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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

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    "And...1...2, 3.......1...2,3....

    Watch my feet!...1...2,3......1...2,3...

    That's it!"

    Anouk drops herself down into the seat, laying her hand on her forehead.

    "Oeh, I'm a bit is so long ago I can't even remember when the last time was! But you're gonna be a great dancepartner Bizzybit, you've got the rythm in your feet. "

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    The Office in Omni-Trade was empty, everyone seemed to be outside, doing patrols or on some kind of mission.
    That meant all desks were free, and she could pick the one she liked best.
    Nobody had his/her own private spot as the Lieutenant told her, so that was why they need to remove personal stuff - like pictures, coffeemachines and the like - when their shift was ended.

    Anouk took the desk that permitted her to see the entrance to the room, she liked to see when someone entered, the thought that someone would be able to sneak up on her terrified her immensely.
    She ordered Bizzybit to keep patrolling the hallway for vermin or visitors.

    Next to the screen was a rather large and thick envelop, it was lying seperate from the usual daily bundle of post.

    Anouk couldn't resist looking what was written on it.


    She blinked. She didn't knew anyone with those initials at the Office.
    She turned away, determined to ignore the letter, it was none of her business, and got to work. In the middle of her activities she suddenly raised her head, eyes wide open.

    "FYEO"....that was how Nema once send her a message. She rolled her chair to the spot where the envelop was, peeking at the letters again.
    Pity she didn't knew how Nema's handwriting looked, the little engineer preferred more highly technological means, if this was really her own handwriting you might consider it a collector's item!

    Anouk felt the rush in her veins. She couldn't resist picking it up and smelling at it. Well, it didn't smell like whiskey, that was a relief!

    Would she...should she..?
    She peeked into the envelop, her eyes widened as she slid her hand in to pick out the contents.
    A beautiful looking notebook came out with a strange metallic cover.

    "I've never seen anything like this so beautifull!!!"

    Anouk turned it over and over, opened it to reveal it contents, pages utterly smooth, soft as silk brushed her fingertips.
    Only the first page had some symbols on it, but she couldn't read the language.

    "Nanomagian?" she mumbled and frowned.

    She hesitated, her thoughts were reeling through her head.
    It was no normal post, it had the same code on it as Nema's message, was a kind of book!!!!
    This must be meant for her, probably a way to excuse herself for the evening before, for falling asleep at Rompa's and leave her to talk to the pictures on the walls.
    Her heart made a little bump, she pressed the notebook to her bossom, kissed it and carefully let it slide back into the envelope, in turn putting it in her personal bag.
    Today was all sunshine!

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    Rompa's was quiet, aside from the many people delivering flyers to the bartender.

    "They outta have a ton of those by now. Should ask 'em if they'd gimme the extras for Missy... Sure she'd find a use for 'em."

    Lena sneered at the thought and took a sip of her combat can. She kept working on her pad, gathering data for the new files that needed to be set up. One of the "flyer courier" turned to her and walked near the table where she was sitting, but Lena decided to ignore it. The Atrox turned around and left the bar, much to Lena's relief.

    She tuned on Channel 42 for a while, when the worse part of the files was completed. Now that she didn't need as much concentration, she could pay some divided attention to it. After about 45 minutes, she turned off her pad and ordered another Combat Can.

    "I wonder why General McChristion doesn't seem to appreciate the Combat Cans... They're an Omni-Pol product, after all... And I feel patriotic."

    She took the can and tossed a credit chip for the bill and some tip.

    "Hey, d'you think it'd be possible to open a running bill?"
    Angelena "Oozi" Rhees
    Detective Sergeant, Department of Investigations

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    It was allready getting dark in the streets, the town seemed abandoned, only now and then one could see a solemn passenger moving swiftly by. The light from the advertising boards and neon signs colored the surroundings.

    Anouk moved swiftly on her way to the whompa to Omni-Trade, tonight she had nightshift.
    She held her arms tightly crossed in front of her, holding something hidden beneath her cratsuit.

