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Thread: A ride to the Unbelievable

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    A ride to the Unbelievable

    ((posted for people interrested in reading about other characters on rubi-ka, having a look into another life))

    Doctor Kozlorre Felanski = Kazz Lanskife

    A Biography
    Part 1

    Born in the year of 29456, Kazz Lanskife was a healthy kid born into a rich family… The family carrying the proud name “Lanskife” to be more precise... Most of its members saw it more as a “clan” though, since many of them were no relatives to the actual family. Actually, the head of the family, Kazz father, was a direct relative to the famous organization “the mockers” … so of course, the business within the guarded walls was not always as clean as it should’ve been..

    Kazz himself, was the only son of Jesson Lanskife, the leader of the family, and thereby he was always expected to live up to his fathers skills, and in time, take over his fathers spot as a leader… why? Because the family had great skills in Concealment, manipulating, spying, and of course using rifles… now, Kazz DID live up to these expectations! In fact, he was very skilled in manipulating people’s minds… some even said that they thought Jesson’s son had a second personality, and who might know if he had? He was a very secretive person, and the kid mostly kept any information to himself… his father had the same symptoms, a somewhat distrust to anyone near them… some people, they easily trusted; somehow knowing this person could be trusted. others would need years to earn the father or his sons trust…

    But to get back to the story about Kazz life! We need to jump back to the massacre in the town of Newland back in 29463, when the Omni-Tek stormed the city in an attempt to gain the upper hand in the war against the clan…

    The Lanskife family had stood up against the unicorn troops when they first arrived at the city. Ambushing them from the roofs, they added several losses to the omni-tek’s top trained units. Leaving behind confused soldiers who didn’t know what to do without orders… that’s how the fight begun, and for several months. The omni-tek launched attacks after attacks on the small city…. While the fight was raging, Kazz was hidden away in different families around rubi-ka… families who were in “debt” to the Lanskife clan…

    After 5 months of fighting, the omni-tek launched one final attack, murdering countless members of the Lanskife family in the middle of the night. Afterwards the omni-tek troops pulled back, leaving the ruins to be rebuilt by the neutral civilians.
    For the neutrals, the city was rebuilt in no time, using the droids which were provided to them by the government controlling the neutral city of Borealis..

    For Kazz though, he had to wait for a week before hearing the terrible news of his fathers death.. Kazz was devastated of course, but he did not get time to mourn in any way, as he was thrown onto the streets by the family taking care of him.. with the fathers death, they no longer had a debt to pay the Lanskife Clan…

    At first, Kazz had no wish nor knowledge on how to survive on the streets, and therefore he was close to dieing of starvation and freezing… and in the middle of the night, September 23rd, he remembered some words his father had once told him.
    “if a human being cannot survive on its own by following the laws. Then they do not deserve to live… however my son! It’s in unity that the strength to survive is found, and that strength is even greater than the bonds of families… so, if you ever need to survive on your own, unite yourself with someone your age, and use whatever deed necessary to survive! Break the law if needed!”

    These words would’ve seemed meaningless to any normal person, but to Kazz it was the wise words of his idol, his father. And so his life started to take shape in a whole different direction… towards thievery and crime…

    *several years later, somewhere in a Neutral city*

    “Will! Hey WILL! Wait up man!!”
    I felt my legs getting heavier as he stopped running and turned to look at me.

    “dude! You’ve got to wait up a little! I’m not the one with the NCU-Belt and the nano-program for running”
    I bent over, feeling the rough scratch in my throat as I began coughing.

    “Kazz, I know you can’t keep up, but we’re working on that! See? Why do you think we were in that shop?”
    He lifted up a small crystal containing the program for Quickness, grinning the smile he always had on his face when he’d been on the edge of the law.

    As I opened my mouth to answer him, we heard the footsteps of the guard chasing us, and quickly began running again, this time however, will made sure to run beside me… we soon reached the small hut we called our “hideout”.. a bad looking place, on the edge of falling apart. But it was our home at least! And as I threw myself on the pillows we’d stolen from a nearby transport line, I couldn’t help but to chuckle a little.

