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    Ione was feeling quite fabulous today.

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    Julia "Ciyanid" Gilliano

    "I know im forgetting something here.." She sighs as she stares at the ceiling of her apartment. For last two years she had been living in that same 'crib', and still, she had not even noticed the cracks up there.
    "I havent been spending much time in here, huh..." She whispers.

    After a moment of silence Julia gets up and leans to the side of the livingroom table. Many thoughts run through her head, but suddenly the flow stops. Julia looks down and runs her fingers through her red, slightly curly hair, that now freely was hanging partly on her face.
    "Where is she now when ya need someone to kick ya out from yer castle in the sky...?"

    Everything just seemed to go wrong. But there was no one to listen her worries.

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    "Red marked......Bold underlined.......Need to be signed.....Red marked....."

    Anouk places the papers on their respective stack, those that need to be signed are carefully put in a plastic cover.
    She starts to cough as a white cloud of dust reaches her nostrils.

    "Bizzybit....what ARE you doing???"

    She turns around to her assistant which is dusting the room with a plumeau made of reetfeathers. Her eyes widen and she starts to tremble as she sees what has happened.
    The blackboard behind her -, where the General of Field Operations used to write in chalk the "reminders of the day", which was 'till seconds ago filled with white and red underlined scribblings,- looked spotless black. She groaned with fear.

    "No, not the General's notes, oh no, Bizzybit, what have you done?!"

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    "I still think it's hilarious!", the little nanomage engineer snickered when they came out of Rompa Bar. "Wiping the General's notes! Well he'll have his eyes on you now for a while, rather you than me!"

    Anouk looked worried.

    "Those things sometimes happen with low-budget assistants, I'm sure he knows", she tried to comfort Anouk. "If you like I'll take a look at Bizzybit to see if I can somehow fine-tune it. I admit I'm still following classes, but I'm learning fast and it would make a wonderfull subject for my thesis".

    "Well... I don't know if that's such a good idea". She still shivered when thinking of the huge engineer bot that messed up the papers once.

    "Oh come now, trust me, I'll just take a look at it and when I'm not convinced I can improve it, I won't move one screw!" Nema looked eagerly at Anouk.

    "Okay, go ahead then, but see to it I get it back in one piece, and don't do anything if you're not sure of it. I NEED that assistant. Oh, and I want it back within the day!"

    They parted in front of the bar, Anouk heading listlessly to the Grid.

    "Check 20 Omni-Tek Employees for their ID in Borealis....." The loud and strict voice of the General still resounded in her ears. "20 Omni-Tek Employees Borealis..."

    That was more work than she anticipated, everyone knew ID checks weren't popular. Not only people felt aimed at, they also didn't want to lose their precious time to it. So once they would catch sight of her, seeing her stopping people and ask them questions they'ld be taking sideways.

    Anouk passed the Bronto Burger stand, it recently got a new owner who was still trying to get business going. She stopped to buy herself some refreshing drink, it had been hot all day and she would have to stand, perhaps for who knows even hours in Borealis to get her assignment done. The woman in the stand smiled at her, and seemed glad to be able to sell something. She looked worn out and Anouk gave her a comprehensive look, she knew how hard it was sometimes to make both ends meet. Suddenly she got an idea, her face brightened, and she turned to the burgerlady starting a talk.

    (to be continued)

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    Borealis was a very common town, not at all like the modern towns of Omni-Tek. But it was lively and a mix of people passed the grid, entering and coming out, the omni's more hurried than the relaxed neutrals. In front of her a group of young neutrals were hanging around the wall, chatting and telling jokes. It was the most active moment of the day.

    Anouk straightened her suit, brought a loose curl into place and scraped her voice.

    "Excuse me, Sir, yes you yes, can I have a minute of your time, please?"

    A very muscular Atrox frowned at her questioningly.

    "You are an Omni-Tek Employee as I can see, and I was wondering if I could check your ID for a min, Sir, you do have one, Sir?"

    The Atrox looked puzzled.

    "It looks like this". Anouk briefly holds out her own to show him. Some bypassers stop to see what is going on. The Atrox shakes his head.

    "Don't tell me you don't know it exists Sir. Every Omni-Tek Employee is entitled to have one."

    The strongbuild Atrox looked reluctantly, searching for excuses to get away, not in the mood to spend his lunch break discussing the necessity of ID's with some nosy policewoman.

