Eeod closed the book. He closed his eyes and imagined being on 56th century earth, in New Jabbeke, a sunny resort at the sandy beaches of Antarctica. Sitting under a palm tree, sipping sweet alcoholic drinks, watching big ships sail by.
Only those circumstances could lead a writer to create such a masterpiece. Such a work of art! Such a view on technology!

Such a shame that almost nobody knows the masterpiece of dr. Ngan Ngoc Breidenbuhr.
When he started to read it he slowly realized that he had a mission. He had to complete the work that dr. Breidenbuhr once started.

After reading his mail he walked to the cupboard. He opened the door and to his satisfaction he saw that COSbos was still in his place.
He pushed the on/off switch.
Quickly he reactivated the bot.
"Have you been active for all this time?"
Eeod scratched the back of his head.
"How is it to sit in a cupboard for eight months?"
"Actually i came out of the closet several times"
"Very well. Now then. Check your inventory. We are going on a trip."
"Checking... Check complete."
"Off we go."
"Where are we going?"
"To the mountains."