    As we used the next minute, relaxing from all the running, I thought back on my life, and something important came in mind.

    “Hey will? Do you know what today is?”
    I couldn’t help but to grin a little as his face looked puzzled by the sudden question.

    “Dun know, never cared too much about dates and calendars. What day is it?”

    I did remember he never knew what date it was, only time of the year he kept controlling it, was in the summer, when the days were warmest.. He had birthday in that time.
    “Today’s exactly a year since we met first time, you do remember that right?”
    “He burst into his childhood laugher, reminding me that he was a year younger than me, even though he seemed so much more experienced.
    “Of course I remember Kazz! Like I’d ever forget a thing like that!... has it really been that long already?”

    Kazz Lanskife’s friend was always like that. He had a bad memory for some things, but was pretty good at everything else. A multi-tasking genius.
    They’d first met a year ago, about a week after Kazz had stabilized his life again. He knew that living on the streets was tough, and that knowledge might explain why he decided so strongly to help out Will when he first met the starving boy on his own age…

    Now, these two boys, they rarely talked about feelings… Kazz, because of his fear to be stabbed, his distrust. And will because of his background. it involved so much slaughtering that Will was very frustrated from time to time, as he had some kind of great hatred towards the omni-tek.. A wish for revenge… Between these two friends, talking history were not even necessary…

    They understood each other’s silence…
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    Kazz Lanskife
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    The Trouble Begins

    Part 2

    It was a warm summer that year, and both of the boys were enjoying it to its full length. Just the fact that they were not constantly in fear of freezing to death when they rarely slept, was a great relief to both of them. And for the first time since Kazz started to live on the streets, he had the time to play instead of gathering food every day… Now, apart from being freer than in the winter, Kazz was worried for his dear friend, Will. He had been very distant the past few weeks, and he seemed to grow slightly more serious for each day to come. As if he was working on some kind of plan, something that could maybe make them rich? Maybe they’d never have to worry about starving anymore? Or maybe he had some invention they could sell?

    Daydreaming was one of the few things Kazz had a serious problem with… dazing off into his own dreams… He would often dream about the life he used to have before the massacre of Newland, even though he realized that he would never get back to such life, he knew deep inside that there was something better out there in the world for him...

    Kazz shook his head, throwing away the thought of all the luxury he’d never have, and then he headed inside the small hut, to where Will was sitting.

    Will was sitting at the small table they managed to steal from the local bar owner one night the elders were drunk enough to never notice.
    “Better be important… I’m working.”
    Kazz shook his head and laid down on the pillows, looking up at the roof.
    “Well… I was just wondering, what you are working on. Come on, you know you can trust me! It’s not like I’d get anything from telling it to someone.”
    Will looked up from his papers, looking very thoughtful for a brief moment; he then turned to look at Kazz with a somewhat dreaming look.
    “I can’t tell you. But I want revenge on omni-tek, and I’m sure I’m not the only one with that wish Kazz, so you’re going to help me out… we need to get our hands on one of those Comms that the travelers in the town walk around with. And please, PLEASE don’t ask why we need it; I won’t risk involving you too much in this.”

    Kazz was of course curious to why all this secrecy was necessary all of sudden, but most of all he feared that these plans were big. To steal a comm. was a serious crime, since most of the thieveries on those were discovered in no time, and recovered to its owner… But Will had earned his trust, and he would do anything for his friend… anything.

    So they started to plan together, on how they could possibly get their hands on one of the famous communication devices that everyone used… And eventually they came up with a plan. Not a genius plan, but a plan…

    “On the 6th July in the late afternoon, a convoy is going through the desert, filled with all kinds of omni-tek electronics… they are on their way to establish an outpost in Mort, and to do so, they are accompanied by several omni-tek guards.. Now, I am going to stand behind the rocks at the border line between the two lands, behind those big rocks we used to hide our stuff at a few months ago, remember?”
    Kazz looked thoughtfully at Will, probably thinking about what plan he had come up with, because hiding behind a stone surely wouldn’t get us a comm in any way. “Ye, yea I remember,”

    “ok, well, I am going to hide behind these stones till the convoy gets up close, and then walk out, talking to the omni-tek officers… This will be a distraction for them, while you in the meanwhile jump down from the rock onto the convoy, and steal a comm from them, afterwards sneaking out again… I KNOW you must’ve had some kind of training in sneaking, cause you’ve always been so damn good at it, now you’ve got to use those skills, and get us that comm! Is that plan alright with you?”