    Since Nema had assured her that she did not leave her a present in the office, and that if so she would certainly NOT have written notes with pens, but would rather add a hologram or other more sophisticated technological means, it dawned on her this package might not be meant for her after all.
    Reluctantly she had decided to see what happened if she just put the package everytime next to her when she was in the office. She refused to leave it behind when she was not there, afraid someone else would want this precious notebook, and maybe fill it with scribbles or scrawls or even spill booze on it.
    If noone showed any interest in it, out of the fact of it being beautifull of course, then perhaps she could have it nonetheless. She truly hoped so.

    Anouk quickened her pace. She felt stingings in her back as if being watched.

    "I wish Lieutenant Rhees was here with her big gun, or Officer Kenley....".

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    Private 1st class "Pinkeltje" sat under a palmtree. He slowly dabbed his forehead with a dirty rag that was once a clean, white kandkerchief. Today was a good day. His backpack was filled with loot, his team had done exceptionally well against the foul creatures in Elysium. Now they had each gone their way, and Pinkeltje took his time cooling off and letting the adrenaline rush dissolve.
    Just when he'd decided to go and take the scenic route back to base, his comlink lit up and a voice came through:
    "Hey, do you want to join our team? We're about to go up against Mortiigs."
    Pinkeltje sighed and looked around. Well, why not. He had nothing better to do and there were no outstanding assignments from command. So he accepted the join-request, and began refreshing his running nano programs.
    "private Pinkeltje!" shouted his comlink. "You are ordered to report to your unit commander in Old Athen, immediately!"
    Another sigh.
    "I'm sorry guys, but I have been called back to base. I'll have to leave your team."
    "No problem Pinkeltje, thanks anyway!" the team leader replied.

    Pinkeltje picked up his Perennium Blaster, checked his reclaim status on the comlink, nodded, approached a particularly mean looking Mortiig and kicked it in the shins.

    Your friendly little garden gnome, with red pointy hat, a pot belly and an assault rifle.

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    Julia pulls her visor down and checks her datapad.
    "Geared up, check.
    Nanobots working properly, Check.
    Healing programs working and ready for use, check.
    Pistols repaired and working like a dream, check.
    Ammunation, check!"

    She smiles widely and enters the grid, and heads to the 2Ho exit. After getting out, she takes a quick look for the guards, and starts to run towards the 10-3 wompah.
    Suddenly, a guard appears infront of her. Julia takes few steps to the side, turns to the guard before he even gets to notice what just happened, takes her JEPP-pistol, and blasts the guards head into pieces like a watermelon. She blinks few times as she stops right before the wompah and sighs.

    "This is waaaaaay too easy... I even warned the last one, that they should use helmets. Pol's really let their guard down.. Literally."

    Julia shrugs, wipes some blood off her visor and enters the "10-3" wompah.

    "That guy isnt gonna come back, so no worries for me of getting caught. I just hope i wont run to familiar faces. The weirdo Opifex did mention the treehouse around here.." Julia thinks as she takes the form of a reet and calmly flies towards Central Artery Valley.

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    Julia looks up at the treehouse as she drops her backpack on the ground.
    "I've never been up there.." She mumbles and starts to climb the steps.

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    Everything was so quiet these last days. Even crime had gone to sleep it seemed.

    Anouk sat listlessly at her desk, thumbing through a magazine. She wondered where her direct superiors were hanging out, would they be on a secret mission? She hadn't dared to approach General Ukblizzard to ask what was happening, it wasn't any of her business anyway.

    Turning the next paper her abstracted gaze changes, over-enthusiastic she turns to her assistant, crying: "Look here Bizzybit...look at this! When you are all grown up you're gonna get a paperknife!"

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    DC "Rinnda" Swift

    Rin leans back on the office chair in the DoI HQ. She chews on a bubblegum, and blows bubbles of it from time to time.
    "Nothing's happening" She says to Nichola that sits on the couch, reading papers. Rin turns around, grabs the bubblegum from between her lips and throws it towards the litter bin on the other side of the room, near the door. Midway turning, someone opens the door to the room and walks in, Rin let's go of the bubblegum, and before she even notices, it was too late to take it back.. DCI Hunt stands at the door, papers in his left hand, and the usual briefcase in his right hand.

    "ICY!? Didnt i tell you to - - !!" Hunt yells at Nichola as she jumps up from the couch. At the same exact time, as Hunt lifts the papers up, the bubblegum flies straight to Hunt's cheek.

