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Thread: Channel 42 Enhancements

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    Channel 42 Enhancements

    Channel 42 just got a face-lift and now sports some brand new features I hope will make it more useful than ever to the community. But before I go any details, all the credit for these enhancements must go to Khuri, for both for the coding and initial inspiration. So, bravo Khuri!

    For those unfamiliar with Channel 42, it is chatbot designed to serve the roleplaying community of Atlantean of any faction. It supports mostly in-character chit-chat and occasional ooc (but AO related) talk. For story purposes, Channel42 is that it is a fictional frequency on a equally fictional Rubi-Kan CB radio network and all users are encourage to make static noises from time to time.

    To join /tell Channel42 !join Or you can ask Dabblez to set you up for an automatic invite.

    So what do we have that is new?

    #1 Event Calendar
    Channel 42 is now linked with the Events Calendar on AO Universe ( ). That is to say, if you put your forthcoming event on AO Universe's Event Calendar (anniversary parties, Council of Truth meetings, Groovy Poetry readings) CH42 will pick it automatically send periodic reminders to anyone tuned in to the channel. So there is no reason to miss an AO event ever again!

    Of course this all relies on people putting their events on the Event Calendar in the first place. So please, please, please do get in the habit of using the Event Calendar.

    #2 Adverts
    Channel 42 will now periodically read out short, random, fictional adverts on the channel like, for instance, adverts for Bronto Burgers or Miir.

    While this is still just an experimental feature, what I would like to do is open it up so that anyone can submit his or her own advert, just as long as it remains short.

    The kind of things which I think would work well include:

    * Adverts/recruitment messages from roleplaying orgs.

    * Wanted and Bounty messages - Post a reward if you need someone found... or lost.

    * Adverts for "roleplay" services – If your character happens to be a lawyer, a private investigator, a mitaar instructor or a palm reader you can place an ad on CH42 and, who knows, maybe someone will come and hire you.

    * Adverts for "real" services - Roleplayers will be allowed to advertise proper services (as in 'trade-skills for tips') as long as its done in-character and in good taste. Selling individual items will not be allowed, there is already a Trade Channel for that.

    * Personals - For those still looking for that special someone.

    There are no fees for advertising on CH42, it completely free. However I will reserve the right to refuse, edit and (after an ad has been running for a while) remove any advert at my discretion.

    If you want to place an ad on Channel42 send me (Dabblez) a Private Message over the AO Forum or a /tell in game with the text of the message. Do bear in mind /tells can get lost.

    Please note, all Channel adverts must be short, 20-30 words at most (at least for now). Anything longer will be edited or rejected.
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    Cooking with Iron! showtimes or even the reopening of our stores?

    [ oh and Dabblez the ) at the ens of the link is making it broken ]
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    Hi there Cynotor! We would welcome your show announcements on AOU Calendar (and it sounds perfect for Channel42 although that is at Dabblez discretion). Please let us know if you have any problems submitting your event/s and also contact us if you would like to perhaps look at ways to get your show advertised on the site. Best wishes! Katelin.

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    Ohhh yeah... I can see real potential for this.
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    Yay for the new features!
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    *nods* nice nice.

    (( Woo nice! \o/ ))
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    I renew my undying love for Dabblez ...... ok and AOU
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    Love the new advertisements and events.

    Great work, as always!

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    If you find errors, or got ideas for further improvements, these are of course also welcome
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