    If Will hadn’t been Kazz friend, then surely he’d never say yes to such a plan.. The whole tactic was VERY daring, due to the fact that no one knew how many guards the convoy would have. But in the end, Kazz HAD to help out his friend, he just wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t go through with this, as they had done with anything else.
    And then, the 6th July early in the morning, they packed their few things into backpacks, and wandered off into the desert of Newland…

    “Hey Will, just out of curiosity, what are you going to tell the officers? “
    I looked at his face, trying to memorize what every single reaction from Will meant, but I’m afraid I knew him too little to see things like that, and I just turned to watch my steps, looking into the distance… sand, sand, and lots of sand…
    “I don’t know… but don’t worry; I’ll think of something, if necessary I’ll start arguing with them.”
    I chuckled. Arguing with an officer was never a good idea; they had some primary skill to ignore people. Maybe they had a button to disconnect their helmet from every little sound, but who knows?
    “Well, it better be good, because we’re going to need it!”
    Will never answered that, he just continued stumbling deeper into the desert, looking at the fine line between the planet and the sky in the far distance, with some kind of dreaming look on his face.
    I chose not to disturb him anymore with stupid questions…

    At about noon, we reached the huge stone at the border line between mort and Newland desert, And as I crawled up onto the huge stone, I realized that this could probably work anyway, they wouldn’t be able to see me from here at all… I bound my rope to the stone, letting it slip down to be hidden into the shadow of the stone, so that no one would see the rope hanging there. Then, we sat down, watching… waiting…

    “pshht, Kazz, wake up.. WAKE UP!”
    Two hands gripped my chest shaking me violently till I woke up, looking into Will’s face
    “They’re coming, now get ready, I’m going down!
    I’d fallen asleep during the long wait, but luckily Will had seen it before the convoy came, so he woke me up.
    I sat up, brushing my eyes, realizing how closer the convoy was as I threw myself down for them not to see me… they were only a half mile gone, and incoming at a quite good speed.
    I looked down myself, checking if my equipment were all ready and set… it was, and the sun had gone down to a perfect angle, forcing the convoy to hold up in the shadow as soon as Will would walk out and stop them.. as I foresaw, they made hold in the shadow at the exact time Will walked out… I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but I knew this was my signal, as all the guards walked up to the officer, looking at the small kid.

    I threw myself down the rope, crawling down in an acrobatic way only trained people could do, swinging myself down onto the convoy, landing on the tip of my feet as silent as possible.

    Junk, junk, lots of junk!
    “Come on Kazz, got to find something or will is going to be VERY disappointed!”
    At last I found something, a small comm device in the corner, and as I jumped off running into the shadow, the guards came back to their positions.. It had been in the last second I’d gotten off…
    The convoy continued into the cold lands of mort, as we both picked up our backpacks and headed home…

    Of course I should’ve guessed that Will would immediately want to look at the comm we’d achieved, and his hands were slightly shaking as he received the comm into his hands, holding it like it was a newborn baby, he walked with his face glued to the screen all the way home. And even when we reached our hideout, he continued inside, still working… I believed he had some kind of plan behind it all, so I took his silence as a “thank you” instead of waiting for one. And as the days went by, he continued to work intensely on something… surely it must’ve been something important to him, so I made sure we had food to the hideout as long as he stayed there working… this was my way to show my support, by making sure he wasn’t disturbed by anything…

    29467 AD: Early Tuesday morning, the 16th august.

    I woke up with the usual yawn and the sound of cracking bones as I stretched out, it might’ve sounded pretty terrifying, but that’s the way it was, I would need to stretch my back after a good nights sleep.
    I yawned again, looking around the room for Will. Strangely, he was gone!

