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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nadab View Post

    I am sad to say that Harkonnen Exports is no more. The org has been disbanded. There are a few reasons why I took this step:

    1. No recruits... I could never find anyone interested in joining the Org.
    2. Drug Smuggling has been done to death in RP.....
    3. (the big reason) The person from whom I was renting our Org city from sold it......

    So, now I'm with "Riders of the Lost Org" as a retired Omni-AF personnel...

    Sorry to hear that.

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    Anger Management

    Anger Management:

    When you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out on someone you don't know.

    I was sitting at my desk in “Riders of the Lost Org” HQ as a friend of mine, “Cheapthrill” went to Pande on a shopping raid, when I remembered a net call I'd forgotten to make. I found the comp-number and typed it in.

    A man answered, saying "Hello"

    I politely said, "This is “Nadab”. Could I please speak with Ms. “Dabblez” Jurik?

    "Suddenly a manic voice yelled out in my ear "Get the right f***ing number!" and the monitor blacked out on me. I couldn't believe that anyone could be so rude.

    When I tracked down correct number to call her, I found that I had accidentally transposed the last two digits. After hanging up with her, I decided to call the 'wrong' number again. When the same guy answered the phone, I yelled "You're an a******!" and logged off.

    I wrote his number down with the word 'a******' next to it, and put it in my desk drawer. Every couple of weeks, when I was paying bills or had a really bad day, I'd call him up and yell, "You're an a******!" It always cheered me up.

    With Caller ID now introduced, I thought my therapeutic 'a******' calling would have to stop. So, I called his number and said, "Hi, this is Al Smith from Omni-Tek Comm. I'm calling to see if you're familiar with our Caller ID Program? "He yelled "NO!" and slammed down the phone. I quickly called him back and said, "That's
    because you're an a******." and hung up.

    One day I was at the Rome Green Superior store, getting ready to pull into a parking spot. Some guy in a Black Yalmaha 29500 Stiletto cut me off and pulled into the spot I had patiently waited for. I hit the horn and yelled that I'd been waiting for that spot, but the idiot ignored me. I noticed a "For Sale" sign in his back window, so I wrote down his number. A couple of days later, right after calling the first ******* (I had his number on speed dial,) I thought that I'd better call the Yalmaha 29500 Stiletto a******, too.

    I said, "Is this the man with the black Yalmaha 29500 Stiletto for sale?"

    He said, "Yes, it is."

    I asked, "Can you tell me where I can see it?"

    He said, "Yes, I live outside Highrise 7 in Omni-1 Entertainment. It's a red shanty with the pink neon sign on it, and the Yalm's parked right out in front."

    I asked, "What's your name?" He said, "My name is Ron “Enforcer4life” Dueshill," I asked, "When's a good time to catch you, Ron?"

    He said, "I'm home every evening after five."

    I Said, "Listen, Ron, can I tell you something?"

    He said, "Yes?"

    I said, "Ron, you're an *******!"

    Then I hung up, and added his number to my speed dial, too. Now, when I had a problem, I had two *******s to call. Then I came up with an idea.

    I called ******* #1.

    He said, "Hello."

    I said, "You're an *******!" (But I didn't hang up.)

    He asked, "Are you still there?"

    I said, "Yeah,"

    He screamed, "Stop calling me,"

    I said, "Make me,"

    He asked, "Who are you?"

    I said, "My name is Ron “Enforcer4life” Dueshill."

    He said, "Yeah? Where do you live?"

    I said, "*******, I live outside Highrise 7 in Omni-1 Entertainment. It's a red shanty with the pink neon sign on it , I have a black Yalmaha 29500 Stiletto parked in front."

    He said, "I'm coming over right now, Ron. And you had better start saying your prayers."

    I said, "Yeah, like I'm really scared, a******," and hung up.

    Then I called a****** #2. He said, "Hello?" I said, "Hello, a******." He yelled, "If I ever find out who you

    I said, "You'll what?"

    He exclaimed, "I'll kick your ass," I answered, "Well, a******, here's your chance. I'm coming over right now."

    Then I hung up and immediately called the Omni-Pol, saying that I live outside Highrise 7 in Omni-1 Entertainment in a red shanty with the pink neon sign on it, and that I was on my way over there to kill my Clan lover.

