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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

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    There's evidence, and then there's evidence. I don't think you could decipher this one with a full team of Omni-Pol's best. There's a bit of foil sinking in the swamps of Artery Valley. A scrap of greased paper, probably caught in a tree, somewhere in Penumbra. Half of something.. I'm not even sure what it was, perhaps "Motor Oil Pecan Cream", there's always one like that.. smeared across a heckler in Elysium. And now, the last real piece of the puzzle, a small empty box. I carefully peel off the ribbon that runs across the lid, tuck it carefully into a small pouch with a rather battered dried rose, then toss the rest off the Brink to be shredded by the winds.

    It's all much to fragmentary, too scattered to form a picture. And yet it does. He LIKES me.

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    "So the deal is done?"

    "Yes, Ms. Gorslin. The offer has been accepted and he has signed the contract."

    "Anything else?"

    "I'm afraid not. The contract is binding and cannot change until his natural death.

    "Smart man..."

    "...and he was most resolute that the terms were accepted one hundred percent."

    "Well, lets just let it play it's course. I have time."

    "As far as you know."

    Taren cast a glance upward at the face on the screen and gave a slight chuckle before turning it off.

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    Berael looked up at the broken wind chime, flailing silently in the sandy winds of the Perepetual Wastelands. The place had been a mew and a half to find, and even longer to trek out there on foot, but she wasn't expecting to find a half buried little ghost town filled with, of all things, Mantises.

    "You have got to be kidding me... This is a Neutral city?"

    She pressed her forehead against the cool permacrete archway where the temperature in the shadow was much more enticing. Her faithful Widowmaker Battle Drone, Macha, bopped confusedly as it peered around the area.

    She heard the skuttle across the sand before she caught wind of the acrid smell of the Mantis saliva. Most certainly the the creatures thought that she would be her next meal. The Engineer was too tired to play games with them though.

    Report: Incoming hostiles. Non-Humanoid Insectoid Mutants. Count: 15 and rising.

    Macha was very helpful, and perceptive, no matter how it looked on the outside, but Berael was too irritated to come out here and find nothing to treat the whole situation with more then a causual nod to reality. This attitude was rather unfortunate since the largest Mantai of the area was looming up over her a full two heads higher then her.

    Report: Danger! Critical Threat Confrontation Imminent!

    The Engineer sighed and without drawing her gun wrapped her fingers around the back of the head of the giant Mantis. The creature bearly had time to think before Berael's nanobot fueled strength was smashing its head repeatedly into the wall next to her own head. The first blow cracked, the second crunched, the third splintered, and the fourth just squished as the still twitching body lifelessly fell from her fingers.

    The mass of smaller Mantai that was gathering dispersed like a shockwave several moments after the largest one fell.

    Berael sighed, "it seems we have run out of contestants. I suppose its time to go home, i'm sure Toog has 32 more hours of paper work for me."

    Report: Threat Eliminated! Area is clear of immediate threats!

    She let lose a tired smile as she walked away from the sandy ruins and the giant robot bounced happily after her, "Thanks Macha, you are such a help."
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    ((Tranquility in PW. Lots of Mantis but there are a couple of buildings you can enter. Nice place to go to be left alone.))

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    *comm beeping*
    Valerus speaking, get best value with Valerus haha...
    Oh hello mister Che... wha'?
    Yes I remember you bought tha' super duper handy robot cleaner, ehmmm,
    *thumbs frantically through the RUR sales catalog to find the right serial number*
    Ah yes! The... hmmm?
    It did wha'?
    mm hmm...
    mm hmm..
    Yes, *coughs* well I dun think a cleaner bot 's actually capable of...
    I see. An' the doctor was able to sow it back on, I ho...
    No, I'm afraid I canno' give you your money back, 'cus of you having used the robot already and all tha'.
    mmm hmm...
    Yes I understan' perfectly but it's company policy you see, you can't give back a used item. Thank you for...
    Thank you...
    Thank you for choosing a RUR quality product, sir. Have a nice day!
    Before you critizise someone, walk a mile in their shoes first.
    That way, when you critizise someone, you'll be standing a mile away and you have their shoes.

