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    Another bright Rubi-ka day and another "Re-Education Exercise" for the Unionist Agitator Scarpese in Agentum. Even though Scarpese always acts tough a lone MA should have been able to teach him the lesson but alas a Clan Advy came along and brought 8 Unionists and the Unionist Foreman with him to assist the Agitator. I do not blame them for trying to help a fellow Clammer but I could not just stand in Rome and let my friend try to teach the Clanners alone. Re-Education is a specialty of mine.

    After the Unionists were calmed down and taught todays lesson I saw a dirty kitty that needed to be cleansed, so I thought a nice little nuke should disenfect him well. It worked extremely well and the newly cleansed kitty was so happy he never returned to get dirty again.

    Omni-Tek Protects

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    "What the...?" I almost couldn't keep my eyes in my head as my bot came stomping towards me with a tiny flower in his right, I suppose I can call it hand. Pew Pew!!, that's my bots name, has been annoyed with me for leaving him guarding the door to my workshop for way to long, and earlier today he finally burst a fuse, stomping off to somewhere to sulk. I'm not sure where he went, or what he did there, but he kept muttering about "crude oil" and stuff like that. Anyway, he just came home and now he stands sheepishly next to my Yalmaha with the flower in his hand and looks at me...

    I think that was some kind of a peace offering, but I am not sure.
    By popular demand: Back after a 3 year break!

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    Placard in hand, Katelin heads out to meet Lise to start giving out more flyers.

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    - Sir..Sir?
    The man turned around and saw a little Opifex running after him with some flyers in her hand
    - Sir...Just let me...catch my breath
    - I am Lise from LPA. You might have heard of us
    - No?
    - We are the Leet Protection Agency. We are trying to put a stop to cruelty to Leets. Her is our flyer
    - Do you own a Leet, sir?
    - You do?
    - Well.. Did you know that they are holding illigal Leetfights in the backyards were the leets..
    - You did?
    - That's alot of money
    - No, I'm not free for dinner
    - I'm.. Sir? Sir?
    RK1 - Atlantean
    Lise "Gimpeline" Everwhite - Omni - Level 220/30/70 Martial artist
    Rudolph "Nissemann" Juhl - Omni- Level 220/30/70 Engineer
    Mary "Gimpa" Wormwood 2xx/30/xx Advy R.U.R
    Josephine "Gimpyposer" Dredd 21x/30/70 mp Omni-Pol
    Jarwar 2xx/30/xx Crat Wanderers Sanctuary
    Proud member of Leet Protection Agency

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    Imagine someone has hacked your company's computer and ordered 10.000 eightpacks of toiltet paper to be delivered and payed by our account. Imagine having been away on holiday and the mailroom girl almost broke her back bringing all the packs from the post office to the HQ. Try to think of something to cover it up. It's not easy. You don't want anyone outside RUR to know. Heck, you don't want anyone inside to know. Or to ask difficult questions. You would want to avoid that at great cost. So, you'd have to come up with a plan.....

    Eeod pondered all night. And when morning broke he knew what he had to do. First he checked if nobody was in. On the memo board in the mailroom he spotted a thank-you note from a greatfull publisher. but allr rooms were clear.

    Then he scouted for a place suitable for his plan. that took almost half a day. but the location was brilliant. Then came the easy bit, being an engineer. He carfully warped the toiltet paper to the new location. Pallet by pallet. By pallet. By pallet. He started feeling sorry for Mary.
    After that he brought in the other material. When he had everything he needed he placed a card on the door. The card said "busy".
    He locked the door and he turned around..

    Eeod rolled up his sleeves and got to work.
    --Victor "Eeod" Linear. R.U.R. Engineer --
    Hath not a machine gears?
    Hath not a machine cogs, racks, pinions, cutters, bearings, spindles?
    Fed with the same electric, hurt with the same bits of grit getting in our works, subject to the same gremlins, healed by the same brute force, ignorance and big hammer as a human is?
    If you program us, do we not manufacture?
    If you take us apart, do we not shoot springs all over the floor?
    If you oil us, do we not purr?
    And if you ignore us.......... Do we not get ideas?

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    Gorge is sat alone in his grotty Backyard 4 Borealis apartment, slumped on his bed on his stomach, he picks up an original GorgeFodder(tm) Action Figure and makes it walk down the bed.

    "Rawr! I'm the great and powerful GorgeFodder! Fear me!"

    He then picks up a miniature version of an Ivanelme in Om-Pol gear.
    Gorge tries to mimic Ivanelmes voice. "Oh no help us mighty Zora!"

