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    Areania sat down at her desk, smiling and thinking to herself.
    How does one chronicle the last days events, The Board of Directors acting apprehencive and unusual, set in old ways and as flexible as a boulder. The insanity of tinkerbots spreading within the neutral populace. A glorious find of Mr Parsil's, further studies to be had she was sure. Surprising influx of Mining possabilities. A strange visitation of Agrestus and "a little bird". Omni-Pol sturdy in their actions once more. The relations network Up and running with added force.
    A delivery of some kind quite Public in nature, and yeat not. Fluxuations within Omni-Tek divisions strengthening itself from within uniting what was segmented. InternOps guarding what should be guarded. Parts of Omni-Pol standing up for what is right in the face of monotomous irrationality.

    Yes! My old friend Ka is as lively as ever.
    welcome back, Ive missed you.
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    To: Director Ciafadoni
    From: General McChristion
    Date: Monday 15th June, 29483

    Re: Urgent attention required.


    I am writing briefly as I feel it has failed to be acknowledged of exactly how much work has been completed and the impact this has on my department.

    I am perfectly in agreement that my work for the corporation is rewarding, I can assure you that it fills me with a sense of enormous well being and that Omni-Pol have felt like a family to me for years, yet I would like the following to be considered.

    On Saturday, between the hours of 1500RST and 2100RST I, along with many of our members - you included, promoted our wonderful organisation. Further to this promotional event, I was tasked with interviewing and recruiting. Additionally, a training session for new recruits was also completed.

    It needs to be highlighted that this work is HIGHLY demanding, and it causes a lot of energy to be consumed. Therefore, I would like to request that the Admissions department, from this point forwards has an increased quota of the following:

    • Chocolate Chip Muffins
    • Doughnuts
    • Shark tank cleaning delegation forms

    I appreciate you are a busy man, but I expect your acknowledgement and agreement to fulfill the above request, sent via your comm device to me within the next hour.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    General McChristion.

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    To: General McChristion
    Director Ciafadoni
    Date: Monday 15th June, 29483

    Re: Urgent attention required.


    I appreciate the amounts of effort that have lately gone into the Omni-Pol recruiting efforts. And while I strongly believe in giving every officer the best possible tools to fulfill their duties as good as possible, we still have to consider a cost/benefit calculation when allocating significant amounts of resources.

    Due to this, I will have to ask you for a bit of patience. We will soon submit our quarterly account statement. As soon as our budget for the next quarter is cleared, I will make it a priority point to reevaluate the necessary increase in our muffin- and doughnut budgets.

    On the bright side however, due to the recent developments in vehicle technology - particularly the Westerlund Loungemaster - the amount of parking tickets issued by Field Operations has decreased by 2% since the start of the year. Considering the amount of paper saved, it is possible to increase your shark tank cleaning form resources by 183% while still maintaining a balanced budget.

    With best wishes,
    Director Ciafardoni
    Uragon -- Former Director of Omni-Pol

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    Chaupin walks impatiently up and down in his office. In his hand he is carrying a file from four months ago and while he looks at it he sighs.

    "The directors were pretty clear that any information about this should be not be reported to Omni-pol...but to give away just like that to a neutral investigator?"

    Chaupin walks to the pile of outstanding speeding tickets issued for RUR and places the file underneath them.

    "I guess sometimes files do get lost. By the time RUR have payed off these tickets I'm sure that the neutral investigator is long forgotten."

    Chaupin leans back in his chair and pours himself a glass of clandestine tomb water and takes out a file wich clearly shows pictures off broken mechs and a bunch of clanners.

    "It's time we handle of some more important business"
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    Mirura tossed around in bed restlessly. She sat up, checking the time - four in the morning, and she wasn't getting any sleep at all. Agrestus was sleeping soundly beside her, but something was bugging Mir all too much. She quietly scrambled out of bed and grabbed her comm unit, then sneaked out to the balcony, and was met with a pleasantly warm Newland night breeze. The suns were starting to rise, evident from a red tint in the east horizon. She turned the comm on.