    "Apart from the fact that it can sometimes be an annoying little something that makes you loose time on check-ups by Officers..." Anouk smiles, " does have other benefits too! But I have a feeling not many people know that yet, and so are inclined to save them the small amount of time it takes in getting one!"

    Anouk gives a significant look around, already there is a small crowd gathered around her, and more are drawing near. Even the young neutrals stopped their wall hugging and strolled closer.

    "You see, Sir, with this small Chip", holding it up in the air again for all to be seen, "you are not only showing you are a well respected Omni-Tek Employee living in the best kept towns of the planet, BUT!!!!....sometimes you can take advantage of special sales and promotions, and there happens to be one of those right now!" Anouk nods meaningfully.

    "At this very moment....'till the end of the week, you can have a 20% discount at the Bronto Burger stand at Omni-Ent 1 when you show your "Omni-Tek Issued Identification Chip"!
    Yes, you heard that well, 20% discount on Burgers 'till the end of the week, that is....if you are the proud owner of this little nifty gadget!"

    The in meanwhile rather large crowd buzzed with excitement.

    "So, If you don't wanna miss out on this, you'ld better hurry up and get your very own ID with City Administrator Chapman in Omni-Ent 1 for free! The burgertent is only some steps away from him, so you could get your very 20% discount burger before your current lunchbreak ends. I would say, hurry up so you're the first in line!"

    The Atrox' face brightened by the hearing of the Burger-word, and is making his way to the Grid, where suddenly a lot of people seem to be fixed on.

    "That are definitely twenty people that Mr Chapman will receive, he will have to skip his lunchbreak today, I fear." Anouk chuckles. "I hope the General is satisfied with my work!"

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    As Clwlyss

    Clwlyss waited at the door for the rain to stop, shaking the remnants of the water off his overcoat, he calmly stepped into Field Ops Office in Clon****. Looking around, he breathed a sigh of relief. General Feyad was out of the office. This impromptu competition with Department of Investigations to capture "Larnue" Rhees had everyone on edge. Just about anything could set the General off, and our budget was running out of coffee cup replacements. Looking around by the General's desk, Clwlyss spots the pile of broken coffee cups by the wall. Rummaging around in his own desk, Clwlyss came up with some industrial *Super-Glue*. Handing it to his Bureaucratic Assistant, Clwlyss tells the bot to repair the cups and return them to the General's desk.

    Sitting down at his own desk, Clwlyss begins to go though the day's messages and paperwork in his In-Box. "Hmmm, what's this?" looking at a request for reimbursement for 200 Bronto Burgers from Bontro Burger, Inc. Turning to his grid-comp, Clwlyss dials up Bronto Burger, Inc. Rubi-Ka. "Hello," he speaks at the computer, "Accounting please. Thank-you."

    "Hello, accounting?" "Yes, this is Corporal Clwlyss, Omni-Pol. I have this requisition for reimbursement for 200 Bronto Burgers?" "Yes, that's the one." "Who authorized this? Corporal Anouk? Did she provide you with a Form Alpha-3756B-SigmaTheta 49C Reimbursement?" "No? Then I'm sorry, but I can't authorize payment for this request." "No, she did not have authorization to make that arrangement with the Bronto Burger station in Omni-1 Entertainment." "No, I'm sorry but I can't make retro-active authorization either. I'll have to send this up through the Chain of Command to General Feyad Rahl." "No, I don't know how long that will take, the General is a very busy man. Yes, I will bring it to his attention as soon as he is in the office." "Thank you. Have a nice day, and remember Omni-Pol Serves to Protect!"

    Clwlyss flags the request and sends it along with a digital recording of the conversation to General Rahl's In-box. Thinking to himself, Clwlyss is reminded that he's due to get his Adonis Garden Keys. Now where are those vacation days requestition forms again.....
    Alexsi "Nadab" Stefanovich

    Corporal Officer, Omni-Pol Field Ops

    T-Sgt1C, Omni-AF, 4th Fusiliers RST, Retired.

    If I'm the Agent of Shai-hulud, where's my 10% ?
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    Julia was prepairing to attack her target. Slowly, she sneaks behind the Omni-Pol officer and draws her pistols at him, blasting the man's head into million pieces. "I'd tell ya to use the helmet if it wasnt this much fun for me" She chuckles as she leaves bloody footsteps behind her.
    She adjusts something under her helmet and leaps up and up ontop of the Omni-Entertainment's rooftops.