    Nichola and Rinnda both stares at Hunt, who now has a well chewed bubblegum hanging from his cheek...

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    Validius twitches his seemingly perpetually annoyed face, this time twinging with a hint of disgust as he takes the bubblegum off his cheek and tries to get it off his leather gloves.

    "This, this is exactly my bloody reason why there should be *NO* women detectives in my department!" bellows Hunt.
    He leans forward with a more intimidating, yet quieter tone to his voice as he continues.
    "Don't expect me to treat birds any differently than blokes. In my department, you do as I bloody well say before I stamp you in the ovaries. Get out Swift. And give me your badge. Don't you dare return to my kingdom until you've got your priorities straight."
    Validius turns to look at Nichola.
    "Get out of my sight. A blind poller is more reliable than you."
    = Captain "Arthazar" Harcrow (Captain of The Phoenix Fortune)
    = Reporter "Lucetta" Phoenix (IRRK Freelance Reporter)
    = Sir "Sterlings" Furlocke (The Old English Trading Co.)
    = Dr. Malcom "Cormack" Ardman (University of Borealis)
    = "Paulon" McPhasefront, "Georj" Hairyson, "Johnar" Lemon & "Morninn" Starr (The Leetles)
    = "Gridfeed" (Camera Drone)
    = Director "Dartello" Marello (Black-Net)
    = DCI "Validius" Hunt (Department of Investigations)
    = DS John "Streller" (Department of Investigations)

    = Major "Jimako" Jones (OTAF)
    = Mack "Teffler" Falloway (Clan hunter/trader)

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    Pinkeltje exited the Freelancers Inc. office in Old Athen. He scratched his head and looked at the assignment form. Mantis Den?
    Doesn't sound too tough. With any luck, there would be parts to create a new set of armor.

    Pinkeltje climbed aboard his Yalmaha and took off.

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    DC Nichola Kelly

    Nichola steps into Hunt's office, with a heavy bunch of papers in her hands. She salutes and walks up to Hunt's table, leaving the bunch on his desk.

    "Sir! All the reports from last and this month, re-written, arranged as you wished originally, and a written apology from me and DC Swift. Plus the computers in computer room are working as they should now, i fixed them last night, Sir."

    Nichola Salutes again, and waits for what wat's gonna happen...

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    "Just a dash, thank you Bizzybit".

    The tinkling of a little spoon against the fragile china cup filled the room, together with the delicate fragrance of fresh made coffee.

    Anouk eyed her attendant closely as he went to fetch the biscuit tin.
    Bizzybit was reacting rather strange at some times, and she tried to find out what was wrong.
    Mostly he was doing just fine, but when she and Nema visited some dungeons in the Shadowlands he was acting really weird, sticking to her like a fly to a buttercake.
    And then in the Alienships he just went berserk almost getting them all killed.
    Maybe he had some bad contacts and she should let Nema take a look at him.

    She took a cookie and nibbled at the sides, watching him polishing himself all shiny. A thought crossed her mind and she raised an eyebrow...

    "Bizzybit? Don't tell me you're showing the first signs of puberty, are you?"

    "Maybe we should get you a robofemale" she mumbled, wondering if those actually even existed.

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    Anouk walks into the park of Omni-Ent, taking a seat on one of the benches.
    She closes her eyes and bends her head backwards, letting the sun shine on her face. Taking a deep breath, she tries to shake off the tensions and relax.

    Someone pulls at her sleeve, she opens her eyes with a start seeing a child at her side.

    "Do you have any toys for me?" the child asks shamelessly, frantically chewing on some bubblegum.

    "Toys? No I don't have any toys I'm afraid."

    Anouk looks her up and down.

    "No toys? Too bad!" the child pouts while spitting out her gum on the pathway.

    Anouk frowns.

    "Shouldn't you be at school, young lady?"

    "Heh, school, don't I look smart enough yet?" the child smirks while she unfolds a new gum and hops it into her mouth.

    "Well, you look more like a little Bronto to me!"

    The girl gasps.

    "A little Bronto?"

    "Yes, you do", Anouk hides a smile, "little Bronto's also chew all day, be it on plants though".

    The child makes a face at Anouk and shows her her back.
    Anouk quickly takes the old bubblegum from the pavement and puts it on the bench beside her.

