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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

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    That's what he told himself. It will get better soon. He'll come back. He always does.

    The Zen room in the aprtment overlooking Jobe was the only place to wait, and he'd been waiting for a long time. "something about a bad router, argh".. Damn inconvenient, that Engie. For 3 weeks he meditated, did research, and did housekeeping. Adventuring in Inferno just had less appeal, even a side trip to the slay the Beast, while a nice diversion, was less fun that it could have been with HIS absence. Besides he had work to get done! His inventory was full up and he needed some "engie love". God how he missed that.

    He'd spent hours meticously sorting his tradeskill goods and his "bribe backpack". The pack ensure continued favorable treatment by his favorite Tradeskiller. Yes, even in this day and age, folks could be motiviated by some sparkly items presented as a gift. And considering that this Engie was female, well, that just sealed the deal!

    Finally, whilst sorting through the same packpack, making sure that everythign was ready to be combined for the 5th time, he got a personal communcaiton.

    "I'm back! How ya been?" said Var.

    "Great Var...U?. Got some work for ya, if ya got time?!"

    "Sigh" Ok, what is it this time?"

    "Oh, i'll show you. Here is it". The engineer sighed a very deep sigh again. 20 backpacks of monsterparts to squish........

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    <sounds of gunfire and panicked voices>

    "Long, u stupid 'trox, get his attention!"
    "I SMASH U, U DUMMmmmm..........arrrg"

    Well, this isnt going as planned. The Chief Warrant desparately pumps round after round into the Dust Brigade Commander. Sure, it SOUNDED good. A chance to hit the long-hidden Dust Brigade. Intel reported that a DB leader was going to be at this location with only a minimal bodyguard. "Great", hes thinks to himself, "thats because he doesn't NEED a bodyguard!"

    "No nano here!"
    "Boss, I got a bad feeling 'bout this"
    "Shut up and keep hitting him!"
    "Im a crawler! Why am I a crawler??"
    "Im gonna kite him! Im gonna kite......."

    This is looking really bad. Even his new assault rifle isnt making a dent in this guy. Lured into a trap, just like a freakin noob. These new nanos this guy is putting out.....unreal. Turns u into a crawler? WTF is up with THAT? Leaches ur nano, makes ur hits HEAL can u beat that?

    "Get him off me!! Get him off me!!"
    "Docs down!"
    "OK, enough of this crap. Potty, evac!"
    "Im tryin! He keeps interrupting me!..........ACK!"

    He watches, helplessly, as his team is slaughtered around him. Alone, he stops firing and watches as the DB commander stalks towards him. He lets his rifle hang on his chest, and slowly removes his helmet. Staring his opponant in the eye, he says quietly, "You win this round, but we'll be back. Count on it." A low, evil chuckle is his only reply. Oh, this is gonna leave a mark... He braces.

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    (( you know Gun, for "just now getting into RP" as you said you're fitting in quite nicely. that's was a good read, looking forward to more

