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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

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    General Feyad sat in his office going through the huge mound of paperwork that had piled up while he was off planet. After a couple of hours he had been able to divide them in mostly three equal piles: Complaints, Patrol Reports and Board Meeting minutes. As he was diving into the "Complaints" pile, Capt. Angelina "Oozi" Rhees knocked and entered his office.

    "Sir!" she declared, "I have that press release you wanted for OTPC. It should fit in well with our 10 year celebration." She hands Feyad the data crystal. Popping the crystal into his computer, he reads:

    Do you feel that you need to get involved in something new and exciting?
    Perhaps you are looking for an opportunity to increase your skill base and climb the corporate career ladder?

    Omni-Pol may be able to offer you just what you are looking for!

    Omni citizens who are mindful of risks and who have measures they can apply to counter risks will help build a safer and stronger community. These factors could then lead to a higher potential being reached for our Corporation. Omni-Pol recognizes this and believes that offering training opportunities would be a perfect way for our organization to assist in the progression of Omni-Tek.

    The training will be taking place over the month of August.

    If you are an Omni affiliate and you or your organization is represented at the Board of Directors, some of our training packages will be made available to you.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the training opportunities in August, please contact General “Feyad” Rahal via communication device on Rubi-Ka.

    If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an affiliate to the Board, please refer to this information here.

    If you are interested in finding out more about joining Omni-Pol directly and taking advantage of all training we will be offering in August and into the future, please consult the information here or contact General “Ukblizzard” McChristion via communication device on Rubi-Ka.

    General Feyad looks up, "Very good, Captain. Send this over to OTPC for immediate release!" "Sir, Yes Sir!" Capt. Rhees salutes and turns to leave the office. Feyad looks back to the piles of paperwork on his desk and mumbles to himself, "Where the hell is Hunt? Getting busted back down to Corporal looks pretty good right now." With a deep sigh, Feyad grabs a piece of paper and begins reading it.....
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    From behind her desk, Leileena stares at a few crates piled up in a corner of her warehouse. It certainly got a bit more cramped in there ever since a number of souvenir shipments came in. One could hardly walk around the semi-disassembled hoverboard in the centre of the room. The board floats unstable, loosely held in position by a clamp hanging from the ceiling. A number of parts and tools lay scattered on the floor around the board.

    "Where are you Reth, I could really use some help right about now..." Leileena mutters at the empty room in front of her.

    With a sigh, she gets up to check the inventory list on the small screens of the crates. They certainly got longer since she started inspecting the hoverbikes and -boards. Then again, what could one expect from smuggler vehicles. Leileena sips her Rubirango as she walks back to her desk and opens a chat to her assistant.

    "See if you can schedule me for a tour on C-D-E three twenty-seven, prison colony."

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    End of July 29485, Rubi-Ka, Tir

    The slender fingers landed on the access panel of the Tower of Truth, the door closing behind the small frame. Hopping on her hoverbike, Cherelle Clay left the Tower of Truth to head back home.

    Nearby, a silhouette lowered binoculars and whispered briefly in a comlink before hopping in a Yalm to dash through the ICC whompah door.
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    Gunfytr strolled out of "Antiques and such" in Borealis. Stopping to glance around, he sighed. He normally didn't do missing person jobs, but due to who the client was, it seemed like a good idea at the time. But this was proving to be more difficult than he had thought at first. Quite often, a "missing" person was kidnapped. Usually for ransom or to influence those left at home. But that requires the bad guys to contact those at home, and in this case that hasn't occurred. On the other hand, RK was such an incredibly dangerous place, not to mention the Shadowlands, that there were many reasons someone could just disappear.

    Gun continued his walk. His first impulse had been to check the local "underground". "Antiques and such" was a front for a betting joint. The Syndicate that ran it was known to him, and they knew him. While not "friendly", there was a mutual urge to not mess with each other. Thier answers had satisfied him enough that he believed they wern't involved. Gun had already been to the Smokers Club in Meetmedere. No luck there, either. So.....unless there's a player hes not aware of, this leaves organized crime out of the equation.

    Hmmm.....RK was a dangerous place. The target/victim, while not a trained operator, was expirienced enough that she should know to avoid the more "dicey" spots. Unless. Gun stopped, lost in thought for a moment. Unless the missing person WANTS to be missing. But why? The client and the victim seemed to have a decent relationship. Some minor political issues, but with what they do for jobs, thats to be expected.

