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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

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    Happy birthday to "Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka" ^^
    Tempus fugit.

    Everybody has a photographic memory.
    Some don't have film.

    When you find a big kettle of crazy it's best not to stir it.
    -PHB/Scott Adams

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    ((OOC: Happy birthday =D. Hope I can pop in on this))

    Today Coll got up. This greatly surprised his pet reet and it had to be calmed down.

    He promptly made a small breakfast, dressed, and returned to the labourous task of sorting the many bags he carried when running his way around the Shadowlands, or Rubi Ka.

    Many minutes in he decided to go visit his cousins in Tir, theorising that too much sorting softened the brain.
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    (( Happy birthday to this thread hehe ))


    EMERGENCY Requisition order:


    3 x Mining Lamps
    1 x Canary class Gas Detector
    3 x Notum Mining Suits
    6 x Spare drill bits, 12 gauge
    1 x Grav-Cargo cart
    1 x Can, Squirty Cheese
    2 x Support Struts
    1 x Underground radio

    Please dispatch the following items to Mining site 4b AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


    ~Skeletawe reads through the list and smiles to himself~

    Right, that should be enough. Hopefully the supply officer has everything.
    GorgeFodder4 / Skeletawe
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    *Looking out over the Borealis townscape and letting out a deep sigh. Quietly watchs all the folk run back and forth, hardly recognising many before his eyes stop and focus on the Omni-Pol black clad invaders.*

    *With a loud screech and a thud he slowly turns and looks at a rather crazed rollerrat thumping against his layers. Raising a finger with very little movement the rollerrat simply stops momentary before its inertia moves it into the layers as it explodes into fine ash.*

    *Pausing another moment, he turns back, and looks over the townscape.*
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
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    ~Scribbling on a dataslate, Skeletawe starts mumbling to himself~

    Dear RuR type people,

    The robots have started gossipping!?

    I work in Mine 4-A down near Clon****, and some of the Omni-Tek mining bots have been gossipping about your milly bot things. They've been saying that RuR engineers treats their robots better than the 'tek. Is it normal for robots to gossip?

    Sincerely, a very confused colleague.

    ~He makes sure he signs it as Anonymous~
    GorgeFodder4 / Skeletawe
    Anti-Miner / Miner
    Omni-Mining / NLF Remnant?

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    Dear Anonymous,

    Robots only engage in gossip if they do not have enough work to do. Assign your robots more tasks to do and everything should go back to normal.

    Also, the correct spelling is RUR, with a upper case "U". It is often the custom with acronyms to use lower case letters for small words; prepositions like "of", "in" or "on". The "U" in RUR stands for "Universal" which I think you will agree counts as a big word in every possible sense. I mean, what could be bigger than the universe? Thus the correct spelling should be "RUR" and not "RuR", though if in doubt you can always write the full name, Rubi-Ka Universal Robots.

    But going back to your original point, keep your robots busy and they will thank you for it.

    Dabblez - Rubi-Ka Universal Robots (RUR)
    We put the Art into Artificial Intelligence!

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    It was a slow day....

    Not to many folks on the comms. Seems everyone was taking some well deserved rest or was sleeping off the the well deserved rest.

    The President strode into the Organization's Headquarters because he had nothing else to do and, frankly, was looking for some excitment. Idle hands and all. Now, when things get slow, you either find something to do or something finds you. Today was the later.

    The Chief Engineer came out of the study with an excited and expectant look on her face. "Hi there, got a sec?"

    "For you, always. Is this inregards to those chocolates I sent you?" the President said, with leer. "No, i fed those to my dog. I told you it was just business from now on. This is about our city."

    Crestfallen, the president put his feet on the desk and said, "what'cha got in mind?"

    "I want to upgrade some of the building in our city. It will give us some benefits we've not yet had. We might even be able to upgrade the sizes." After a few minutes of going into the details, the presentation pitch was complete."

    "Hmm", said the President, who by this time, had lowered his feet and was paying rapt attention. Nothing got his interest more than improving his own augmentations, except for, perhaps, chasing nanomage engineers around the office.

    "I like it. What if anything do i need to do to make this happen?".

    "50M Credz", said the Chief Engineer.

    "AWW, that means i'll have to pull the cash out of the Org Bank. That damn interface never worked right from the start. It'll take me hours to find my ID code and password, and that damn AI interface will want to talk to me."