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    ((All credit to Dookumi & Failure))

    To [Madbommer]: I'm, sorry, but I believe the first time you missed supplying the correct paper work for bomming a clan city.
    [Madbommer]: Perhaps, but the next time, your organization might not be so lucky! What do you suppose these items make? Key Detonator Triple Pulse Enabler Poison Chemical Combination Chamber Drum of Hydrochloric AcidNeutron Displacer?
    To [Madbommer]: An Neutronic-Acid Disbursement Bomb, do you have the paperwork permitting you to carry one?
    [Madbommer]: I do not, but I am working on it: ID-extractor ID Secured NADB Permit
    To [Madbommer]: Great! I will need that in triplicate please. Remember, yellow copy is ours and pink is yours. The green one goes to the CoT. And please do not attempt to use a fake name on the permit, it just causes too much extra paper work.
    [Madbommer]: Triplicate! yellow? pink? green? I don't work for the Council of Truth!
    To [Madbommer]: No, but if you wish to bomb a clan city all the required paper work must be submitted at least a week in advance of the attack.
    [Madbommer]: I'll have to look into that.
    [Madbommer]: I'm sure I can work around that red-tape.
    To [Madbommer]: Not likely, its notum reinforced and double sided red sticky-tape.
    To [Madbommer]: Just remember, yellow-pink-green. One week in advance. There is a 5,000 late fee for any missed copies or early bombings.

    [Madbommer]: pah! you're taking unfair advantage of my genetic, aren't you?
    To [Madbommer]: I am unfamiliar with your genetic makeup having received no proper paperwork from you for the first bombing.
    [Madbommer]: Do I deliver the paperwork to you?
    To [Madbommer]: Yes.
    [Madbommer]: All three copies?
    To [Madbommer]: Yes, all three copies. Signed. And a 5,000 late fee for the first bombing and all appropriate paperwork for that event as well.
    To [Madbommer]: We cannot be lax on proper documentation of events. Even something as minor as a boming attempt.

    [Madbommer]: I understand, I think
    To [Madbommer]: Excellent, do you know where our offices are?
    [Madbommer]: Of course I do.
    [Madbommer]: I know where every piece of property owned by 3305 Local is.
    To [Madbommer]: Excellent.
    To [Madbommer]: For the convenience of everyone we maintain regular office hours from 9 am to 5 pm.
    To [Madbommer]: We close regularly for lunch from 11 am to 3 pm.
    To [Madbommer]: Office is also closed for coffee breaks from 9:30 am to 10: 30 am as well as 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

    [Madbommer]: 9am-to-11am and 3pm-to-5pm, okay
    To [Madbommer]: Now that is only Monday to Wednesday.
    To [Madbommer]: Except Tuesdays.

    [Madbommer]: so...9am-9:30, 10:30-11, 3-3:30 and 4:30-5 M, W
    To [Madbommer]: And every other Friday on an odd month.
    To [Madbommer]: Except when the Rubi-Ka suns align.
    To [Madbommer]: Then we are closed from 9:35 to 4:45pm. Open regular hours otherwise.

    [Madbommer]: How about me just leaving it in the mailslot?
    To [Madbommer]: We have no mail slot. Sensitive documents cannot be dropped off in the mail but must be hand delivered during regular office hours.
    [Madbommer]: What is the fine for non-submittal?
    To [Madbommer]: Can I expect you this Monday or werre you planning to schedule and earlier boming?
    To [Madbommer]: 5,000 for late submittal. 50,000,000 for non-submital allong with a quadrupple 52-page document required explaining the non-submital of the propper forms.

    [Madbommer]: Even if I succeed?
    [Madbommer]: When is the line drawn between late and non-submittal?
    To [Madbommer]: Yes, if you succeed then we also require your insurance agencies comm unit number and a 106-page document explaining the lack of proper documentation as well as proof of permit to carry explosives in a clan city.
    To [Madbommer]: 16.3389 minutes after the event, a late submittal becomes a non-submittal.

    [Madbommer]: Are you giving me the run-around?
    [Madbommer]: I'm feeling rather confused
    To [Madbommer]: Heavens no! Do you have any idea how much paper work that would cause for me?
    To [Madbommer]: You need a five-copy permit to give someone the runaround. Approved by at least three Org-officers two weeks before contact with the person to be run-around.
    To [Madbommer]: I much rather just meet with you and get the basic paperwork filled out.