    Then I called "Freelance News" in Borealis about the Omni-Pol crackdown on employees going down at outside Highrise 7 in Omni-1 Entertainment.

    I quickly got into my Yalm and headed over to Need Street. I got there just in time to watch two a****** beating the crap out of each other in front of six Omni-Pol Yalmahas, an overhead news Spycam and surrounded by a news crew.

    NOW I feel much better. Anger management really does work.
    Alexsi "Nadab" Stefanovich

    Corporal Officer, Omni-Pol Field Ops

    T-Sgt1C, Omni-AF, 4th Fusiliers RST, Retired.

    If I'm the Agent of Shai-hulud, where's my 10% ?
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    Intercepted message to private off world diary

    Well, now that I can slip between the dimensions....

    I am sitting here, in ambush for the second week running ready to pounce on some big robots....

    I will be rewarded, I have been rewarded but still they need more information ...


    Camping pad quest, trying to solo it as much as possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sefus View Post
    ((All credit to Dookumi & Failure))
    To [Madbommer]: Oh drats look at the time. Excuse me, regularly scheduled coffee break.
    To [Madbommer]: /afk[/COLOR]
    [Madbommer]: You said three copies. (AFK reply sent - “3305 Local offices are closed now for coffee. Thank you.” )
    [Madbommer]: You said three copies. (AFK reply sent)
    [Madbommer]: How long is this coffee break? (AFK reply sent)
    [Madbommer]: [leaving a message] I'll work on the paperwork, but only triplicate. (AFK reply sent)
    *Looks at you accussingly*

    You work for Funcom don't you?

    Thank you that was great.
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    Not for the first time, Dabblez’s ride on her brand new rocket-bike was abruptly ended by a lamppost. Inspecting the damage to her red Banshee she remarks, “Good thing I am a good mechanic, because I really am a terrible driver.”
    Dabblez - Rubi-Ka Universal Robots (RUR)
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    ((shortest IC post, Broken data-pad))

    .:: Data File Missing ::.
    Copperneedle 207 doc Ex-president Whisper's Edge
    -others on RK1 CLAN!-

    New Perma-Resident to Test Live

    Binarybits 220/26/70 President of :
    Loyal order of the Guinea pig

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    Central Artery Valley.

    It was pitch black in amongst the trees, so black, that if Steely wasn't wearing his night vision goggles, he wouldn't of been able to see his hand waving in front of his face. Normally moonlight would penetrate through the forest canopy, allowing any nocturnal hunters to find their prey, but not this night.

    He had rarely ever heard a forest dead silent. Silence in a forest normally spelt trouble. It was as if something had the entire forest spooked. Fortunatly, or unfortunatly for him, depending on ones point of view, Steely was as silent as the forest. His Beeping Backpack, M.I.A, presumed lost, had been replaced with a Bellum Badonis coat. He was kinda sad, a faithful companion was gone, but he was no longer being driven insane.

    "C'mon, c'mon" he whispered to himself. "Come closer, closer, almost got you".

    His unsuspecting target was first blinded by muzzle flash, then dead on the ground.Pulling a knife out of his belt, he walked over to the fallen target, kneeled down beside it and began to cut it's head off.

    Once finished, he reached around his neck, unfastening a overly large necklace made of rope and laid it out on the ground. picking up the head he had just removed, Steely added the trophy to several others he had attached. He then stood up and surveyed the line of prizes through his NVG and begun drooling.

    "Pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, roast pumpkin, grilled pumpkin, pumpkin scones, mashed pumpkin, pumpkin stew, pumpkin and Kappa berry rolls,BBq pumpkin,coalfired pumpkin. a few more heads and it'll be cooking time!".

    Picking up his pumpkin head collection, he refastened it around his neck and snuck off through the forest looking for another unsuspecting victim.

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

    Captain of The Black Company
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    The Terror in the Dark

    The smog lies on Newland, searching for babies to strangle and old ladies to choke. Earlier, when the suns were up, I could at least see far enough to navigate, but it's night now. The streetlights are overwhelmed, and I hear yalms overhead pinging, emergency sonar units on full power as they try to avoid the sturdier buildings. Strange noises-- distorted echoes of fights from a thousand years ago, hideous scraping sounds, a rumble as of eremites lying restless in their burrows. Arms outstretched, I stumble on, searching for my apartment building.