    "The alternative, Mr. President, is for you to compensate me directly, with the credits.", said the Engineer, moving away from the Presidents hands. "NOTHING" but credits are required and ONLY credits will be accepted!"

    "OH, ok, you're no fun". I'll get to work on it ASAP, but i want a new desk in my fancy new office, not this old thing." said the dejected Leader, pointing to the rundown desk. The Engie sure was no fun anymore. "Fine, just as long as you keep you hands to yourself." said the Engineer.

    Demolition began one week later and within 2 weeks, a new city rose up from the ashes of the old one. The President presided over the grand re-opening and all the Organizations' members where there to celebrate.

    Later, after the festivities had ended, the President strode into the new Headquarters towards his new office, admiring the work of the Engineer. A note was left on the door of his office. "Hope you enjoy the office" it said. He opened the door and saw....

    his old desk....

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    Tuxcedo sipped the last drops of coffee and leaned back in his chair while looking at his advertisement:

    Tuxcedo's special Tinkerbot store!

    Cuttin me own Hat!

    Be quick cause gone is gone!

    You too can now have a chance to get your very own:
    Pink Tutu (worn by the famous but unfortunate Miss Tinkerbots)
    only have 49 left so be QUICK!
    Special prize: 500K per suit! (first one comes with a very nice bracer, genuine made and original from Omni-pol officer Reiseiji's Jet!)

    Also for sale 100 Original yellow pants (all worn ofcourse by Miss Tinkerbots!) 100k a piece!


    The last 10 Monsterglasses (again all true Tinkerbots shades!) for just 2000K a piece!

    At Tuxcedo's store also for sale:

    Tickle-me-Tinkerbots! (she giggles when you tickle her (batteries not included)
    miniature Captain hook talking dolls (Over 10 lines of text he can speak including the famous "HARR HARR"!)
    prices are available on request!

    Come by at anytime at our very special store Or contact Tuxcedo at anytime! (except after 22:00 and before 18:00 GMT.)
    Tuxcedo closed the envelope and asked Espresso to deliver the envelope at the TAG.
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    Watching the a Neutral Gridfeed Channel from her cabin, Lasliana watched as the events unfolded on the holo screen in front of her, it was all very hard to tell what was going on there was alot of shouting, so the reporters commentary could not be heard easily.

    "Wait those people there, who are they?

    The camera zooms in on them, and she hears the reporter clearly, if briefly.

    "...And there are the ICC DOI or the ICC Department of Investigations, with DCI Validius Hunt in charge, they seem to be trying to diffuse the situation between the Omni-Tek Personnel and the Neutral residents of Borealis, he seems to be making notes on all thats going on and peoples opinions, could it be that they're compliing a report?"

    With that the reporters voice was drowned out when Lonnare raised her voice over the noise of the crowd

    "Secondly, I would like to address the issue with these independent robot guards that were recently put into place.
    Though we commend the efforts of these engineers, we cannot support their project. We must take into consideration the health and welfare of all Borealis residents. These Bots have not been inspected and are under the control of an individual resident.
    As such, we cannot determine if they will pose a danger to the population at large.
    It is therefore regrettably our decision that the robots be confiscated and destroyed."

    With that she was drowned out yet again as a number of notible people began shouting out and booing.

    The camera changed to focus on the small shape of Tinkerbots, her face showing anguish, running toward Lonnare reaching into her pack, the camera clearly shows she is gripping a Notepad as she begins to pull it out.

    Tinkerbots is hit with the arrow, screaming she falls to the ground.

    As the camera zooms out it shows the stunned faces of many Neutrals, one of them throws away his placard and rushes towards the girl who has collapsed on the ground, shouting her name, before...

    "How could you? How could you do this to an innocent?" He is heard shouting towards the Omni-Tek personnel

    The camera zooms out as a wave of shouting and noise is flung towards the Omni-Tek Personnel.
    The camera angle changes to one in a different location much further away from whats happening and zooms in from afar...
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    Tuxcedo looks astonished at espresso.

    What do you mean? she isn't dead?


    Oh crap.
    The Flying Monkey!

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    Sitting at the Newland Bronto Burger, looking at his reports, Boltgun can't stop thinking about Retoolkit.

