member of First Light

    [Account Cancelled]

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    We will be joining


    org Zomg rk1 noobs - credz plx

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    Small update.
    We will hold the meeting at another place then before.
    Details can be found in the original Post.

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    Nice re-decoration of the ICC room, looks a little out of place though.

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    I'm guessing that many of the upcoming 6th year festivities will be here instead of at Reets, as is traditional

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    I'ed like to attend too.
    Foosball33 of Lumen Orien

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    If I'm awake and functional, I'll be there.

    Neimara, unguilded.
    Natasha "Tashania" Niacescu, 66 Nanomage Engineer
    Leader of ~Society of Salvation~

    "Nothing that a good 5/8" wrench won't fix. Unless it needs duct tape. Then always use duct tape."

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    Thank you for showing,
    we got some excellent feedback and new ideas for future improvements.

    And here is the log file.

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