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    FUNCTION #14759AV23

    Validius stood still, observing and analysing the actions, behaviour and traits of the officers in his field of view. Nothing appeared to go through his mind but numbers and statistics, flowing through his circuitry that keeps the remains of his organic self alive. There was a soul somewhere hidden beneath the cold thought patterns, but it seemed like the very thing that was keeping him living was ensuring that he would never be... alive.




    The robotic side of him spun to life, detecting something attached to the back of his neck. He reached swiftly to take hold of the object to examine it's identity, but it detonated before he could respond.

    ANALYSING... EMP PULSE GREN-01000110010000010101010001000001010011000010000001 00010101010010010100100100111101010010
    01010111010010010100111001000100010011110101011101 01001100100000001100100011100100110100001110000011 00110010000001001000010000010101001100100000010001 01010011100100001101001111010101010100111001010100 01000101010100100100010101000100001000000100000101 00111000100000010001010101001001010010010011110101 00100010000001000001010011100100010000100000010011 10010001010100010101000100010100110010000001010100 01001111001000000100001101001100010011110101001101 00010100101110001000000101011101000101001000000100 00010101001001000101001000000101001101001111010100 10010100100101100100100000010001100100111101010010 00100000010000010100111001011001001000000100100101 00111001000011010011110100111001010110010001010100 11100100100101000101010011100100001101000101001000 00010101000100100001001001010100110010000001001101 01000001010110010010000001000011010000010101010101 01001101000101001011100010000001010111010011110101 01010100110001000100001000000101100101001111010101 01001000000100110001001001010010110100010100100000 01010100010011110010000001010011010101010100001001 00110101001001010101000010000001000001010011100010 00000100010101010010010100100100111101010010001000 00010100100100010101010000010011110101001001010100 00100000010101000100111100100000010011010100100101 00001101010010010011110101001101001111010001100101 010000111111

    He slumped down to the floor next to Officer Feyad, sparking and hissing as both organic and electronic began to die.



    A bright light engulfed his view. He felt groggy and nauseous, squinting until the light dimmed and cleared to resemble Borealis. Climbing to his feet, he realised that something had happened. His last memory was of the fateful day of the shuttle crash - the day that killed his mind.

    "Bugger." He thought to himself, turning to look at the details displayed on the insurance terminal.



    "Oh bollocks."

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    In her hand, Julia was holding a weird looking small device.

    "So that is how it works..."

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    Feyad watches as the fixer meeps to the grid. Moving to the table in the room, he turns off the white-noise generator and extracts the recording of the meeting that just took place.....

    Later in Omni-Pol HQ....
    Feyad enters the lab and tosses a recording chip to a technician along with various other recording chips. "Clean up this recording," he orders. "Remove the dialog of the clanner and replace it with a doctored dialog from her voice on Channel42." "Have her agree to supply us with copies of COT minutes in exchange for 1 million credits and removal of her criminal past." Then I want you to leak copies of this in Newland.

    Feyad leaves the Lab with an evil smile. "Take that b****"
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    Tucxedo lounged back in his chairmans chair while liting a nice cigar. yes life is good as a president, he couldnt be arsed for the smallest second that he self proclaimed him as the new president of Black Wings...nope he really didnt care. Chaupin out of the way and never coming back and a fat bank account still left. yup, he had everything he wanted for so long.

    Now he was ready for the next step. A career move, climbing the ranks of the mighty omni-tek time for jokes or pranks this time. Now things would get a lot more serious. first things first, taking over Chaupins old place at the BoD.

    "Dear directors of the BoD,

    with pain in my heart Ihave to send you the news that Chaupin has left without a trace."

    Yes, that would be a nice start for an application letter.
    Tux took a sip from his 17 year old brandy before continueing with the first step to a new career.

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    Welcome to Rubi-Ka
    (May 19, 29483)

    Simone dragged her feet to the living room, still wobbling sleepily. After picking at Simone for sleeping with her glasses on, Angelena showed the breakfast on the table, as Simone seemingly missed it even if she sat right in front of it. The roommates started eating, bacon and eggs, Simone picking her bits carefully, nibbling at her food, Angelena forking successive layers of eggs and bacon, engulfing large bites and munching vigorously.

    "'ou know, I 'on't 'hink 'ou wou' have 'asted…"
    Angelena swallowed and continued.
    "…one week in bootcamp. Could have been fun to take bets on how many days before you woulda left"

    "It can't be -that- bad" Simone said.