    Shaking his head, Gun continued on. As much as he hated it, he was going to have to move his search to Tir. Glancing at an insurance term, he made a mental note to make sure his was up to date.
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    Having finished the mountains of paperwork and latent duties left to pile up during his absence off Rubi-Ka all those years, Playboyfixer sighed a breath of relief, glancing at his holocam, and the datapad with notes. A smile came on his face as he figured he now finally might have some time to roam around the shadowlands and rubi-ka again, looking for more data.

    Picking up the datapad, he began browsing through the old data and holo-images of his research plots, remembering how he cracked most of the old Xan alphabet, and how the lab suits jumped at the chance to get his notes.... perhaps he should have copyrighted it, and mint it out to them.

    As he finished the browsing, making a mental note to re-upload all the data to his public gridsite, he took his gear and rushed out to get some more research done, and perhaps see if anyone has any interest in getting involved in helping with the researching
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    Hearing a beep on his comm, he checks to see his old friend calling him.

    Answering the call, the friend starts talking about figures, profits, notum, blabbing on at incredible speed really till playboyfixer tells him to take a deep breath and speak sense. Seems like omni-tek holds only 1% of the notum sites in their own hands, neutrals a neglectable 27% and the clans 72% of the sites, roughly estimated.

    This made a bell ring in Playboyfixer's head too as to why his friend called him... We could make omni-tek hurt for money by forcing them to pay higher fees for notum, unless they would like to go explain to omni-prime why there's no notum being shipped out by the masses anymore... He'd have to start making schemes on how to get this working
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    End of July 29485, a Wednesday in Newland

    A man was sipping a cup of tea, sitting at a remote table outside Neuters. He discreetly touched his earpiece.

    — Yes.
    — ...
    — No, Sir, it's solid...
    — ...
    — It wasn't easy, the target often changes patterns and schedule, but with patience, there are places where you just know you'll find your bird.
    — ...
    — Yes. We thought it'd take more than two weeks of surveillance, but we're set here.
    — ...
    — Saturday, she'll be too visible, Sunday she'll be likely home packing due to her shuttle scheduled on Monday. We'll move tomorrow. We know where to expect her.
    — ...
    — Yes Sir, consider it done.

    The man smiled pleasantly as if ending a conversation with a friend, finished his cup and walked to the whompah. The door leading to ICC hissed with its unmistakable sound to engulf the man.

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    Gun stormed into his apartment, dropping his Xan and equipment vest on the kitchen counter. Taking the steps 2 at a time, he hurries into the office he had set up there. Loggin into his comp, he pulls up the warrant database. Quickly scanning the list of new warrants, he stops, finding what he was afraid he would find. Fresh, new warrants for Kotts and Xeenah, both.

    Gun sat back in his seat. Well, this is a fine kettle of fish.
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    Gunfytr casually walked up to the public mail terminal. Looking around, he slid a flashdrive into the slot and downloaded a message. Hitting send, he drops the flashdrive back into his pocket and walks away.


    Kotts, it seems that you and Xeenah have been implicted in an anti Omni plot. Not that that is so surprising, but I have been slotted with bringing u two to justice. Needless to say, I am still being closely watched. Hence we have a serious conflict of interest. Unfortunately, I am forced to "officially" withdraw from our agreement to find Xeenah. "Unofficially", I will forward my findings to you. I will keep an eye out, but actually FINDING either of you will indeed put me in a place I would not rather be, nor can afford to be. I ask you to respect my position, and hope you will not force my hand in this matter.

    Major Gunfytr
    Pathfinders Detachment
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    Kotts stared at his old comlink sitting in pieces on the kitchen counter. Of all the times for his comlink to bomb this weekend was the worst. However now he's got a bit more of a direction. Omni-Pol has been keeping tabs on Cher, himself, and even their kids. They must have figured things out a few months back. This had to be some kind of trap, issues warrents and then announce that everyone has been nicked a few days later. Omni-Pol protects, and morale goes up. They were counting on him doing something stupid, and he almost did.

    Loccin wasn't too happy about the change of heart and no message, but if the coms don't work you can't relay the message, right?

    A green light lit on the new com. He read over the email and nodded.
    "Figures... Can't blame him. "
    He tapped the HUD and typed:

    I understand. Just saw the warrant too. I got to admit your bosses got a knack for timing. Any help at all would be great, right now I'm more worried that the Pols, or a spook got her. Damn good thing Loccin talked me out of paying Encyros a visit. From the sound of it he had goons ready to pounce. Don't do anything to get yourself in a twist, I fully expect you to come at me guns drawn. In person I doubt I'd be much friendlier either. You're a good man, if you ever need an out - look me up. Not really a secret anymore that I do extractions huh?


