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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

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    There was a great riot outside. Many citizens had stormed the gates of the capitol that held their hated leaders. Vladimir paced back and forth in his office, sweet running down his brow at the thought of what was about to come. Most of the army had abandoned them, consumed in the fire of revolution that had swept through the land.

    "Vlad, there is no way we are going to make it is there?" a voice said from the dark corner of the room. "No Demetre, not this time." Vlad replied. There was no escape this time, no support, and no use of charm. They were trapped...and oh how they thought things would be different this time. So right and yet so wrong at the same time.


    A hazy cloud of smoke and rubble filled the garden leading into the capitol. The military back up had finally arrived. Back up that Vlad had wished was on his side this time. "It's time." Demetre proclaimed. Raising the gun toward his head he pulled the trigger, a quick bang and a flop and he was gone. Vladimir, however, pefered to face his death with honor. He sat in his chair, back to the door, sipping on his brandy waiting for the mob to rush in. A quick snap and in they came.

    "Your reign if over Vlad, we won't stand for this oppression any longer." the soldier proclaimed with a cheer from the crowd. Vlad stood up, trying to turn and look the soldier in the eyes only to be shot in the back before he could. Dark and cold, the last thing Vlad heard and saw was the proclamation of the New Order and the hanging of a banner with the word "Legion" written on it.

    Omega suddenly snapped to attention. An odd commotion had come over him an hour ago, a great restlessness inside of him. And now it was gone...and with that feeling being gone he felt the same, yet different. He could hear new voices in the foreground...some that were in the background before. These answered to a new name now...and so too did he. The name started running through their head, erasing the old and replacing it "Legion".

    He grinned.

    Vast and many there were here to unleash themselves on the world now, and not Assembly or anyone could get in their way now.

    [really the idea for the new name came when I started kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner...god I am really bad with names]

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    "I have to warn you, i'm not a very good cook. Sure, I can upload recipes from my NCU but it doesn't mean I can improvise," she explained.

    "Well, it don't matter none. Just try it," the old man chuckled.

    An hour and 2 small fires later, she brought two plates to the table.

    "Might want me to activate at least Biosign Rejuvinator with your NCU," she smiled.

    "So, you're not domestic. Different circumstances out here in Tir County. You have to learn all of this stuff when you're alone," he replied. "You'll need to know it when you live out here."

    "Yeah, but Tir isn't that far away," she smiled.

    "Thats whats wrong with you young'uns. City livin made you soft. You're used to convenience. Hell, back in my day, when the Omni machine was killing clanners like it was open season, we lived in caves. We had to find food anywhere we could get it," he said with a far away look in his eyes.

    Taking a sip of wine, looking at him, she said, "Those must have been terrible times."

    "They weren't so bad. Met my wife, rest her soul, during an air attack in The Longest Road. Was love at first sight, I tell you! She would never admit to it, too proud to admit it... Good woman, knew what a woman was supposed to be."

    Taking the comment in stride, she returned it with a smile.

    "No offense, young lady. I know how you all are these days. She was my partner, my best friend and the love of my life," he smiled, glancing to his left at a picture of them standing in front of their new house in Tir County. "She worked beside me every day to make this farm what it is. She loved this land every bit as much as I do."

    The man nodded in approval of some kappa berry stuffing and grilled reet he tasted from the plate. Taren smiled to herself, really appreciating the gesture.

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    A light shined in his left eye, then his right eye, fingers pressed against his temples, then the glands in his throat. "Well Captain, looks like you are fully fit to undertake combat operations again, just dont go getting youself into too much trouble this time" Doctor Jilien Weaver's reprimand, was sutble, but clear. Steely nodded slowly. "I'll try doc, but you know this planet you never know where you'll end up next". Steely grinned. Jilien frowned, but said no more on the subject. "oh yes Captain, you can start haveing solids once again.