    Good music made Julia's day perfect.

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    The communication device started beeping. Anouk took off her rubber gloves, bells of foam whirling everywhere. She hurried to the kitchen table to answer the call.

    "Yes, hello, Missy here."

    "Anouk? It's me, Nema".

    "Nema? Finally! Where were you? I tried to get to you yesterday evening, but the botmonsters at the door of the technical section didn't want to let me in, "Only authorized personnel allowed". I said I needed my assistant back the same day, now all my work is in delay!"

    "Yes, I'm sorry, but..."

    "Have you any idea the problems this is causing me? Here I am, hair unbrushed, still in pyama's , washing my suit with my very own hands! Not to mention the trashcan still standing here starting to get smelly, the room needing vacuuming, and so much more I could write you a whole list! Oh I wish I had time to write lists! Is Bizzybit still in one piece, did you upgrade his performance?" Anouk rattled.

    "Well, I did take a good look at it, a very good look, I disassembled it completely and I can say the amount of parts is astonishing! That's why it took me so long, you see. I now have a very precise list of what your type of assistant is made off, my master-technician will be excited about my thesis I dare say!"

    "Disassembled?" Anouk cried with a high voice.

    "No worries, I put it back together again, I cleaned every wire, oiled every nut and screw, blew out all dustparticles and polished the metal untill I could see myself in it. So I would say it's ready to serve you again. We'll have to see how it performs."

    "But it is improved then? Or not?"

    "It is an old model, but it'll probably last a while longer. But since I know how you adore your metal friend, I gave it a bigger and more sofisticated memorychip. It is removable so if you ever need or wish a new shell for it, you can just click this one in and it will remember everything it was and even add new things to it. I could explain it more but I doubt when I start talking technically you will understand", Nema giggled. "By the way, how did the ID-check go in Borealis, I hope you didn't lose all day?"

    Anouk smiled. "It went amazingly well, it only took me about half an hour or so. I think I'm better in the fieldwork than I first expected. Though I do like the office more still. Haven't seen the General yet, but it probably means he is content with my work, you hear them sooner when they are not! Anyway, I'll see you in a bit, can't wait to put Bizzybit to work again"!

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    Bizzybit was seemingly wandering the rooms of the new Field Operations Office In Omni-Trade. In truth he continuously scanned the environment for unwanted visitors, so his Mistress could perform her work undisturbed.

    Anouk was still alone in the Office working herself through the list of Files on her computer. She liked the real paperwork more, the crispy feeling of paper between her fingers. Some of those papers were almost impossible to resist, if she could she would like to have some of them added to her private collection, but that was not allowed, all information here had to be kept safe from unauthorized eyes.

    But the note she found on the side of her desk she could keep without tresspassing any rules. It were some workinstructions from Sergeant Rinne, very formal and non-secret, but still she could sense the friendly tone in the handwriting, as if a butterfly-wing had softly brushed the paper. She waved it under her nose and smelled it, she held it under her nostrils sniffing very sofly, then inhaling very deeply. You could compare it with the tasting of wine. She distinguished the odour of the paper imbued with the smell of the ink and in the background the scent of a sweetsmelling fragrance. The picture of her Sergeant came to her mind, smiling and saying: "Get to work Corporal, this should be finished by noon!"

    Anouk startled and got up. She decided to orden the desks first so her eyes could rest for a bit, so the slight burning feeling from watching a screen too long would disappear. But the desks were perfectly in order, all documents where neatly stapled, no circles of coffeecups to be seen, except for a crumpled stained envelope half hidden under the keyboard.

    "Now that doesn't seem to belong here, Ma'am is much to tidy to have something like this flying around."

    Anouk picks it up with her fingertips, wrinkling her nose.

    "Bah, it smells", covering her nose with the other hand,"....whiskey or so."

    Holding it with outstretched arm in front of her she runs to the corner.

    "There...into the shredder with it!"

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    Julia leaps accross the rooftops in Omni Entertainment, and suddenly something caughts her attention. She stops and looks down.

    "No.. F**king.. way... Was that just now..?" She gasps.

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    Now that my /RP partner is back, I'm sure stuff will pick up a bit. <3
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    "Stand still!"