    "Mm hmm! It 'an be".
    Angelena nodded once, almost to herself.
    "If we're gonna work together, you outta know that there's gonna be some pretty ugly, dirty stuff out there. Doesn't take a genius IQ to see you're used to have it easy." Angel smiled, waiting for the sting to land.

    Simone straightened in her chair. "I am not!" she protested, delicately sucking her thumb and finger, slightly greasy from the bacon.

    "No offense, lil miss. But you're not a field man, you're an office girl."
    Angelena smirked as Simone huffed and chewed on another piece of bacon.
    "It takes a lot of things to make a world go round. What I'm saying is, I just hope you can continue to carry your own weigth."

    "I'll be fine, don't worry about that." Simone flatly replied.

    "There's gonna be times when we're gonna be stuck between a rock and a hard place and I don't wanna have to carry you because you'll be too busy puking or stuff." Angelena pinned down the bacon with a large satisfied grin.

    "Don't worry, because I'll have some nuze-ez."

    "Some what?… Oh, anti-puke med?"

    "Nuze-ez, yupper."

    " 'kay" chuckled Angelena, working to shish-kebab her potatoes.
    She tilted her chin at Simone's plate.
    "So, how is your breaky?"

    "s'good" replied Simone, munching happily.

    Angelena nodded, then dipped her toast in the yolk before taking a large bite, observing her room mate pensively a moment.
    "Can you cook?"

    "I'm good with a microwave."

    "And if you don't have a microwave?" Angelena kept watching Simone, her cheek rounded by the toast bite.

    "Well then order something", working slowly at her meal.

    "Right..." Angelena snickered. She engulfed the last of the breakfast, quickly wiping her hands with a napkin, then leaned back in the chair, a smirk playing on her lips. "This is gonna be purretty interesting."
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    Another bootcamp survived
    (May 25, 29483)

    Angelena Rhees was feeling ready, which meant she was up to run some clicks when she'd screw up. Or clean the sharks tank, for which her Perennium Blaster was also ready and fully loaded with fresh clips.

    General Kate McChristion arrived on the location of the basic training. There were two other people there, privates as well. When General McChristion called for attention, Angelena straightened. Tartarizo finally made it out of his Yalm, and the training started.

    General McChristion explained the content and goals of this training session before moving to her first example regarding behavior and courtesy. "Say, for example, you are stood munching on a Bronto Burger in Omni1 Entertainment, Director Ciafardoni is approaching you. What do you do?"

    When the General's finger stopped on her to give the answer, Angelena took a deep breath and gave it a shot.

    "I quickly put the burger down and salutes the Director properly."

    "And that is your full response?" the General asked.

    "Greetings, Director Ciafardoni?" Angelena added.

    "So, you will put down your burger, salute him and greet him... Fair enough, very formal response from you. Thank you." The General moved on to the private standing next to Angelena. "Tartarizo, would you do anything differently?"

    "I would do the same as Oozi did ma'am!" he replied.

    "Riiight." The General sighed. "You need to understand something.. I hope you are both listening, and you to Chibifixer" she started.


    "Oh, ****... The general and the director are together?" Angelena thought. Of course there was no way the private could know this, and it was usual in boot camp that the superior officer would yell at the recruits at some point or another. This was as good an excuse as another. Angelena kept a straight face, waiting for the outburst to pass.

    The General quieted her tone. "I just dont understand.. I thought you both showed so much potential."

    "I did not think the director would have time to waste with a private, General." Angelena said.

    When she saw the general take a deep breath, Angelena quickly added "Apologies for speaking out of turn."

    The General opened her mouth. "He is a hungry opifex, he runs around so much.. burns calories."

    She paused, then turned to Angelena. "Where was that muffin you had, may I take a bite now? I need the sugar.. I feel faint"

    While Tartarizo was adding that he'd ask the Director if there was anything he could do for him, Angelena walked up to the General, handing her the chocolate chips muffin she had brought, just in case.

    After taking a few bites, the General continued. "Ok. Please all promise never to forget that the Director needs feeding. Otherwise.. I have to cook when he gets home. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?"

    The three privates jumped as she shouted the question and answered as one.

    "Don't worry, the muffin helped. I wont be writing anything about this on your files." the General added. Angelena drew a slow breath of relief.

