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Thread: The SoS Presents: Up Up and Away

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    The SoS Presents: Up Up and Away

    The Society of Salvation will be hosting its next party, with music provided by Gridstream Productions.

    Event Details:

    Rubi-Ka is in need of heroes to aid it in its darkest hours, but not any set of heroes. Rubi-Ka needs superheroes! Join the Society of Salvation in its search for superheroes at Up Up and Away. Come dressed as your own unique superhero, complete with superpowers of your imagining. There will be prizes for the best superhero concepts and a competition to see who possesses the qualities of a real superhero. Superheroes assemble at the ICC Assembly Hall at 2000 RST on Saturday, February 24th, 29481! Music will be provided by DJ Tarryk of Gridstream Productions.
    Ferrex "Sanqq" Baldwin
    Department of Entertainment
    ~Society of Salvation~

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    This is most certainly going to be veeery interesting.
    --The connections that enable us to learn are infinitely more important than our state of knowing.

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    A party you say?

    Interesting... I may return from the desert to take a look.

    ~some wandering metaphysicist~

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    *hangs up a banner*

    There we go

    *nods to himself*

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    ((doublepost ))

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    Great banner.

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