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    Mary sat down at her desk with a little paper.

    Dear ICC. You don't know me, but i have heard about you.
    I have discoverd that you have a bit of a rat problem on one of your islands.
    Big teeth! Scary things but fear not. R.U.R has the solution for you.
    I am sure we can get one of our engeneers to modify a DLK-2000. Thats our vacuum cleaner bot, to take care of them.
    The bot itself is cheap and perfect for this kind of job.
    It has 16 RD QPT processor, twin Roger-Roger jollyflaps, Nickelodeon v8.2 magnetic refrompinator, 'Last Dance' spheretropic synthesizer and gyroscopic paramorphic stablisers.
    It is only 699,99 credits, but if you act fast i am sure we can look into lowering it to 695 per unit.
    You will need about 100 to cover the island.

    Hope for positive reply.

    Mary Wormwood
    Rubi-Ka Universal Robots
    RK1 - Atlantean
    Lise "Gimpeline" Everwhite - Omni - Level 220/30/70 Martial artist
    Rudolph "Nissemann" Juhl - Omni- Level 220/30/70 Engineer
    Mary "Gimpa" Wormwood 2xx/30/xx Advy R.U.R
    Josephine "Gimpyposer" Dredd 21x/30/70 mp Omni-Pol
    Jarwar 2xx/30/xx Crat Wanderers Sanctuary
    Proud member of Leet Protection Agency

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    Eeod stared at the mess in the production room.

    "How on Rubi-Ka am I going to refrimble one hundred gyroscopic paramorphic stabilisers? Does Sales have any idea how much stress we are under?"

    He picked up a sander and a string of dental floss and began to refrimble the first gyroscopic paramorphic stabiliser that was to slow to avoid him.
    --Victor "Eeod" Linear. R.U.R. Engineer --
    Hath not a machine gears?
    Hath not a machine cogs, racks, pinions, cutters, bearings, spindles?
    Fed with the same electric, hurt with the same bits of grit getting in our works, subject to the same gremlins, healed by the same brute force, ignorance and big hammer as a human is?
    If you program us, do we not manufacture?
    If you take us apart, do we not shoot springs all over the floor?
    If you oil us, do we not purr?
    And if you ignore us.......... Do we not get ideas?

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    Julia squints her eyes at the bright green and pink lights. Slowly, she rememberes the last night.
    She takes a quick and a little panicked look at her arm.
    Her arm is still numb and aching like crazy.
    "Im so getting that back to ya" Julia frowns as she stands up and looks around.
    "Oh right, Baboons.."

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    A young female looks her outfit from the mirror. Her red and a bit curly hair rests on her shoulders.

    "Mm, this set of Tier-armour looks cool. I wonder how it still fits me this well.."

    She smiles and starts to tie her hair up on pigtails, when her right arm suddenly goes numb again. Loudly swearing She hits herself against the wall in her apartment.

    "Goddamn Poller! I think he hit the nerve..."

    She sighs and tries to get the arm work again. Success. She ties her hair up and checks everything looks good.

    "Yush, they should not notice.."

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    "And here are stored all the files and documents we have, of course their numbers grow day by day", the Officer who is giving a tour to Anouk explains.

    He looks real handsome in his spotless black uniform, but Anouk has her eyes glued to the huge collection of disks, data, papers, documents neatly stored everywhere around her.

    "Over there are piles of papers that still need to be classified, read through, put into maps to send them to the appointed higher ranked persons to sign, day-to day reports from our officers, name it. I'm sure you know better what to do with it all then a fieldperson", the officer winks.

    Anouk only notices the paperwork, she runs her finger lovingly over one of the papers covered with an elegant handwriting, neatly divided in sections .

    "I'm in heaven", she thinks.

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    New assignment.

    “Come in.”

    Louila pushed the door open, walked in and stopped. She could hear the door quietly close behind her back. Officer Siwicki looked up from the papers laying on his desk and smiled warmly at the reporter.

    “Louila, please, sit down” he gestured towards a comfy armchair in front of his desk.

    She moved towards the armchair trying to look confident and not nervous at all.

    “Thank you, officer.” she said and sat down.

    “I've called you today” Siwicki said “to talk to you about a very important assignment.” He looked at her for a moment still smiling at her.

    “I assure you I...” she started talking but stopped.

    “Please, don't be alarmed. Your performance so far has been excellent. Your superior has a very good opinion about you. Director Pourais chose you personally for this job.” He stood up, pulled another chair up in front of her and sat down again. She turned her chair clumsily to face him.

    “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind” he smiled at her “that you are perfectly capable of carrying out your assignment. It's the nature of it that I'm worried about.” She nodded slowly.

