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Thread: Most ugly pieces of armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetweek View Post
    the ugliest armor is clearly the pink dress i have to wear alot as a ma
    Why funcom? why? why does it look like a pink dress and not red or black or soemthing cool?
    ok I stopped reading when I got to this.
    I wear that crap all the time too. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't..... pink.
    It should look like the um... Kung-Fu Suit
    This pink is just too much. Combine that with the bright yellow tier armor.
    I know, I know. Enter the Dragon but it looks crappy. It won't ever get changed.

    ah well. Engie helm still wins tho
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    I would like to nominate two:
    The banana suit
    Biomech helmet
    Betos 220/23 Solitus Engineer
    Kalenth 212/12 Solitus Doctor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shichiroji View Post
    I almost fell off my chair when I saw the Engi helmets!

    Anyways, my nominee would be...

    Charred Abaddon Chassis - Look! It's Lego!
    No, you're ugly.

    /votes for reanimator and enfo tier 1

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    actually..charred abbadon is pretty bad ass (I remember every soldier drooled to getit) and hell..its still rather suefull in some bargin basement situations. levelling a soldier just to get that now...
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    that soldier armour from IS looks awesome IMO.

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    No mention of the Cyber Armor helm here? FC may have tried to eclipse it's ugliness with newer armors, but hasn't succeeded yet imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theppy View Post
    No mention of the Cyber Armor helm here? FC may have tried to eclipse it's ugliness with newer armors, but hasn't succeeded yet imo.
    Lol omg i'd forgot that stuff, from in the subways to get a full set omg I gOT teH UglY

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    I was so happy when I acquired my first set of Apocalypse leather for my advy, when I was lowbie and a froob. The reaction:

    "Great, my armor is dogs**t brown". Yuck.

    I really can't stand the way Nova Dillon looks, either. Biomech is cool.But those servants of 8 and other skirts make you look like you're an old lady going to the store to get some milk.

    Oh and did anyone mention the agent sock yet? Good for that instant rapist look.

    Guess i just have too many froob traumas to think the banana guys are ugly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siahanor View Post
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    anyone mentioned arithmetic helm yet ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telperion View Post
    I'm hesitating between Nanomage Female T3 Engie Backpiece, and Ofab Agent Headwear.

    Between running around wearing a pink lifebelt or with a grey plastic bag over your head, i don't know which is worse...
    Don't hesitate... Female T3 engy backpiece is the worst looking piece of armor in the game. Makes me want a BoC all that much...

    The engineer OFAB helmet is awesome on the other hand. It's very "blade runner meets Buckaroo Banzai".

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    LOL I loved Buckaroo Banzai when I was a kid.

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    I'm surprised no one has nominated 'crat chosen. *shudders*
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    Keritan [220/25 enf]

    and a few more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWalrus View Post
    anyone mentioned arithmetic helm yet ?
    Bump, omg it's terrible ^_^.

    Crat chosen is teh seksy tho, a reason to roll crat imo.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mastablasta View Post
    Stop whining. Fixers are uber.

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    crat t3 helm is similar principle to condoms.. (adding 2 inches hanging down :P)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubennib View Post
    I'm surprised no one has nominated 'crat chosen. *shudders*
    faithful/chosen crat helmet i kinda cool imo. tall hat without rim with a fork at the top. I kinda like it anywys.

    yes the Gasmaskhelmet is very ugly and hmm Biomech ....
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    Red face i did

    Quote Originally Posted by Rubennib View Post
    I'm surprised no one has nominated 'crat chosen. *shudders*

    the errrr "ceremonial headdress" ...o.O....was my number 1 nomination ;p

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