    "I'm sorry if I offended you, darling. But come sit next to me and tell me about the kind of toys you like, maybe, just maybe, I might stumble on to it someday and then I know who to give it to."

    The child turns back with a radiant smiles and hops next to Anouk on the bench.

    "Well, I like dolls most, I collect dolls, I would like a room full of dolls, I want all the dolls one can find!" the child rattles chewing with half-open mouth.

    "That are a lot of dolls if you ask me, dear."

    "Well I hope they're a lot!" the child cries hopping to her feet again, unable to sit still for a while.
    "Oooh, no, bubble-gum on my cushion, and it won't come off!" the little girl cries in despair. "Mother will be furious."

    "Hm, yes, I have had those on some shoes of mine too...several times, annoying isn't it! Imagine that gum sticking into the hair of one of your dolls some day, you would surely need to cut it!"

    The girl starts to cry.

    "Give me your cushion dear", Anouk says with compassion. She rumbles in her bag and takes out a little pencillike device, pushes a button and points it at the gumspot.

    "What are you doing? You're not burning it out are you?"

    "No, I'm not doing that, I'm freezing it. There, it is off already." She hands over the cushion.
    "Doesn't work out all the time, mind you! Better be careful and throw your gum in the bin next time, or wrap it into a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket untill you find one".

    "Perhaps....", the child stammers, still terrified with the thought of hairless dolls.

    Anouk gets up, straightening her suit.

    "If you do that, I'm certain I will remember you when I find a doll, because I will be convinced it 'll be in good hands with you".

    The child looks at her with sparkling eyes.

    "I will throw it in the bins, Miss, see?" throwing her current gum in the bin next to her. "Dont forget me, will you?"

    "I won't", Anouk says smiling. Walking away she thinks to herself, "I hope this will reduce the amount of gums on the street drastically in some days."

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    The punching bag was swinging as vigorously as Lena was sweating. The frustration was being exuded through the intensive exercise. To finish things off, she sprung up, lunged at the bag and tackled it before tumbling down with a thud and bumping against the padded wall.

    Sitting, her arms braced around her knees, she let a small chuckle at her own silliness and stood up. She wiped her face, threw the towel carelessly and cracked her neck. The jacuzzi would finish calming her.

    The warmth enveloped her as she sat in the water. After a few minutes of marinating in the mix of herbs and fragrance, she was feeling giddy as a pickle and ready to start analyzing the fish tail of today's goose chase. Catching a fixer is like catching a greased leet... But catching a fixer when you almost scream out your presence is not really putting odds on your side.

    "We need a different tactic. I could swear he spotted us before he started heading north to Rompa. The way he just stopped, waited, then changed direction is screaming 'I saw you guys'..." she said, her words recorded on the memo.

    Anyone with an ounce of gray matter would check the scan for what the eyes can't see. Nobody could have failed to notice the throng of dots.

    "How to catch a fixer..."

    She was tapping her index on her lips, lost in thoughts, her brain racing. After trying to come up with different solutions, all flawed, she leaned back against the side of the tub, a smile slowly stretching her lips.

    "...Ask another fixer."
    Angelena "Oozi" Rhees
    Detective Sergeant, Department of Investigations

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    Julia steps in her apartment, takes her visor off and throws it on the table on her right as she enters the 'livingroom'. She walks to the opposite wall and hits her fist to it.
    For a moment, a total silence falls.

    "A file on me? My ass! Everytime i run into a poller, none of them tries to arrest me! He's just talking nonsense! Theyre useless anyway. And they make people believe that Omni Tek protects! HAH!"

    She swings her fist again to the wall and grints her teeth.

    "I am gonna make them see, that they are useless.. I'm gonna prove them, that they cannot even handle a clan chick like me! Even if i have to go alone, I AM GONNA DO IT!"

    She growls, and swings her fist to the wall third time, causing her knuckles to rip open, and leaving blood marks to the spot she hit.

    Julia takes a deep breath and whispers... "Im gonna show them..."

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    Her com unit had been blaring all morning. When it went off once more, Lena couldn't help cringing a little, but she took the call nonetheless.

    It was Nema, informing her of what was going on. "...Oh bloody hell." Lena dropped. She could foresee the headache coming up as he was exposing the situation. "Why the &amp;$?@ is she interrogated? Sh*t. Sh*t sh*t sh*t!" Lena swore profusely under her breath.