    Steely was on his feet in a flash. "Outstanding!, i'm bloody ravenous, hell i could eat an omni right now if he was served up with pepper sauce!"
    The Doctor just shook her head, "No Captain, dont do that, you've already eaten one thing too many that you shouldnt of, please spare me the lab work".
    Steely gave her a sheepish smile,"well someone's got to find out whats edible", he started to joke, but stopped dead at the doctor deadly glare. "dont worry doc, i'll stick to the good old food we know, and speaking of food there's a dispensing machine with my name on it". Steely left the science/medical lab. Unseen by him as he departed, Jilien sat down on the now unoccupied bed, and pulled a small flask from her labcoat pocket, opened it and took a swift swig. "These people, she muttered under breath, How on earth did i end up in this place with a bunch of maniac's". Standing up she put the flask away, and started clearing up the lab.

    Stomach growling, steely stood infront of the food dispensing machine. He was like a small child in a lolly shop, he just couldnt decide what to have, a bronto burger, ****ed leet strips, reet pie, the choices, the choices. "Hell with it he spoke aloud, one of everything will do". 2 weeks on a drip, had made him realllly hungry.
    "Captain", a voice called out behind him, "leave the machine, come and try some of this".
    Turning around, Steely saw Leftenant Astera standing there holding a large pot.
    "Come try some Captain, i cooked it myself".
    "You what?", steely asked stunned. in all the years he had known his Leftenant, he had never seen, yet heard of her cook. "Your kidding arnt you?"
    Astera smiled a big smile. "Of course i cooked it myself, come sit at the table and i'll serve some up for you".

    Steely moved to the table, where Astera, began ladleing some of the broth into a bowl she had put there earlier. The Captain leaned over the table and cautiously sniffed the bowl.
    "Is it edible? Steely raised an eyebrow, the doc told me not to eat any unknown people, animals, aliens or plants again."
    Astera hit him over the head with a spoon. "idiot!, of course it's edible, it's one of my mum's old recipies, just adapted to leet instead of beef".

    Steely picked up a spoon slowly dipped the spoon into it and held it there for a moment.
    "why are you holding the spoon in it Captain, it's getting cold".
    "i'm waiting to see if it's going to melt"
    Astera hit him over the head again.

    putting a spoonful of broth to his lips, steely slowly sipped it. The spoon clattered onto the table, steely grabbed his throat and started makeing rasping noises,slid off the chair, and hit the floor. "arrrgh poision i've been poisoned, mercy mercy arrrgh!".
    Astera kicked him, hard.
    Laughing, steely hopped back up into his chair, "Damn leftenant, it's really nice, i wouldnt of believed it if someone had told me".
    Astera smiled. "Glad you like it Captain, haveing time to cook is a rareity these days, and it's nice to have something that is home cooked, rather than pre-made". she cast a glance at the dispenser.
    Steely looked at her puzzled. "why the sudden interest now though Taren?", he rarely adressed her by name,"Seems odd that you want to start cooking of all things, if you said you were developing a weapon of mass destruction, or an outrageous plan to kiddnap zora, i wouldnt even ask, but cooking, it just seems , well weird., sure you didnt cop a knock on the head?".
    Astera kicked him in the shin under the table. "Idiot. domestic cooking is like close combat , the skill's have to be practiced or they get forgotten. not like your charred campfire leet that any clown can cook".
    Steely nodded slowly. "Better go get my big red nose, and wig.". He grinned.

    Before Astera could reply, the building started to shake, softly at first, gradually getting harder and harder. Both Captain and leftenant looked up at the ceiling. they both knew what the shakeing ment., next, an alarm started wailng. Then their comms started blareing through the Hq's loudspeakers. "The city has been targeted by alien forces, anybody wanting to defend gather at the cc, anybody not combat able, please seek shelter or evacuate, repeat the city has been targeted by alien forces, prepare to repulse invaders.

    Tbc members raced from all corners of the Hq to their eqipment lockers hurridly strapping on armor, guns, swords, spare ammo, and begun activateing combat programs in their ncu's.

    As the company engaged the alien forces, the vibrations caused by the dropships engines caused the pot of broth the bump across the table, smashing into hundreds of fragments of pottery all over the floor.

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai
    Captain of The Black Company

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    A ghost in the subway

    "Damnit! There comes another one!"