    sorry for the OOC, don't scalp me Dabz *cringes* ))
    Point Blank

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    The Chief Warrant Officer watches as the team gets up and walks out of the briefing room. They look forlorn as they steal furtive glances at him. "Dont sweat it guys, its not over yet". Gods, this team wont be worth a damn for weeks. Its been a long time since one of HIS teams took a beating like that. He'll have to put them on Tower duty for awhile. Chasing trepassing Clanners will cheer them up.
    "What happened, Chief?"
    He looks back at the Omni Intern-Ops Major. "You read the report, Major", he replies stiffly.
    The Major waves at a chair, "Sit, ease. Is this guy really that tuff?"
    The CWO sighs, they always want more, always think you're holding somthing back. "Yes, Sir, hes that tuff." He stares at the Major a moment. "Sir, permission to speak freely?" "Of course", the Major replies, eyes narrowing. The CWO thinks for a moment, then takes a breath, "Sir, I didnt sign my teams on for this crap".
    "What do you mean?", the Major laughs, leaning back, "I would think that Live-fire Combat with NO permanent casualties would be a mercenaries, oh, excuse me, 'contractors' dream?"
    The CWO shivers, thinking of a blinding white light, and indescrible pain, before finding himself at reclaim. "Sir, we have done everything that OT has asked of us...everytime." He pauses, shaking his head. "I brought 3 full Search and Rescue Teams to Rubi-Ka, because THATS what the contract called for. Granted, we are Firepower heavy, but Combat isnt what has kept this group together all these years." He fixes a baleful eye on the major. "Handling insurgents and backing up the regular OT troops is fine, but my people aren't trained for assasination Ops, bonus or not."
    Again, the Major just laughs, "Your contract clearly states, Chief, '...And any other duties that may be required by the second party, for the good of the second party.' We have covered this before. Your teams still have 2 years to the end of contract." He stands up, "You WILL do as you are told, Chief. Or do you really want the Director to "re-evaluate" your worth to the company?"
    "No Sir, that wont be neccessary, Sir" Muscles bunch on the sides of his jaw as the Chief grinds his teeth. What have I gotten us into this time?
    "Good, good....I have another mission for you. The file will be at your quarters tomorrow morning."
    "Sir, we will be down an operational team for at least a week."
    The Major stops irritably, "Whatever, I just want results."
    The CWO watches him walk out of the room, then drops his chin down to his chest. Black clouded emotions run through him.....this might be even worse than that ICC "Peacekeeping" Mission on Alpha-Centari IV.
    He whispers bitterly to himself, "Omni-Tek Protects......"
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    "OK, gather round." All three teams crowded into the rec area, lounging on couches, the floor, and whatever was available. " Check the rosters, I swapped us up for assignments. Team leaders, Ive downloaded info to your terms, brief your teams later. This is just a quickie." He grins at the smirks as they get the joke. He hears whispers as team members try to explain it to the 2 'trox present. Good luck with that. Adding the 'trox to the Unit was questioned at first by some of the senior unit members, but they have worked out well. Brawn over brains really DOES pay off sometimes.
    "Alright, knock it off." Another quick glance around. Everyones here. "Team C is gonna spend the next week out in Perp Wastes....Riders have requested a team there for tower defense. They are gonna be tied up with stuff for a bit." "What kinda 'stuff", Chief?" "No idea, we don't need to know, Erik. Is it ok if I continue the brief?" "Sorry, Boss."
    "Im taking a heavy DD team to the Inner Sanctum" *shouts of protest* "I know, I know...but Management wants a few items there. Hold it down. We all know those religious nuts are worse than Jesuits, but thats what we get paid for."
    "Team B is gonna freelance a bit, down here on RK. I want u guys handy in case we need you in IS, or if the Clans get a zerg together in PW."
    Glancing casually at the 2 'trox, he says, "Bundy, Long...I need u guys to go check the perimeter." He watches as the 2 lumber out of the barracks. "Potty, we swept?" "Yup, right before you got here, just like you said, Boss."
    The CWO leans against a table. He looks every member present in the eye. His family, men and women hes known and led for years...his responsibility.
    "OK, we 'may' have a problem with our new employer. You all have seen the contract. Well, seems we aren't gonna be doin much 'searching and rescuing'. We are being thrown in the mix with the rest of the combat units contracted here. I dont like it, but I think we are stuck with it. Their 'crats are real good, and found a clause that I missed. Nothin we aint done before, but I want u guys and gals to be real careful. We aren't being 'watched' as far as I know, but stay away from those Omni-Reform guys. Chaindogs are the same no matter what planet you're on. We've been in this game a long time, together, nuthin we can't handle. We good?"
    The answering chorus of cheers fills him with confidence. Damn this is a good bunch.
    "Ok, make it happen. Team leaders in my office in 10."

    (( u kno, i should just give up an write a book P))
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    The first rays of sunshine broke across the shadowlands, slowly spreading light and warmth across it's provinces. Scuttlers in inferno stirred from their hiding places, greeted the new day,and prepared to forage. Herds of silvertails in elysium opened their eyes from their standing sleep and begun to graze in the dew laden grass, gathering moisture and nourishment to allow them to run from the days hunters and predators. Giant sharks in the adonis abyss slowly opened their eyes and begun to glide through the water, searching for the scent of blood that would guide them to fish in distress or a wounded, unexpecting explorer.

    The effect however, was not quite the same in the icy province of penumbra. The riseing of the sun bought an end to the nightly, howling cyclonic gale that swept a storm of ice and snow across the vast plains and bought the temperature up from instantanous death, to a slower more agonizeing death. the animals that could somehow withstand the hellish nights, awoke and begun to sluggishly move around, trying to get enough warmth into their bodys to begin the days digging through the snow for the few plants that could live in the snow, or each other.

    If anyone passed by, they wouldnt of recognized the bump in the snow as anything but a snow drift . Steely, running errands for the yuttos had been caught outside as the night fell. Staying in sabertooth form, he let out a peirceing yowl and franticly dug himself into the snow as he felt the first whisps of the ensuing storm tug on his whiskers. once he had dug a reasonably sized hole, he cast one last glace at the rapidly darkening ky before curling himself up into a furball and letting the first flurrys of snow cover him.

    His body clock woke him right on dawn. Unsheathing his claws, he dug himself out of his little cat sized ice cave to greet the sun like the rest of the animals across the length and breadth of the Shadowlands. His howl of joy at living through night and seeing the sun echoed across the plains, startling a herd of silvertails that were forageing near by. Mistakeing him for a predator, they stampeded to get away, their hoofs kicking up puffs of snow, their panting forming a cloud of frozen breath that crystalized in the air above them.

    Steely yawned and streached out, then yawned again. shakeing the snow off his coat, he scanned the plains in front of him. Aside from the retreating silvertails, there was nothing, just a vast empty expanse. Steely smiled, purred softly, and begun to run. though he had an errand that was still incomplete, it was not the task that caused him to run, there was no urgency to be anywhere, yet he still ran. He ran in silence and solitude, his comms were switched off so he was uncontactable. Just his panting breath and soft crunch of his padded paws in the snow were the only sounds in his ears.