    I began taking on a fresh pair of clothes we’d stolen from the miiir shop in Rome a few weeks ago, and walked outside to look for him… When I got outside, he was sitting on the side of the house with a lot of paper, writing on the paper from time to time… for me, it seemed like pure 1’s, 0’s and 4’s … and I had no idea what it meant, OR why Will seemed to KNOW what it meant, but at some point he must’ve learned something, or perhaps he was just some kind of genius in electronics.

    I stretched and sat down at a bench outside our hideout, watching Will, sitting there for about 10 minutes, when he suddenly jumped into the air.
    “Broke it! Can’t believe it!!! I BROKE IT!!”
    I looked confused at him, because of course I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.
    “Broke what? What’re you talking about Will?”
    “Look!” he picked up one of the weird looking pages showing it to me,
    “Look at what? These numbers? What is it?”
    He looked at me with a completely stunned face for a split second, and then as if he realized that of course I couldn’t know what this was, he grinned at me, the same childishly grin he’d always had.
    “This!” he shook the papers. “Is our key to revenge on the omni-tek, Kazz… I decoded the grid! We can do any changes we want to!”
    I didn’t fully understand what he meant by decoding the grid an changing and all that stuff, but I knew that next on our list of things that needed doing, was to try and connect the comm to a grid access a short run out of town. It was hard, as there were hundreds of people using the grid access all over Rubi-Ka, but there was a slight chance that we could find it unused at the middle of the night or at 4 am in the morning.

    So 4 am in the morning it was, and as we sneaked past the guards at the front gate, we had a rush of adrenaline by the thought of what we we’re on our way to do. One thing was stealing a comm, but break into a grid access is rather serious, and we could get a huge bill for doing something like that, and credits weren’t exactly what we had most of.
    The small blue sign was shining as a star in a world of darkness as we reached the pin point for the grid access, hidden behind a few stones and a small wall; it was protected from the rest of the world. Will laughed and walked over to the access, as we agreed, I would be the one standing guard if anyone was coming this way, and of course, I weren’t the one who knew anything about electronics, yet I peeked over my shoulder, watching what he was doing.

    At first he pulled out his screwdriver, pulling off the plate’s protecting the front board of the access, and then he had some kind of normal wire we pulled off from a waste collector (those small flying balls in most of the larger city) which he put in a hole on the side of the comm, and the other end he put into a hole in the grid access… after that I had no idea what the hell he was doing…

    He worked from 4 am to 7 am, and as the light began to break out, we had to set the plate back on, and walk over the nearby hill, to hide ourselves from the guards, since young kids below the age of 16 weren’t allowed to walk away from the larger cities without permission or the company of an adult.

    We hid there all day, just waiting for the night to start all over so Will could finish his work, and watching the hundreds of people coming into Newland was quite boring at times… I couldn’t help but start wondering what we were about to do anyway, and what all this working with a grid access would do to the omni-tek? I mean, the grid access was after all here in Newland.
    “Will… just out of curiosity, what are we about to do here?”
    He turned lazily around to look at me
    “Well, I’m not sure I should tell you Kazz… You might not like the idea at all, but all I can reveal is that this isn’t legal ok? But we’re striking back at them! I know you’ve been feeling the same way as I, watching these disgustingly clean omni-pol officers walking around with their loaded rifles, ready to slaughter at the smallest insult… I hate them Kazz, I hate them even more than you hate traitors!”
    He had some kind of look on his face, some kind of begging to be understood, for me to understand that this was serious, and he wasn’t going to turn back now, with or without me.
    “Relax Will, relax! I’m not going to turn back or anything, just wanted to know what we’re up against here”
    He immediately relaxed, and then grinned, muttering “nothing we can’t handle Kazz, “

    When the night returned, we returned to the work as well, and at about 2 am, Will let out a small surprised sound as the grid access beeped, and a short red light blinked 4 times, afterwards leaving us in complete silence, Will turned to look at me, a deadly serious look, he was going to ask me to do something, and deep inside he knew I wouldn’t like it…