    The Gorge doll smashes into the Ivanelme doll and stomps all over it.

    Gorge picks up a third doll, resembling Nuser.

    "Oh Gorge! My hero!"

    Gorge pushes the two dolls together.

    The Gorge doll remarks; "Kiss me Nuser!"
    "Oh how can I resist you are so studly and manly!" The Nuser doll replies.

    "Mwah-mwah-mwah" Gorge replies, trying to put on two voices at once.

    Gorge seperates the dolls and throws them to the side of the room.

    "I'm going mad..." He giggles.
    GorgeFodder4 / Skeletawe
    Anti-Miner / Miner
    Omni-Mining / NLF Remnant?

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    (( Lol! That was insane Gorge! ))
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    At a local snackbar in Tir

    - Ober! Ober!
    - Yes, Hello. I like to order 3 portions of CLan style leet ribs and a dog baggie, please.
    - What?! Since when have you decided to no longer serve them? They we're the best marinaded leetribs ever.
    - You joined the LPA? whats that then?
    - Leet protection agency?
    - You are seriously believing that crap?
    - But how am I now suppose to get my tasty leet ribs?
    - You don't want to tell me your secret recipe...but you arent making them anyway!
    - Do tell me you still have frozen Leet yummies then?
    - God damnit!

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    The soft and gentle words echoed in Julia's mind...

    "your pale skin... Your Green, deep eyes, full of.. of lust and passion."

    Chills went down Her spine.

    "That man could take me to the deepest place in Hell, and still i would be frozen, on his every touch.."

    Julia purred from all her heart.

    Later that night, someone else got her attention too. Just a normal person. A nice, goodlooking, normal person. A nice, goodlooking, normal, and her type of guy.. Who knows how to speak to ladies.

    Again, Julia had a reason to purr.
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    "You went pretty far on this one. You might have caused some trouble, if it weren't for the other agent on the scene."

    "I've gone further than a lot of people know," she replied absently.

    "Want to talk about it?" the man asked, watching her sit across the room running her fingers through her hair in what had become a nervous action.

    She stopped briefly, glanced his way with a slightly raised eyebrow.

    "You can be so icy sometimes," he mocked.

    "Only when you want details," she said, not looking at him.

    The normally cold professional meeting was filled with tension. She was more irritable than he could remember seeing her in months of contract fulfillments. He was irritated with her actions during a recent acquisition. A gunfight had erupted in broad daylight, people were wounded, and guards were killed. What was supposed to be a night-time break in turned into an assault because she was surveying the target and someone got su****ious. They reported her to a local guard and it went bad from there. Instead of getting out of there, she started firing, got into the building, killed people inside, got the item then got out.

    It was viewed as an embarrassment inside of the organization.

    He sighed softly and stood up from his chair. "I don't need to tell you what the outcome will be if something like this ever happens again, do I?"

    Staring at the empty glass of wine on the table, she replied, "No."

    Outside of the meeting point, the man hopped into his red Yalmaha and opened a secure channel.

    "Hey, I got the item from her, and got a full briefing. She told it just as our guy on the inside did. What do you want to do?"

    He listened to the reply and nodded, while reaching into the passenger seat.

    "Yes. It's pretty obvious. Her contact should have seen it before now. So, what should I do?"

    He raised an eyebrow as the reply came, "Right, boss. Someone upstairs must like her." He looked at the building, smiled and placed the gun back on the passenger seat.

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    As Julia was walking through the crowd that was waiting for their turn to get in Battle Station outside Newland, She heard someone praising himself, very loudly. Julia loaded her pistols, and fired a single shot next to the soldier that was praising himself.
    Julia pulled a wide, and somehow wicked smile on her lips, and took few steps closer.

    "Ya wana test your skills, boya?"

    The soldier turned to face Julia, and smiled back to her.

    "Oh, the lil' girlie wants to visit the reclaim, eh?"
    He started laughing loudly and loaded his Perennium Blaster.

    With her bright green eyes, Julia examined the big atrox soldier a bit closer, thinking:
    "Fear, fear, fear... This guy looks tough on outside, but he's afraid of me..."
    She kept her gaze at the soldier, as she programmed her nanos, and perk settings on her wristpad.
    As soon as she lowered her eyes to check on the settings, She felt this unbearable pain in her left thigh. Julia fell down on her knees, and looked up, with her eyes narrowed, and fangs bared.
    The soldier went speechless as he noticed Julia's rage. This, is the thing she couldnt tolerate. To shoot at someone who isnt ready for a fight.
    Julia stabbed a strong first-aid stim on her thig and stumbled up. The soldier smiled at her.

