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    Chaupin relaxed a bit on the couche and looked at the little paper Feeble had given to him as evidense that should go for as prove for his reform.

    Hereby Agent Maugerry of Omni-Reform declares that Mister Ferry Feeble, also known as Tucxedo, has succesfully ended his reform with outstanding egrees.
    No longer should his past prove any obstacles for a succesfull and trustworthy employee for the cooperation. Also I hereby declare he wont need any check ups for the future.

    Omni-Tek prevails

    Chaupin frowns as he calls his assistance.

    Make an appoinment for me with Miss Maugerry please. I got a bad feeling about this.
    The Red Brotherhood

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    Encyros woke to the gentle breaking of the waves. He looks upward to see Animus rising in the sky; Amicus following - now just above the horizon. As the shore of Serenity Island was bathed in light, he rose reluctantly to turn his back on the sunrise. Groggy, he opens his comm device to check on unopened messages.

    "Junk....spam...don't need....don't want...", Encyros snaps the device shut, but he catches a glance of the date, registered in the corner - Sat. 26/09/29483. He smiled slightly as he picks up his backpack to await his Yalmaha's arrival from grid storage.

    The so-called Tower of Truth had been his place of pilgrimage for the past five months; he had dutifully arrived prompt on the last Saturday of each, to the heady, acrid fumes of Alan Jacobi's cigar, and played his part striving for Freedom (whatever that meant).

    It was not just once when he had feared he had been discovered, not once when he feared that it was one Milly "Mirura" Harrada that had discovered him. Some irony, he thought, that it should be her who rushed into an obscure building in the heart of Tir, just as he was to de-materialise unseen with his captive.

    Still, his mission was accomplished, and it was not without some glee that he posted using his then-active membership in the Council forums that "Unfortunately I shall be unable to attend the Council Meeting this month, due to my being occupied with other matters."

    For the Tower, and the Clans, had indeed enabled him to uncover truths, and his supervisors, to say the least, were pleased with his results. Thus he wondered what they would make of him tonight in the Council Chamber, and of the verse of Rossetti that he had left.

    He emerged from Wom-Pah transit in Nepal, Andromeda with a slight smirk. "Much is finished known or unkown".
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    *Door opens*

    ... "Yeah, theyre dead for sure..."

    *Door closes*

    ..."mhhm- Yeah- Sure..."

    Julia undresses, and throws her slime covered clothes on the floor.

    "Mm, agreed. Well, those worms shouldnt be any problem anymore- Yes im sure. Just give me a call if something happens, okay? *chuckle* Just call me."

    Julia giggles and closes the connection, stretching to her full height. Not long after that, her comm. starts to blink and bleep. She answers the call.

    "Yo!... Cool... Inferno? We just got back last night... Ah, sure.. Give me a moment..."

    She puts her armor back on and pulls her visor down.

    "Im on my way..."

    ::Later that night::

    Julia let out a long sigh, followed by painful coughing. She lays down on her couch, as her datapad starts to blink and bleep. She closes her eyes and reads the message, she just recieved. After a short while, she stands up, takes her armor off and falls on the couch again.
    Julia takes her visor off and looks at it: cracked from the middle, dry blood stains on it, and some wiring damaged.
    She runs her fingers on her scarred cheeks, as her comm. starts to blink. She drops the visor on the floor.

    "Can I come see you?" Speaks someone to Julia.

    "Maybe in a bit, i look horrible now.." She answers, and closes her eyes.

    "...maybe in a bit..."
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    Two figures reveal themselves from the darkness. They both appear to be dressed in black jumpsuits, and both equally look nervous.


    All they can both see is a large shadowy figure, still shrouded in the darkness of the room. The boss leans forward slightly, creaking the chair which makes both figures in the jumpsuits gulp.


    "We... we can't find Larnue."

    The boss raises his hand and clicks his fingers before the two figures can explain their failure. Another figure walks up from behind the boss, revealing himself in the dim flickering light. The figure looks at the two failures with a sinister smile; his eyes shrouded beneath his tinted sunglasses.

    "No... please... we can try harder!" the two failures - Banit and Corstus, beg for forgiveness as they back up against the door they soon find to be locked. The sinister figure raises his augmented rifle, and fires two precise shots. The two figures slump down the wall, landing on the floor motionless.