    [Madbommer]: This doesn't feel right. Do the dustbrigades have to do this also?
    [Madbommer]: How am I to keep this secret and be successful if I submit all that paperwork?
    To [Madbommer]: Yes, but they have special forms for Class-A terrorist organizations. They are Orange-Red-Purple instead.
    To [Madbommer]: Can you even imagine the political scandal of mixing up the paper work for a Class-A Terrorist group as opposed to a Class-D freelance terrorist?

    [Madbommer]: If I turn in the paperwork, how can I be sure that it won't be leaked beforehand?
    To [Madbommer]: All files paperwork is registered and processed over a period of 6-8 Months. No one will know about the bombing till at least 7 months after the event.
    [Madbommer]: Okay, that's plenty of time
    To [Madbommer]: Excellent, now do you have the five copies of the permit required for Bombing a Clan city with a Netronic-Acid Disbursement Bomb?
    To [Madbommer]: And are you aware of the fine for using a bomb different than the one specified on the submitted bombing permits?
    To [Madbommer]: Oh drats look at the time. Excuse me, regularly scheduled coffee break.
    To [Madbommer]: /afk

    [Madbommer]: You said three copies. (AFK reply sent - “3305 Local offices are closed now for coffee. Thank you.” )
    [Madbommer]: You said three copies. (AFK reply sent)
    [Madbommer]: How long is this coffee break? (AFK reply sent)
    [Madbommer]: [leaving a message] I'll work on the paperwork, but only triplicate. (AFK reply sent)
    Joe "Sefus" Werkit 212/17
    Squad Commander - PR - Recruitment
    3305 Local

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    ((LOL sefus..that one was hillarious thank you for saving my morning ))
    "Sincerity is an openness of heart that is found in very few people. What we usually see is only an artful disguise people put on to win the confidence of others." ~François de La Rochefoucauld

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    Meanwhile, at the Neutralizers City.......

    Var: Dam, sup? What's the project de jour?
    Damon7: Hmm, assembling a backpack of pocketbosses for each playfield. I'm on
    to Penumbra.

    Var: OMG, and you want me to assemble them up for you of course?
    Damon7: mind?

    Var: *sigh* i guess not. Why don't you come kill with us in burning marshes?
    Var: and what's with that 7 at the end of your name? No one in the org ever
    understood where that came from.

    Damon: I'd love to come Var, but, you see, i got this eye on some super cool new
    armour--don't worry, i'm buying it made, nothing for you to make--and
    i'm a little short of cash. My primary mode of cash income hasn't been
    working lately. Any let's not talk about the 7. I prefer not to go into
    why i came to RK.

    Var: Please! everyone in the org though you were really a girl in disguise.
    Don't remind us of that embarrasing moment.

    Damon: Ha Ha..suckers. I was just doing something called "role playing".
    *smiles* I'll be along in a bit, just going to pop over to Mort and pick
    up a new Axe. OMG pawnzor!

    Var: Yes, Damon, you are "too sexxy for your axe". We'll save you a you a place
    in the team.. Don't be long or we'll give it to some else.

    Damon: *polishing axe* Precious axe--so beautiful and shiney....0h, i can see
    my face...Damon, you ARE too sexxy for this axe. *continues to polish*
    Hmm precious. Oh, Burning marshes....Yes, On my way..
    how do i get there again?


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    Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

    The slender man blazes cross-country north of Tir, scouring the landscape for any sign of the so-called "beastly bird" that so badly wounded a man he passed. Contemplating if the man was mad, knowing full well what extended stints in the wild could do to the psyche, he dropped the clips from his guns and slid in new ones... just in case.

    Night began to fall, and under a darkening sky filled with a comotion of colors he paused atop a ridge, scanning the horizon. Spotting a small gathering of Omni-Tek employees in the distance, he moves south-east slowly, crossing a series of dunes. With his Nadir on perhaps he would've taken the challange, but the dark hiking clothes would provide little protection.

    Suddenly stopping, he points his pistols to the north. Something was there, something fast. He dives to the ground as the dim light of the evening illuminates a small claw holding a small metallic object. Recalling what the man said, about a metal plate striking his face, he wonders if the man wasn't insane after all.

    Taking careful aim, he fires off a single round, and a deafening screech echoes across the valley. The metal object quickly moves towards him, and out of the darkness the form of a reet holding it soars at him.