    ~ Ryan quickly turns his gun towards the attacking workman and fires. Its a hit, but the effects on the anger driven antrox are less evident. ~

    "Becka we need to pull back!"

    ~ Quickly the two fighters head towards the door hoping to find support from others in the main corridors. ~

    Just when the two are about to step out, a glowing blue nano stream strikes somewhere from the shadows, entanling one of the attacking antroxes. One after another they get frozen in a sparkling nano cloud.

    ~ Realizing what has happened Ryan and Becka quickly concentrate their fire on one of the strikers, killing him quickly. One by one the strikers fall down to the cement floor, groaning like defeated beasts. As the situation calms down they realize that they are all alone in the room. Only their blinking concealment monitor indicates that somebody was indeed in the room a moment earlier. ~

    Agent "Terentin", Ghost of the subway.
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    Meanwhile, in Omni-Mining HQ...

    A picture is worth a thousand words. ()

    (Credits go to this thread, of course.)
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    <yawning> "God I hate mornings..." <searching for 3rd cup of Kava>... Nadab sits down at his office desk and begins to sift through the daily paperwork from his Export business. He raises his head as the Vid beeps with highlighted news article from IRRK. "Hmmm... Nanomages again," he mumbles. "Oh my god, Tindamir," he shouts. Frantically he begins to search his office for a lost package.....
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    Virta lifts his head from a stack of papers on his desk and looks through the window of the office. Omni-1 Entertainment street is quiet at this time of day. A small yellow cleaning bot dutifully collects little pieces of trash. He smiles faintly.

    The door opens without knocking and a young female officer bursts in. "Mom and dad say hello!", she shouts in an unnecessarily loud voice. "And mom wanted you to have some of these!" She picks out a box from her backpack and puts it on his desk, beaming. "Your favourites."

    A whiff of home-made cinnamon muffins fills the room as Virta opens the box. "Thank you Viie."

    "No problem Curly." She hops onto his desk and waves her legs.

    "How were they?"

    "Oh, mom made me watch the news clippings again about you. And dad is busy working on his scale-model about the Omni-1 HQ." "He is not very good", she giggles.
    Engineer General Virta, Omni-Pol. Not in active service.

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    Taren looked at the small group of people.

    "So this is where we're taking her? It doesn't seem too hidden," a figure standing in the shadows asked.

    "Thats why it's perfect." Taren replied.

    Looking around the room, she said, "Let's get to work."

    "I want emp flashers on the outside in the alley and on each corner of this building including the roof," she began talking as people moved around getting to work.

    Methodically, she set up a small table and sat several vials of illicit, highly addictive drugs, several vials of poison and strange looking tools on it, along with some rags and tourniquets.

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    *Daniel sighs slightly as he sits down to type up the report he is about to send to Omni-InternOps. He looks over the pile of papers lying strewn across his desk and slowly refills his coffee cup and presses a button located on the right side of his desk. He waits for a few moments, and a droid enters through his office door.*

    "Ah, there you are Denayn. I am in need of the records on the following individuals. I am sure you can find most of the information in the Omni-Tek databases."

    "Affirmative, Sir"

    *Daniel picks up a note from his table and hands it to Deynan.*

    "Also, could you send a message to The Historical Society on Omni-Prime that I am getting closer to finding out what this artifact is all about?"

    *Deynan gives Daniel a mechanical nod and exits the office. Dan looks at the artifact standing on his desk and slowly strokes his beard stubs.*

    "Quite the interesting piece of technology..."
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    The election campaign for RUR's new Union rep was over. After three weeks of intense poltical debate, the die was now cast. Who would it come out the winner? Would it be Moeder, with her obessive preocupation with cleaning, Dr Kieldare with his extreme programme of health and fitness for all or Aleilynn and her proposed socialst reforms?

    Regardless who won, Dabblez had a nasty feeling RUR would never quite be the same again.
    Dabblez - Rubi-Ka Universal Robots (RUR)
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    The day started off like any other for someone like himself. Sitting at his organizational meeting spot in Borealis, Simi was mentally preparing himself for the day to come. He desperately wanted to advance and was looking for a team, either to defend RK from the alien hordes or to help the Guardian in SL, but no, no one ever wants a nanomage NT in their team…


    “You want some Stilton to go with that whine Simi?” laughed the Var, the uber trade skilling engineer. “By the way, buff me NS”.