    He saw him earlier that day using his datapad on the satellite dish. As usual to prevent damages to the communication devices on the city he bugged the engineer until he decided to talk.

    That is quite a different guy he used to see at meetings. After seeing Tinkerbot shot by an arrow he was so full of anger. Every act and speak of him shown that he is about to do a huge mistake.

    Boltgun closes the reports and put his datapad back in his pocket and began to think with nostalgia about his home world. Var, the blue jewel of Sol Banking, such a beautiful world no one would understand why he threw it all and ruined his life there. To become what he is today, an unstable man who have no place in a society. Except maybe on Rubi Ka. And he did it for far less then what Omni Tek did to Retoolkit.

    This guy is going to ruin himself the same way. If he's lucky he'll die completing his project.

    If he survives...
    Server first !!! Neutral Solitus Male Soldier named Boltgun to wear a short with pink spots on RK1 !!!
    N E U T R A L I Z E R S

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    I leaned back on the glass, not really thinking about life and where things were going, but where they would end up. One day, my body would fertilize the soil on Ka and I would become part of the source. I hate to think in those terms though. I wonder if when I become part of it, will I have the memories of life or will it be some new reality, a reality that spans the known universe?

    Admittedly, when this is all you know, it's hard to grasp ideals about life outside of this rock. I've been off the planet a few times and it feels like slow decay when i'm gone. Could it be that the Rubi-Kan psyche has become so used to the violence that being away is like missing a family member or trying to quit a habit?

    When I looked up from those thoughts, I saw those beautiful twin suns and immediately thought of those rumors of David Marlin from when that world opened to us. David... I have never thought consciously of the person behind the name. I've used the name in pseudo-blasphemy, if there is such a thing any more, but put those rumors away as just that and quite possibly a quirky side effect from the shadowlands.

    End Log

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    "So...we have details when he'll be available?"
    *nods to the screen and continues*

    "Fair enough, but you know fine well that if this is going to work we're going to need the team back together for it?"
    *he nods again with a slight smile*

    "We can try, but it's going to take some intensive bartering to get him sure he'll be interested though. He is family after all."
    *nods to the screen again*

    *smiles and gets up from the chair and walks away from the terminal*
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
    Neutral and proud of it!

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    Peregrinus Praecautus watches with idle curiosity as a blond gentleman wearing what appears to be a med suit and cloak of the wandering knight is accosted by a psychotic-looking bald nanomage and a cohort of rough looking coves.

    "What argh, get off me"

    "That's it Des, the bag over his head. Wurzel hit him with the hammer!"

    The man puts up a valiant fight but is, alas, overcome by the ferocity of the attack.

    Peregrinus watches as they drag a large sack containing the comatose body of the gentleman into Backyard 5.
    Omni-Pol intelligence report for Peregrinus Praecautus
    Known applicant of Third Faction
    Warning! Record is being accessed by an external source of unknown origin.
    Recovering file

    be on your guard pilgrim
    File ends

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    In the depths of the Grid, where no normal man dares to thread, where only algorithms and programs are processed, day and night, night and day, two avatars were carefully monitoring the data highways -- day and night, night and day.

    They had taken on a human shape, out of habit more than of sheer necessity. At such depths, you could be anything, provided you had the skills to program it, and these two certainly had enough of these. Both of them were presently sitting on one of the data highway, seemingly ignoring that their bodies kept on forcing the flow to go around them; their appearances were those of children who couldn't be more than ten or twelve -- a boy with jet-black hair and slit dark eyes, and a scrawny girl with brown hair almost down to her knees, slashed with two long white locks. The boy crouched on the high arch, looking down into the swirling pool of yet unprocessed data expanding under them. The girl, her legs dangling in the void, hummed a faint tune, her large eyes seeming to engulf all the light around her.

    "It's sooo quiet", the girl said, and her cristalline voice echoed oddly in the vast space above their heads. "Ne, how long have we been here?"
    "I have no idea." The boy shrugged. "For what it's worth, probably weeks. Or months."
    "Ain't ya tha one who always knows dat kind o' things?"
    "Only when I'm in a real body and in real time, and we're in neither now."
    "Well, I'm not the one who'll get fired if he stays away for too long."
    "Dat was InternOps orders. Like I had a choice. They call, I jump. Dat's tha rule I agreed to."
    "That'll teach you to trash Admin droids every week, I guess. You know, you're getting more dangerous with a coffee-pot than with a Perennium, Jen."
    "It was just a chair", Jen flatly retorted. "And it ain't nuthin' ta do with tha damn droid. They jus' needed someone crazy enuff ta go hunting on tha Ridge."