    Suddenly, I bump into something. It comes horribly alive beneath my hands! An evil face looms in front of me. A low-pitched, falsetto giggle comes from the figure. Pulling back, I find my palms coated with unclean oils, disgustingly scented with.. jasmine?

    Oh, bugger. I've just groped a bikinitrox.
    "NOOOOooo! Not in the face!" -- official RUR battle cry

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    "She is putting on a brave face, but I am afraid this is serious." The doctor talks to officer Hendrix. It is about his sister, Viie, a young Omni-Pol corporal.

    "How serious?"

    "Her stutter is back, but now it seem's as his overall condition has taken a jump for the worse. Her right side of the body keeps getting numb. It is baffling." The doctor shakes his head.

    Virta's sister was killed and reclaimed roughly two years ago, in a firefight with clan members. They were both on the same mission that day, but had got separated. She developed a stutter after the incident. It usually was in submission, but when stressed it came to trouble her again. She had always insisted she was fit for policework.

    Virta swallows hard and makes a fist behind his back, fingernails almost cutting into his hand. "She will get the best care. I will see to that." He looks through the glass to her hospital room. Viie turns his head, smiles and gives a small wave.
    Engineer General Virta, Omni-Pol. Not in active service.

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    Gun leans back in his chair. "Chit Chat magazine. I'm sure they have offices somewhere. Find it, scout it, report back."

    The two agents stare steadily back at Gun. "Question, Sir?", Moss asks. Gunfytr nods. "Is this business or personal?"

    Gun grins wryly, "Personal...for the moment. Dismissed. Keep me informed."

    Beer waits till both leave the office before saying, "Boss, you already whooped this PBF guy once...what gives with the interest?"

    "That was more R and R than a mission.", Gun laughs, "I wasnt going to attack him at all, but he tried a gank. This guy is getting to be an annoyance....even Steelyglint is offering suggestions on how to 'deal' with him. Oh, that reminds me....get a team on breaking up that slab of concrete and dig up that Backpack. That was a good idea, by the way...haven't heard a beep in days. Guess 6 inches of concrete DID do the job."

    "Ok," Beer replies, "I'll get with the other TLs and see who's on their **** lists."

    "You know," muses Gun, "Not to blow my own horn, but this whole ICC contract was a stroke of genius. Especially about the clause that allows us to take side contracts. Bounties, short really opens up a plethora of opportunities."

    "Anything look interesting?, Beer grins, "Or at least fun?"

    "I've got a few....I'm gonna call a staff meeting in a day or so, look over some of these. What I need from you, that new guy we picked up....Fjaeger? He seems pretty handy with the comp stuff. I want you to get him into some ICC classes. Primarily Reclaim tech. Everything up to and including hacking and altering Reclaim information....we know it CAN be done, I want some of MY people to be able to do it." He looks grimly at Beer. "I'm having flash backs to the 'old days'. Someone is a threat to the Team? Or just pissin you off? Plasma bolt behind the ear usually settled it. We will have to see."

    Beer laughs quietly,"I think its a problem with your upbringing."

    "Maybe. But I think that there are some individuals on RK that would make the world a better place if they weren't on RK. AND, maybe we can make a few credz while doin it. Ok, go do your thing..I got a few calls to return."

    Spinning in his chair, Gun activates his computer and punches in a number from memory....

    "Rubi-Ka Universal Robots, how may I help you?"
    Gunfytr 220/30/70 Soldier Lawdog80 220/30/70 Advy
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    Because we said so.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anarrina View Post
    I am unamused. I strongly suggest you don't unamuse me further
    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    This nano blocks CH. This is intended.

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    Anger Management - II

    So I was in my mandatory anger management class for OTAF retirees.... taking some pyschobabble feely-good test on the classroom computer.... Being bored with the test I decided to see if I could hack into the system.... Lo and behold I got in... and I came across this e-mail... thought I'd pass it on.

    To: Ivan Sergeyich, Omni-Pol

    From: Tarkhan Zora, CEO


    I hope this finds you in good health, although after your little “accident” in Omni-1 Entertainment, one cannot be sure. Since I am your CEO, I thought it might be helpful to outline a little something to help you with your anger management problems.

