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Thread: Robots in Today's Society

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    Robots in Today's Society

    Robots in Today's Society
    Sunday 29nd
    19:00 GMT
    Newland City outdoor café

    Dabblez from Rubi-Ka Universal Robots will hold a brief, informal seminar on the perceived role of robots in today's society. As part of the seminar she will publish the results of recent survey conducted by RUR, which will expose people attitudes towards robots.

    The event is free. Everyone is welcome to attend, not just scientists, and take part in the discussion.
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    Will there be robots?

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    Due to circumstances beyond our control, the discussion about Robot's in Today's Society has been moved to Sunday 29th.

    Same time, 19:00 GMT and same place Newland City outdoor cafe'.
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    I'm sure the Neo-luddites will be there.
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    It's today!
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    The discussion was based on a survey RUR conducted. The questiosn we asked a random sample of 10,000 Rubi-Kans were:

    1. Do you like robots?

    2. Would you ever consider buying a robot?

    3. Which of these would you like a robot to do for you:

    a. Cook
    b. Clean up the house
    c. Take care of the garden
    d. Babysit for you
    e. Dress up like you and to work/school in your place.
    f. Other

    4. Do you think it is right for robots to be sent to war?

    5. Do you ever get the feeling your robot is up to no good when you are not looking?

    6. How long have you lived on Rubi-Ka?

    7. Do you ever day dream about of dressing up a robot in fancy lingerie?

    8. If robots really did take over the world and enslave humanity, would it really be that bad?

    9. Which of the following should robots not be programmed to do?

    a. Own pets
    b. Own humans
    c. Run for public office
    d. Write poetry
    e. Rob banks
    f. Other

