The Anarchy Online team is recruiting and we are looking for players and fans that have the skill and passion for the game to join us.

We are looking to hire several game and visual designers over the coming weeks to bring fresh blood into the Anarchy design team and aid in pushing the game forward over the coming years. When we cam to make this decision to build up the Anarchy team we felt that there would be nothing better then to bring in people who already have a passion for the game - you - our players.

An in-depth knowledge and passion for Anarchy Online will be the key ingredient we will be looking for alongside the creativity and mind required to work on a project like this.

You can find details on how to apply here on

Content Designer

Visual Designer

So if you think what you have what it takes, and would like to help create the content and continue to build the world of Anarchy Online make sure you apply and let us know!