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Thread: Origin of FatOlAnnie

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    Origin of FatOlAnnie

    I walk now among the dunes of Newland Desert, my old and abused body's gossamer threads held together by only will and augmentation; I'm a relic, an old face on an old world and still trying to reclaim the days of my youth. So much wasted time, so much life to live.

    I'm one hundred, thirty-seven now - young in the autumn of life - and still wandering alone through the world; I left my cubical-home of ninety-five years at Sol Bancorp, with considerable spending cash in my pocket to see the stars. I departed the spaceport at Vegas-Crombe knowing that I would find new life and new youth out in the void, the stars were my playground now and my Yamuchi Mk 7 freighter was my hoverboard. Space wasn't so cold and bleak when you had deep pockets, all insulated with a few million creds.

    I threw the ship into translight and set off to NimbuStraylight, a journey to the Enlightenment Chambers to center myself for my new coming-of-age.

    There was a momentary disorientation of being in two places at once, kind of whompa-esque now that I think back on it. A bright fireball and brief tickle of pain, and then there I was on a slab - dark green of the CadaverSuit which my new body had been poured into. I recognized the Omni-Tek equipment, the room resembled any zaibatsu meatshop.

    I was alone, I was out a few million creds, and a Yamuchi Mk 7. The promise, however dark, of a strange and unknown world loomed before me so I left the meatslab with the meager equipment provided by some unknown philanthropist, and walked into a Borealis backyard.

    It wasn't til much later that I learned of the Clans, and the rebellion.

    Can't say that I care about either side's politics.

    I found the start of the new life I was looking for, and Rubi-Ka is the origin; I won't be leaving until my creds can get me there.

    "Dolce et decorum est pro lucrum mori" - FatOlAnnie - Neutral to the core
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