    10. Would allow you son/daughter to marry a robot?

    The full text fromt eh discussion meeting is included below.
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    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Well it's just about starting time
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Thank you all for coming
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: looks around, then back to Dabblez
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: The topic today is "Robot's in Today's Society"
    [Vicinity] Aleilynn: looks bored already
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: But really it is about people
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: and their attitudes towards robots
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Few weeks ago we held a survey
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Questions 10000 people at random and asked them 10 questions
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: I think Vequor was among the people who took part
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Indeed
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: whispers, "Remind me how many years it took to do dat?"
    [Vicinity] Vequor: chuckles
    [Vicinity] Ziithka: Well we couldn't get 10 people to sit still for 10000 questions
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: nods
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: quickly hides a smile behind her cup
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: So all I plan to do is go through the results and we can discuss them as we go along. Some questions will be more interesting than others, but feel free to jump at any point
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Any questions?
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: The first two questions were quite simple. The first was "Do you like robots" 87.5% replied yes, which is encouraging
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: The second "Would you buy a robot" resulted in 75% of replies being Yes
    [Vicinity] Gainer: ooh, better than I'd have expected
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: The drop seemed to be related to many people making their own robots
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Next question was about function. We asked what would people like a robot to do
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: the options were:
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: a. Cook
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: b. Clean the house
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: c. take care of the garden
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: d. Baby-sit for you
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: e. Dress up like you and go to work/school in your place
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: f. Other
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: quickly hides another smile
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Anyone care to guess what was the most frequent answer?
    [Vicinity] Jilien: E?
    [Vicinity] Gainer: E!
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Somehow I'd bet on E.
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: I guess c
    [Vicinity] Vequor: F?
    [Vicinity] Ovee: my guess would be D
    [Vicinity] Ziithka: E for me
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Actually it was B
    [Vicinity] Garbageman: what about g. Intimate services?
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Pff, people ain't fun.
    [Vicinity] Gainer: I think that might be under "other"
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Those who said 'E', what were your suggested functions?
    [Vicinity] Jilien: what do you mean, exactly?
    [Vicinity] Ovnor: or do you mean 'F'
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Ain't dat F, rather.
    [Vicinity] Ziithka: I assumed that was under other F
    [Vicinity] Jilien: oh
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Sorry, 'F'
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Kill Aliens
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: I see, interesting. Which leads us to the next question in the survey. "Do you think it is right to send robots to war?"
    [Vicinity] Garbageman: Proxy intimate services for significant others of Trox's
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Comments?
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: We send humans to war, so why not.
    [Vicinity] Jilien: Yes.
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: looks above her shoulder and smiles.
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Heya, Vince.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Some might say it's a human's war
    [Vicinity] Vincentprice: Uhm, hello. Sorry for the late arrival.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Hello VIncent
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: Robots live here to. It's their war too
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: And what about accountability?
    [Vicinity] Jilien: what about it?
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Can a robot make the choice of live and death over a human?
    [Vicinity] Jilien: should it be able to?
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Oh yeah
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: That is what you do on the battlefield
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Hmmm. What 'bout yer stuff... tha Laws.
    [Vicinity] Jilien: if you send it to kill others, there’s no reason for it to have to make that choice.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: It is still choosing between targets
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Who lives and who dies?
    [Vicinity] Vequor: You live enemies die
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Simple
    [Vicinity] Jilien: oh, you're talking about civilians.
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Mebbe we should just send robots and no humans at all. No choice to make then.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: And Demenzia, obviously a military bot would not be 3 Law Safe, which in itself is an issue to some
    [Vicinity] Gainer: ooh... robot on robot action
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Though some robots may not be able to grasp that...
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: mutters "And tha fourth... well, ok"
    [Vicinity] Gainer: there is no fourth law, silly
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: scowls
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: cracks a smile
    [Vicinity] Vequor: laughs
    [Vicinity] Ziithka: They don't seem to have any problem beating up on each other, as our Demolition Derby shows
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: That is quite true
    [Vicinity] Gainer: those are commanded with specific targets though
    [Vicinity] Gainer: they don't go after the people, just the robots
    [Vicinity] Gainer: mostly. I think.
    [Vicinity] Ziithka: Mostly
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Well in any event, the result were 87.5 in favour - which is to be expected as robots have been used on the battlefield for many years already.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Right, question 5 was "Do you ever get the feeling your robot is up to no good when you are not looking? "
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Lord no
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Any thoughts?
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: laughs
    [Vicinity] Gainer: from some of the robots I've seen, wouldn't doubt it
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Does stealing my clothes and putting them on count?