    Calmly pointing his gun, he taps the trigger gently, the muzzle-flash nearly blinding him in the darkness. The reet plows into the ground, and what little bones weren't crushed by the initial rounds twist and snap audibly. Smiling, he approaches the fallen bird, removing the metal object from it's still tightened claws.

    He turns, beginning the long walk back to Tir, glad that the hunt had not been a fool's trek after all.

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    Emergency situations call for emergency measures.

    For a second, she reviews all the procedues she's been taught, in the hopes of finding one that will help her take care of the present situation. Terrorist attacks. Grid-security. Assault-repelling. Breaking and entering. Hacking a nano-crystal. Hacking her entry into the most secret parts of the Grid. Interrogating a suspect. Running after a perp. Stealing anything that isn't nailed to the floor. Shooting a Clanner today to be happy tomorrow.

    Nothing will do.

    Slowly furrowing her brow, Jen peers searchingly into Kane's eyes, but the only answer she gets is a happy smile and a wave of his little hand. By the Grid, one would think he's proud of what he's done, although she really wonders why. Even the darkest pits of Scheol didn't smell that bad. No kidding, people had died for less than that!

    "And now?..." she says in a slightly quivering voice, extending her arms, holding him in an even more awkward way, not daring to keep him too close to her.
    I... assume... he needs changing? Heiji answers in her mind.
    "Yeah, uhm, but, I have no idea how... By chance, ya wouldn't...?"
    Jen, how the hell am I supposed to know that?

    Slightly wrinkling her nose, she runs the subvocal module of her comm-unit, still holding the little boy as far from her as possible, and locates the ID of the only person who'll be able to help her.

    "Er... Hayley?" she starts, hesitantly. "Y'know, ya told me I should call ya or Tua in case there's a problem with baby-sitting yer son? Well, we have a problem..."
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    The screen controlling the heavy-duty blast doors flashed green as Cain neared them. The sound of well-oiled AK-10 rotary engines interrupted the constant hum of electronics and the two carbonium-metaplast slabs were separated, just like a pair of hands in a praying position are. A stream of light coming from what was beyond those doors cut the damp semi-darkness of the seemingly never-ending caves behind the engineer and granted passage to the complex. He set foot inside, squinted his eyes because of the sudden stream of light, but that was unnecesary as his occular symbiant wasn't affected much by even directly glaring at the suns. Not that he ever enjoyed the suns anyway.

    "Report" he called to the machines.

    Out of dozens, if not hundreds of machines, none responded but one. What looked like a central pillar in the multi-story room, with screens, holo-projectors and hundreds of wires attached to it came to life. At the section roughly five meters above ground, arm-like grippers equipped with various tools extended to full length, like the spokes of a star, then retracted partially to standby position.

    "Uranium enrichment in progress. Estimated ETA: 3 months 2 days 3 hours
    Blueprint decrypting complete. Duration of procedure: 26 hours
    Blueprint serialization and analysis complete. Duration of procedure: 4 seconds
    Blueprint measurement recalculation complete. Duration of procedure: 2 seconds"

    Cain nodded and took a glance at a huge machine in he corner. The huge amount of energy required for the cyclotrone was evident, both by the strong smell of ozone in the room as well as the occasional discharge from the machine.

    "Show blueprint"

    Without delay, the grippers of the supercomputer instantly came to life, their lasers creating a 3d image. Cain nodded in approval. He would use their own weapons against them. And so they would be the architect of their own demise.

    Cain spoke to the channel:
    "I'm under the looking glass. Time to make it easy for them and give them some false leads. Before they start looking in the wrong places, I'll play along. Over and out."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demenzia View Post
    "Er... Hayley?" she starts, hesitantly. "Y'know, ya told me I should call ya or Tua in case there's a problem with baby-sitting yer son? Well, we have a problem..."
    ((Haha, too true! Some things are impossible to be prepared for.. ))
    Tempus fugit.

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    Some don't have film.

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    "Shut the &@$% up". Steely screamed into the desolate wastelands. i swear to all the Leets, i'll throw you into that bloody lava pit if you dont shut the hell up!".
    The source of steelys utter rage, completley ignored him and kept on going, makeing constant annoying noises.

    The Black company Captains armored boot made contact with His annoying companion, sending it skittleing several feet across the ground. " I @$#%&*% warned you, now shut the hell up!". Again he was ignored, and the annoying noises continued.