    “I’m done, now, this might sound weird Kazz, but we need to change our names.. Now.. It’s for our own safety, to avoid being arrested or murdered in the future!”
    I looked emptily at him for a brief moment, gazing into the air, wondering if I’d heard him correctly.
    “Uhm, Kazz? You heard me? We need to change our names! Identities! Now,”
    “i- … I’m sorry Will, I can’t do that… I’ve done a lot of things for you, but I cant do this. My name is the last memory I have from my real family, the one they slaughtered. Taking away the family name of the Lanskife is the same as giving up my surrender for the omni-tek…”
    He looked at me with that dreaming look again… somewhere deep inside, he must’ve understood what I told him. Deep inside I’ve touched something of his background by saying as I did…
    “Look, Kazz, I know this is hard, but if we want to survive, we will have to do this. I will ask you one more time to do this,”
    I shook my head, and turned away, walking for the city… I knew he was my friend, but this was more than I could ever do for anyone…

    The two friends, Will and Kazz, were separated, and alone… Will, who was tied up at the grid access knew what he had to do, and Kazz who was walking towards his destiny, knew he could avoid all the trouble, but he just didn’t dare take away his own identity, his once proud name...
    Will shook his head as he looked at Kazz from a safe distance, and then turned to look at his comm, he could just change Kazz name, but he respected his decision, and instead he filled his own name out, with two letters, PB, which stood for his nickname, Playboyfixer.

    He unconnected his comm, and headed home, and when he reached the hideout, Kazz wasn’t there, Will decided that the boy would probably rather be alone right now, and therefore he went to sleep…
    Kazz Lanskife
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    Kazz sat on the edge of the cliff, high above the city.. The two mountains protecting the city from sandstorms, were a living danger to the civilians if the mountains would ever collapse or fall apart… Kazz looked down, standing quite close to the edge, listening to the sounds of the night, and the low pitched sound in the far distance, of the notum cannons firing notum off the planet.
    Kazz was tired, too tired to do anything, and he was in doubt, doubt of whether or not he did clever in not changing his name, and what his actions would mean tomorrow..

    As many of you might not know, and certainly Kazz didn’t know that either, changing the grid can be a very dangerous thing. We all know the grid as a blue space with thousands of bits walking through a huge room, using it as teleportation to the different grid access. But what Will had done, was that he had deleted almost all omni-tek cities from the teleportation routes, and thereby, the hundreds of people who went into the portals to those cities, disappeared forever from this planet.
    The work Will did back then, is also known today as “the Grid breakdown” and happened in 29467 AD… all of this, was of course, highly illegal…

    And therefore, Kazz was the first to notice the 10 airplanes flying above Newland, landing just outside the front gates, and saw the unicorns walking into the city, of course, this time. No one dared fight them again; they would utterly destroy the city if that happened… As they started to storm every single house on turn, Kazz thought that they had come for him and Will, and stormed down the hill to get Will out of there before they took him away. Unfortunately he reached the hideout just as the guards had gone through half the city, Will was of course there, but he seemed unaffected by what Kazz said, “Kazz… get out of here, they aren’t here for me, they are here for you, because we didn’t change your name. Now go, RUN!”
    He finished the last sentence, as Kazz walked out of the door. Outside stood two unicorns, targeting him with their rifles as small voice commands were heard from their helmets. As the two unicorns dragged the kid Kazz Lanskife out of the city, Will was nowhere to be seen..
    Kazz Lanskife
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    Only a Torture away

    Part 3

    “Torture is the quickest way to learn the cruelty of our world. Let them feel the pain!”
    Those words had been said about a hundred years ago; by the famous leader of “Raging Force” when they stormed the great city of the clans “Tir”… they died in their own fight…

    I rolled over, looking into the Grey roof of the small cell I was in, I couldn’t move. Couldn’t scream, couldn’t do much else than think… I’d been in this godforsaken cell for what seemed like 10 years, yet it wasn’t more than 5 years now, and I had an eternity to use in this cell, being feed by a robotic arm coming in with food from time to time, oh why didn’t I change my name!?