    Cresting a giant snow hill, he stopped at the top, took several deep breaths of the cool crisp air, and servyed the area again. Still nothing. no animals or other explorers were in sight. The air dead still in a stark contrast to the cyclonic storm that had engulfed him the night before.
    Smileing to himself again, he purred softly , then let out a pieceing howl and begun to run again. He loved the snow, the way it felt between his toes, the way it gave him a tingleing shock everytime his paws touched the ground, the simplistic beauty and peace it displayed

    For a change, his mind didnt race, he didnt think of the members of his Company, nor did he think of his freinds, his enemys, the political situation on Rubi-ka, what the CoT was currently debateing about, the alien threat, the beeping backpack that annoyed him so much, the tasks the yuttos and redeemed set for him, the gnawing feeling that perhaps there was a change comming that he couldnt put his finger on. There was nothing. There was just his panting breath, his paws in the snow and how fast he could run across it.

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    The Chief looked up at a knock at his door. "Come", he called. Beer, Max and Erikose filed in and took seats. "You guys get a chance to check out the profiles?" They nodded. "Questions?"
    "Boss", started Erikose, quickly glancing at the other two , "My crew is fine, we dont NEED no vacation."
    "Erik, I have no problem with you OR your crew. That last run was a mess. I was there, remember? I need a team to babysit Riders' towers for a few days, and you're it. If I had an issue with you, we would be having a different type of conversation. After reading more intel on that guy, I impressed we lasted as long as we did." He gazed steadily at Erik, "'Sides, Kensey looked a little shook. That was her first total wipe. Keep an eye on her." He nods, "I have been, MJ's been hangin with her. She'll be allright."
    The Chief looked at Max, his youngest Team Leader. "Max, I'm pullin Bull for a few days. You still have Wolf, so I'm not srtipping you naked for DD, but I'd rather err in OUR favor in IS."
    "No problems here, Chief."
    "Keep up the patrols, but dont get bogged down. We might need u guys in a hurry."

    "Close the door, Beer." He waited till his senior TL sat back down. "I sent a message off to HQ. "Our" HQ, not these OT morons. I explained the situation to the Commandant. How his S and R teams are being used as covert ops. I'm hoping that Legal Div can get us out of here. Theres a big difference between running Search and Rescue on a frontier world, and doin "Black Ops". If Intern-Ops finds out we are trying to get out of the contract, there could be issues. But till this gets worked out, we still got a job to do. We are all familier with the political climate here. Ones mans "terrorist" is another mans "freedom fighter". All that concerns us is taking care of the Unit, and payday. I still want everyone armed 24/7 and prefer they not go out alone. These Clanners are insidious little pukes, never know when ones gonna snipe your ass."
    "Ok, Max, start your first patrol at o'dark thirty, we move in the morning. Be careful, and good hunting."
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    "Got it! Lets go!"

    CWO Gunfytr watches over his shoulder as Beer shoves a bloody piece of torn flesh into a backpack. Another wave of cultists approach, wilting under the firepower of the team. Green and white tracers ricochet crazily from the stone floor and walls. The cultists seem annoyed that the team had killed their dragon-god. Pity, that.

    "Back to the portal. Leapfrog by pairs, do it!"

    I hope this is worth as much to Management as it is a pain to get. All this for a piece of meat. The cultists continue to swarm the team, make-shift weapons in their fists. Boards, tools and the odd firearm. Their biggest threat was their numbers.

    *CRUNCH* Gun staggers, an impact to his back almost sending him to the floor. A warm tingle tells him MJ is on the job. He glances back, just in time to see her smash the offending cultist against a wall, before shoving her pistol under his chin. A second later, the wall is decorated in red. He grins. A blood thirsty bitch, but tops in her proffession.

    A large door opens and a fresh wave emerges, flowing over Bull, driving him to the floor with the weight of bodies. Blades rise and fall, attempting to find a ***** in his armor. Gun and Beer quickly dive onto the pile, breaking bodies as they desperately try to free him. Gun sees MJ, standing behind the firing line. Eyes tightly clenched, she grates hoarsely, "Get him OUT of there!." The air crackles with energy as she pours heals into her fallen teammate. The remaining members form a semi-circle around them, striving to keep the rest of the cultists at bay. Suddenly, she lets out a shriek of rage and frustration. At the same time, the team hears a death rattle on their comlinks. Gun and Beer immediately abandon the pile, but not before Beer shoves a grenade deep inside. The following WHUMP sends blue clad bodies flying around the room. Gun activates his comlink.

    < B Team! Max, you copy? >
    < B Lead, go ahead >
    < Bulls down, swing passed reclaim and pick him up >
    < Copy that >

    He switches to a private link. " was bad, take care of him" "Got it, Boss"
    Reclaim may have made "permanent" death almost a thing of the past, but the trauma of the injuries that CAUSED the death still lingered in the mind. It was pure hell on the psyche, and didnt get easier with practice.

