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Thread: Whats the point!!

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    Thumbs down Whats the point!!

    Missions....AI or AXP or PEN

    Goto team call ....hit a description pen or AXP and now known..Nothing

    What gives FC!...AI part of the game since LE has died a death! RK teams
    unless anything remotely related to borg killing is dead.

    Everything is team orientated....if your a solo person your foobarred!
    Saying that...I have a toon at leat 100 now, and without a zip of AI xp...more than likely will get to 150 and still with no AIxp..

    Why has the AI side of the game just become so unplayable... I reckon ,cuse there is no chance of winning solo that way, if this continues..I doubt I continue a another year of subscription...and thats even joined with a friendly sizable org...

    Man dare I even play this game on my own, as a complete newbie...paying in full...when most of the game requires you to be teamed with an org or others.

    If the solo player option to invite isnt addressed soon then this game will die sadily. Inviting to teams is good and great thing...but if this is a required rather than an option then the game is doomed.
    Power leveling although not advertised is happening, and the quality of teams is bad these days ; players with the minium of skills and with no idea of the game is rife...and the teams I have been lately have been prime examples of this...

    But that is for another day...franky as things goes...I've been playing for over a year..have a couple of alt toons, one in the high levels 190+..and its just getting a little dull. Was a froob for many months then went SL.

    SL was good and interesting...then a friend convincd me to try LE

    Mmm LE ...Mechs on the street...don't me crap...
    especially if you didnt get LE before release...cause evryone throws research points into those mechs from the orgs Ok cant blame that

    AXP- and VP - alien mission appear to be hard. so cheating is rife.
    yeap good idea...really makes me wanna play that does

    AI IS DEAD,DEAD DEAD since LE. good one FC..AI solo desperately needed pls!!!! And I ask not stupidly hard either! make The AI drps from uber stuff less if you have too, just gimme solo option

    Oh I a loss really...not long to go till time is up

    4-5 months tops..will I resubscribe? its shaky at best at the mo...will ppl get me creds and armour? No ways you
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    Bad day at the office?

    This is a team based game, good luck getting FC to make solo content.
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    Actually..its a multiplayer role playing game. Allthough that seems to hint that one has to deal with others..ti shodulnt. It's only LATELY become a purely teambased game (somethign I detest).

    I like to team with people occasionally (allthough longer my exposure to other human beings..the less I like them), but Ioften like to solo a bit. its nice to chat..but sometiems I dont have the chance to remain in a team (im called frequently afk for 5 mins at a time or more for bathroom breaks..houshold issues..smoke breaks...ect ect) so most times teaming wont work out for such as me.

    Didnt have a issue with this untill the later shadowlevens ive reached..where some reason even solo shadowland mishies I cant do without a severe amount of pain and anguish (green mobs beating me like a drum).

    I actually suport the OP in this (allthough...I think some of that was a lack of caffine..too much caffine..or had a bad day at work). Ther DOES need to be a consistant line of soloing content in the game. It allows flexibility. It doesnt force people into teaming when they dont have the avalbitiy. It also gives somethign better than "team up and smush hexklorz" mentality many get.

    Bump for even more old style "rk mission" style mishies. Even if its more lowbie aliens scattered around a rk mish (hell that be a blast..kick in a door an "oh crap..its a alien!..KILL IT!" or more diverse shadowlands mission types (jesus im tired of seien gthe SAME look in every shadowland mish...and why not actually put some critters in those damn missiosn I can kill? why DOES it have to be "sided only" missiosn (all I fight are Unnies) I can kill a few of teh inferno "random monsters" cram those in there for christs sake
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    bump for solo content.

    I like to solo a lot myself.
    Sometimes I just like taking it at my own pace.
    Which might explain how after almost 3 yrs I'm only lvl 210
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    I love teaming, but sometimes you just want to go at it solo for a bit to get away from people. Now granted for regular content there are areas that are solo-able bu for AI content, there isn't much. Generally I don't have a problem with this but it would be nifty if there were some sort of solo AI content. Perhaps something along the lines of the RK missions.

    The aliens perhaps have formed small "outposts" on Rubi-Ka proper and you are asked to go clean it out. It could work... course people are right, this is an MMORPG and expecting large amounts of solo content, or even solo viable versions of all content is a long shot.

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    God knows I hate to admit..neverthe less compare AO to anothe rhidious game...but I will this time:

    World of Warcraft. I soloed in WoW all the way to 60 on my own time (not that much given I played AO allot). I think I teamed about a total of 9 times (and only ran 3 instances...ever). I had a BLAST. Why you say?