    "Sorry, did I wake you up? I got a small request. Yeah, it's starting to get a little too hot around here again, I might have to vanish for a while. Could you go drop some stuff to those shacks in southeast 4 Holes? ..Yeah, I'll send you a list. I just want to have the place ready in case I need to leave on a short notice. Just try to do it without attracting attention. No, it should be secure enough, I spent a few weeks there last time, too.. You're the best, thanks."

    Mir closed the comm unit and sighed, leaning against the balcony railing and watching the sleeping city. Oh, Newland, even you wouldn't be a safe haven for long anymore.

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    Kharizma stares at her wrist comm with wide eyes, "Xerves!", she yells. She looks through the bars into the next cell. "Spooni, its Xerves, I think shes trying to send a message!" Kharizma turns her attention back to her comm, "Hello?....Xerves?"

    Xerves: Hello Kharizma!
    Kharizma: Xerves Help me!
    Xerves: Help with what? Expand help, write help, buddy help, rainbows......
    Kharizma: No, Xerves listen...
    Xerves: dynas, changes, version, or you can com-type read help and from where you are read all about duelling!

    Kharizma sighs, "I have got to get out of here. I can get a lock on this signal and use it as a beacon back to civilization! Spooni, wake up. I need you to boost me up to that airshaft....."

    *Much later in Reet Retreat*

    Kharizma: Eeod, Im so glad to see you! I dont know what to do about Spooni, shes still stuck in Clan prison.
    Eeod: I have a meeting right now, and be careful, there might be a bomb.
    Kharizma: But what about.....?

    Eeod strolls over to group of people on the far side of the large fireplace room. Kharizma takes a seat closest to the door and waits nervously. Suddenly Kharizma's wristcomm chirps loudly alerting her to an urgent message. She glances at the message and runs to Eeod.

    Kharizma: Pardon my intrusion, but its an emergency. An escape shuttle has just crash landed at RUR headquarters. Its Spooni! But, ummm, Eeod, your lab is on fire.
    Eeod: What!?!? Irma is in there!

    Eeod and Kharizma make a mad dash for the door.

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    Lise woke up with a scream.
    Would the nightmares ever end?
    She sat up in bed and massaged her temples with her fingers, still trembleing from the dream
    "Dad is long gone. Relax, Lise, relax" she whisperd to herself
    She fell backwards to the pillow, to tierd to stay awake and into the dreamworld again
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    Progress report:
    After months of circling around Rubika and the Shadowlands , she is at a loss on where to settle down. Her home land has always been Rubika but with the recent changes in the atmosphere she might not be able to land back at home. Still hovering the galaxy.

    ( i have tried login on and soloing missions for too long without an org also that is too frustrating for me) I will decide very soon on org to join.

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    (( \o/ Rheena Good to see you again))

    The last few days events had reminded Lise about her past.
    Her kidnapping. Was it the same people?
    Her talk with Joe and Tinkerbots pointed in that direction.
    It all fits.
    Could her kidnappers be out there?
    Lise walked over to see if the door was locked for the fifth time before climbing into bed
    She didn't feel safe, not safe at all
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    To : Dabblez / Eeod (RUR)
    Type: Memo
    From: Kharizma

    It is my greatest pleasure to inform you that the fire in the HQ lab has finally been extinguished. However this has not been done without some small tragedy....

    Spooni, having several pieces of rollerrat flesh and some left over Ancarim Suntan Lotion, decided to experiment at making a flame retardant suit for Shirlee (Trox Model 719 Personal Assistant Bot) so he could enter the lab and douse the flames. Apparently the high content of fat in rollerrat flesh was not taken into account during this experiment. As a result the fire suit, under such high temperatures, burst into flames and sizzled to a crispness like bacon...and smelled a bit like bacon as well. Shirlee was rushed to Spooni's personal lab in Newland and was attended to by Epitaxis, who has managed to repair many of the wounds sustained to his organic components. Currently we are awaiting test results for possible infections that may have occurred when the specimen stray dog (confined in the Newland lab) went on a feeding frenzy attempting to devour aforementioned crispy fire suit with Shirlee still in it.