    The boss claps his hands and starts to chuckle, although it quickly becomes interrupted by a coughing fit. Eventually he recovers, and comments.

    "...Well done, Torletti, well done indeed. I trust you can find some more-"

    The voice stops abruptly, eyes open wide at the rifle now pointed directly at his head. Torletti chuckles, and pulls the trigger. The fat nanomage that he once called the boss lay slumped on the floor in all his grotesque magnificence. The mysterious Torletti slings his rifle, lights a cigar and puffs it nonchalantly, walking into the night.
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    Emeretta just barely had enough time to finish her report about Red button on B-52 in RUR HQ before she was surrounded by a bunch of half finished milly's.

    'Red button, bad button, do not press!"
    The Red Brotherhood

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    It was almost morning, when Julia got back home from Inferno. She had been working hardly, to get money for living, and new gear. Lazily she walked through the BackYard 15, entered the training area, and stopped. It was so quiet that it almost hurt her ears. All the screaming and shouting, gunfire, for how many days now?
    She starts to head towards the small waterfall.
    Leaving a trail of clothes behind her, she slides into the cool water and opens her ponytails.

    "Ahhhh- ive so been waiting for this..."

    Suddenly a really disturbing thought passed her mind. She starts to think aloud:"

    "..Yeah, One more thing for him to laugh at me. Besides, who ever talked about "love"? Pff.. It's not that serious. Never been. I think Nax pulled it out too roughly on Channel42..."

    Julia frowns, straightening her back. She starts to bite her fingernails, as she does when she's nervous.

    "Would it be so horrible, if i...?"

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    "Yes?" The old man said as a girl stepped in to a dark room, with only table lamp giving light.

    "Hey Doc, remember me?" The girl whispered.

    The old man looked up, and a wide smile appeared on his lips. "Ah, My favourite little redhead. How may i help you this time?"

    The girl with ponytails smiles and leans to the table. "Remember when Shiz died?"

    The old man nods, and sighs. "Sadly, yes.."

    The girl stands up and walks to a window, with curtains on it,

    "I need to let go of something."

    The old man stands up and takes a long deep breath. "You do realize, that it'll be third time already. I cannot promise you that it will stay that way."

    "So it be. Ya said to me years back, that if ya want to hold on to one thing, you need to sacrifice two things, right?" The girl replies and takes a peek outside from the window.

    The old man nods slowly and takes the girls hand. "Julia, I hope this is last time..."

    The girl smiles and lifts up her visor, showing her green, a bit xantic eyes. "i cant promise you."

    The man gestures towards a door leading into a white room, with a surgery table there. The girs steps in, letting out a long sigh.

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    Mary looked with pride on her new tokenboard "Flags of Glory and Redemption"
    It had taken alot of work, but it was finally hers.
    She read the inscription.

    "Oh, listen you sibling of Omni-Tek. It is I, Philip Ross, who personally sign this proclamation....."

    - Phillip Ross?
    RK1 - Atlantean
    Lise "Gimpeline" Everwhite - Omni - Level 220/30/70 Martial artist
    Rudolph "Nissemann" Juhl - Omni- Level 220/30/70 Engineer
    Mary "Gimpa" Wormwood 2xx/30/xx Advy R.U.R
    Josephine "Gimpyposer" Dredd 21x/30/70 mp Omni-Pol
    Jarwar 2xx/30/xx Crat Wanderers Sanctuary
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    Emeretta peeked around the door of the mailroom, only to see a hard working Shredder, Mary was nowhere to be seen.

    After a little looking around she decided the best place to place an order would be taped on the shredder.


    According Bolleboos you might could provide us with some aluminium paper.
    can you deliver me enough to wrap a Rollerratballoon in?
    The exspenses can be declarated from Eeod's loan.

    The Red Brotherhood

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    Checking the evening news on the Gridnet, Mirura's heart skipped a beat.