    “The people you are going to write your article about are dangerous. Their rhetoric can turn ideological correctness into something twisted and warped. I have no doubt they will try to do that to you.” He paused for a moment. “That is why I need to know if there is anything in your mind, any doubt, any resentment towards the corporation that they can explore to get to you.”

    She looked him straight in the eyes “No, officer. There isn't anything.”

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    Julia stares at the bartender.

    *a warning growl*

    The man looks at Julia and gives her the beer with shaking hands.

    "I f*cking hate tuesdays..."

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    Anouk returns from her patrol in Rome Blue. She was glad to come back to the Office, although she managed to write out some parking ticket fines with her brandnew and shiny metallic fountain pen. Words and letters looked so much better and elegantly written then when using a ballpoint. Of course the ink should be waterproof.

    In the hallway she notices a fresh bunch of papers lying on a trolley, and decides to take it with her, but there seems to be something wrong with the wheels.

    "Miss, Miss, let me help you out there!"

    She looks up and sees one of the engineers working here, followed by his huge droidpet. It must be one of the latest models, very sophisticated and such, totally different from her old and cheap Helper-Droid, but least Bizzybit is all polished up, spotless to the wire, while the gigantic monster in front of her desperately needed a good washing.

    "One of the wheels needs to be repaired Miss, but there has been so much work around today, and you know, a trolleywheel isn't exactly one of the priorities to be fixed first", he exclaims good humoured. "But! I will take care of it right now, and I even let my metal friend carry the lot for you! Matey, pick up that bunch of papers for the Missy!"


    A look of horror crosses her face as she sees the bot clumsily picking up the neatly arranged bundles, crumpling the sheets and putting them in total disorder.
    Her face turns pale white, and she lets herself sink on the chair nearby.

    "Please, please", she almost whispers with a trembling voice, "give the papers to my assistant, he is better trained for such delicate work".

    The engineer gives her a strange look, but orders his droid to hand them over. With the utmost care Bizzybit accepts them, shuffles them into place and puts them on his Mistress' lap. Anouk stares at the crumpled bundle, forcing back a sob. Desperately she looks around her, trying to find a way to mend the unmendeable.

    Her eye catches the sight of a huge Atrox Officer, sitting behind his desk on an oversized chair. Also on the trolley are some rectangular metal trays. She takes two of them, carefully putting the whole bundle inbetween those, making sure they're all straight, gets up and walks off to his spot in the room.

    "Excuse me Officer. Can you do me a favour, please? Could you sit on these for a while? I'll come to collect them in an hour or so. Thank you so very much for your help, Sir!"

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    quiet observation

    Termin sat down with a sigh, as he pulled out his datapad. It was always a nice change of pace, and at least a change of scenery to be able to take a short break and grab a cup of coffee outside of Neuters in Newland. Many times he would sit here, at a table out of the way, watching the ebb and flow of the various people, while he reviewed some of the many reports that crossed his path each day. Most people didn’t even notice his presence. He liked it that way. He observed. He was quite adept at picking up nuances of people’s personality, their strengths and their weaknesses, just in simply body language. In simple and for the most part totally unnoticed unconscious habits every one tends to pick up over time. Many times he would relax, just sitting in the shadows, watching people who were for the most part totally unaware of his presence much less his scrutiny.

    As he sat sipping the coffee, a blond man exiting Neuters caught his eye. Nothing very noticeable about the man. He had rather long blond hair pulled back out of his way, sideburns, and the clothing of a farmer. Nothing really of much notice in the man as he stood comfortably chatting with his companion, while sipping a beer. But.. there was something about the man, that kept his attention. What? A tilt of his head maybe? Perhaps it was someone he had encountered before in the course of his investigations.

    Sitting in the shadows as he was, he was pretty sure the blond man had not even noticed his presence. He quietly turned his datapad, so that it could id scan the man in question. Johann Fishmen, Neutral. A few more touches on his datapad brought up further information about the man. Yes, indeed a farmer as his clothing indicated. Resident of Northern Mort. And no apparent connection to anything that would have likely brought this man to his attention.. So, what was it about the man that caught his eye? There was something to him. Something that Termin felt, familiar. He had encountered this man before, he was sure of it. He could forget a face, forget a name, but mannerisms he rarely could be fooled on. And this would have been a mannerism that would have caught his attention before for some reason. Even though he couldn’t put his finger on what, he knew to trust his instincts. The mannerisms were the quiet keys to what makes us all tick. And they were something that he had always had quite a knack reading in others.