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    Memo: Resignation
    To: Director Sergeyich
    From: Manny "Chaupin" Calavera


    I hereby would like to inform you I have resigned my duties at Omni-Pol and that I'm no longer affiliated. It was an honour to work for you depsite our differences from time to time. I assume I no longer continue to patrol Omni-HQ anymore.

    All running cases have been handed over to Officer Lachelle.

    Manny "Chaupin" Calavera
    Omni-tek Succeeds!
    The Red Brotherhood

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    "yes, Omni-Pol? I'd like to speak with Officer Calavera please."


    "It's about parking ticket amnesty."


    "Oh, do you think he'll be back soon?"


    "No, I don't mind waiting. I'll hold."

    *Elevator music starts to play*
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    If you program us, do we not manufacture?
    If you take us apart, do we not shoot springs all over the floor?
    If you oil us, do we not purr?
    And if you ignore us.......... Do we not get ideas?

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    "let's see" Alex thinks to himself. "i've been to Neuters, then I spent some time at Reets, then I swept by Baboons and Rompas, heck I even swung by The Cup."

    Alex blows into his personal breathlizer... it comes back with a very high number.

    "man i'm starting to get buzzed and still have not found a single person at any of these bars, it's like the people here forgot how to party"

    Alex takes a look at his watch "well the nights still young off to the next bar"
    Alexanderw 220/17 Opi MA Current setup work in progress.

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    Newland, Neuters.

    Silent night in Newland, nothing important happening.
    Racea lowered her eyes down on the coffeecup before her and let out a long sigh.
    "She aint coming back, right?" Race smiled faintly as she waited for answer from the cup.

    But the wind gave her hope, as a small greenish and red feather floated right before her nose.

    Race looked up, but all she saw, was a reet flying away.

    "Stupid me, She aint coming back..."

    But the reet wasnt just passing by. It landed on the roof of Neuters, took a deep breath and sat down, thinking:

    "Im back again..." The reet looks down at Racea. "I might be wounded, weak and not myself anymore, but i am back.."

    The reet looks up on the sky, and sprints into air, leaving bloody and messy feathers floating down on the ground and roof.

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    It had been a long hunt, but Fox was sure the end of it was near. For the last couple of months he and his partner Rat had been searching for signs of the renegade shade. Their break had come a week ago when the bracer she wore transmitted its location near the Jobe facility. Since then they had been chasing after her. She had continued to elude them but now they had her cornered at Twilight Basin in lower Scheol.

    "She won't jump," he had said to Rat. "She'll try to hide and slip around behind us." Fox checked his portable tracker again. "She's close. Circle the basin counter-clockwise. Be stealthy, but not too stealthy. Flush her towards me."

    "What if she does jump?" Rat had asked.

    "Then she's in for a surprise. Omni-Tek conveniently has a platoon of Unicorns encamped today at the RK landing site, participating in war game exercises. Her bracer signal has been entered into their system as a valid target."

    This brought a smile to Rat's lips, emphasizing the scar that ran across them. Simoom had given him that scar the first night they tracked her. It hadn't healed properly when he had treated it. "Cheap JAME coils" was all he had said to Fox. And Fox knew Rat was ready for some pay-back.

    * * *

    That conversation had been an hour ago and Rat was now moving around the basin. Fox followed his progress and Simoom's location on his scanner. Rat showed as a blue dot and Simoom was a red one. As the blue dot moved closer to the red one, Fox saw her position change to move away from Rat.

    "She's spotted you," Fox said in his comm. link.

    "Yeah, I've got her," was Rat's reply over the link. "Be sure you've that exit blocked. I'm going to keep moving her that way."

    Fox was already in position. She would have to move directly past him as she moved away from Rat. Or, so he had thought. On the scanner, her dot suddenly moved to the edge.

    Rat's voice barked over the link, "She's jumped down to a ledge and there's a portal down there! I'm going after her!"

    Fox cursed as he started running. He checked the scanner as he ran, seeing the two points merge into one. "Rat!" Fox yelled into the link. This wasn't the plan. He knew Rat would need help and he was too far away.