    "Wow... those muffins really work..." Angelena thought.

    The training session went on, reviewing departments, communications - at which point Angelena made a mental note to be careful with her potty mouth - before moving on to ranks. "...Oh no. I didn't memorize them. Ah ****, I'm in for some clicks..." Sure enough, the General asked Angelena to give it the first shot.

    "Can I shoot myself? I failed to remember them." Angelena said, keeping a straight face.

    "You must know your own rank" the General flatly said.

    "Private, General." Angelena answered.

    The General then moved on to the other two in turn, who answered flawlessly, before coming back to her quicker than Angelena would have liked. "Ok.. next up Oozi. Starts with a L."

    "Lieutenant, General", she answered. If it wasn't for the hint, though, she would not have guessed. As the answers were being given, Angelena tried to remember them. "Private, Corporal, Sargeant, Lieutenant, Captain, General... ...and Director" she whispered to herself.

    As the training kept moving on, Angelena inquired about the correct form of address for the General. Later on, her boots were pointed out as not being conform to uniform regulations. This was of course due to the supply clerk who never gave her the boots in the first place. "Slacker", Angelena thought. Fortunately, Omni-Pol would provide her the missing armor boots.

    Angelena paid close attention to the rest of the training. "Are our Rules of Engagement stated somewhere?" she asked.

    "I would think so, but I cannot remember where off the top of my head. When I find it, I will send you a link. if I cannot find it, I will make a note to update our protocols." the General answered.

    "Good... I don't wanna shoot one of 'em clammers when or where I'm not supposed to. Damn journalists like a juicy story and that would sure as hell make for one" Angelena thought.

    The rest of the training went on smoothly, with questions asked and answered, until the General gave the privates the "DISMISSED!" call.

    Angelena being released, she walked up to the General, grinning. "Hope you enjoyed the muffin, General".

    "Very much so, thank you", she replied.

    "Yup. Buy more muffins", Angelena noted to herself. After taking her leave, Angelena grinned broadly to herself, thinking about her room mate. It would be hilarious to watch her through the boot camp.
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    Memory and memories
    (June 8, 29483)

    "Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, General, Director...
    Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, General, Director..."

    Angelena was repeating these titles. She was looking at the list she scribbled in her hand. Eventually, she would remember them. Eventually.

    She took another sip of her Combat Can and turned to the screen again. The bones of the database were ready, it required meat and makeup now. She reviewed the files and decided to let it sit in her mind for a while.

    She glanced down at her hand again.

    "Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, General, Director... Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, General, Director ..."

    She stopped.

    "...Oh crap! Forgot to notify 'bout my promotion. It's... Uuuh... Private, Corporal... Corporal, yeah."

    Angelena switched application and prepared the notice. "Hmm... What's the requirements for each grades?..." She turned her attention to the notice again.

    "And... sent."

    She stared at the screen. "I hope Simone or Lex didn't dare send these pictures in... Otherwise, I'm so gonna clean the shark tank and then they'll be all out of sharks. Would suck, wouldn't it."
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    Lise didn't want to do this.
    She walked along the road to her old home village in Lush hills.
    Was he still alive?
    She walked up to a door and knocked
    No answer but the door was open
    She walked in..
    The stench of alcohol and dirt hit her in the face and reminded her of her childhood
    Stimms on the floor, bottles in every corner, a man snoring on the bed..
    She looked was him
    She was tempted to pay him back for years of suffering, but shock it off
    That’s not why she was here
    She put a little gift on the table before she turned to the door
    - Merry christmass, dad
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    Salivice sat quietly in the Grind, in a brand spanking new set of Civilian clothes, fully ready to enjoy his time off.

    But something was bugging him.
    "someone tried to kill him with an ECM grenade... it was ugly... OP medi-vac'd him to Omni-Med" someone had told him over Channel42.

    Who would try to kill DCI Hunt? What spooked him more is that they had nearly succeeded.

    He wondered how Keanne had been doing.
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    "What!? - No!" Julia hissed. "Get to the freaking meeting spot RIGHT NOW!"

    "NO! ya understood!? Ya have exactly two minutes time to be at the spot!!"

    "ALRIGHT! I give up! Ya guys never listen to me, okay!? If we were in a freaking real situation, YA ALL WOULD BE DEAD BY NOW!"