    “Here ya go. Shesh, it that all I am to this organization, a buff monkey Var?” “Shut up”, Var said, “I’m trade skilling for org mates. What are you doing for the Org/RK/Etc? Now get out there and buff folks for tips buff monkey! And quit complaining!”

    A personal communication from someone unknown to Simi momentarily raised his hopes of some action. “U kite?” “Ah no, I don’t kite, sorry” Simi said, for the third time since getting out of bed an hour ago. “Why not, u NT, that what u do. 1M credz/ding, common, spot open”. “ARGGGG”, Simi though, all I do is get kite tells and buff requests.

    Then, something unexpected happened. “Come to sector 10 now for team….We’re battling back the aliens and need your help!” The clouds seem to part and the sun shone brightly. Excitement flowed through the NT’s veins more strongly than the notum he used in his work. “Here’s some action!” he thought……For a time, his skills were in high demand. All the doctors wanted “NT love” as they called it, and even some of the other professions did too. And some of those female doctors were quite attractive. “Hmm.” though Simi, “I’ll put a few of those cute doctors on my friends list for later ^^”.

    Finally, after many hours, and some near deaths, the teams emerged from the crevice in Sector 10 victorious. The aliens had been eliminated for the time being, and everyone, even the scientists, were anxious to see what new items had been discovered on the alien corpses……

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    It's just another afternoon, YET another afternoon, in the outpost. Lieutenant Carswell sits at his desk, supposedly doing important paperwork, really waiting until he can go out and walk the perimeter again without making it *too* obvious to the men that he's as bored as they are. Suddenly the approach sensors light up. Could it be the merely-dull weekly supply delivery? No, two days early. Command, come in to inspect? Ha! As if. Maybe it'll be a clanner to shoot.

    Carswell is outside in time to see the one-man flier glide to a stop in the flattened dirt that serves as a landing pad. A small, businesslike woman hops out and stops toward him. "TarendarRURI'mhereforthesecuritycheckpleasesignth isreleasethankyou," she patters. It's a bit of a jolt, after months of too much peace and quiet and slow. "Wha? Security? Who?..."

    The woman stops and glares at him. "I'm HERE to perform the SECURITY check. On the ROBOTS. For your PERIMETER. Didn't you get the authorizations?" How does a short little old lady like this manage to be that scary? Carswell manages to gabble something about forms, at which the woman's face relaxes into a merely disgusted expression. "Fine. You find your forms, I'm going to start in on the checks. You'll want to pull the human guards off the west perimeter just for a bit; security test failures can be dangerous. You know that word, right? 'Dangerous?'" The woman goes back to her unpacks a startlingly large mobile toolkit; the lifter arms on it look like they could dissect a military-model slayerdroid, "C'mon, Tool, let's get this done," he hears her mutter as she heads off west. Carswell stumbles into his office to look for anything, anything about this inspection.

    For a few minutes, the most noticeable sound in the office is the frantic scuff of papers and key-clicking, but that is interrupted by a loud crash from outside. Bangs, clatters, horrible cursing, and the sound of gunfire drift in the window. Carswell spends another two minutes digging his pistol out from under the water-cooler and gets to the door just in time to get his foot stepped on by a small, grumpy boot.

    "What is WRONG with these things, mister? I hit them with the security deactivation code, and they come and ATTACK me! Haven't they trained you people in robot usage safety? Where's the security terminal?... Oh, here." She pokes a key here and there and brings up the security chronometer. "No WONDER there's a problem! Look at this. Your CLOCK is two seconds fast! How do you expect your security droids to respond to the correct codes, if they're two whole SECONDS fast? I can't fix this, I'll have to call Central Maintenance to get this dealt with, how do you people SURVIVE out here?..." Carswell is dragged along in the woman's wake, battered with imprecations and grumbling the whole way out to her flier. "I'll be back AFTER this clock problem is fixed," she threatens. The door closes, and the dazed staff at the outpost watch as it floats off toward civilization.