    Anouk risked a question. "What is with Miss Ye? Is she in danger?"

    Lena tried to gather the essential while leaving out the sensitive. "No. She is in re-education and is to be handled carefully. All allusions to a previous personality are strictly forbidden or I'll drag someone's ass straight up to Director Pourais. ...Bloody hell." Lena said.

    "Hmm I cannot allude to her to something I don't know, Ma'am." Anouk replied.

    Lena nodded to herself. "Good... But just alluding that she may have been someone else in the past could undermine the efforts of Omni-Reform" she precised.

    She could only wonder who this Alexo. The databases were being touchy feely about requests nowadays. Her latest request about Alexo returned a less then satisfactory answer.

    After a few moments, Nema chimed in again. "Damn, we need to get access into the DoI building", he let out.

    "You'll need authorization, same way DoI needs autorization to access OP's building." Lena dropped.

    "We tried to get inside, I sent Anouk with papers, but she couldn't enter the building." Nema added.

    "Check with DoI for access." Lena repeated, managing to keep a flat tone. As much as she would have loved to blow up the door of the DoI's headquarters right about now, she couldn't possibly consider it.

    "Nema, I'm not bringing papers, I want to get more myself!" Anouk protested. Lena fought a chuckle. She was all too aware of Anouk's fascination, almost devotion, for paper... And how tidy it was to be kept. At the risk of shredding important files if they'd reek of whiskey, smoke, or both.

    Lena finished putting on her brand spanking new First Tier Soldier Armor, then stood for a while, thoughts nagging her. She remembered the advertisement that Miss Ye put up on the grid. A fixer, figures... I wonder if Hunt and his merry band of vassals were interrogating her about that advertisement or if they wanted to know more about the circumstances of her presence in Rompa when we were on our toes with Turms Falon, she wondered.

    At this second, the flow of her thoughts slowed down to a still.

    "No way... Mmm, I'm not sure I'm liking this... At all."

    She muttered to herself, then shook it off and hopped on her bike. The door hissed, letting her out of Highrise 6 and into Omni-Trade. She pushed the engines in a quick vertical ascent, then moved her body to take a curve, heading to the Omni-Ent whompah.
    Angelena "Oozi" Rhees
    Detective Sergeant, Department of Investigations

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    Julia "Ciyanid" Gilliano

    Around 11pm, a shadowy figure slides through Omni Trade District. Feels like this has happened before, as the figure sneaks behind a Male guard and drags him to the shadows of the buildings.
    A slight sound of struggle is heard... and a sound like a throat was just slit open.

    The figure peeks behind a corner and takes a deep and heavy breath.

    "Here starts the blood gutter..." She sprints to run and takes form of a sabertooth, taking down the urban trooper infront of her. It will only be minutes, before the guard is lifelessly lying on the floor.

    The dark figurine runs into the shadows again, leaving only bloody footsteps behind.

    "And this time, i am serious.."

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    Later that night...

    Julia leaned to the wall of her apartments entrance hall.

    "It went pretty well.."

    She looks down at her bleeding arm and smiles.

    "It was worth it... I wonder if Pol will take any actions after that, or will they continue being lazy useless idiots?"

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    Now that my /RP partner is back, I'm sure stuff will pick up a bit. <3
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    DJ Gimpeline's voice announced the next song on Omni-Pol Radio.
    Anouk was hanging in her couch, dangling her feet in a small tub filled with Brontomilk. They felt all sore from the running around lately, as she was getting more and more deployed into patrols and the fieldwork outside. The chase yesterday in Omni-Trade was the final drop, resulting in a couple of blisters.

    "I think I'll need some boots too", Anouk thought to herself, gazing at her ruined leaves shoes.
    She had worked through the paperwork at a very rapid pace, the daily amount didn't suffice to keep her busy all day long.
    Sometimes she secretly wished the power would fall out in the Office, so the Officers would "have" to write things down manually, even if it was only for one day.

    She reached next to her to the little sidetable to take another cup of coffee.

    "I need to get me a new provision of milk", she mumbles turning to her Assistant.
    "Bizzy, get me a towel please, we have to visit the Bronto Mama today!"

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