    Anger, whether suppressed or displayed in temper tantrums, can sabotage health, emotional balance and relationships. Studies show that venting your anger by screaming, swearing and throwing things (THIS MEANS YOU IVAN!) only increases the rage. (BUT YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT BY NOW)

    The solution: recognize your anger and confront the problem directly and relatively calmly. You can learn to control your emotions (ALTHOUGH YOU MIGHT TAKE A LONG TIME IN DOING SO).

    Slow down. As soon as you sense your temper rising, take a deep breath before you speak or act (ALTHOUGH THAT MIGHT BE A LITTLE DIFFICULT WITH A DRUNK ON)

    Listen and learn. When you get upset with people, tell them calmly why. Don’t threaten, blame or insult (DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?); hear the other person out (ESPECIALLY IF SAID PERSON IS YOUR CEO).

    Don’t hold it in. Talk to someone about your anger. Express it constructively (ALTHOUGH YOU MAY HAVE SOME PROBLEMS WITH THIS) then let it go (THIS ALSO COULD BE DIFFICULT).

    Controlling your temper may take practice (IN YOUR CASE, I’D SAY “WILL” INSTEAD OF “MAYBE”). If your negative feelings continue, don’t delay getting help before your temper hurts you and those around you (PAY ATTENTION TO THAT LAST SENTENCE!)

    I hope that this helps, but considering your current situation and way of thinking, I very much doubt that you will be following this guideline.

    Yours sincerely,

    Tarkhan Zora
    Alexsi "Nadab" Stefanovich

    Corporal Officer, Omni-Pol Field Ops

    T-Sgt1C, Omni-AF, 4th Fusiliers RST, Retired.

    If I'm the Agent of Shai-hulud, where's my 10% ?
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    BS? What's BS?

    The President walked out into the city of Borealis in a funk. Not only was he dealing with some Clan President who didn’t grasp the concept of “Neutral”, half his leadership was MIA, and the Organization’s network hub had been down for some time. This has caused him some serious multitasking work. It’s hard to get work accomplished when you have to do it all and can’t delegate.

    Once the organizational communication system came back on line, he was able to get some answers. Yes, that tech that was recruited recently really earned his pay…..and the promotion that came with it. Fix the bot, 2 step promotion. Hell, the work he put in was worth it. The things working better than it has been in months. But back to the MIA Leadership: Seems they were all at something called BS in Andromeda.

    The flood of personal communication started flowing in now that the comms were online: “We’re at BS, Omni winning. Come kill Clammers!” and “We’re at BS, Clammers winning, come kill Omni scum!” The Vanguard like the flexibility of his orgmates. It showed true “out of the box thinking.” Nothing like forging your own path—screw those sided blinders.

    But, back to this “BS”. Some more research indicated that this was a “Battle Station” where folks “battle for control of vast orbital battle stations that have arrived on Rubi-Ka to battle the alien menace.” Kicking back at his desk, elevating his feet, and drawing some refreshing single malt scotch (imported), he pondered this “Battle Station”. He was stuck here pushing paper while his mates were having fun. “That’s no way to enjoy life!”

    “The decision’s been made then.” He opened the communication net. “Greetings mates. Since all of you gimps are off having fun, I’m declaring a “day off” of fun with pay. Go take some time to enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it. But I want you back here next week and ready for some work. Until then, I’ll be incommunicado on the Battle Station thing.
    Oh, and Var…I’m coming to gank you gimp ass.”

    “I look forwarding to ASing YOU leetzilla” said Var. “Now get yourself out to Andromeda and have some fun”…….

    Some time later…..

    Attacked by Heartless888……you died of projectile damage!!!
    “Damn SOB!”

    Attacked by Heartless888……you died of projectile damage!!!

    Attacked by Heartless888……you died of projectile damage!!!

    Attacked by Heartless888……you died of projectile damage!!!
    “Damn this Heartless dude is pawnzor Var, but I’m learning! You’re next.”