    [Vicinity] Gainer: ...not RUR robots, mind. i mean the hobbyist kind
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Yes, I would call that "no good"
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Maybe
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Then yes.
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: grins
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Putting them on part might be "no good"
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: If only she wasn't tearing some of them in tha process...
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Of course the interesting aspect of this question is it works two ways. It can be seen as the observer projection his own paranoia on harmless robots, or it could indicate advanced enough robots have a secret life of their own
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Or both
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: I'm positive it ain't paranoia in my case...
    [Vicinity] Gainer: I'd advise buying your robot her own outfit
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: snaps her fingers
    [Vicinity] Ovnor: yea, the ripped clothing usually confirms the actions
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Actually theres a Miir shop around the corner...
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: I'll ask if they cut Milly-size then.
    [Vicinity] Gainer: note to self: research accessories for Milly line
    [Vicinity] Ovnor: probably the jeeves too...
    [Vicinity] Madsoulja: so many omlets
    [Vicinity] Gainer: ooh, i bet it'd look sharp with a nice hat
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: By and large, this issue concerned few people. Only 37.5% of responder replied Yes to this
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Skipping over the next question, which was really just anagraphical details of the person being questions, we move question 7
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Do you ever day dream about of dressing up a robot in fancy lingerie?
    [Vicinity] Gainer: coughs
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: stiffles a chuckle over her cup
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: yuck
    [Vicinity] Gainer: who thought up these questions?
    [Vicinity] Vincentprice: looks around
    [Vicinity] Vequor: No *shifty eyes*
    [Vicinity] Vincentprice: Ahem, no
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: I'd say tha guy who input basic programmation in *my* bot!
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: But personnally... Er, no.
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: *quietly* Yes. Definitely not.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: That seem to be in line with the survey response in which a staggering 0% replied Yes
    [Vicinity] Gainer: nice to see the world is sane
    [Vicinity] Jilien: i'd like to hope so.
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: 'Zat a good or a bad thing, I wonder.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: I find the result a little suspect
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: simply smirks
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: I guess none of the Rur employees was asked
    [Vicinity] Gainer: true, who'd admit to it?
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: As it were, there were no RUR employees in the survey
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: It'd have thwarted tha results, I s'ppose?
    [Vicinity] Gainer: comment.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Yes, it had to be a random sample
    [Vicinity] Mechanekc: newland party?
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Question 8: If robots really did take over the world and enslave humanity, would it really be that bad?
    [Vicinity] Gainer: ooh, that's a rough one
    [Vicinity] Ziithka: Eh, probably not
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Wonder why anyone would think that it would...
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: I'd better not answer to dat.
    [Vicinity] Gainer: depends on how well they cook, and if they actually feed us.
    [Vicinity] Gainer: and like, not to each other.
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Better them then us
    [Vicinity] Jilien: if something like Trash King or cyborgs did... probably bad.
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Uh... right.
    [Vicinity] Vincentprice: I'd prefer to be the one enslaving the rest of the world.
    [Vicinity] Vequor: The Trash king is lkargely misunderstood
    [Vicinity] Mechanekc: whats for diner ? motor oil again yippie
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: I find it interesting that this question had the most mixed results.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: 62.5% said Yes is would be bad
    [Vicinity] Gainer: if you think about it... a robot would make a horrible politician. it'd be honest.
    [Vicinity] Jilien: agrees with Gainer
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Which suggests that 37.5% of the population are at least open to the idea of a robot revolt
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: I wouldn't say open... rather 'not eliminating all tha options'
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: "Prepared to consider"?
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Oh yeah
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Sorta.
    [Vicinity] Vequor: I'd love it
    [Vicinity] Gainer: i think Milly would make a better leader than a lot of, y'know, leaders
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Maybe it just an indication we are less that satisfied with our current set of leaders?
    [Vicinity] Gainer: that's kinda what i'm thinking
    [Vicinity] Mechanekc: would robo sexuals be pubilicly ridiculed? or dont ask dont tell
    [Vicinity] Jilien: nods
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: But are people ever satisfied with their leaders...
    [Vicinity] Gainer: i think that'll be a don't-ask deal regardless, Mech
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Sometimes more then others
    [Vicinity] Vincentprice: I'm perfectly happy with our current leaders. They rule!
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Not dat I know, I'm yet ta see most of tha current ones.
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: shrugs
    [Vicinity] Vincentprice: looks around for Intern-Ops people
    [Vicinity] Timal: Good evening all
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: The rule is sort of a given
    [Vicinity] Gainer: ...i meant, y'know, Silverstone. and those guys.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: *they
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: C'mon, Vince, y'know dat most people always complain.
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: smirks
    [Vicinity] Gainer: not Zora. and he's certainly nothing like a robot.
    [Vicinity] Vincentprice: looks at Demenzia's uniform
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: mouthes to Vincentprice, "Sorry, haven't gotten my clearance back yet"
    [Vicinity] Mechanekc: i see cause sex bots will be the first to rise against us! moving on though
    [Vicinity] Gainer: shudders
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Question 9 was "Which of the following should robots not be programmed to do?"
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: casually smiles
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: It was another multiple choice
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: a. Own pets
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: b. Own humans
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: c. Run for public office