    Step by step, the team moves towards the portal. Bodies form windrows around them. Finally they move thru, the rush of energy taking them away. The screams of the cultists fading away like the wind.....
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    He wandered over to the “hang out” spot in Borealis, saying “hi” to all the org mates who congregated, either for socialization or taking a break from the constant adventuring……

    “Hey Var, what’s up? Got my monster parts squished yet? Heh, just kidding, no really? No, really kidding. Busy? I’m thinking city raid.” The lust for some high level arith bots brought a brighter gleam to the engie’s eyes, nanomages eyes glowed constantly it seemed. “Sure, let’s get our favorite, non org doc to assist. He’s hungry for more alien kills.”

    “Of course Var.”, said the adventurer. “He’s good DD too”

    Shortly thereafter, after the 6th wave of aliens rushed the city controller, only to break upon the defenders blades, the doctor, living up to his name, went “link dead”.

    “Err…” Said Var. “Damon, the general’s incoming! No Doc!”

    “Damn!” as the advie extracted his scimitar out of the 7th hacker’s head, “Not again! He needs to trademark that phrase, “It’s your ISP!””

    The two remaining city defenders turned to face the alien general, as it came rushing up to the CC. “I’ve always loved you Var. Just wanted you to know.” Damon said. The nanomage blushed; at least it looked like a blush. “Thanks for making my time prior to visiting reclaim socially awkward Damon.”

    “All part of the service”, the advie yelled back as the first blows of the general stuck him….


    “We’ll, we did it. CC is drained, but we killed the sucker. Congrats Var.” said the advie, sheathing his scimitar for the day. “And here’s our reward for a hard fight, an alien memory chip…….”

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    "Welcome to Rubi-Ka sirs and madams. We hope your visit, or new life here is a pleasant and prosperous one."

    Drevin Mithsys stepped out of the newly-arrived transport, and surveyed his surroundings. It was true what his ex-colleagues had said, you really could feel a buzz in the air, when you finally got out of the cramped transports and into some that is. His father had only coughed up enough credits to get him a budget seat to this place. Honestly, the stench of those unclean civilians was enough to bring up thoughts of throwing one's self out of the nearest airlock.

    Imagine, the embarrassment of anyone he knew finding out that he, a respectable Omni-Tek bureaucrat, had to travel in anything less than First-Class, with those who probably had no jobs, and were likely to go and join those psychopathic hippies to the north of the planet's surface.

    Clans, pah. Couldn't see a good thing if it hit them in their neanderthal-feature faces.

    Still, he had arrived in one piece, and he had an office to be getting to. Rolling up the sleeve of his Omni-Tek uniform, he looked at his watch, set to Rubi-Ka time beforehand, so as to be as efficient as possible, and saw that he should arrive at his new workplace in Omni-1 exactly 15 minutes if he

    The air smelt metallic and clean as he walked onwards. He liked it that way.

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    Spoils of Camelot

    There I was then, entered Camelot Castle, faintly greeting the Men-at-Arms with a slight nod, entering the dungeons. Deeper and deeper i went, taking a door i never been through before, knowing tarasque shouldn't be down that path, i went through a series of dark hallways sloping down, each of them with "living" skeletons well hidden, guarding the path down, to whatever might be hidden, or lurking at the end...

    Strange thoughts arose in me: "can i call walking skeletons alive?" "why are these skeletons appearing as if they're breathing?" "how long does this dark dungeon go on?" "i feel like a character hero of some roleplaying game fighting dragons and seeking lore"...

    Deeper and deeper i went, using the darkness of the dungeons to sneak in the shadows, bypassing the minions as i went deeper, till suddenly... I stood in front of a huge door. The grandeur of such artwork in a dark dank dungeon was obviously used to intimidate whoever stood before it, or to allow something huge to run through unhindered, i hoped the first thought would be right, cause the second sounded alot more intimidating. Did i go the wrong way? should i have turned right instead of left, or was my mistake in coming in here in the first place? I was in discord, take the door handle and pull the door open, or turn back and run out while i still can in 1 piece...
    when suddenly, the huge doors swinged open on themselves, revealing a spot of light on the end of the room, together with a foul smelling odour, and a bigger than usual skeleton (what can you call normal for a skeleton that's "alive" and holding a weapon actually?) at a throne seat, with on his left a magnificent grail embedded with colorful gems.

    I sneaked towards the seat, and just as i was about to take the grail, i got spotted, causing the skeleton Lord and his minions to swarm up against me. Quickly i reloaded my guns and started firing away at them, thanking my training that i shot at them, and not between their ribs or so...

    Having killed all minions that came upon me, i turned my attention on the boss. He was big, nasty and could deliver quite a swing for a skeleton, but after a short struggle i got the upper hand over him.