    PS scrub your email's data core, just in case they're watching you.
    "Alright" he thought
    "Back to square one. Guess I'll have to pay a Pol a 'friendly' visit."
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    End of July 29485, Thursday

    The silhouette was perched high on a Yalm's landing pad. "Stand by... Target is exiting the whompah." He watched the target walk around the whompah and hop over the railing to take a shortcut. He raised his binoculars. "Target should enter the Tower in about 20 seconds. Take position." The silhouette lowered the binoculars when the target walked out of sight, turning his eyes to his area scanner, following the little dot approach the entrance. "Showtime..." he whispered to himself.

    * * *

    The Grind was a lot more comfortable to discuss than the Tower itself. Cher answered questions from the Opifex, incidentally a good looking Clan fixer. He was showing interest in the Council and in joining a Clan that was partaking in it. The conversation has been going on for almost half an hour when Cher started to feel... odd. Frowning, she started to stand up but reconsidered as soon as she leaned forward. Her vision was quickly distorting, colors were getting unnaturally brighter and contours were fading.

    "Oh hell.." she weakly said.

    The Opifex leaned forward as she started to slide aside, her eyes rolling back in her head. He managed to hold her so she wouldn't knock her head. "Mrs. Clay, are you okay?..." Cher faintly groaned before passing out.

    The Opifex tucked Cher in the chair, ran a nanoprogram on himself, then walked quickly to the counter and energically waved the bartender. "Excuse me! I'm a doctor and this lady over there needs immediate medical attention. I can carry her quickly to a medical facility but I need to know where's the closest Grid access." The bartender took a few seconds to digest everything and ran a quick scan on the Opifex. "Totally, Doc. Closest Grid's in ICC, you need to shuttle down there. Do you need a hand carrying her?" He looked over to the chair and shook his head. "No, she's tiny enough. Thanks anyway..." The bartender nodded, his eyes watching the doctor as he quickly lifted the petite Opifex and carried her out.

    Outside the Grind, the man looked at the empty hallway and quickly proceeded to one of the apartments, stepping in. As soon as the door hissed behind him, he layed her load down on the bench near the fireplace and placed a call.

    "I got your package. You need to pick it up within 30 minutes or the delivery can't be guaranteed."

    The door buzzed 45 minutes later. The Opifex ran another nano on himself before opening the door. "About time. She's over there" he said, tilting his chin toward the bench where Cherelle Clay was lying unconscious. The Atrox looked at the package. "You adventurers are always such in a rush... You'll get the rest of your payment wired within the next 6 hours. So will your associate." The Atrox entered a code in his NCU, carried his package to the Grid access and gridded out.

    He exited to Harry's where he strapped the Opifex to himself, sliding a large cloak on. "Anyone calling me fat will have one fat bootprint 6 inches up where the suns don't shine..." he muttered to himself. He hopped in the Grid again and exited in Omni-Trade. He tapped his comm. "Our delightful guest is here. Estimated time of arrival is 2 minutes."

    Less than two minutes later, the Atrox arrived in front a door dreaded by many. He slid his access card in the security panel and entered. "Good day, agent Davis." The Atrox just nodded at the receptionnist and carried his burden to destination.
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    Sitting in Romaps, sipping on a cup of coffee, a small non-descript optifex is engrossed reading over some reports off his datacomm. A glint reflects off the Omni-Tek insignia on his equally non-descript basic black Omni-Tek uniform. At first glance, one would assume he is just one of the hundreds of normal Omni-Tek employees that scurry around every day wearing the same black uniform. That is until you catch the cold, calculating look in his eye. A look that flashes only briefly as a smile turns just the corners of his mouth while he reviews the data scrolling across his datacomm.

    "Excellent. Everything is going according to plan." He mutters to himself. Noting a blip on his comm pad, he quickly finishes his cup of coffee, and stands up. Brushing down his uniform briefly with his hand, he quietly walks out of Romaps and disappears into the night.
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    General Rahl sat at his desk, sipping on coffee as he poured over the analysis report on the data crystal. Moving pages back and forth on the computer, he took notes and entered them on the holo-display on the wall. Looking up at the various overlays, he slammed his hand down on the desk and shouted, "Got you, you Clanner B@$^@&*!" Punching in a few codes to his comm-unit, he yelled "LT. Beaumont, Capt. Rhees, IN MY OFFICE NOW!"