    He sat quietly sipping his coffee, observing this Johann, when apparently the man somehow felt the observation. His own instincts apparently kicking in. He turned slightly, a barely perceptible turn, and glance back. Imperceptible to most, but not to Termin. Nor was the reaction when Johann caught sight of Termin. Interesting. Yes, definitely interesting. Termin continued to sit sipping his coffee, now being even less obvious in his observation of the blond Johann, noting the mans change in body language. Tense. Extremely subtle, but definitely tense. The man was obviously very good at covering up his responses, but not good enough to prevent the slight loss of color that happened when he had noticed Termin sitting watching him. It could be nothing more than a neutral’s unease with the presence of someone obviously employed by the Corporation. Termin was after all, wearing a fairly obvious Omni-Tek coat. The OT symbol quite clear on his left chest. But somehow this man’s reaction was beyond what he would have expected. And the man was growing more and more uncomfortable by the minute. He may hide that in his face, but every subtle sign of the man’s body was signaling a tension, almost a stance of a fighter. His casual conversation with his companion, seemed strained now. Then he suddenly excused himself, and walked off. Heading with forcefully unhurried steps towards the nearby wompahs. Back to home most likely. To… safety? The man never glanced back at Termin again, but his body language gave him away. He was very aware of Termin’s presence.

    Termin simply watched. And wondered, where had he seen this man before? If he had been unsure of that before, the man’s subtle but unmistakable reaction to seeing him there, only proved it. He might have to think about this. He was interrupted by a soft beeping from his comm. pad, as other duties and requests interrupted his train of thought. Well something for a later time perhaps. When he had time. He drained his cup of coffee with a sigh, and stood up to return to his own duties, heading quietly toward the cluster of wompahs, toward Borealis, and back to his work.
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    The apartment in Omni Trade was cramped. Just as cramped as the workspace she'd been appointed to.

    It was a single room flat that looked haphazardly thrown together. Standard-size holoscreen mounted on the wall with a cheap couch in front, serving as a tiny living room. An elaborate computer desk in a corner with a worn-out chair before it, and a multitude of screens across the table and wall, obviously tailored for her needs in advance. At least the bed wasn't second hand. It had room for one and a half Solitus, or one Atrox. There were no windows, no way for daylight to seep inside. Only the pale glow of halogenic lamps that seemed to give her a headache the very instant. There was no such thing as interior design. Everything was chaotic and unruly.
    The kitchen was a tiny little space with some cupboard space and a few utensils for heating. A little refridgerator. That was it. She could barely turn around.
    Ione stepped into the bathroom, surprisingly large - it even had proper room for a shower - and stood in front of the mirror, in her underwear, staring at her reflection, running her fingers across her face and to her temples. Something was badly amiss and she could not put her finger on it. Turning around before the mirror, she gazed at herself, the strange marks on her skin - what seemed like traces from tattoo removal on her upper back. A light scarring on her nape. Circular, barely distinguishable scars around the middle of her upper right arm and around her upper thighs. They were too even to be accidental.
    Her skin looked pale, giving emphasis to the freckles that covered almost the entirety of her upper body. Little blush-toned dots all over. She had seen barely anyone else with them on the planet so far. Maybe they just were more common on Omni Prime?
    Her body was short and wiry for a woman in her mid-twenties. It seemed unremarkable in every sense - not much in the way of any bust, a coder's stringy arms, hips were so utterly average, the only thing that stood out was her toned thighs. Apparently she'd been an active jogger on Prime. Something for exercise while working as an office tech monkey.

    She went to the closet. Inside was what seemed a mass of black at first; Omni-Tek employees' uniforms one after another, and then a drawer of leisurely wear, no doubt new fashions from Miiir, dominantly in plastic, faux leather and black. Black on black. They were as though all had been picked according to a predefined profile. Slick cuts and straps. They looked like something a style-conscious hacker might go for.
    Dressing in a pair of plain leatherlook leggings and a sleeveless high-collared top, she threw herself on the couch with an energy drink can in hand and turned on the holoscreen to catch up on the news. For some odd reason she didn't remember watching any at all for the months she'd spent in evaluation.
    Headlines of successful smuggler raids and new advancements in Omni-Tek technology. Corporate propaganda in every turn. Clan terrorist hackers deported to offworld prisons. The name had a strangely familiar ring to it - 'Milly Harrada'. No picture was shown of the deportee.

    And all the while, the watchful eyes of security cameras followed Ione's every turn.

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    Agrestus handed in his resignation. The press were quick on their feet, and quickly barraged him with questions as he left the city in Stret East.