    Anouk circles her assistant, measuring it's size.

    "About 25 inches wide, depth seems also to be just about right...., yes, I do think it's possible!"

    She activates her Communication device, waiting for response.

    "Nema? Hi, Anouk here. I was wondering if you could do me a favour?...You need to make a hatch in the breastplate of Bizzybit!"

    "Why would you want to do that?"

    "Extra storage!....
    I just figured out that the "Miyashiro Superior Enhanced Coffee Machine" I got as a present from Sergeant Rinne would just fit into his chest, and it would really be a big help.
    Lieutenant Rhees warned me never to leave our personal things behind in the office when we're not on duty, just to avoid problems and such, and so it would be a real help if I could make Bizzybit carry it. I do need it to make coffee in the morning, no office is complete without the smell of freshmade coffee!
    Can you do that?"

    She hears a deep sigh.


    "I'll take a look at it if you wish, but I'm afraid your assistant isn' t as hollow as it sounds! "

    "It does sound hollow enough though, just see if it's possible, will you? I'll catch you up later today."

    Anouk turns to her brandnew coffee machine with sparkling eyes, ready to relax with some nice cup of freshly made coffee.

    "Oh, yes, almost forgot! Need to write a mail to General Rahal first before I forget!"

    To: General Rahal
    Subject: Request for manual of operations

    Dear General,

    I would like to request a manual of operations for the beast in the office. Lieutenant Rhees said you could provide me with this.
    Thank you very much, Sir!

    Kind Regards,
    Corporal Anouk.

    Anouk clicks the send button, takes her coffee and curls up on the couch, listening to Omni-Pol Radio.

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    Feyad moved about in the new office in Trade. "Yes," he thought to himself, "this will do nicely." Looking at the neat and clean desks, orderly files and sparkling new holo-projector, Feyad imagined to himself being able to direct his Officers more efficiently now. Getting down to business, Feyad began to look for an envelope that he had left here the other day. Not seeing it, he sat down at one of the computer terminals and fired off a memo to all Officers.

    To: All Field Ops Personnel
    From: General "Feyad" Rahl

    Re: DOI Case files

    Atten: To all personnel, I'm looking for a large manila folder with printed case file notes inside. The folder is distinctive due to the whiskey stains and smell. If you find this folder, bring it to me ASAP.

    General Rahl

    While in the computer, Feyad reads any current messages. "For the love of...." exclaims Feyad as he reads a request for a SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) manual. Feyad begins typing out an explicit memo to the requesting officer.

    To: Corporal Missy "Anouk"
    From: General "Feyad" Rahl

    Re: Beast

    Corporal, the vermin and squatters found in the office are to be dealt with severely and their remains are to be incinerated, provided that does not overwhelm the air circulation system. I expect this office to be clear of vermin and un-authorized personnel at all times.

    General Rahl
    Alexsi "Nadab" Stefanovich

    Corporal Officer, Omni-Pol Field Ops

    T-Sgt1C, Omni-AF, 4th Fusiliers RST, Retired.

    If I'm the Agent of Shai-hulud, where's my 10% ?
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    Richard Price sat quietly at his desk, listening to the profit reports. Sales were up, but it didn't matter. If the latest "issue" leaked out it would all be over. His web that he'd spent so long weaving, would be undone. He would have to deal with this one...
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    Omni Trade was dark, with the suns setting. Hazy mist rolled through the streets. Simone set her jet bike down, nanobots scanning, deconstructing, and shrinking the parts down as she set her second black Omni-pol boot to the pavement. She swiped the card on the key lock, and sighs.

    "I wish we would get the body-scan security system soon..." She glared at her key card before putting it away.

    The door hissed open, and closed as she strode through. In the lobby she set her briefcase down pulling out a small box tapping it lightly, nanobots once again began to work constructing her robotic assistant. She continued down the hall executing more nanos trespassers jumping up and grabbing their weapons.

    "How may I be of service Master?" Her bot chimed as it sprinted down the hall to Simone.
    The Opifex, and Atrox intruders' eye began to glaze over, lowering their weapons, also trudging to the officer. "As you wish..." they mumbled in a monotone voice.

    The robotic as assistant sprang forward stomping his foot on a small Malle. Simone Sat in the desk chair, her coffee machine already in place and bubbling in a matter of seconds. She leaned back in her chair watching the screen. she reach out dancing her fingers on the holographic display in front of her, the screen reacting form her instructions.