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: d. Write poetry
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: e. Rob banks
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: f. Other
    [Vicinity] Gainer: poetry, obviously
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Any guesses?
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: ...Who'd be crazy enuff to program a robot ta write poetry.
    [Vicinity] Vequor: F
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: You'd think
    [Vicinity] Ziithka: Poetry for sure
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: Poetry
    [Vicinity] Mechanekc: my vote must be heard please invit eme to poll
    [Vicinity] Vincentprice: I say B. Hmm... Or...
    [Vicinity] Ovee: my guess is b
    [Vicinity] Ziithka: "My Gears, lacking of oil, oh how they grind"
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: ...Not dat tha rest is better, come to think of it
    [Vicinity] Timal: no on the contrary, a robot that compose poetry would please me
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: cringes
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Vincent and Ovee are right, most people did sau 'B'
    [Vicinity] Jilien: seems like a loaded question but i'd choose B. Guess it might be because i'm clan.
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Wait, wouldn't C be tha same if tha bot is actually chosen?
    [Vicinity] Jonathon: -looks around at all of the omni's-
    [Vicinity] Archangel5: THEYVE INVADED NEWLAND TOO!!! AAAAAA
    [Vicinity] Vequor: mutters grr...clans...
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: flashes a nice, too innocent smile to Jonathon
    [Vicinity] Jonathon: does the same smile back to Demenzia
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Loaded in what way Jillen?
    [Vicinity] Jilien: I don't know really.. just sounds funny.
    [Vicinity] Mechanekc: what omni's? noooooo
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: I guess she means "all sound weird anyway"?
    [Vicinity] Jilien: just a really odd question.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: The survey is all about learning about people's attitudes
    [Vicinity] Gainer: an interesting one though
    [Vicinity] Jilien: for answer C, all you need to do is look at Max.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: You've seen MAX?
    [Vicinity] Jilien: I know what’s in our files only.
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: smiles slowly
    [Vicinity] Jilien: but I know that it is a android that represents authority.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Hmm... less said the better in think
    [Vicinity] Jilien: we've even got pictures of him.
    [Vicinity] Jilien: smiles
    [Vicinity] Gainer: whoa
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Wow
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: *quietly* Yes, lots of interesting things are being said tonight. Isn't it.
    [Vicinity] Gainer: i've heard stories about the guy, but that's it
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    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Moving quickly on...
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Question 10 was, “Would allow you son/daughter to marry a robot?”
    [Vicinity] Gainer: seriously, who thought up these questions?
    [Vicinity] Jilien: whats the big deal? *shrugs*
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: reaches for the wristpad hidden under her sleeves, quickly tapping a few keys, then covers it again
    [Vicinity] Timal: they would have cyborg children ?
    [Vicinity] Vincentprice: Oh boy...
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Would dat make a happy marriage?
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: No likely Timal
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: quirks a dubitative eyebrow
    [Vicinity] Timal: How could a robot felt in love ?
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: HOw does anyone fall in love?
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Can we program love.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Do we even know what "love" is, outside of poetry
    [Vicinity] Gainer: preferably non-robot poetry
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Ask an Atrox
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Yes... good point Gainer
    [Vicinity] Timal: are some robots already equipped with some sensitive add chip ? or emotional program ?
    [Vicinity] Gainer: i'm sure some have tried. there's a lotta weirdos on RK
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: I think you have to start with the assumption that any technology, even if not available now, will be available at some stage
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: We've even defeated death on this planet... mostly
    [Vicinity] Ziithka: Death is easy, but a "Love Chip" preposterous
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: You think?
    [Vicinity] Jilien: laughs
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: hmm.. programing the perfect boyfriend..
    [Vicinity] Vequor: I must go
    [Vicinity] Gainer: being dead or not isn't quite as subjective, maybe
    [Vicinity] Vequor: Later
    [Vicinity] Gainer: bye Vequor
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Thank you for coming Vequor
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: We are jsut about done anyway
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Later Vequor.
    [Vicinity] Ziithka: Bye Veqour
    [Vicinity] Gimpeline: Bye Venqour
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: For teh reocrd, the response was 37.5 said Yes
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Yeah, I s'ppose death is less mysterious. If ya poke it and dusn't move, it's either dead or asleep. Or not alive ta start with.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: The majority are against this notion
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Robots can fight our wars, but not marry our daughters
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: Interesting...
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: I thought so too
    [Vicinity] Gainer: I'm just going to assume the 1/3 that said yes are just concerned about overpopulation.
    [Vicinity] Gainer: what with all the lack of death around here, and such
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: It's just snapshot of current attitudes
    [Vicinity] Jonathon: hmm
    [Vicinity] Jonathon: I find it hard to see robots reproducing
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Well it just coming up to the end of our hour. Any last comments from anyone?
    [Vicinity] Jandaar: is this technology availiable Ms.Dabblez?
    [Vicinity] Demenzia: slowly shakes her head, seemingly lost in her thoughts
    [Vicinity] Gainer: i think i need to track down who wrote some of these questions, and maybe hide their mail.
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: I think anything is possible Jandaar, if not now, in the future
    [Vicinity] Jonathon: watches as his robotic guard stands next to him
    [Vicinity] Jandaar: Interesting , yet concerning
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: Thank you all very much
    [Vicinity] Dabblez: You input has been invaluable
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    Only 75% would consider buying a robot? I think we need to step up our marketing a little, that figure should be much higher.
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    Mebbe it's just tha right opportunity ta work on tha clothes line fer tha Milly, and do a promotion/marketing op with dat?

    ...Have you just actually offered an idea to RUR?

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