    It'll take them a while to get in contact with their command, and a while to check their clocks and find out that they are in fact on the right time. Plenty of time for me to use up this pouch full of military spec nano sensors. It'd be simpler if Omni-AF would just sell us the things, but not half as much fun.
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    Sitting on the top of the filing cabinet he looks our across the far wall, and speaking pretty much to himself while Nuser lay on the sofa asleep.

    "This grey is really beginning to become annoying...and where the hell are those annoying trox's at anyhow?" letting out a deep sigh at the end.

    Even without his deck, which to him was mearly an addition to his original skills for when he was crafted as a weapon long ago. A quick snap of his fingers and his remaining charged bots constructed a small block of ice from the water vapour in the air. And a slight warming of his hand soon got a nice refreshing drink which he gave a cheers to the watching security camera in the corner of the room.

    Simply examining once more, every last nanometer of the room and pondering. Would the removal of the camera from the wall trigger an alarm fast enough or not to be able to strip it for components...or are those trox's a touch faster on thier feet than they are with thier wits.
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    He stretched his arms and then his legs out in front of him; the room was still somewhat dark. The Opifex reached forward to the small grid terminal in his apartment, and tapped it. He didn't have much to go on. No, he did, but it was difficult, No not difficult, just... time consuming, tedious. It was time to stalk. He saw the break down of the different signals connected to various public channels. Nothing was better then public info, no hacking, and no warnings. He had hoped he was able to pull the correct signals from before. All he needed was just one solid lead, just one, and make him or her talk.

    Something caught his eye. He tapped his link pausing the search, and backed up the feed. The sequence was now in front of him... That signal... it was familiar, but how. He stared at it for several minutes, hopping he might remember what the importance of it was, but... nothing. He noted it down, and continued.

    ~I don't know who you are, or what I'm supposed to remember about you, but I'll find you. Oh yeah, I'll find you~
    He mumbled to himself.
    Point Blank

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    Lanforvi gets out of bed and puts on her old Reanimators robe as a dressing gown. She sits on the edge of her bed and checks her comm-link for any messages. She mumbles to herself as she goes through each of the messages in turn. "Unicorns need alien assistance... yeah yeah..." "Hmm, the clans need more people fighting for battlestation supremacy..." "Keep an eye out for notum wars announcements..."

    It seems none of these messages suprised Lanforvi at all, her weary eyes looking as if she wanted to go back to sleep. All of a sudden she heard a message that appealed to her. Someone had requested some business related assistance.

    "Hmm, weeks without any orders and then i get 10 in a row." Lanforvi sighs at this, knowing she would make some nice money out of things but at the same time would actually have to do some old fashioned work for once.

    She turns her comm-link message playback off and gets to her feet. She then heads upstairs to the kitchen where she heads straight for the fridge. She pours herself a glass of assorted berry juice, takes a seat on her expensive sofa and ponders about her recent decision making.
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    a short slim figure wearing black leather with his sleeves rolled up sits at a desk in a dark room with a single spot light over the table on, leaving him in a pool of light in a sea of darkness.
    A pen can be heard scribbling fast across the page of a extremely thick document.
    He reaches out and grasps a cup of coffee which he realises is now cold.
    Leaning back over the sheets of paper he reads through the question, and the look of utter concentration upon his faces could be put into a dictionary to replace the word "concentration".

    the page starts with;

    Section A of part B, Paper 4, Volume 4.

    Question 96.

    If you are ordering a hover Board to be delivered on the release date (yet to be sceduled) please fill in the first box, if you want it to arrive the minute before the release, and so be a lucky sod by all accounts and able to brag about it for a whole minute before everyone else gets theire fill in boxes 1 and 2 , if you want to it to arrive the minute before the release, and so be a lucky sod by all accounts and able to brag about it for a whole minute before everyone else gets their's yet do not want to face legal action please tick boes 1 not 2 and 3 to 8.
    If you would like to recieve your hoverboard after the relase date by 1 minute tick boxes 1 and 9.

    and so it continued as a bureacrats dream, but a nightmare for anyone else.

    two days later he resurfaced with the finished documentation. Walked out into the streets of Old Athen on his way towards the vanguard mail station.
    A reet cusion of Slyvesster the reet flew down from his perch and snatched the documents from Silverguards hand and began to fly off.