    "Oh a message!" she whispered to herself, she reached to the side and initiated the grid radio. throughout the room's sound system. light hearted, and yet quick paced pop music began to fill the room. She leaned back turning her head to the bot, Opifex male, and Atrox held captive to her nanos.

    "You." she pointed to her bot. "Start cleaning." The Bot's AI chirped in acknowledgement.
    She turned back to the desk. and began to read the mail. As soon as she finished an reply box popped up, and she began typing in the air...

    To: General "Feyad" Rahl
    From: Simone "Psysim" Rinne
    Re: Re: DOI Case files

    Sir. does this folder have a tracking number from the DOI? or perhaps a certification of delivery? Should we be expecting a courier, or grid transport?

    Sergeant Rinne

    She turned back to the Opifex and Atrox. "Attack." she calmly said, two gunshots rang out less than a second apart. The Bot hurried over mop in hand.

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    Lieutenant Angelena "Oozi" Rhees entered her security code in the interface and immediately noticed the message waiting. Lena opened it first, as it was coming from her immediate superior officer, General Rahl.

    To: All Field Ops Personnel
    From: General "Feyad" Rahl

    Re: DOI Case files

    Atten: To all personnel, I'm looking for a large manila folder with printed case file notes inside. The folder is distinctive due to the whiskey stains and smell. If you find this folder, bring it to me ASAP.

    General Rahl

    Lena stared, her mind bugging her. "Wait a minute... Whiskey stains, smells?..."

    The previous day, Lena had explained to Corporal Missy Anouk, Simone's new assistant, that paper is not cost efficient and the ratio of space/information was horrible for paper compared to datacrystals...

    "Then why would they make it dirty and stink like whiskey so one haves to throw it away?" Anouk asked.
    "Are you talking about paper or the office?" inquired Lena.
    "Paper ofcourse, and yes...even IN the Office, I already thought I was smelling something funny when I came in"" replied Anouk.

    Lena's deep brown eyes narrowed as it started to dawn on her.

    "...Oh no. If she threw that away... Oh hell...", she muttered.

    She sprung up from her seat and proceeded to methodically search each and every trash receptacle that could exist in the office, hoping to find the DoI folder.

    Ending up empty handed, she suddenly stopped as a thought started crawling up in her mind... Her face turning livid, she sprinted toward the paper shredder.

    Her teeth were clenched as she started muttering. "...Daily, shark tank, cleaning, duty. Everyday. For a full month. With a bloody TOOTHBRUSH!!!"

    Lena barged through the door and sled to brake before hitting the desk, grabbing its edge to keep balance, and crouched near the paper shredder.
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    Angelena "Oozi" Rhees
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    As Nema :

    T'was 6 in the morning and Nema woke up from her sleep, the suns were already shining brightly into her room.
    Nema stept out of her bed, walks to her personal Nanochamber where she starts to evoke her assistantbot as usual.
    'I'm ready to serve you Ma'am' BuzzyBot replied once it was fully materialized, ' I got an incoming signal from your in-box Ma'am, it's urgent, will I read it up for you Ma'am?'
    'My duty starts a 8 o clock, so instead of bothering me I would rather prefer to give me some nice wakeup sounds BozzyBot, I'll see to the message when I'm in FOps office, set a reminder for it' Nema replied.
    'Your wish is my command' replied BozzyBot, while looking outside to the wonderfull weather BozzyBot begins to scan his Database ... and starts Lakmé Flower Duet, followed by L'arpeggiata with Monteverdi's Teatro d'Amore.

    Still need to look at Anouks Assistant to see if I can integrate her coffeemachine into it, but her assistant was so full of data and even papers! the last time I decoded him. Not that he's that good compared to mine, her's just a 'collecting data assistant' while mine really can combine nanno energy and create the needed crystals or devices to solve daily problems on the FO bureau.

    While still listening to the music, Nema starts to prepare to go out to the FO Bureau, ' Those Omega's really knew how to snare the emotional sound into the brain, really astonishing what sounds they could produce in that age, they had nothing but wooden boards and snares and some silly boxes where they drummed a rythm on that could so kindly integrate with the environment.