    Steelys lip curled, letting out a ferocious snarl, he emptied a full 10 round full auto burst from his jepp into his companion. The deafening roar cleared. The burst had no affect on his chirpy companion, who kept makeing cheery noises, just to remind the Captain it was still there.

    "arrrrrrrgh!!". Steely fell to his knees and repeatedly smashed his armored head into the ground, throwing little puffs of red dust into the air. "Shut up shut up shut up!"

    A comm beep inturrupted the thudding of his head. "Captain, we got a problem" Leftenant Astera's soft well modulated voice informed him. "Problems" , steely snapped back a little too harshly, "I got enough of the bloody things now".

    Astera's laugh filled the com. " I recognize that tone in your voice captain, it's annoying you again isnt it?, i keep telling you to ditch that one and find another".

    "I know, i know, but i just cant bring myself to get rid of it"

    "Well Pull yourself together and get back to Hq pronto, the problem we have is far more serious than your current personal crisis. oh and i'd avoid Jilien if i were you she's pretty mad, at your leaving Hq, i saw her getting her super blunt 9 prong hypodermic needles out of her cabinet in preperation for your follow up tests.

    "uhoh, i'll do that, maybe i can order her to suspend all medical tests due to some obsure reason i'll dream up on my way back, i dunno, aliens ate her medical certificates therefore nulifying her qualifications on rk or some such thing."

    "Good luck with that one, cya back at hq".

    Steely slowly got to his feet, and walked over to where the annoying companion lay, he swore at it again as he hoisted it on his back. and begain the long walk back to Rk.

    The constant sound of the Beeping Backpack kept him company the whole way back.

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

    Captain of The Black Company

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    Barely supressing a grin as the shuttle landed in Omni-1 Senobyte shook his head with amazement. Even after all this time they still had a hard time landing the transports through the alien blockade. At least this time he didn't end up swimming to the shores of the ICC port. Now for the next big challenge, the customs officers. They had no problem with the armour he'd packed, an eyebrow was raised at the customised perennium blaster, or "vera" as he called it but again it was passed through. Obviously things were still a little on the rough side on ol' Ka he thought to himself.
    Leaning back against a wall as the officers carefully went through his belongings he hoped they didn't check through his NCU deck. Naturally to do a thorough check they would have to break through about 7 different levels of security but some of the porgrammes he had in there, some of the files, hell knowing even of the existance of some of them could get him a quick visit with Reform. Thankfully they weren't that clever.
    A young Solitus female officer looked up at him, "the purpose of your visit to Rubi-Ka Mr Gibson"?
    Senobyte looked at her over the top of his sunglasses and flashed her his best disarming grin "business, and maybe a little pleasure"
    She blushed and began typing on the terminal in front of her. Ten minutes later he was walking out into Omni Trade, grinning to be back on the planet and to have the contact number of the rather attractive young officer.
    Pausing brifely by a terminal he fired off a selection of programmes to gather any relevant infomation and news that he may have missed out on while he was away and then set his sights on dropping by on some old haunts. "Ladies, gentlemen and troxes Senobyte is back in town" he said to himself and sauntered to the nearest grid node.
    Senobyte: Back in business
    Millgram: Psychologist, anthropologist, gentleman adventurer and cheese connoisseur

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    ((was having some fun on org forums...))

    Sefus goes to the temple

    [Sefus] Well hello ladies.
    [Sefus] Any of you fine women feeling lucky tonight? *wink*
    [Spirit Butch 1] Hey Pat! We got a taker here!
    [Pat] What's ur name boy!
    [Sefus] who me?
    [Pat] Yeah you! You're the only boy in here, aint ya?!
    [Sefus] Um.... *scratches head* but can't you see my name in the chat window there?
    [Pat] Oh... yeah.
    [Spirit Butch 1] Hah!
    [Sefus] That's okay. I do that sort of stuff all the time. Hah! Hell, this one time I was over in Ely and I go....
    [Pat] Your cute. Bend over.
    [Sefus] Thanks!.... any way I got to the... wait.
    [Pat] Bend over!
    [Sefus] What?
    [Pat] Bend over you scrawny lil love muffin! Mama's hungry!!
    [Sefus] I'm sorry did you need someth.... Oh no! They were right!!

