Tir, Atlantean, Rubi-ka (31 Jan, 29481)

From late 29479 until Jan-29481, Rubi-Ka was plagued by attacks, atrocities and emotional terrorism inflicted by the Nanomage Legion. Led by Volcatius, they preyed on guards, officials, common-folk and children, regardless of faction or standing. Many condolences have been issued in that time--the most painful having been issued for the losses of children of Rubi-KA. On 15-Jan-29481, a group empowered by the Newland City Council eliminated this threat to the inhabitants of Rubi-Ka.

The Staff and Representatives of the Council of Truth extend our gratitude for this outstanding service to the people of Rubi-Ka. Your diligence and effort have made our planet a safer place.

Thank you,

Staff Member,
Council of Truth.

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