    Making sure that Agrestus wasn't looking, she snuck into the bedroom and opened her drawer, digging through the stack of clothes, until her hand came across something hard. She took out a framed holopicture of The Leetles, signed with the words "To Milly, baddest girl in Borealis! -Paulon"

    She let a deep sigh with a smile on her lips, and stashed the picture back into its place, and had a warm and fuzzy feeling for the rest of the night.
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    The apartment was still empty, save for all that came standard with it. It didn't sounded empty though, thanks to the designers who worked on this fine piece of lodging. She slumped down in front of the screen on the mezzanine and tuned on the news.

    She also fired up her holopad and fired up files and applications and started hopping between them.

    Andrew "Encyros" Phillips... Not much he could really harm the Council with... Nothing that couldn't be addressed, anyway.

    The hack in the security system of the Tower of Truth, during the September session, was more disturbing. The warning relayed to the Council was a courtesy of Omni-Tek. It seems the corporation didn't appreciate that Clans were cracking into dealing notum. Not a very big surprise, though the "extreme measures" were still to be pondered over.

    It was an odd coincidence that the next meeting after he was uncovered was 'interrupted' by this hack in the Tower of Truth security system. Hopefully, the security logs could reveal more about the hack itself. And the hackers, of course.

    Agrestus was back, so that was another thing to add in the plus column. Mirura was released, also to add on the plus column. She had not been reformed, which would have been the end of her Clan days.

    Cher wondered what exactly they do in Omni-Reform that makes a reform irreversible. Many people had claimed to have been reformed and that they somehow managed to break the reform... But this was likely a simple brainwash and reconditioning; a true reform process was not like a hangover that people recover from in just a couple of days, not even weeks. Heck, not even months nor years...

    She shuddered at the thought and finished her note, then flicked on to the Council forums. Cindi's candidacy to the Clerical staff has been accepted by the Council. It would definitely help with keeping things running.

    The ship still had no name. She's been tempted to keep the same name, but the history of the ship itself, if she didn't rename the ship, could bring more trouble than needed. Krish was off planet, so all work on the ship was halted. The test flight would have to wait.

    Once that big bird would fly, and if it was able to take the kind of duties it was meant to be used for... It if was maneuverable enough, that is...

    Too many "if" made her sigh impatiently.

    She looked at the replacement comlink she had just received, then casted a resentful glance at the old comlink which let her down during last Council. She grabbed it in her hand and went to the ...bath hall? It was too large to be called a bathroom... There, she filled up one of the sinks, then turned the old comlink on. She quickly smiled. "Are you gonna jump, fry or just sink?" She held her hand above the water and released her grip with a large grin, watching the comlink touch the water with a brief blue fritzing, then float for a second before slowly sinking to the bottom. She twisted her mouth. "Aw, not even a little cloud of smoke?... Sheesh." She waited a few more seconds until the light on the comlink had gone dead, then drained the sink. She fished up the fried comlink and with a slow grin, she shook it to remove the excess of water.

    "This time, let's get really creative..."

    She threw the comlink up in the air and launched herself in a flying spin kick, missing the falling comlink by 2 inches. Both landed down on the tiles, the Opi much more graceful than the comlink, which lost two pieces in the landing. Cher tilted her head, putting the two parts on the counter, and proceeded to throw it in the air again, this time shooting her palm at the comlink, propulsing it quickly toward the large bay window where it shattered some more. She methodically put the parts on the counter with the other ones.

    The petite Opifex kept beating the old comlink down to bits and pieces, using it as a practice target for her martial arts drill. When she was done, a myriad of bits and chips were gathered on the counter.

    She then went to the shelves to bring back a frame, a canvas and a spray bottle of fast bonding glue. She framed the canvas and laid it on the floor, generously sprayed the canvas with glue, then picked up all the pieces of the defunct comlink, tossing them on the canvas. Cher sprayed some more glue on the result and nodded to herself.

    She let it dry, browsing some more files and news in the meantime. Later, she walked in the bathroom again, with metal wires, some glittering powder and several bottles of holopaint. She proceeded to interlace the wires through the bits, scarred the canvas and bits with the holopaint in familiar patterns and sprinkled the glittering powder over it, adding a thin coat of spray glue to seal it all.

    She stood, her arms crossed, considering the artwork laying on the floor in front of her.