    After a few moment, the two officers came rushing into the General's office. Waving a hand towards the holo-display, the General joyful exclaimed, "We got him.... that damn fixer finally got sloppy and made a mistake. Look... look... that intermittent tracker that Sgt. "Warwind" Chame put on Kotts was a jewel. It has given us a look at his movements. It seems that every five days he repeats a series of stops that are suppose to appear random but in fact the pattern is the same."

    "I want some non-discript officers undercover at a few of these locations. If he holds true to this pattern over the next couple of weeks, I want to pick him up before the BoD meeting. A couple of these *random* stops he meets his wife Xeenah. It would be an extra coup if we could get them both."
    "Make it happen officers!"

    The two officers scramble out of the General's office, discussing the personnel roster and who would be good for the undercover assignments.
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    "Let's see where that takes us..." Lena looked at the display and converted it to a map. She then ran a filter to sort the locations by time and let the loop play while thinking.

    The initial plan to capture this fixer has been in place for a while but could not be implemented, needing personnel that went AWOL. Lena cared little for inter-departmental competition. What she cared about were results. She opened a link and placed a call.

    "Good day, Lena here... I got something you could like."
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    General "Feyad" Rahl sat in his office looking at the computer screen. All the paperwork had been filed. The warrants were issued, copies were sent to Mayor King and General Hekkat in Newland as a cooperative gesture, all the formalities were covered. If the suspects showed up, the would be arrested, regardless of their location.

    Reading the analysis and report from Omni-R&D, the General was pleased. They had carried out extensive testing on the new Prototype Virus combined with a narco agent. The virus appears to survive being frozen into a dry-ice projectile and could be fired from a rifle with an under-charge powder load. Range was limited to 50 meters, but in the vicinity of most Backyard housing areas, that was not a problem. This projectile was gene-specific. That was the hard part, getting viable DNA samples from the targets. It shut down their NCU and put them to sleep. Tests results showed no harmful side-effects other than a severe headache. Just have to make sure the Agent has a clear shot. Hmmm, the General thought to himself, I wonder if Gunfytr has a sharpshooter we can hire?

    General Rahl turned to his intercom, "Corporal Haig, get me Major Gunfytr of Pathfinders, Inc. Set up a meeting with him ASAP!"
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    The two of them lay concealed on a hill overlooking the compound below. The fixer stared intently at the small screen on his wrist computer watching the blip move through the building below. "It's on the move," he said to women next to him. "It's headed for the door!" They watched as a Solitus male exited the building with a large bag in his hand. Making a summoning gesture, the nano-bots in the air around him coalesced into a Desert Phasefront Wraith and he sped off into the darkness. "Follow him and get that package back," snapped the Fixer, as the tiny woman next to him leaped into the air and activated her jet pack.

    The Fixer looked back down at the compound, searching for other activity, alarms or new guards. Fingering his Hacker Chip he wondered to himself why he took this job in the first place. It's not like I like that Clanner clown, but he was an outstanding member of the Smoker Lounge also, thought the Fixer. I wouldn't even be doing this joy if it hadn't come through Lounge. "If the General gets wind of this, I'm toast!" he whispers to himself. Turning back to his wrist-comp he continues to subtly hack his way into their security systems, gaining control of the alarm systems, door locks and floor plans of the building.

    About a hour or so later, the Solitus returns and enters the building. The fixer subtly begins recording security camera feeds for later. A slight rustle in the shrubs next to him alerts him to the return of the agent. She smiles at him and gives him a "thumb-up" gesture, assuring him she got the package. A few minutes later, the Fixer pulls a data crystal from his wrist-comp and hands it to the woman. "This will get you past all the security check-points and shows the best route to get to Gunney's room," he said. "You have 5 minutes of blank security camera recordings, I suggest you don't waste any time. Just get in, plant the bag behind his bed and plug it in to an outlet. My virus will take care of the rest." The diminutive woman shook her head with assent and activated her cloaking device. Moments later, the Fixer observed the door to the building opening. Within minutes the fixer received a text message, "Bag planted and plugged in, I'm outta here!" The Fixer smiled, entered an encyrpted code into his wrist-comp and transferred the agreed funds to the Agent's account. Rapidly typing on his computer, the Fixer sent a code to activate the virus he had planted in the building's security system and then *gridded* out! Once safely in the grid, the fixer sent another message from his wrist-comp, "Will.... package delivered and message sent! Funds received!" With that done, the Fixer exited the grid in Omni-1 Trade, donned his black uniform and resumed his patrol.

    That morning in the compound, an alarmed buzzed! Gunney grogily rolled over and hit the snooze alarm. 10 seconds later, over every intercom speaker came a very loud BEEP!