    "Why did you leave? What about the minister position? Does this mean Third Faction will change?"

    He quickly stated his ministerial position would remain, but kept it brief. He knew if he stopped to talk he'd never get out. Taking the whompah to Newland, he took a breath of fresh air. Now he had only one job to worry about, and that was enough.


    "Yes, yes. All the paperwork has been sorted."
    "You start next Saturday, General Jones."
    "Good. I want to make clear I'm not some pushover hippie like the previous general... My plans shall begin."
    "Well, we're looking forward to it."
    = Captain "Arthazar" Harcrow (Captain of The Phoenix Fortune)
    = Reporter "Lucetta" Phoenix (IRRK Freelance Reporter)
    = Sir "Sterlings" Furlocke (The Old English Trading Co.)
    = Dr. Malcom "Cormack" Ardman (University of Borealis)
    = "Paulon" McPhasefront, "Georj" Hairyson, "Johnar" Lemon & "Morninn" Starr (The Leetles)
    = "Gridfeed" (Camera Drone)
    = Director "Dartello" Marello (Black-Net)
    = DCI "Validius" Hunt (Department of Investigations)
    = DS John "Streller" (Department of Investigations)

    = Major "Jimako" Jones (OTAF)
    = Mack "Teffler" Falloway (Clan hunter/trader)

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    Julia takes a peek at the people around Agrestus, trying to hear what they are talking about.
    She follows as Agrestus pushes through the group after a while and takes the wompah to Newland. Julia sits down on top of the wompah and frowns.

    "Leaving Third Faction..?"

    Meanwhile in DoI HQ...

    Nichola rubs her forehead. Last few days had been really calm and there was nothing to do.

    "Detective Kelly, You have one message and one call-back request"

    She looks down at her communication device and with a sigh she types in the information and starts a visual connection.

    "Yes, i am busy right now, could you possibly- " She stops with a upset look on her face, and slowly gathers herself and tightens her cadence.

    "WHY are YOU calling me NOW!?!"

    After a while she walks from the computer room and leaves the building.

    DC Swift stares at Nichola and sighs.

    "Oh those poor souls that happen to run to Nic...She has a killer aura"

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    Everyone was talking about the upcoming party at the ICC Headquarters in Andromeda, it was the topic of the week.

    Anouk wondered what it would be like, she never went to a party on Rubi-Ka before. Would there be many people, would all go well when presumably people from different factions would attend? Probably some officers would get appointed to keep an eye on things, and make sure to keep the peace. She hadn't seen any paper or roster yet, but it wouldn't be the first time that some Officers got orders at the very last minute.

    She loved to go and see the festivities, look at all the people in party dresses, all happy and cheerful. What would she wear if she did go? Nothing in her wardrobe suited the occasion, infact, her wardrobe looked very empty...There was her white uniform - one day she hoped to get a black version of it too-, her cratsuit - not so new but well kept and utterly clean-, and a long white dress she had never worn yet, but she doubted it would suit this occasion. She didn't own any fancy things, her salary was still very moderate being only recently employed.

    "I should go take a look in Omni-Entertainment or Omni-Trade to see if I can find some kind of boutique with some nice clothes. I hope to find something decent and yet festive, I do have to bear in mind that I am an Omni-Pol employee too, and even in my free time i have to give the right example".

    She took a book of the shelves, and opened it. The inside revealed only the edges of papers, the inside was cut out, forming a space where she kept her savings.

    "Now let me see...."

    She counted the credits, took one fourth of the amount, closed the book, reopened it to take a slight amount more.

    "Hm, I still need lots of things and a fancy dress is not what I need most of the time, so this should do it, unless they price their wares ridiculously high!"

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    First steps

    "No Tuxie, its great! not scary at all and the landscapes are so much better and more beautifull than on rk. If you ever get the chance take it!

    Tux stood up and tried to make something of his hat, which was now, after 3 tons of rock, more flat than a the thinnest french pancake. In his hands an equally flat rifle was tossed aside. He rushed toward a statue. while thinking to him self

    "I really need a better gun...and money for that matter..."