    [3305 Local] Sefus: Oh crap! You guys were right! Ahh!
    [3305 Local] Unconcious: LOL! I told you fool! Have fun!
    Joe "Sefus" Werkit 212/17
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    3305 Local

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    Late night, patiently waiting in the headquarters.

    "Bot, locate Captain Arai."



    Coordinates unspecified.
    Yutto Marshes Area, Inferno.

    "Open Comm."

    Link to Captain Arai established.

    "Captain, please enjoy your stay in Inferno. If you come back in any condition other than dead, I am going to inject you with some custom designed nanobots that Omni-Med uses while treating flight risks. They cut off neural activity to your legs so you cannot get up and walk away. Enjoy your very temporary freedom.

    End comm link."

    Signal Status: Clean
    Closing Connection.
    Dr. "Jilien" Weaver

    Quote Originally Posted by Lordplayer View Post
    Doc's are annoying, healing someone you could have killed about 5 times in a row and just having to give up (wtb all friendly nano's and perks self only on BS)
    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeyninja
    docs have a 750 dot while keeping AS...

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    Sitting in the empty Council chambers she looks around imagining it wall to wall with clans people wondering how to fill it up... Then she remembers.. she needs to worry about filling up Baboons for her clans Anniversary party and decides to leave and work on the flyer.

    She gracefully slides to her feet from her cross-legged posture and gathers up her belongings and heads down the hall way to the exit. On her way out she is stopped by a young Clansmen and woman nervously looking about as if it were their first time entering the halls of the CoT.
    "Oh my your Xaun" the curious man states.
    A little startled she looks to him "Why yes kind sir that is me. Why the surprise?" she inquires.
    "Well I didn't think you really existed.." he continues.
    A completely dumbstruck look sweeps across her face "Uh.. what do you mean you didn't think I existed?" she intones.
    "Your in the news and stuff.. like didn't you die? or something? I thought you were just something the news made up and used for hype to get more people to join the clans. I have never actually met someone in the news before." she smugly states.
    "That was some time ago but yes my insurance pattern was lost and thankfully recovered." feeling a bit awkward as they gawk at her she tries to change the subject.. "Can I help you with something?"
    "What is this place?" The man questions.
    "This is the Tower of Truth. The meeting assembly hall of the Clan Leaders in the Council of Truth."
    "Oh, kinda like a congress?" The woman guesses.
    "Something like that. Here you can read all about us at our grid site:" she says as she uploads the gridurl to them.
    "Is there anything else I can help you with?"
    "No but it was nice meeting you" the say somewhat in unison.
    "And a pleasure to meet you both. May the Redeemed always shine a light apon your path." she states as she walks out the door continuing home to Jobe.

    Arriving she sets her security system and then relaxes in her favorite chair and grabs a digipad and begins to illustrate her clans Anniversary Invitation.

    "There finished now to harass the good people of Rubi-ka to come celebrate.. hmm where should I upload this too.. I know just the place.." she says as she hits submit on her comm device uploading to the Buzz:

    You are all Invited to come celebrate with us

    [ps: that conversation did in fact happen except I modified it slightly to remove OOC stuff.. was kinda funny being accused of being an NPC by two people at the same time lol!!]
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    Simi !!

    Var: Simi, you noob, I told you TWO Generic Nano-Solvents. Didn't you read the instructions i forwarded you from the Org Knowledgebase?

    Sim: Err, yes, but i was helping out a citizen of RK when you sent it, I was helping a fixer kill an Iguanas and a Monitor.

    Var: What? You don't kill them, you scan them with a Meta Roentgen Scanner like the instructions say. I'll bet the fixer was cheesed off?

    Sim: Yes. I got an earfull. Something about being a "noob" or such. I wasn't paying attention as i got a tell asking for a buff (again).

    Var: Listen up then...I don't understand how a Nanomage can be so dumb sometimes, you give us all a bad name. Do the quests, get the items i told you, and i'll make you some armour like you asked....And take off that damn bath robe!

    Sim: Yes var...Sorry...These quests are so boring. I'd much rather be killing aliens or something. Wait..someone just sent me another tell asking " u kiting"? Anyway, i finally gave Pietro his wife's ring, but all i got was a trash can!

    Var: Shesh...didn't i tell you about "annon"? And that's the wrong quest, you noob!...I'll tell you for the last time....go see Master Divenchy ......