    Arriving at FO Bureau Nema takes out her AccessCode key and walks right to the Beast, wondering why Lieutenant Angelena "Oozi" Rhees called this Mainframe a Beast she orders BuzzyBot to read the Urgent Message :

    To: All Field Ops Personnel
    From: General "Feyad" Rahl

    Re: DOI Case files

    Atten: To all personnel, I'm looking for a large manila folder with printed case file notes inside. The folder is distinctive due to the whiskey stains and smell. If you find this folder, bring it to me ASAP.

    General Rahl

    'A Beast? how can a nanocompiled mainframe be called a Beast? She better could call our General a Beast!
    would be much more striking to his Title, but then again our General isn't that bad for us, but still is a Beast when it comes to files, and .. ooo no .. what did you read there BozzyBot, oo no .. DOI Cases Files ... Files .. Anouk ... oo no , BozzyBot .. we have a problem! .. or rather Anouk has a problem !

    BozzyBot, send Anouk and urgent Distress Call

    To: Private Anouk
    From : Nema
    Classification : Coded FYEO

    Topic : DOI Files

    Anouk, Dear
    Did you read the Msg from our General Rahal? I hope you did, and I certainly hope you also read about the Papernotes that were drained in whiskey odour! Else I can't help you Anouk!
    I urgently want to see you and your Assistant if you like to solve your today's problem!

    You have a slight chance to still recover the bits and bytes of that written paper if you have read whats on it, or if your Assistant has taken it, he normally would have scanned it into his nanobrain>

    So you're not doomed yet, but report ASAP to me pls., come to FO office I will try to enhance the Vacuum nanoshowers in meanwhile, but hurry Anouk before General Rahal looses his patience

    -- This Nanomessage will erase itself when read by Private Anouk or her Assistent. --
    AuthorizationCode : N3m4 4193666

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    Anouk woke up from a beeping sound, she stretched her arm to stop the sound only to realize she wasn't in her bed, but still lying on the couch. The sound she heard came from her comm.

    "Oooh goodies, I overslept myself! I'm too late for work!"

    She leaps out of the couch and hurries to stop the beeping sound. She briefly looks at the sender.

    "Oooh, it's Nema. How nice of her to wake me up this way. Really inventive!"

    She dresses in a hurry, brushes her teeth, combs her hair, powders her nose, grabs her coffeemachine from the table and runs off, closing the door behind her.

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    Simone sighed in relief, the scraps of the pages have finally been reassembled. She set the evidence bag which contained the smelly, and now sticky mess into the evidence locker. What a mess, She almost expected the pages to burst into flames on the desk as the bots were in the process of piecing the tiny bits back together. It's over though now... one thing at a time...

    She tapped her Comlink and left a message for General Rahl: "Sir, the file shave been re assembled, scanned and backed up in triplicate. The originals are in a baggie, in evidence locker 56B. In case you would like to review the hard copies... just be careful they are fragile!"

    ... She paused like she was forgetting something... She shrugged

    "uhm please use the digital copies if you can sir, thank you!" She close the link, and moved for the door.

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    "Hmm now I just have to find a suitable volunteer."

    It had been another run of 2 tasks from the agency and then a trip to the Battlestation for Katelin to keep her up to date on the goings on. Free evening or not, making sure that she was checking the local bars under the guise of handing out more leaflets for that beer company was an ideal way to spend her time.

    The Battlestation caused more frustration than a feeling that her skills were being spent in a worthwhile exercise.. but the visit meant that her victory points were sufficient enough to invest in another gun for her rack... but this one was enormous and the ammunition rather costly.

    "I think perhaps one of those Corporals who was interested in a promotion would be a good choice... they will definitely look after the weapon if their career depends upon it."

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    "Corporal Anouk, sometimes, I really wonder if there -is- an assignment in Field Operations that you would be either willing or able to carry out. Do not make me make that an opinion."

    The words of Lieutenant Rhees kept echoing in her head. Anouk looked worried. She couldn't afford to make any more blunders, she needed this job! And yet now her superiors had given her a new assignment .........outside the Office!

    She felt cold shiverings run down her back.

    "I want piles of papers, HUGE piles of papers! Not some meeting with some whiskeysmelling investigator that doesn't care for paperwork.", she moaned.

    She stroke her forehead, looked at the ceiling holding her chin between her ringfinger and thumb, searching her mind for ways how to even start on such a task....

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