    Becasue I coudl play the game at my own pace. ther wwere enough ways to gain xp (QUESTS!) that kep me busy. And when I got bored of quests..or was stuck..I could spend some time roaming about the land killing random stuif till I either levelld, OR found a answer to my quest.

    Point being..thats a MMOrgp game, yet has a ton of solo content.

    Be easy as **** to do it here. Make a new set of mission types that you can choose solo, and team like (or upgrade the existing set) and make them reasonable. OIne of the biggest reasosn I like the old style RK missions..were I coudl adjust the toughness of them minutely to find things I coudl actually survive in.

    Not the Sl "missions (i.e. same 2 room looks). Easy= grey **** that can wtfpwn me in chain critting with 3-8 green mobs who hit harder. Medium= lots of organge crap (orange is now= medium/equal difficulty? somethings off here..) that beats me like a drun unless I run around in circles chain casting my slow as hell short ranged SL snare.

    Hard= "bend me over a tree stump and jam me in the ass with a telephone pole" Red mobs who take delight in missing me a dozen times..then chain critting me 5 times in a row (so much for all my perks that reduce crit chance tremendoulsy).

    Thats not...really ajustable. Also damn boring..since you dont get to see many critters (always sided ****..occasioanal rafter of mala). Same 3 freaking rooms repeated..(yay). No content thats "sit back..relax and get a wee bit of xp.

    Now if you all coudl tell me how at 211 I can pull easy missiosn..and yet not have over 3/4 the mobs freaking be happier.

    I wont go into how nice id be to do solo missiosn that might have a few aliens in them.
    Metalynx: 216..... 4 more levels and the server will shut down!

    Metalynx: "I seriously hope all the stupid people in the world don't congrigate in one spot, for all the weight of this massive amount of raw idiodicy, might collapse upon itself, creating a Singularity of Ignorant Stupidity, unmatched in strength by any black hole in the universe"

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    Although I like teaming (in general, guess everybody once had a bad team, that made him hate it), at the moment I have massive problems levelling my toons, as I am currently living in the USA but am playing on the german server ... time difference hate!

    So, I also wouldn't mind some new solo content
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    I second what the rest say here. Solo'ing ftw! I don't mind teaming once in a while, but I'm mostly a solo player. The vast majority of the teams I've joined don't know the meaning of teamwork.

    I like to solo because I can play the game at my own pace and not have to worry about catching up with others or others catching up with me. I can afk when RL problems come up. There are many other reasons I prefer to go solo, but being anti-social is NOT one of them! Most of us that play this game have our own RL schedules that revolve around our jobs and our families and we can't adjust those just so we can team-play to kill some aliens.

    And yes, AI is DEAD because I can't do any of those AI mishes solo, so AI was wasted money for me. Not sure why I even paid for LE since I almost NEVER use the mechs (they suck anyway - their firepower only matches what I already have).

    The real meat of Anarchy is the good old-fashioned RK mishes and dyna-bosses and being able to wander around RK getting oneself into trouble. SL is ok, but the colors of the monsters are BADLY misleading. Old school RK still far far out-classes any of the other lame stuff that came after. SL, AI, and LE pale beside RK imho.

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    sorta agree / disagree here

    I started out soloing mainly becauese i was froob/noob. Once i got into a good org, i teamed. I too like to solo..there are lots of projects i have the just require me to kill things i can kill and loot. When i want to level, i team It IS harder at the higher levels to solo mainly because to ding in the SL requires so much time. Killing greenies in SL to ding would be worse than getting a cavity filled without novacaine.

    Ai is seriously screwed up. Not sure who's to blame. Everyone was/is doing LE ai misses. Frankly, they don't excite me and i do apf/city raids instead, but to each their own. I would like to see some solo ai play, and i thought we were going to get that in LE but it was never promised.

    I suspect, however, that this is just a reaction to the new content. Supple bot prices seem to have gone up, and folks will react, i suspect, and begin farming more in cities.

    My advice: continue to LFT for AI raids or form your own team if you can, and don't despair....

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    wow a thread that shares my opinion ?!!

    Hell.... I don't know what to say now..

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    yeah more soloing possibilities would be nice. But even so you could solo from lvl 1-170 ish easy after that it becomes a bit too slow. So more soloing options for TL6-7 would be nice.

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