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    Paint flaked from the edges of the twenty centemeter crack in the reinforced concrete ceiling. This was somehow extremely concerning to the captain. the thought of the roof caveing in on top of him wasn't a pleasant one. Maybe he should ask Mawerick, to drop over to The Hq and do a structual analaysis for him, he was sure maw wouldnt mind, and if the crack could be repaired easily, it would sure as hell be cheaper than haveing to completly rebuild the Hq building. Perhaps the constant shockwaves of alien dropships landing to disgorge their suicidal contents had caused the crack to form, or perhaps the wheight of the building sinking into the soft ground, or the expanding and shrinking of the building due to the harsh elements of Rubi-ka had caused it. however way it appeared, it was a serious concern.

    The Black Company Captain suddenly realised, that he was fretting over something that he wouldnt normally be concerned about. if something was wrong with the building, it's own sensors would warn them. it was then that the conclusion came swiftly and suddenly. He was bored. completly utterly and depressingly bored. he was so bored, that he wanted to reach out for his pistol shoot himself, and have a very happy return to reclaim. But he couldnt. His hands were imobilized.

    Doctor Jilien Weaver had been true to her word. No sooner had Steely arrived back at Hq, dumped his much loathed but inseprable beeping backpack in it's sound proofed storage locker, along with his Helmet, he found himself confronted by a very annoyed looking jilien. A Million reasons as to why he had ingnored his doctors order formed on his lips, only to dissapear just as quickly. No reasoning in the world was going to cut any ice. The doctor slowly pulled the fearsome hypodermic needle out of her labcoat pocket and began to slowly walk toward him.

    The captain had faced many thing on rubi-ka, endured trials in the shadowlands, and defeated thousands of aliens in combat, there was very little he was scared of, but, the look on the doctors face scared the living daylights out of him, he knew if the doctor got her hands on him, he would be in a world of pain, that far surpassed anything that he had faced before, even the incarceration in the omni prision on his homeworld that had cost him half his face. Steely turned to run.

    He barley got to move before a forearm swept out of nowhere, sending him smashing to the ground. Salvena pounced on him, pinoning his arms to the ground, Astera jumped out from behind a storge locker and pinioned his legs.
    "Mutiny", Steely yelled. Jilien, Astera, and Salvena all laughed. Jilien walked over and looked at him. "Well Captain, dont say i didnt warn you". The doctor expertly plunged the needle into the nape of his neck and depressed the plunger. She began counting down seconds on her watch. After 20 seconds, She nodded at the two Leftenants who released him. "Try to move now Captain", Jilien grinned.
    "And there wont be any complaining either Captain, the only thing you can do is blink your eyes.

    Sal laughed and grabbed a broom, and prodded him a few times. "Woooo, this is fun, it's like stirring up a horde of unarmed omni's" Steely blinked furiously
    "Careful there Sal", Astera said in between laughs,"Make him too mad, and you might find yourself sweeping all the roads to rome when he is allowed out again"

    The doctor gave steely another injection that put him to sleep. He awoke several hours later in a bed on the science deck. all sorts of tubes, electrodes, wires, sensor pads and various other bits and pieces that the good doctor could think to jab, insert or place on him were all hooked up to machines, running a myriad of tests. that only the doc could ever understand.

    It was there that the Captain discovered the crack in the ceiling that began to consume his thoughts.

    Xenoclast "Steelyglint" Arai

    Captain of The Black Company

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    His eyes rolled slowly from whatever was consuming his thoughts to look with disdain at the doctor.

    "You made me mad and I acted on it. You have to understand that your skeletal structure is exhibiting signs of necrosis...which means that there is an infection causing lesions on your bones. The nanobots can repair it but it's just going to take a little time. With rest, your body will heal faster which means you'll be back in Inferno in a couple of days."

    His eyes became more serious, almost looked like he understood her concerns. She was careful to note that there was a gleam of mischief there too.

    "Damn it, Captain. If you get up and go, next time we get you, I won't be so nice."

    Accessing the medical program running in his body through her ncu, she commanded the tiny nanobots to release the "block" on everything except his legs.
    Dr. "Jilien" Weaver

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    Doc's are annoying, healing someone you could have killed about 5 times in a row and just having to give up (wtb all friendly nano's and perks self only on BS)
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    docs have a 750 dot while keeping AS...

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