    "My eleventh comlink... Next one will complete the dozen."
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    It was hot. Really hot.
    Julia leans to the Statue of Sir Galahad and sighs deeply. Every now and then she takes a glance at her datapad, sighing again.
    "Damn.. Something happened to...? "
    She shakes her head and reloads her pistols, pulling her visor back down.
    "Better hope not."

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    Mary sat with her calculator.
    -Lets see.. A Rolleratbaloon fully blown up can be...Jezz... that's alot of paper.

    I only have 10 m2 aliminiumpaper. I will have it deliverd to your office today.
    Let me know if you need more and I will see what I can do"
    RK1 - Atlantean
    Lise "Gimpeline" Everwhite - Omni - Level 220/30/70 Martial artist
    Rudolph "Nissemann" Juhl - Omni- Level 220/30/70 Engineer
    Mary "Gimpa" Wormwood 2xx/30/xx Advy R.U.R
    Josephine "Gimpyposer" Dredd 21x/30/70 mp Omni-Pol
    Jarwar 2xx/30/xx Crat Wanderers Sanctuary
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    Julia was laying on her couch, holding her stomach with her other hand, and her head with other.
    Thank god, she got the stims with her, when she got shot. She sighs.

    "I better keep my mouth shut about the whole thing. I was not supposed to be in Newland so.."

    Suddenly, she remembers something from earlier today. She grabs her Jobe Explorer Personal Pistol, and points it to the statue next to her doorway.

    She whispers:

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    Julia stares into the flames in the fireplace room at Reets retreat, thinking.

    "Maybe it is better this way. Why cant i just decide what to do with my life?"

    In her mind, thoughts of all the people she had killed...

    "I dont even deserve him.."

    She looks up from the flames.

    "For Ka's sake, why am i even thinking this!? It should be chrystal clear! Clans are Clans, omnis are Omnis! That's it, end of story!"

    "Well.. I am after new adventures all the time, cant deny that. But i think that was the end of 'our' adventure..."

    She nods and curls up on the couch.

    "Next time, no hugs." She whispers.

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    The screen bleeped and flashed.

    :: Incoming transmission ::
    :: Caller ID: TwinShine Child Care Services ::
    :: Accept call, refuse call or send call to answering service? ::

    "Accept call... Hello?"


    "Yes, it's me. "


    "Hello, Ms. Ray. Is everything fine with Kieran and Sai?..."


    "Oh? What's going on?"



    "They what??!?..."


    "Oh dear... *sigh* Yes, I can be there in about 20 minutes..."


    "Uh, alright then, I will. Goodbye."

    Cher stared at the screen for a moment.

    :: Transmission ended. ::

    "...Oh dear" she muttered to herself. She grabbed her cloak and headed out.

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    'Please state the nature of your visit to Rubi Ka.'
    'I want to start a haberdashery.'


    20 minutes later all formalities were over and Sumpel headed out to his new home.

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    Julia took the grid exit to Borealis. As soon as she was standing on her own two feet, she whispered something into her comm.

    "Take care.."

    There was a small snap as she closed her comm. and a whisper of the wind as she was flying high on the sky as a parrot. After a while, she landed down near the Borealis falls, and sat down. There she was again, looking miserable, because of her own mistakes.

    "I do hope that they understand that atleast i am feeling bad, and suffering for what i did.."

    She glances at the water.

    "How am i gonna start everything again..?" She sighs. "Let's start by staying in Athens."

    She nods and smiles.
    It was gonna turn right, someday.

    Next morning...

    Julia opened her eyes, and a wide smile appeared on her lips. She pressed tightly against the bare skin of the person next to her, and started to purr.
    Somehow, everything seemed better already.
    She turns around, and runs her fingers gently through the opifex's hair.

    "Morning, Naxsina.."
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    if cats and dogs won't do,
    you can always put on an old shoe.

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    'So I take it the war is not over yet?' Sumpel said to the police officer.
    The Omni Pol sergeant sighed and shrugged.
    Behind him were the smouldering remains of a little outlet. A blackened and bent 'for sale' sign was still visible on the last remaining piece of wall.
    'I thought Newland was safe... Is there a neutral town that has decent protection from arson?'
    'Try Borealis.' was the reply of the slightly disinterested copper. He turned his head and spat on the ground.
    'I will do that. Thank you.'

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