    The agent laughed, but something was different. After a few seconds the adventurer realized that the sound of that laughter didn’t come from his comm terminal but from behind him……

    “Bye Damon.”
    Attacked by Variable……

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    I broke a nail again!
    Lise looked at her former oponent that now was just a heap of junk.
    It's 29481 for Buffys sake. I am sure there are some better material they can use to make these slayers that isn't so hard on the nails.
    RK1 - Atlantean
    Lise "Gimpeline" Everwhite - Omni - Level 220/30/70 Martial artist
    Rudolph "Nissemann" Juhl - Omni- Level 220/30/70 Engineer
    Mary "Gimpa" Wormwood 2xx/30/xx Advy R.U.R
    Josephine "Gimpyposer" Dredd 21x/30/70 mp Omni-Pol
    Jarwar 2xx/30/xx Crat Wanderers Sanctuary
    Proud member of Leet Protection Agency

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    A story long forgotten

    People say you don't feel anything when you die. They speak of a light, a bright shining becon which for some reason everyone is supposed to follow. No, indeed there might have been a light but it was ran from.

    No one could have predicted the explosion of the alien ship. Perhaps it was why Flash stayed behind helping others get out. Still, a little advanced warning would have been nice.

    Pain means your still alive.

    First there was pain, then the sound of the wind and finally the grunting of life. Flashwing felt a horrible throbbing in his head. His vision was narrow, but slowly came into focus. Perhaps the only strange thing was his vison wasn't as tinted as usual.

    "Ah man, my sunglasses broke!"

    Discarding the shards of broken ballistic proof eyewear, Flash suddenly became aware of the field he was in. Around were the remains of old Alien parts, bodies, and other burned material which appeared to have fallen from the sky. In the distance were the lights of a familar city, yet things were different.

    Suddenly the mechanical sounds of a robot interrupted the sweet night time silence as scrap metal and the sounds of bending steel were made. Flash, jumping to his feet as best possible, noticed the oversized bot cleaning up the old mess of alien remainds in the process of city building. Someone was about to plant a building in this very spot.

    Gathing his strength, Flash managed to narrowly avoid being hauled away in a pile of sharp scrap while not being able to help noticing R.U.R. stamping on the robot's sides.

    "Figures, nearly killed by my own company" Flash mutters to himself.

    Still, how much time had passed? What happened to everyone? There's all kinds of stuff here that wasn't before. Syncing his timepiece with the planet's global time system showed the date to be over a year! Something was seriously wrong.

    "Where have I been all this time?"
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    Stumbling up the city staircase, not much had looked like it had changed in the R.U.R. city. The buildings looked like Flashwing remembered them. While the city looked a bit quiet, Flash was unsure really how much time had passed.

    Still, time doesn't change an Agent's habits.

    The silver and grey access panel was worn with use. Flash tapped in his old access code and waited for the system to respond.


    ”Giving up on me so quickly. I'll fix that.”

    Company agents are trained in a variety of survival and stealth tactics for any situation. Hacking this panel would no doubt be pure child's play. Flashwing opens his pack and unfolds the tool of his choice. His rifle.


    The butt of Flash's rifle fit well into the panels groove, shorting it out causing a small fizzle of sparks. A couple faint buzzes and beeps yielded the main doors opening. Yes, hacking would have been cleaner...

    ”It just takes to damn long.”

    Inside, Flash headed straight for the robotics lab. There he'd be able to access the necessary repair equipment to fix his implants and also, with any luck, access his stash of supplies. The main room's desks were all neatly arranged without any traces of dust or garbage. Still, no sign of any employees. The teleporter took Flashwing upstairs to the lab.

    Still no one was there. Maybe everyone had the day off. The repair bed was still powered up with the display showing ready. Flashwing took off his jacket and shirt, setting them aside. Laying on the cold medical bed brought back many nights of post-combat repairs.

    "Begin scan"

    The system came to life as the robotic arm swept Flashwing's body producing a holographic rendering of his inner implants with highlights at the damaged areas. Also a strange reading was coming from his internal reclaim equipment.

    Just as I suspected...I should be dead.

    The blast inside the Alien ship must have disrupted his reclaim signal long enough to damage the sender unit. The unit is designed to withstand even a small nuclear blast so the subject can be reclaimed. Somehow, this one didn't get to send that signal.

    "Begin repairs"

    Flash watches the holographic display as his implants are repaired one by one. The machine administers the necessary treatment to help the healing process during the operation. Finally, the humming stops and all implants read green. Flash sits up from the table and flexes his limbs ensuring everything feels ok.