    ((sorry guys, just the bag is back.... not Steely :-( ))
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    Corporal Officer, Omni-Pol Field Ops

    T-Sgt1C, Omni-AF, 4th Fusiliers RST, Retired.

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    The voice box was ready to take a message.

    "General, Captain Rhees here. Did you see the last edition of Chit Chat? Here's the link... Y'know that so-called reporter, Ty P. Writer? I couldn't care less that he says I got a half-A bra cup size, just says a lot on his eyesight... But now he tosses out accusations of murder and attempted murder against you. Not that I'm worried anyone will take this seriously, especially considering the source, but still worth having a look.

    Rhees over and out."
    Angelena "Oozi" Rhees
    Detective Sergeant, Department of Investigations

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    A group of soldiers run down the ramp from their shuttle leading to ICC landing area. One of them, smaller than others, with female's body stops and takes a look around the place. She then takes her helmet off and checks her hair.
    "Yeah.. Back home, baby!" She shouts and runs after the soldiers ahead of her. She grabs one soldier from his shoulder and whispers something to him. The soldier nods and motions towards the exit.
    "Go check how things are with boss, and others." He laughs. "Most of PF people are here now, so HQ should be more quiet than usual."

    The girl smiles, pulls her helmet down and salutes. "I'll see ya guys in a month!"
    She exits the landing area, enters the grid, and selects a exit point.

    After a while, she enters a building which was familiar to her, and the HQ. In the hallway, she runs into a trox, who instantly pulls a "grunt" look on his face. "Stop right there, soldier! Shouldn't you be at the landing area, ready for switch!?"
    The girl grins, and starts to lift up her helmet, when she hears someone talk from the other end of the hallway.
    "Let her go Pups, She's off to see the boss."
    "But..." The trox looks at the solitus walking to them, then he looks back at the soldier, who was no longer standing there, but running to the end of the hallway.
    "Thanks Law!" She turns around as she runs, nods, and sprints off again. At the end of another big hallway, she stops infront of big doubledoors and puts her ear against it. It was silent. Slowly she pulled the door open.
    "Yes, what now?" Someone answered instantly.
    She peeked in with a wide smile on her face. "Missed me?"

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    "Touching down in 3... 2... 1..."

    The shuttle descended sharply towards the dusty planet surface. The compression jets blasted a thick fog of sand, enshrouding the shuttle as it lurched down to a halt.

    A few minutes later, the hatch at the rear of the shuttle lowered with a hiss, allowing the passengers to take their first steps toward the sand. Among the chattering people a man appeared shortly behind them, carrying an assortment of peculiar gadgets and equipment. He glanced over his shoulder, pleased to see the three little scutter bots straining to haul his suitcases behind him.

    "Here we are," he mouthed to himself. "Rubi-Ka."

    He smiled pleasantly as he walked hurriedly down the ramp towards the towering whompah building a short distance away. As he neared the entrance, an Omni-Pol officer approached him.

    "Papers.." the officer uttered in a dull, monotone voice, giving the impression of a bored and frustrated face behind the cold metaplast helmet.

    "Oh erm, yes, of course!" the shuttle passenger exclaimed politely, holding out an intricate holographic datacard.

    The officer tapped his wrist datapad, glowing orange with various statistics and newsfeeds rolling through the display interface. An affirmative beep signalled a valid ID scan result of a Mr James "Blakely" Hawthorn, unemployed neutral engineer. Looking up, the officer continued "Welcome to Rubi-Ka, Mr Hawthorn. Omni-Tek protects."

    "Ehm, thanks." replied James pleasantly, taking care not to irritate the officer. There were quite a few negative rumours about this division, or so he heard. Better not find out through first hand experience anyway. Dismissing the thought to the back of his mind in favour of his curious excitement, he strolled proudly into the whompah to Borealis.
    = Captain "Arthazar" Harcrow (Captain of The Phoenix Fortune)
    = Reporter "Lucetta" Phoenix (IRRK Freelance Reporter)
    = Sir "Sterlings" Furlocke (The Old English Trading Co.)
    = Dr. Malcom "Cormack" Ardman (University of Borealis)
    = "Paulon" McPhasefront, "Georj" Hairyson, "Johnar" Lemon & "Morninn" Starr (The Leetles)
    = "Gridfeed" (Camera Drone)
    = Director "Dartello" Marello (Black-Net)
    = DCI "Validius" Hunt (Department of Investigations)
    = DS John "Streller" (Department of Investigations)

    = Major "Jimako" Jones (OTAF)
    = Mack "Teffler" Falloway (Clan hunter/trader)

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    ((WB....bout time))
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