    The boy cracked a grin that never reached his eyes. Digging with one hand in the blue wave of raw data on which he was sitting, he casually ripped a long string, toyed with it for a few seconds between his fingers, then finally rolled it in what looked like a small pebble, and threw it in the vortex under their feet. When it reached that odd construct of water, it created a few thin propagating ripples for a short moment, before vanishing for good.

    "Oops. There goes the Newland Stock Exchange for today. Funny, how just the right data can wreak such havoc."

    "Heiji, stop dat. We ain't exactly supposed to play with these things, remember?"
    "Then their stupid program gone wild had better show up. We've been waiting for ages, and I hate being bored. Especially when it's to clean after some dumb-witted system engineer."
    "Gee, now I wish ya had summat ta kill. At least it'd keep ya busy."
    "We can always wish they never discover that there are two of us. Man, that would be some wild chase."
    "And ya'd probably toast 'em all in a snap of fingers. And then I'd be in deep crap. And Clare would grill me to know how I can metaphorize two people at this level."
    "That'd be because we are two people?"

    This time, it was her turn to smile. Raising a hand, the little girl named Jen started to draw odd arabesques in the blue surrounding her. Every time she moved, tiny packets of data dropped from her sleeves, her hands, her hair. Every time her fingers danced in front of her eyes, another area of the Ridge was getting checked by dozens of monitoring programs. If a data column had burped an overload twenty sectors from here, she would have known it on the spot.

    All of a sudden, she blinked; her companion was perking up too.

    "Hey. Wanna go AI hunting?"
    "Right above us, near the exit, right?" A vicious smile slowly spread on his lips.
    "A was startin' ta wonder when dat trap would finally work."

    The girl jumped on her feet, her long hair suddenly whirlwinding around her head, as if gifted with a life of their own. A long spear-like weapon with a curved blade at one of its ends had suddenly appeared between her hands, digitizing out of a set of data strings nearby. Next to her, the boy now sported long claw-like blades on the back of his hands. Both weapons were surrounded with a dull blue glow, that would intensify when they would switch to actual attack mode.

    "Y'know, I think I like when these things go haywire."
    "The thrill of the hunt and all that, eh?"
    "Yeah. But mostly tha screams they make when I decompile 'em."

    Both children jumped from the data highway, up towards the trail their prey was leaving behind. And their wicked expressions of glee and anticipation were all but expressions anyone would have wanted to see on such young-looking faces.

    ((Okay, I just felt like writing some silly blurb. I'm really busy these days and never seem to find the time to log in, but I'm sure not forgetting AO. ))
    Jen Markarian - Put the weirdness back in Omni-Mining
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    Under a brighter sky
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    Lasliana watches the gridfeed news bulletin, with utter shock, sitting on the edge of her bunk in her cabin aboard the MorningStar Orbital station

    ".....Omni Pol have managed to arrest Harland Retoolkit Brigetty and dismantle his Robotic Militia, he's been taken to a secure holding facility in a undisclosed location pending a review of his actions...."
    The news reporter droned on about the officers involved and how the Unicorn forces reacted.

    Lasliana called cabin service

    "Can i help you miss?"
    Came the response over the intercom.
    Yeah, speed up my paperwork so i can get planetside! If i'm not down there within three standard days im gonna be using some dumb Beaurocrat for target practice! got it?"

    "Yes Miss, i will see that they understand your request, and your urgency, do you need anything else? a beverage or a sedative?"

    "Get me a Omni Tek properganda leaflet and a red marker and a large bottle of Beer, and i dont care what kind!"

    Lasliana settled back to get ready to deface some Omni Tek rubbish and drink herself into a coma before her shuttle call came through.

    I suppose i may get down there faster if i just jumped out of an airlock...thats an idea wheres my parachute and void sealed armor?

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    Naxilite wakes up in backyard 5 with a thumping headache.....

    "Man, how did I get here?....

    .....errr where is here.....

    ...what's this sack.....