    Moving across the room, Flash feels along the bare wall with his hands looking for the false insert. Suddenly, the edges of a small block become visible. Pushing on the insert, the piece of wall clicks and slides sideways to show a keypad. Flash enters his access code, the date he joined RUR, and the pad accepts opening up a small makeshift safe. Flash grabs a credit chip, his backup pistol and a change of clothes.

    After shutting down the room, Flash heads out of the lab to find the rest of the R.U.R. crew. He stops for a moment at Dabblez's desk to scribble something onto a note pad and tosses it back on the surface, puts on his sunglasses and exits the building.

    "I.O.U. one keypad"

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    Eeod sat at his desk and read the bulletin again..
    Hello, I am Drearz Dethber, Director of Aztechnology Munitions corp.
    I would like tell everyone that we are open for business and we are currently working on a new product and it will be finished soon and I wanted everyone to know that once it is completed we will have a revealing of this new product. So look forward in the coming days for an announcement of this revealing.
    Then he picked up his com and dialed the number of Aztechnology Munitions corp.

    *Aztechnology Munitions corp, How can I help you?*
    yes, is Mister Dethber in?
    *yes he is actually, shal I put you through?*
    No, I'd like to leave a message please.
    *Ok.. what message would you like to leave?*
    Erm.. Could he be so kind to call nr 87865688 and ask for mr Woolfe?
    *could you repeat that number please?*
    *I'll see to it that he gets the message sir.. who can i say has called?*
    ehh... Mr Stone.. mr. S. Stone..
    *ok! goodbye Mr Stone!*

    Eeod put down his com and checked if the number of the Wildlife Reserve was correct... 87865688.. yep, that was it.

    "That should teach people trying to put us out of business..."
    --Victor "Eeod" Linear. R.U.R. Engineer --
    Hath not a machine gears?
    Hath not a machine cogs, racks, pinions, cutters, bearings, spindles?
    Fed with the same electric, hurt with the same bits of grit getting in our works, subject to the same gremlins, healed by the same brute force, ignorance and big hammer as a human is?
    If you program us, do we not manufacture?
    If you take us apart, do we not shoot springs all over the floor?
    If you oil us, do we not purr?
    And if you ignore us.......... Do we not get ideas?

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    Hello, I am Drearz Dethber, Director of Aztechnology Munitions corp.
    I would like tell everyone that we are open for business and we are currently working on a new product and it will be finished soon and I wanted everyone to know that once it is completed we will have a revealing of this new product. So look forward in the coming days for an announcement of this revealing.
    "Hmm.." Jacque sits in his spacious office thinking. "Another arms dealer to give the SRC more problems with that already ailing project. Pity, I really liked Project 4792."

    Jacque Achille switches off his terminal, stands up and stretches his legs and walks toward the door. Upon opening the door, his body is consumed in a flash of bright white light.

    He reappears in Borealis, sitting amongst his colleagues near the Omni-Tek recruitment officer.

    He shakes his head to chase away the purple and green dots in his field of view.

    "I'll never get used to that..."

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    Dabblez writes the words "New Year Resolutions" on the top of the blank page in large bold letters. She absentmindedly chews on the end of her pen as she ponders, smiles to herself and then writes "Build more robots!"
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    Dearest Keanne,

    unfortunately i appear to have misplaced the datapad you requested on new mining sites in Clon****. I took it home to reword it and it appears to have vanished. I sense foul play. The only thing that could have possibly taken it is my pet Rollerrat Chirpy. However I doubt he is that smart. Nevertheless, I have asked for Omni-Pol to come interrogate him as a clan informant. Hopefully it will yield some results.

    - Sincerely


    -= Some days later =-

    Dearest Keanne,

    It was down the back of the Couch.

    - Kind regards,

    GorgeFodder4 / Skeletawe
    Anti-Miner / Miner
    Omni-Mining / NLF Remnant?

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    Log date: 298456
    Rheena looks over her list of accomplishments over the past year. ''Lets see i successfully researched some alien technology and participated in the day to day
    activities of our leadership!" Then she continues, ''But i am no longer affiliated with any organizations at the moment . I do have on inquiry in . Maybe during my trip away i will look into it more.'

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    Dabblez slips an RUR application form under Rheena's door. A company of engineers such as RUR can never have enough Meta-Physicists on its payroll.


    And guess what? "Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka" is one year old today!
    Dabblez - Rubi-Ka Universal Robots (RUR)
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