    Then just as i thought it was over and I won, taking a quick breather, his bones started to rattle, and they respawned into a bigger reborn version of him, and some stronger minions.

    Yet again a struggle, this time somewhat fiercer, but thanks to using my wits and special skills, i got to disable them too, getting something much better than a dusty old grail, some very special spoils of war from the skeletons.
    Never knock on death's door, always ring the bell and run. Death really hates that.

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    Morning briefing. The teams are still riding high on the past days successes. They elbow each other and crack jokes, waiting for Gunfytr to start the meeting.

    "Listen up! Daily patrol schedules are posted. We are bringing in an instructor this weekend for Clan weapon recognition and familiarisation. We need to know what to expect out there. Remember, the ass u save MAY be, there will be a quiz." Chuckles fill the room.

    Guns demeaner suddenly turns serious. "We have an oppurtunity. This effects the whole Unit, so I want everyones opinion on it." He gazes around the room. "I picked up some Intel thru a source of my own, that our old buddy, the DB Commander is gonna be open to a hit."

    "We know where and when hes going to be, and its doable. But there are some problems with it. While he IS on the "Kill on sight" list, this particular mission has been shopped out to another unit. IF we do this, it could cause bad blood with our "peers". So, is it worth stepping on some toes?"

    Shouts and curses fill the room. Rifles and blades are waved around. The two 'trox begin head-butting each other in excitement.

    Narnon, one of the adventurer/scouts, steps forward. "Sir! I'm sure I can speak for my team when I say WE volunteer for this mission!" Suddenly, every member is pressing forward, shouting to be included in the OP.

    Smiling, Gun waves them back into their seats. "I'll take that as a 'Yes, we should do it'. OK, I appreciate the enuthsiasm, but we can only get a 6 man team thru the hole in security there. Your leadership is gonna 'put paid' to this guy. Im taking the 3 team leaders, MJ and......Kensy."

    Sudden silence. Its been known that the debacle had severely hurt kensy's confidence. All eyes turn to her. She calmly gazes back....and walks over to Long. Grabbing the 'trox by the neck, she pulls him down and head-butts him with a resounding CRACK!

    The crowd goes wild.
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    Life had been quite stressful as of late for Daniel Kleiner. Being interrogated and pushed around by colleagues tended to put a downer on the day, or even week.

    "The 'situation' seems to be calming down atleast" he thought to himself as he swiped his glass off the table "Maybe a bit too calm ... really.."

    And on top of that the Dust Brigade had reappeared, sticking out their threatening and fearsome head. Not to mention the arms race and the constant battle for control of the battle stations.

    "It's times like these I just love to sit down, relax and be around friends and Family" he mumbled to himself

    The atmosphere in Rompa was quite relaxed this evening, no yelling or screaming, just some friendly faces, pleasant conversations and the drinks on the table. Daniel slowly leaned back into the couch and smiled at the assembled friends as the chatter continued..

    ((and on an OOC note, Gunfytr, i really like the stories built around the DB encounter Wouldn't think you had just recently gotten into RPing from them keep it up ^^ ))
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    Sitting on the edge of the frozen penumbra forest wasnt quite the same as sitting in the forest in the Central Artery Valley. The Penumbra tree's were silent, they had no secrets to tell, as if their voices were frozen. Unlike the trees in the CAV, that had many tales to tell if one was skilled, and cared to listen closley enough. more so the enigma trees. Interesting creatures who had told him many things.
    But the Penumbra forest had it's own uniqeness and things to learn about.

    Steely, however, wasnt sitting on the edge of the forest seeking knowlege. He had a screwdriver in one hand, and a bunch of wires in the other.


    "Ok you bugger of a thing, i'll shut you up yet". he muttered to himself.
    Opening some more panels, he ripped some more wires and circit boards out.


    Steely pursed his lips. and looked at the pile of wires and other pieces that he'd put into a pile next to him, sighed and pulled some more out.


    He closed his eyes for a moment and rubbed his forehead. Frustration was starting to creep in. He'd removed enough stuff from His traveling companion to rewire a Jobe Luxury apartment.


    Steely gave it a thump. "Shut up damn you!". Flipping it over he started removeing panels and wires from the back of it.


    "Well that second bit sure wasnt from this mess", he thought to himself, "Probably a stalker or rafter behind me".


    Steely placed his screwdriver on the ground. Makeing an answering call to what he thought the animal was as He removed His pistols from their holsters and cocked them. If he had gotten the call correct, the animal would leave him alone.


    Bringing His pistols up to the ready, he slowly turned his head to cast a glance behind him. All he saw was a massive leg, with the dimensions of a small tree trunk.


    The animals noise pieced his ears, counting to three, he sprang up, spun around and and opened fire. The muzzle flash and roar from both His Jobe Explorer Pistol and mark 6 going off at once in their full auto and burst modes was blinding and deafening. the Jobe clicked empty.