    ....hammer? time?.......

    ....bald mad men,Dark helmet




    Confused, Naxilite examines his Id log. His eyes can't quite focus on the line showing his guild affiliation.

    "Independent Rubix cubes?

    no, wait

    Undependable Rubicons?

    no, thats not it

    Indepdent Rubi-Kans?

    Oh Frell!"
    Major Eldridge Naxilite McCovery
    Adventurer, level 149
    Ranger and Explorer and of the Shadowlands
    Member of the Independent Rubi-Kans

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    Tuxcedo let him self fall in his chair with a big sigh, while staring at all his boxes filled with Toys and clothing. He picked up a few Tiggle-Me-TinkerBots from a box and looked at the pink tutu's, with holes cut into them while he though quietly:

    "Rats...not a single item sold in the last couple of weeks and i'm all stuck to all this crap. Not even the Newland Orphanage wants to buy em for half the price. If that woman only had died properly like anyone else who gets shot by Omni-Tek I could now have spend the rest of my live without worrying about anything at all....."

    "Its, all her fault If she only would have died! " Annoyed he trew a TinkerBot against the wall. It giggled.

    "yes laugh all you want...I will get my money back, one way or the other."

    Tuxcedo lounged back into his chair while thinking of a next ingenious plan to get his money back.

    "Espresso! ESPRESSO!" he shouted while tabbing on a small button on his desk.

    A green looking Robot entered the room.

    "bleep bliep?""

    "No, Espresso. How many tiimes do I have to tell you? I dont want espresso I WANT TEA! go fetch! I have some serious thinking to do here!"

    He leaned back in his chair while rubbing his forehead, thinking about his next idea.
    The Flying Monkey!

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    *giggle**giggle**giggle**giggle**giggle**giggle**g iggle**giggle**giggle**giggle**giggle*

    With one swift move Tuxcedo stood up from chair, grabbed the Tiggle-me-TinkerBot and started smashing it at the table viciously, while screaming:


    The Tinkerbot lay in ruins all over the table. Tuxcedo grinned evilly at the remains.

    " Not so funny anymore, now is it?" He questioned the remains of the wrecked TinkerBot.

    "Ofcourse! Why haven't I thought about this sooner!"

    Obnoxious Tuxcedo started to press the button on his desk again.

    "Bliep Bleep Bleepz"

    "Leave the tea! I have more important business for you to do. Go to the Fair trade and get me a nice sharp pen..."


    "yes ballpoint is good too. Oh and don't forget to bring the most important item...A notepad. Now go!"
    The Flying Monkey!

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    Lasliana was standing in the Hanger with a couple of large bags on the floor beside her, bundled up in heat reflective sheeting, She was wearing an armored space suit, with a Parachute strapped ontop of it, covered in a heat reflective material.
    As she finishes her final prep and Is about to put on her helmet, a Omni Trans oficer walks towards her...

    "Miss what are you doing?"

    "Getting ready to jump out of the hanger airlock, what does it look like?"


    "Because i want to reach the surface of Rubi Ka, why else?"

    "could i ask whats your name?"

    "Tamara Lasliana McCovery, now if you dont get out of my way i will be taking you outside with me" Lasliana said catching his eye, and giving a hard stare.

    The Omni Trans personnel stepped back a bit.
    "Erm the ICC shuttle is prepped to take you down, and all your paperwork has been cleared by Omni Tek, so theres no need for you to jump"

    "what?! Oh hell, its about time, so wheres the shuttle?" lasliana said now taking an interest in the Omni Trans officer.

    The Omni Trans officer points towards the shuttle being prepped at the other end of the hanger, where a group of Rubi Kan's are busy getting on board with their luggage.

    Lasliana, straps her helmet to her side, and picks up the bergan and mussette bag and jogs across the bay, and jumps up onto the back ramp and into the shuttle.

    Half an hour later the shuttle departs headed for Rubi Ka, upon breaking atmosphere a figure jumps out of it heavily laden down with baggage, a parachute opens and the person is seen gliding in towards Upper Stret East Bank, and landed on a landing pad of a city there, quite unannounced.

    Walking towards the City HQ, hauling all the bags behind her she starts to get messages on her commlink from friends welcoming her back.

    Once all of the baggage was dumped in her office, she made her way out to Borealis.

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