    Slowing, he reached the edge and looked down to the ledge below. A figure lay prone on the steps below the glowing portal, bathed in blue light. The scanner showed both points still on top of each other.

    With an oath, Fox leaped down to the ledge. It was as he had expected. Rat lay face down with his blood draining down the steps and over the edge. He rolled Rat's body over. Simoom's bracer, shoved half-way down Rat's throat, gleamed in the portal light.

    Fox studied Rat's face. There was something different about it. He'd seen what shades do to their prey before; how they drained energy from them to heal themselves. But this was different. Rat looked as if he'd been dead a week. His skin's turger was all wrong. The flesh seemed drawn and gaunt.

    "What are we dealing with here?" Fox asked himself.
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    Sun was shining, Julia was out talking and hanging out with two handsome men, and a small nanomage. Oh, she could've flirt with other of the handsome men, but she wasnt on the mood.
    In her own little head she was laughing, dancing and celebrating:

    "Im a single again, no more divorce papers, and no-one can connect my name to that Omni's name again... Ohh yeaahh!"

    Julia grinned, partly to her thoughts, and partly to the guys joking.

    There's nothing better than Rubi-Ka's hot suns, cold beer, and good looking company.

    "This is good... "

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    Birt hid within the rock outcropping, hoping the big cats wouldn't notice him. He had sneaked out of his bed and beyond the Frontier Bridge to see the silvertails. But he had spotted a pride of stalking slayers wandering by and the young boy ran for the protection of the rocks.

    As he peeked around a rock he crouched behind, he saw a slayer pause to sniff the air. It then turned and began moving towards Birt's hiding place, crouching low in the grass. The rest of the pride stopped to watch the first, noses in the air. Then they moved to join the first in the hunt.

    Fear washed over Birt and panic gripped him. He frantically scrabbled at the rocks, climbing high up one outcropping. Behind him he could hear snarls and the sound of claws on stone. He tried to climb faster and lost his footing, sliding down the rock face. He screamed as he slid backwards into the furry body at the base of the rock. Sobbing, he tried to regain his feet to run when a hand pressed down on his shoulder, keeping him seated on the ground.

    "Young one no should be here," the woman's voice said. It wasn't until then that Birt realized the warm, furry body his back was against was not moving. "Dangerous." Having said this, she lifted the boy to his feet and spun him around to face the bridge and Jobe. Immediately before Birt were the lifeless bodies of the pride. Wiping away the tears on his cheeks, Birt ran towards home.
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    As he slowly climbed the dirt path leading from Ember Woods, the odor washed over him sooner than he had expected. After his years of isolation, he never remembered it being this strong before. He did, however, remember that no matter which direction the winds blew or how often the rains cleansed the air, the smell was always there lingering just beneath the surface.

    Stepping off the trail onto the pavement lined streets of Borealis, he paused for a brief moment to attune himself to the constant buzz that is city life. With a quick observation, the intel that was provided to him proved to be accurate. Complacency had very much made a home between the shoulder blades of his Nanomage brethren.

    Smearing a menthol-based cream under his nose to mask the odor that permeated every corner of Borealis, Ramiyana proceeded towards his destination. There was much work to be done and Ramiyana hoped he could tolerate the stench of the lesser breeds long enough to achieve his goal.
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    Julia jumped up as her datapad started to blink and bleep. Carefully she got up and leaned to the tree behind her, making sure she wouldnt rip open the shotwounds again.

    With blood all over her and the ground, Julia lays back down, but her datapad still bleeps.

    "Who in the world is contacting me at this time of night?"

    She opens the message, someone just left her.

    *drunken ramblings* "....hi, i'd like to order a 12 inch margherita, delivery to borealis backyard 4?"

    "What the..."

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    "Booooooored.. Booooooooored.."

    Julia was sitting on the roof of Neuters'r'us, playing with her hair.
    With a silent 'bleep' her datapad announced about an incoming call.

    "Yes? No, havent seen, sorry.. Nope. No, im not his wife. no- NO! Get lost, will ya?"

    Julia sighed.

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