    With alot of four letter words flowing from his mouth, Silverguard turned back to his apartment and went to order another copy of the pre order form and order in some more coffee...

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    Pulling the black hood over her head, she walked out of the backyard. The night sky made the buildings stand out. The dimly lit streets were quiet. Hidden behind the Keelar sunglasses, the amber eyes were scanning the surroundings while her head stayed aligned straight ahead. "Gotta love sunglasses..." she thought, keeping a regular pace.

    She turned in an alley, crouched and slightly poked her head around the corner to see if she was being followed. "Good..." She entered the room and shut the door behind her.

    She checked her proxy map. Nothing. She took off her sunglasses and slid them in their case while walking toward the panel to turn on the lights in the small room. As tempted as she was to pull back her hood, she didn't. She gave a slow circular look at the room.

    In opposite corners, there were tables, chairs and bench. On the wall next to the door was a switch panel. She pulled out gloves from her bag and put them on. "Go go, nanobots..." she said to herself with a little sigh. She pulled out a sprayer and looked around.

    Starting with the opposite side of the room, she proceeded to spray the tables, the panel switches and door, the chairs, then she moved to the floor and walls, pulling out another sprayer after emptying the first one. She was working backwards toward the only exit door, to cover her own bio-tracks as well. She didn't want to leave a hair or any bio trace that could be used for IDing her. She paid special attention to the spot where the subject has been.

    The entire operation took about 45 minutes, spraying then checking with the bio-scanner to make sure all traces were erased. She picked up the cuffs that she had thown in the day before and slid them in her backpack. She sprayed the spot where the cuffs have been resting, checked with the bio-scanner, then turned around to face the door, spraying it and scanning it.

    She activated the door, still wearing her gloves. As the door was open, she stepped just beyond the door frame, close enough to keep the door from closing back, and sprayed the spot where she had just been standing seconds ago, then scanned it. She slightly grinned. "That should do it."

    She stepped back, the sliding door closing on the room. She sprayed the outside of the door, giving quick glances to the alley and to her proxy map, then scanned it. "All clear... Time to get out of here."

    She pulled on her gloves, put them in her backpack, then took her eyeglasses out of the case and slid them on with a little grin. She started to walk, from street to street, and entered a backyard. It was deserted, save for the guide. Going up the apartments access ramp, she headed to the one her apartment key would activate and slid inside quickly, activating the security system.

    She threw the black hood neglectantly on one of the sofa and headed to the bar. Uncorking a bottle of Jack, she took a quick little sip and sat on the stool. Drawing a long breath, she glanced at her comlink and established contact.

    "Heya there. I'm done with the... housekeeping in the guest room. The guest left yesterday. No personal belongings left in the room and it's now squeaky clean, like if no one ever entered it." The corner of her lips lifted slightly. "As far as I know, our guest was on the party all weekend. She's gonna have a helluva hangover when she wakes up... If there's anything, you know where to find me. Clay out."

    She set the comlink on the bar counter and took a last sip before putting the cork back on the bottle, then tiptoed to the bedroom. The long slim shape moved under the sheets and a slurry, sleepy voice asked "Hmm, 's going on..." Cher leaned over Kotts head and gently landed her palm on his forehead. "Nothing, hon, just went out for a walk... Get back to sleep, now." She took off her dark clothes, slid between the sheets and curled up against her husband with a long, happy sigh.

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    What?!, he half questioned, half exclamed?, what do you mean it didnt work, it should of worked. The comm chattered again. The Black company Captain thumbed through his old note book, decipering his scrawl that was full of spelling mistakes, blood spatters, dirty fingerprints and various doodles, while listening to the report being delivered. The result was not the one desired

    "Well it sure as bloody hell shouldnt of done that it was supposed to make her mallable, i musta screwed up somewhere, you know those bloody yuttos, the riddles they talk in make your brain fry and want to push them into the closest lava pit". you administered it right didnt you?"