    The twin punches seemed to have a very minimal effect on the target, much like a pea shooter against a omni juggernaught. Steely ducked a massive swinging claw, that would of removed his head if it had connected. He fired another single shot from his mark 6 and retreated backwards.


    The The Black Company Captains feet became entangled in the straps of His Beeping Backpack, his pistols became dislodged from his hands and skittered across the snow as he landed face down.

    Steely didnt notice the jaws of the notum scourge closeing in on him as he kicked and cursed his hated companion, trying to disentangle his feet so he could roll away


    Welcome to the Garden of Carma

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

    Captain of The Black Company

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    "Goin down, biatch!!"
    "Who's yer daddy, now, punk?"
    "Stay focused, dammit!"
    "Re-loading, cover!"

    They finally have the DB Commander on the ropes. The relentless firepower brought to bear on him could have taken out a dreadnaught. But he WAS going down.

    The DB boss, knowing he was doomed, charged MJ, hoping to cause some damage before being sent to reclaim. Beer stepped in between, taking the attack on his heavier, more durable armor. Quickly, Gun and Erikose swing behind him, shots questing for thinner armor. With a hatefilled snarl, the DB Boss collapses.

    As one, the team drops to the sand, exhausted. One of the tougher missions, but, by far, the most needed. MJ and Kensy put their heads together, discussing exit options. Erik gets up and wonders off to where they had left the bodyguard assigned to the Boss. Suddenly, Max springs up off the sand and rushes over to where the DB Boss still lay. Gun sees him tear somthing off his armor and shove it into the Boss' mouth just seconds before the body de-rez's, taking the item with it. Max walks back to where the team lay resting.

    Gun looks at him curiously, "What was that?" Max grins, "A Pathfinders Unit patch. I wanted him to know who WTFPWN'd his ass." Beer laughs, "Great, 'How to make friends and influence people.' I like it."

    Erik strolls back, a disgusted look on his face. "And whats wrong with you?", asks Beer. Erik grimaces, "This whole 're-claim' thing is cool, and all. But, its really messin up my ear collection." The team breaks into laughter.

    Gun calls over to his medics, "Kensy, MJ! Take us home."

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    Gunfytr silently ghosts across a wooded valley. So quiet is his passage, that even the local wildlife doesnt notice. One of his few "guilty pleasures", he enjoyed exploring and mapping the new worlds his proffession took him to. He paused, taking in the setting of this worlds twin suns. He takes a deep breath of the cool, sweet air, and continues up the ridge.

    Nearing the top, he freezes, hearing the sounds of gunfire, shouts, and...laughter? Creeping closer, he sees an ICC Patrol, surrounding an abandoned shack. Probably an old mining camp, long fallen into disrepair. He settles down to watch. He listens as the patrol shout catcalls at the shack.

    "Hey little MP, come out and play!"
    "Yeah! We loooove Clam girls!"
    "I heard re-claim is nice this time of day!"
    "We're gonna teach you to stay in your OWN place!"

    "Whats going on here, Corporal?"
    "AAAGH!....Where did YOU come from?", The Patrol Leader sputters.
    Gun waves a hand, "Around. Now, what are you people doing?" The PL swallows, " We got us a Clammer MP in there, just having us a little fun before we send her back to where she belongs."

    "So. ICC has officially decided to aid Omni in the eradication of the Clans, then?" The PL stares, "Um, well, no. But, shes out of her territory, and we were just is...." "Sure you were. Allright, then, be on your way. I'm claiming the kill."

    The PLs jaw drops, "You're WHAT??" Gun continues, unperturbed,"I'm claiming the kill." His gaze sharpens, "Unless you want to 'contest" my claim, and try a little '1v1'?" Uh, NO Sir, sorry Sir" "Thats what I thought, now gather your goons up and CLEAR MY AREA!"

    Gunfytr watches as the ICC troops quickly leave the area, frantically hurried by their corporal. He sighs, and walks to the front of the shack. "They're gone. You can come out now," He calls. "Come on, I dont have all day."

    The front door of the shack swings open and an MP pet demon runs out, snarling. The pet charges him, and begins bashing on his armor. Gun absently brushes aside the attack, and trips the demon. As the demon lay on the ground, he casually places a foot on its back, keeping it pinned. A small form then rushes out of the shack. The enraged MP stalking up to him. "What are you doing? Get off of him! Just who do you think you are??"

    He looks down at the small Clan MP. "I think I'm the guy that saved you from a trip to re-claim, and probably worse. Now, control your pet, please." She stares, disbelieving, at him a moment, then waves a hand at the demon. Immediately, it stops snarling and scratching impotently at the ground. Gun steps off the demon, and moves a reassuring distance from the MP.

    The MP helps her pet to its feet. "LOOK at this! You put a BOOT mark on him!" "Yeah, well, saves you the trouble of casting a new one."

    "What do you want?"