    "Yes, Jean? ... Yes, if he did get- No.. no i didnt say...! Alright alright! Ya all are right, and im wrong! Now, do as ya please, im off!"

    "Yeah, im off to kill more Omnis and show ya guys how it's done! ... Oh yeah? I'll bring ya five Omni guard helmets and- ... Im sure!"

    Julia sighed. "I hate those guys.. I hate them... oh well, i better get started!"
    She tapped her datapad...
    "Hey Sweetie! yyyeah, gonna be late tonight. mm-m.. Im waiting on that, then.. *giggles*. Love ya too. Oh, try and talk to the trainees, will ya? I kinda lost it with them. Yeah, later!"

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    What is it with leets?
    That was the thought which went through Lasliana's mind when she finally got into her apartment.
    Turning at the sound of the pitter patter of tiny feet, she looks at the empty doorway.

    She turned and headed round the corner into her living area.
    There balancing on top of the christmas tree was the Santaleet, the latest pest to grace her with its presence.

    "What the hell! Get down you stupid creature!"

    "Merry X-mas!"
    It screeched before hopping down.

    Lasliana jogged round and down to see where the leet had landed in hopes of catching it.

    "Its not Christmas for another hour you imbecile!"

    Once again there was no sign of the damned creature.
    There suddenly came the crashing sound of plates smashing on the ground.
    Looking up to the kitchen area she could see it.
    Somehow managed to scuttle round and up into one of the overhead cupboards and was busy knocking the plates out.
    Sprinting up to the kitchen area she grabbed it by the scruff of the neck before it could do any more damage.

    "Right, your going outside now!"

    Marching down the ramp she slid open the balcony door before dropping the unfortunate Santaleet, turning round and locking the balcony door.
    Lasliana left it there standing on the edge of the balcony looking over the edge, to all appearances about to hop it, literally.
    Thinking to herself "Maybe I will be able to get some sleep now" she walked back up to her bedroom and went to sleep.

    Some time passed and she was brought to conciousness by what felt like a bag of sugar on her chest.
    Lasliana cracked open an eye to see what it was. Not believing and still half asleep she closed it and attempted to drift off again.
    A minute later a high pitched voice screamed in her ear.


    her eyes shot open an angry glint to them. Glancing to her side she could see it was indeed just gone midnight.

    "Bugger off! It's not Christmas to me till I wake up properly in the morning! Now go get some sleep somewhere cretin!

    To her suprise the Santaleet hopped down to the end of her bed and began curling up. She could hear it mumbling to itself "Bah humbug, scrooge".
    Closing her eyes she managed to slip off back to sleep.

    What seemed like a short time passed until she was woken again, sunlight was already streaming in through the windows.
    Wondering what woke her up she sat up rubbing her eyes.
    Looking around the Santaleet was no where to be seen.
    Whilst getting out of bed she found that her hands were covered in black powder.

    "What on 'Ka..." looking through her sheets she found a lump of coal.

    She picked it up and ran to the bathroom, already hating what she already knew to be true.
    Yep. someone or something had managed to rub the coal around her eyes whilst she slept, and left her looking like a panda.
    Cleaning it off she wrapped herself up and walked into the kitchen area. Hopping along the counter was the Santaleet.
    There was also a cooked breakfast and a pot of tea steaming on the table.

    "Merry Christmas!" it chimed in as soon as it saw her.
    "Merry Christmas" Lasliana replied looking quizically at the food, then the leet and back to the food.
    Sitting down she started to eat it, still wondering how a leet with no opposable thumbs or hands for that matter had managed to cook, and make tea...

    Looking back round she saw the leet attempting to open a healthy cereal box, nibbling at the top of it.
    Standing up she walked over and opened it and made up a bowl of it, before placing it on the table opposite her.
    The Santaleet hopped around and began to tuck into the food, looking for all the world like it was faceplanting the bowl.
    Finally Lasliana finished and went back through to her room to get properly dressed. On the shelf where she had put the lump of coal now sat a santaleet doll.
    She took it and looked around wondering and more than a little paranoid.
    Going back into the kitchen area, she saw the Santaleet had gone, and so had the rest of her cooked breakfast.
    Looking around puzzled once more, she stood listening for the pitter patter of its feet on the carpet.
    She could hear nothing.
    Shrugging she set about clearing up the remains of breakfast.
    There suddenly came the sound of rustling and of buables tingling, turning round she was just in time to see the Santaleet on the top of the Christmas tree falling to the side with the tree.