    About a month ago, I’d been able to stand, walk, sit, all of those things, but at the time I reached the age of 15. I was tortured, endless hours of torture brought as a gift by the omni-tek. Who would’ve ever thought that torture was such a great pain? Things such as pulling out nails, lifting off kneecaps and twisting your elbow in an unnatural angle before forcing your tortured body into reclaim again, and again, and again…

    I thought of myself as dead… every day it would start all over, just for them to get the name of my friend who helped with the crime, but I wouldn’t tell them. In no way would I send Will through the same pain as I was in now. I would rather die than reveal the secret…

    The cold floor forced me into shivering slightly, and I realised laying here would eventually kill me. I used the next few minute fighting my way up from the floor, sitting at the edge of the filthy bed hanging from the side of the wall… I took up a small stone, scratching a single line into the wall, placed beside the others, counting the years…

    Oh how I missed the sunlight…

    In the following years, Kazz Lanskife grew up without the world outside, caught in a box the size of a whom-pah, and with no sunlight at all… Even though Kazz believed the guard’s had forgotten everything about him, he refused to loose his endless fight in the darkness against the insanity crawling up his neck every time he looked away. Instead he began to train himself…
    As a kid he’d gone through a rough military training, and he decided he’d better start training again, keeping himself awake and active this way…
    And so he did, for about 5 years more, even though Kazz himself had lost his sense of time in this hole, he had been there for 10 years without going insane, which is quite an act...

    494.. 495.. 496.. 497.. 498.. 499..500
    I stood up, twisting my arm around a bit. The sweat was flowing off me, and I was really looking forward to that next bath I’d get, could be in a minute or several days, I’d kinda lost my sense of time, so couldn’t really remember the days anymore…

    I sat heavily down on my bed, listening to the silence as I’d done a thousand times before… these low sounds, the voices, they were talking to me… in the silence and the dark outside, they were talking to me..

    I shook my head violently from side to side, hitting my forehead into the wall,
    “Keep yourself awake Kazz! No one’s speaking to you!”

    Immediately as I stopped speaking, the voices began again… the edge of insanity was coming close, I knew it… I couldn’t stay here any longer,

    I looked at the door, the damned door which had kept me from freedom for so many years… the lock, I couldn’t open it with my bare hands…

    As a sign from heaven, a small hole in the wall opened up, and out came a robotic arm with food for me. In a split-second before really realising what I was doing, I’d kicked off the arm, standing with the parts in my hands.

    “Maybe there’s something in here I can use?” I shook my head; I didn’t have to talk to myself!!
    About 3 years ago I’d started talking to myself, probably because of the loneliness coming slightly too close for my likings…

    I turned back my attention to the arm, un-assembling it slowly, checking for any useful parts that could be used as some kind of lock pick. I found all kinds of interesting things, an SD powercore, a streamer nozzle, a triple-pulse charger, and a very long heating compartment bar, apart from that, there was a damn lot of metal junk from the arm.

    I picked up the triple pulse charger and the SD powercore, connecting them with some of the wires from the arm, then placed the pulse charger on the lock on the door, and crossed my fingers, hoping this would work. Then clicked the reset button on the charger, as it restarted I put all of my strength on holding it towards the door, and the charging sound warned me in good time


    After that, a crush was felt towards my ears as the air was pumped with pulses and I was thrown backwards into the air, hitting the opposite wall, being pumped empty for air.
    I coughed, and fought my way back up standing, it was very dusty in here all of sudden, and as I walked over to the door to see the result, I could see that this door was as open as ever.
    I grinned, took the rest of the parts from the arm, and walked outside the cell… outside, the hallway was shined up with lights, and the underground of the omni-tek HQ was a labyrinth of endless hallways with cells…
    Kazz Lanskife
    Member of the Third Faction

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    *applauds* love the story
    Never knock on death's door, always ring the bell and run. Death really hates that.

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