    <to be continued>
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    "I just wanted to make sure you were ok. Fighting you Clan types is 'business', but anytime I can mess with the ICC, its 'personal'"

    The MP scoffs, "You have a personal vedetta against ICC? Who ARE you, anyway?"
    Gun bows with a flourish, "Chief Warrant Officer Gunfytr, at your service, ma'am, Commanding 2nd Detachment 'Pathfinders'. And you are...?" "My name is Kisabamp," she replies, frowning, "But, you're Omni...." "Not exactly. My Unit is CONTRACTED to OT. I'm not an employee."

    "So you came here to help those scum?"
    "Ma'am, my Unit specializes in Search and Rescue operations on frontier worlds. I THOUGHT thats what we were contracting seems we were mistaken."

    Kisabamp puts both fists on her hips and stares at Gun. "But you SEE what they are doing, right? You KNOW its wrong how they deny us a free world."
    "Not to seem rude, but that has nothing to do with me OR my Unit. We got stuck with this job, but it beats digging ditches."

    Kisa stamps a dainty, booted foot, "Thats a fine attitude to have!"
    Gun laughs, holding up empty hands, "Ok, ok, I admit Im not real impressed with our employer, but we are stuck. I dont think we can get out of this contract. So, I'm honor-bound to uphold the contract. Besides," he looks away, "We've done worse."

    "Hello?", she snaps, "We are talking about NOW? THIS planet?"
    He grins at her, "Sorry." He sends a 'ping' to her com system, "I sent my com-link code to case you're ever in need of my 'services' again."
    She relents, smiling, "You wish." Suddenly, she looks up, "Oh damn!!"
    Gun snaps alert, "Whats wrong?"
    "I called for help, you better get out of here!" She turns,"I'm serious.....hello?" But she is alone in the clearing. She turns a thoughtful gaze down the valley, as the sound of the Clan shuttle fills her ears.

    Two valleys over, Gun slides throught the vegetation, not even disturbing the bugs. He smiles quietly to himself. "Kisabamp......" He rolls the name around in his head. This contract might not turn out to be so bad, after all.

    ((sry Kisa, couldn't "quite" get the Irish accent down ))
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    "Hey Beer", Gunfytr sticks his head inside Beersoldiers office. Beer looks up from the training cube he was reading, "Wats up?" "I finally heard from HQ. Its the old, 'Good news/bad news' kinda thing." Beer snorts with laughter. "And you expected anything different?" "Yeah, well, we ARE stuck here, thats no big suprise, but we are getting more bodies." Beer stares, "Really? Who? Which teams?"

    Gun shakes his head, "Not that easy, Sarge, you know better than that. No formed teams, just a 'hodge-podge' of what was available. More firepower, a few more medics, and some 'specialists. The way we have been hand picking the Teams to fit the mission means things wont change. We still run with three Operational Teams, the leftovers will be a fluid defense for this place, and I'm nominally gonna call them D Team." "That will make it easy," Beer replies,"But Specialists? I'm not sure I like the sound of that." Gun shrugs, "The Commandant, in his infinite wisdom, has seen fit to grace us with two of his snipers."

    Beer stands up, "Gods, two of them?? What did you PUT in that report? Who are we getting?" Grinning, Gun casually slouches onto a couch in the office, "Mossdog and Conelious." Beer stops and closes his eyes. Gun continues off-handidly, "The Big Boss thinks we might need some of our OWN "Black Ops" types here. Those two aren't as bad as some we could have gotten."

    With a sigh, Beer slowly falls back into his chair. "Who else we getting?" "Oh, lets see," Gun pulls a hard copy from his jacket pocket. "Um, Lovehandles, Pureownage, DrLongfellow....and Dark Mistress. You and her had a "thing" awhile back, didnt you?", He asks innocently. When Beer doesn't immediately answer, Gun looks up from his list. Beer is sitting with his head in his hands, arms resting on his desk, slowly shaking his head. Gun notices his ears are turning a peculiar shade of red.

    "OK, well, I just wanted to pass along the news to my Senior Team Leader...I'll be leaving now!!" Gun makes a break for the door, just making it out before a paperweight smacks the doorframe.

    Trotting down the hall to the Rec area, Gun grins as he listens as Beer 'redecorates' his office. Well, maybe we WILL have some fun while we're here.
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    A quiet afternoon in the Compound. The teams enjoying a well earned break. Members lounging around, swapping tales with the newest members of the detatchment. Breaking the calm, a klaxon sounds from the CP, and comlinks all over the compound pop. Gunfytrs voice blares in their ears.

    < Rescue mission. Us. Real. Now. >
    < Team config D1, thats Delta-one >

    The scene disolves into organized chaos. Team members grabbing weapons and equipment, Team Leaders shouting for muster. Through their links, Gun continues a running briefing.

    < Shuttle crash. Teams A and C embark on incoming shuttle, ETA 90 secs. >
    < Teams B and D's shuttle inbound in 3 mikes>
    < D Team bring the field MASH unit. This is a 'Newcomer' shuttle, these people haven't had their data loaded into the 're-claim' process, so expect 'real world' injuries. >

    A screaming shuttle touches down, hatches opening even before it hits the ground. Team members charge onboard, while B and D members throw extra equipment, ammo and medical gear on. Gun gets a thumbs up from Beer and Max, and nods at the Omni crew chief. The shuttle launches itself into the air, having been on the ground a total of 10 seconds.