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    Gun sits in a back booth in Neuters R Us, chatting with Mokeny0. They had both acknowledged an interest in each other, and were enjoying each others company. Gun was telling the end of the "Leet from orbit" story, and had Mok rolling around her bench seat, laughing. Noticing a person standing at the entrance of the booth, Gun turns to see Aerya standing there. With a quick warning glance at Mok, he smiles in welcome, 'Good day, Aerya, and how is Reforms Finest today?'
    'I am fine, Major, and yourself?'
    'Doing quite well, as a matter of fact', Gunftyr grins.
    Noticing Mokeny0, Aerya examines her with a cool stare, 'I can see that. I dont believe I know your friend'
    Shooting Mok another glance, Gun waves in an off hand manner, ' Ahh, this is one of my people. Names are so blase these days.' Gun motions for her to have a seat on the bench across from him, 'So, what can I do for you?'
    With another evaluating glance towards Mok, Aerya grins slyly and slides in next to Gun, snuggling up next to him. She grins wider as she notices Mokeny0s cheeks turning pink. 'You looked lonely over here so I thought I'd come over and fix that.' She smiles sweetly into Moks scowl, 'Dont you think he looks lonely?'
    Mokeny0 opens her mouth for a scathing rebuttal, but is interrupted by Gun. "Sure you did, Omni Reform is well known for their concern. Now what are you REALLY up to?'
    Aeryas fake pout disappears instantly, "Fine, be that way. Ruin a girls fun, why dont you?' She gives a dramatic sigh, and becomes businesslike. 'I have a proposal for you.'
    'Do you now? How much does it pay? Whats the objective?'
    'Pay? There is no pay for this little venture, but I think you may be interested, none the less.'
    Gun turns to face her and leans back on the bench seat, 'Convince me.'
    Aerya nods, 'I have an idea. This is mine and mine alone. This is not a Reform sanctioned job, and Im doing it with assets that either I control personally, or trust. I am able to contribute my own personal team, information, and a plan. If we are successful, this will be known officially as a Joint Reform/Pathfinder Operation. With BOTH Units sharing in the glory. All I ask is the use of 1 or 2 of your Teams and your promise of absolute secrecy. If we fail, this must never be known.'
    Gunfytr slowly nods, 'I can promise to hear you out, and even if I dont decide to enter your little enterprise, I will keep it a secret between us.'
    Aerya nods in acceptance, 'Given the bad blood between our Units, I thought that this would help show the Administration that we are able to "play" together and turn a profit for the Corporation. Give me a time, and Ill have a disc with all the relevant data delivered to you.'
    'Allright', throwing Mokeny0 a wink, Gun says, 'Hopefully, Im going to be busy the rest of the evening. Send it to the Compound tomorrow.'
    Standing up, Aerya replies, 'It will be there. And just to wet your interest. You are aware of the teleporters that connect to the AI Motherships?'
    Gun nods slowly, 'yes'.
    Aerya grins, 'What if I told you where a smaller, more transportable, more "Accessible" version could be found. AND captured? Think on it.'
    With that, she whirls away and disappears into the gloom of the bar.
    Gun sits stunned, the possibilities racing thru his mind. He looks across the table at Mok, 'You didnt hear any of that conversation, ok?'
    Mok snorts, 'Are you kidding me? I had to sit there while that, that...trollop hangs all over you in front of me like that?? No way you're leaving me out of this!'
    Gun smiles at her, 'Ok, but we are gonna do it MY way. And you may not like it.'
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    < Hey Boss >
    < Yeah, Potty? I'm kinda busy at the moment >
    < Thought you would want to hear this. Agrestus just quit. >
    < Quit? Quit what? >
    < As Defense Minister of Newland >
    < Did he now? Well, well ,well. Ok, heres what I want you to do. Get with Beer, have him open up one of the slush funds and go find Agrestus. I want you to throw credz at him till hes willing to accept a job with us. Tell him we can work out his duties later, but I want him in our Unit. Tell him this offer came directly from me, got it? Even if he wont accept now, see if hes willing to at least talk to me about it. >
    < On my way, Boss. >
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    "Omni-Com technical support, Ye speaking, how may I help you today?"
    "Grid phasing glitch? And you say you are stuck in a semi-physical plane?"
    "I see."
    "Let me have a look. Please upload me your positional data and your error log."
    -waiting music-
    "Thank you."
    "It seems you are using an unauthorized version of our Shutters 30 000 Grid-user interface. Unfortunately this renders you ineligible for our assistance."
    "Ma'am, that kind of language is unnecessary."
    "Will you pl-"

    Ione leaned back at her workstation with a sigh, popping another energy drink open. Was this what she spent three years in university for?

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    "I want something to do!"

    Julia pulls her Ofab helmet down and enters the grid.

    "let's see.. Entertainment? nah.. 20K?..."

    Julia grins and takes the exit.

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    Julia pulls her Ofab helmet down and enters the grid.
    ((who wears Advy OFAB?? gimp))

    ((ps: <3 ))
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    I am unamused. I strongly suggest you don't unamuse me further
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    (( Shush you! ))

    (( ps: </3 ))

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