    CRAASHKAARTHUUUNNK! the sound resounding around her apartment.

    "Damnit! I swear I'm going to be eating roast leet for dinner!" Lasliana screamed grabbing a knife and charging down the ramp after the leet.

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    (( That was wonderful Lasliana!))
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    *looks up at the clock and thumps out of it*

    Urghh, leave me alone, I need sleep.

    *alarm falls to the floor of the apartment and shatters*
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    Somewhere outside Omni Entertainment...

    A aggressive growl broke the silence in the darkness.

    For a moment, only the wind was singing it's quiet songs, and then, again the growl echoed somewhere near, followed by fast steps.

    It was no human. It was something much bigger, and lethal.

    Again, everything fell silent.
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    He never realised how cold it could get at night in the outzones.

    Salivice stood resolutely, keeping an eye on both his surroundings, and the three squadmembers under his command, all of whom where as green as one could possibly be out here.

    A sound caught his attention. Turning his gun towards it, he saw that scawny little opifex, Private Oddica, sneezing. The first red flag that came up was that his helmet was off. The second red flag in his mind was that the opifex was sneezing blood - a sure sign that he had inaled some of the contaminants that existed in the thin atmosphere beyond the Terraformed regions of Rubi-Ka.

    "Private! Helmet on! NOW!" Salivice cried out, his words falling on deaf ears: the opifex had already lost consciousness and was falling towards the ground. Salivice rushed over to catch the scrawny Opifex before he hit that ground. Then the screaming started. His movement must have caught something's attention, because suddenly there was a burst of gunfire to his left. Salivice looked up and saw a group of them; Kyr'Ozch, what looked to be Ensign J'aax Sinuhs at least, were coming from the southeastern canyon, and the two other conscious members of his squad had already opened fire, showing they're inexperience as they sprayed bullets haphazardly in the general area of the attackers.

    Salivice had to act quickly. Shoving an environment mask over the opifex's face, Salivice proceeded to throw the opifex over his back and stand.
    And he gave the one order he hated to give:
    "Squad: Prepare to fall back"
    And over the comm:
    "Sentinel-Three-Seven actual to UCIC: Requesting assistance in sector 13, zone 7, Multiple confirmed hostiles launching an attack on our position. Bo-lo for B-U-F-F nuking our position."
    "Take Cover!" He shouted in between comm dispatches.
    "This thing is CATFUed sir, isn't it?" shouted another of his squad, Private Rive (a stocky solitus who seemed to have a natural talent for aiming)
    "Hooah, soldier, we gotta sit tight till help arrives, then we RTB to get this rock a sick call."
    "Roger that, sir."
    The other member of his squad, and consequently the only Atrox, meanwhile, began pounding on his rifle.
    "Cline, you press the button on the side to dump the old mag and you GENTLY put a new one in. No, the other way OTHER way, yes, like that." Private Rive told the Atrox.
    "This is gonna take a BF Load of paperwork" Salivice thought as the distinctive "Pew pew" of Unicorn lasers sounded from somewhere to his rear.
    He gave the signal to his men to move out once the Unicorn Reinforcements were in front of his position.
    "Nice job boots! You only riled up every frog in the sector!" One of the Unicorns called after them as they moved towards base.
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    Richard Price broke the hermetic seal on the case, causing it to open with a hiss.
    As the small amount of steam cleared, a rifle came slowly into view. He grinned as he picked up the rifle. It was surprisingly light, and the grip seemed to mould to his hand.
    "Good work." He said.
    The man in the corner was surprised. Richard Price did not give compliments very often.
    "Here is the payment we agreed on. Have a nice day." He continued, transfering credits to the smuggler's account.