    Hanging onto a brace inside the shuttle, Gun is in contact with the spaceport controller. He acknowledges the latest report, and shakes his head. "It just gets gooder and gooder!', he shouts to Beer and Max, "Its in the heart of Medusa territory. We're goin in hot!" They nod, and turn back to their teams, briefing them.

    Through the front windscreen, Gun can see a towering column of smoke. The shuttle circles the site once, looking for a landing zone.

    < Sweep the site and then form a perimeter. After we get it secure, medics do what you can. The MASH is right behind us >

    The shuttle touches down, Team members firing from still opening hatches, cutting down Medusas. They quickly form a line, one team on either side of the wreck, and begin sweeping the crash site of the rampaging creatures. Bodies lay around, some obvious victims of the crash, others bearing whip marks from the medusas tentacles. Gun can see at least one crewman, firing a pistol at the creatures. He shifts his fire to aid the crewman in keeping the medusas from the ruptured hatch.

    Reaching the end of the shuttle, the teams form a perimeter, keeping the creatures at bay. Gun opens his com-link, and releases 2 members from each team to begin aiding survivors. The remaining members keep up a steady rate of fire at any medusa that stray too close. Gun receives a com from the D team leader, Graydoc.

    < Chief, you copy? >
    < Go ahead Doc >
    < ETA 60 secs. >
    < Copy, land and set up MASH on west, I repeat, west side of crash >
    < Wilco. Hows it look, Boss? >
    < Definately some survivors here, unknown on numbers yet. >
    < Clear, coming in now >

    Gun watches as the shuttle comes in. Pausing to blast a medusa trying to sneak around the wing of the downed shuttle, he walks towards the cockpit area. What he sees there makes him stop, stunned. A large crater in the shuttles body, just below the cockpit, smoke blackened and gaping. The exact type of hole a 'Surface to Air' missle would make. He groans to himself, "It just gets gooder and gooder."

    <to be continued>

    ((MASH = Mobile Army Surgical Hospital))
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    Deep in discussion with two Omni-Pol investigators, Gunfytr glances up as the last Omni-Med shuttle takes off. As soon as he reported that the shuttle appears to have been downed by hostile action, the site was swarmed with investigators and technicians. His Unit had been requested to remain at the scene and provide security.

    Nodding to the Lead Investigator, he walks towards where the MASH unit was set up. He keys his com-link.

    < Chief to all teams, be advised we are here for the night. I've been assured that supplies are enroute. As soon as the MASH gets broken down, we'll get a rotation started. Team Leaders check ammo expenditure, and report then. >

    Walking to where Gray and MJ were beginning to put equipment away, he calls out, "How we doin guys? What was the numbers?" Both medics looked worn. "Pretty bad," MJ replies, "When the hull split is when they lost most their people. Um, 47 DOA?", She looks at Gray. He nods, "Bout that. Virtually everyone that was breathing when we got here, is gonna make it."

    "Good job", Gun says, "You get anything from the surivors?" "Evidently, they took the hit when they leveled out for approach. Seems the Co-pilot survived the missle hit, and managed to get it down in...well, mostly one piece," Gray shakes his head, "I wish we got here sooner. He bled out before we got to him."

    Gun looks up at a shout. "Ok, get this broke down. We'll need a base camp for the night. I'll get you guys a break when we can." He walks back to the Investigators. "I cant promise you a feather bed, but I got provisions on the way. Had to lean on a few people, but it should be here soon, Chief." The Investigator shudders as a burst of gunfire rings out. "I'm just glad you guys agreed to stay. Those damn medusas give me the creeps."

    Suddenly, a shuttle drops out of the cloud cover and flies over the wreckage. Gun ignores it, shuttles have been coming and going for hours. But this one drops lower, circling the crash site. It flies still lower. Too low, blowing up sand and debris in what is now a crime scene.

    "Oh, hell," He hears the Investigator mutter. Gun takes a closer look at the shuttle. All black, with no markings apparent. Then he sees it, a small silver skull on the nose of the craft. Great, like his day wasn't bad enough.

    < OK, tighten up. We got company. Keep your mouths shut. >

    The shuttle lands, and Black armored troops stream out the back, forming a perimeter around the craft. Once the perimeter is formed, a haughty figure stalks down the ramp. Black trenchcoat, mirrored sunglasses. Omni-Reform. Great.

    Looking away, Gun notices that he is alone. The Investigators and all the techs were now diligently working inside the wrecked shuttle. He sighs, "I'm getting slow in my old age," he thinks to himself. He unbuckles his helmet and hangs it on his belt.

    < to be continued >
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    I am unamused. I strongly suggest you don't unamuse me further
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