    The comm chattered again.

    "Yes i read my notes right, just cause it takes a team of decrypters for anyone else to read them, i think it was more in the interpretation of the riddles, looks like it's back to square one, i wonder if holding the yuttos at gunpoint would yeild a swifter answer".

    The comm sqarked so loud, he had to take his helmet off and hold it away from him.

    "No i wouldnt actually kill them, just try to persuade them to talk normally, it took weeks to gather all that stuff and mix the final preperation, inferno isnt my favorite place in the world, and i'd like to spend as less time there as possible".

    He flipped through more pages while listening to the reply.

    "Well, i'll guess we'll have to try it from another angle, hopefully we'll get some intel from our sources that will give us a direction to go in., hopefully i'll be able to see the results of the next batch first hand, how ever i am concerned now about your security, watch your back and dont heasitate to lie low if it looks warranted, or i'll confine you to hq".

    Steely grinned at the indignant reply from that came through the comm.

    "i'm fully confident in your ability to look after yourself, but i have to consider the well being of all of you, and the possibility of you ending up in a reform cell., plus, it would be most gratifying to return the favor of a two week holiday of confinement to hq to you, plus maybe a shot of those nanobots, just to make sure you dont get up and walk out".

    Steely laughed and switched off the comm, before he could get a reply. Frowning he turned back to his notes, and methodicaly worked through them line by line, trying to spot the mistake.

    He sighed as he hopped up from his position on the rooftops of West Athens, checked his pistols, and activated his shadowlands recall beacon.

    "Here we go again" he muttered to himself .

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

    Captain of The Black Company

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    Journal Entry: 8-6-29481

    How long has it been since I left my life with the ICC behind? I remember like it was yesterday, being recruited on Mars and then handed a full scholarship to finish my doctorate in Combat Medicine with a Minor in Nanotechnology Theory on Rubi-Ka. Even there on Mars, were signs of the Clans struggle on Rubi-ka.

    I got here only to see the struggle much more desperate than I had anticipated. In a crisis of my conscience, I returned all credits the ICC had given me and dropped off the small apartment key at the ICC HQ in Andromeda, found the nearest clan recruiter and was sent to Bliss to work under Doctor Abraham Maxeli from the Tir School of Medicine. He was a strange opifex; very caring but had an extremely short temper. I learned a lot under him...and mourned his passing. He was killed by the Kyr'Ozch in an invasion of Old Athen. He died saving others. I tried to tell him that reclaim might not work at his age. With the stubbornness this man posessed, I might as well have been talking to a wall. I"m going to miss him.
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    Dr. "Jilien" Weaver

    Quote Originally Posted by Lordplayer View Post
    Doc's are annoying, healing someone you could have killed about 5 times in a row and just having to give up (wtb all friendly nano's and perks self only on BS)
    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeyninja
    docs have a 750 dot while keeping AS...

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    Journal Entry: 8-7-29481

    I am reaching more and more SCL's recently under the tutelage of Black Company with the tremendous assistance of the clan Rising Phoenix ...but as I run headlong into conflict with the unredeemed, I am still having issues with this "war" and the methods pursued by the different factions. I know, in my heart, that I made the right choice to help the clans...though I would have preferred to stay in Bliss helping the community there.

    My studies are coming to a closing point. I feel it. As I gain more knowledge, I feel closer to...something I can't explain. People tell me that it is the "Source". I have been in Inferno for month, healing the wounded, and I can't help but feel that "something" every where I go now. It's like a small voice just on the edge of hearing, but it is unmistakably there. I can't understand it just yet, but as I begin to understand more about this land, I can almost hear it better.
    Dr. "Jilien" Weaver

    Quote Originally Posted by Lordplayer View Post
    Doc's are annoying, healing someone you could have killed about 5 times in a row and just having to give up (wtb all friendly nano's and perks self only on BS)
    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeyninja
    docs have a 750 dot while keeping AS...

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