    "Now all that remains..."
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    Cigar smoke swirled around his head as he sat in the wonderfully comfortable chair in Baboons, his designated "hangout".
    Richard Price smiled.
    "Great things have been set in motion." Said he. "Soon, Black-Net will Re-assert itself as the dominant force in all criminal Activities across Rubi-Ka."
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    Lise sits leaned back doing her nails when her com buzzes.
    - Hello?
    - Yes...
    - Under attack?
    - Neutral and not involved, I see..
    - Now calm down, sir. We need to do this by the book
    - Name?
    - mhm...
    - And profession?
    - Right..
    - And what seems to be the problem?
    - Attacked..mhm..
    - And did you do anything to provoke them?
    - No need to use that kind of language, sir. Just answer the question
    - I see..
    - Have..
    - Sir. Calm down. The sooner we get done with the questions, the sooner I can send help. Ok?
    - Now. Have you tried to reason with them?
    - I really don't see what my mother has to do with this
    - Getting another call here. Please hold the line

    *You are put on hold. Your call is very important to us and the person will get back to you as soon as possible*


    *The person you have called is still on the other line. Your call is very important to us and the person will get back to you as soon as possible*

    - Sorry for the delay, Sir, but it's not everyday you win in a Gridstream competition. Now about the attack..
    - No need to scream at me, sir. Lets keep this civilized.
    - Now..It seems that you have the wrong number
    - Have a good day
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    Salivice breathed a heavy sigh, sitting at the small work-desk that Pathfinders provided for small-team CO's to do they're paperwork. (it was a communal workdesk, though)
    "There. The last form for squad selection is done. Now... just need to find some new recruits...."
    Salivice said, triumphantly slapping his pen down onto the desk and putting the stack of papers into an already-bulging file. His comm went off.
    "LC Bixby." He answered.
    "Oh? Yes, of course. Congratulations on your promotion, boss. Oh, and boss? You know when the next batch of recruits will be comin through?"
    "Next year?!"
    "Yes, I understand. Alright chief. Congratulations again. LC Bixby out."
    Salivice closed the commlink in dismay.
    Well, there goes THAT idea.
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

  20. #520
    It was dark as she opened her eyes.
    Dimly she could make out the radio clock on her bedside. It was showing 04:21 in a cool blue light, faintly providing a glow to see by.
    Sitting up, she realised she had been woken by a electronic sound.
    Looking around she made out a small blinking blue light on her datapad.
    Getting up she went over and picked it up.
    Keying the active button it's screen rapidly brightened, causing her to squint till her eyes became accustomed.
    A window was open saying.

    >>Message Recieved.<<

    Tapping the open button she expected it to just be an update of some sort.
    The screen turned black for a moment before a white cross grew out of the blackness, before fading away to black once more.
    Blue symbols began scrolling across the screen, changing then to numbers and freezing in place.

    4 3 22 8 10 8 3 25 5: 11 1 7 8 19 9

    12 3 25 13 3 4: 3 22 16 9 Q Q

    4 3 22 11 19 19 4 3 1 7 3 12 5 3 13.
    16 8 24 3 4 25 11 8 12 24 4 9 18 3 25.
    13 3 5 11 8 19 12: 6 3 10 16 6 4 16 11 12 15 9 25 3 26 8 12 12 8 25 15.
    9 25 3 10 4 9 22 7 4 11 5 9 4 25 11 23 8 12 26 8 12 12 8 25 15. 25 9 19 9 15 12 9 4 3 23 8 13 3 25 22 3.
    9 25 19 6 22 19 7 3 14 9 19 8 7 26 8 25 16 8 12 1 7 11 4 5 3 4 12.

    3 21 3 22 7 5 9 4 25 9 23 3 26 24 3 4.
    11 22 5 8 25 15 22 9 26 26 11 25 13 3 4 9 14 23 3 21 8 19 19 7 26.

    Looking at it her head tilted to the side, she frowned before dropping the datapad. Picking it back up a moment later she typed in a short series of numbers and hit the delete key.

    11 1 7 8 19 9 9 4 5 7 12.

    The screen faded to black once more, before brightening to the usual settings and background.
    But she was already pulling equipment out of her wardrobe and out of its storage.

    ((OOC: The prize was won by Leileena. Added in the uncoded version.

    Message recieved;

    Recipient: Aquilo
    Sender: Echo 11.

    Recall requested.
    Hiberna is broken.
    Details: Zephyr has gone missing.
    One Procurator navitas missing. no logs or evidence.
    Only clue folium in his quarters.

    Executor November.
    Acting Commander of Vexillum.

    Messsage sent;

    Aquilo ortus.

    Translation of the latin words in order of use.
    Aquilo - North wind.
    Hiberna - Winter.
    Zephyr - West wind.
    Procurator - Agent.
    Navitas - Ship.
    Folium - Leaf.
    Vexillum - The Company.

    translations provided by a translator program found via google.))
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