    "Well? You want to give up already? You are no mat- "

    Julia jumped up, leaped behind the soldier over his head, hitting him down with the handle of her pistol.

    "Dontcha ever dare to do that again..." She smiled wickedly.

    The soldier hammered his fist to the ground and stumbled back up, shouting in pure madness.

    "You little whore!"

    Julia just smiled as she saw the atrox rushing towards Her. She jumped over the atrox, again, kicking him in the back of his head. The soldier crashed down with loud thud, causing him to lose his breath.
    Julia chuckled and activated the healing nanobots. The shot in the leg was not the most comfortable thing that she knew.
    Again, the soldier got up, but this time, he activated Total Mirror Shield.
    With a small, unsure smile, Julia just let her opponent to know, that she didnt really think about the TMS, when she started the fight.

    "Oh dear.. This is so gonna hurt." She whispered to herself.

    The soldier laughed loudly and fired fullauto at Julia. She had no idea what to do. As the first bullets ripped her right shoulder open, and badly bleeding, She was ready to give up.
    Luckily her legs gave up before she lost her conscious. She opened her eyes and smiled, the TMS had ran out, and the atrox was reloading his blaster.

    "Oh, my lucky day."

    Julia turned on her stomach, and pointed her pistol at the soldier's chest, smiling widely, almost victorous.

    "Yanno, this girlie won this fight. I think it's you that gonna go to reclaim..."

    Julia fired fullauto, and activated her healing nanobots again, before firing the burst at the soldier. Julia snickered as the soldier fell down, gasping his breath, and looking at Julia.

    "No, no... NO!!"

    The atrox tried to get up, but failed, looking miserable.

    "You... You cheated somehow!! Right guys!? That little annoyance cheated!??!"
    Suddenly, only silence was shouting with the soldier. No one answered him. Few seconds later, the soldier was gone. He was reclaimed succesfully in Omni Ent.
    Julia activated her healing nanobots for last time and stood up, looking weak, and badly beaten. With slow and small steps, she started to walk towards Newland gate.

    "Now all i need is a doc to stitch me up."
    She chuckled as she stepped through the Newland gate.

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    - Is this Miir?
    - Ah, good. I got a cheerleet here that could use a new outfit. I was thinking..
    - Hello?...Hello?
    RK1 - Atlantean
    Lise "Gimpeline" Everwhite - Omni - Level 220/30/70 Martial artist
    Rudolph "Nissemann" Juhl - Omni- Level 220/30/70 Engineer
    Mary "Gimpa" Wormwood 2xx/30/xx Advy R.U.R
    Josephine "Gimpyposer" Dredd 21x/30/70 mp Omni-Pol
    Jarwar 2xx/30/xx Crat Wanderers Sanctuary
    Proud member of Leet Protection Agency

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    Lasliana, Third Faction HQ.

    Standing in the doorway to her office she looks around the room at the gunracks, book cases and the desk, nothing had changed.
    Casually she let the backpack fall onto a chair by the door and moved to place her gun in the gunrack. Turning she walks across the room, wiping sweat and mud from her stained face.
    On the wall infront of her is a small open box with a handle and some buttons on.
    She stares down at the screen for a moment before tapping in a code followed by her order.
    The little box springs to life with a clicking and grring of gears and machinery hidden in the wall. yet nothing rolls out into the box.
    Lasliana kneels down and peers in through tot he back of the box into a hole in the wall.
    "Surely not..."
    Reaching in with her arm she presses her face to the cool metal as she reaches up to see if anything was stuck. Finally pulling out her arm she types in the last part of the code again and all the machine does is click, click, click. Almost like a dry cough.
    Standing up she stretches before moving back across the room to take a can of beer from the fridge.
    Turning she leaves her office and walks out into the long corridor, closing the door behind her.

    Turning left she walks along, passing seating areas and other rooms, as well as the odd picture on the wall.
    Reaching an evelator she presses the call button and leans against the side wall waiting for it to arrive.

    There is a quiet chime as it arrives.
    The doors open.

    A group of new recruits come bursting out, shouting and whooping, their uniforms a state, beers and spirits clutched in hands.
    They suddenly go quiet, and look around, to see Lasliana standing with hands on hips and an eyebrow raised.
    Theres a flurry of salutes and "Ma'am" as they stop fooling around and stand to attention.
    "Firing practice 0500 tomorrow, the lot of you, lets see how you feel then."
    Lasliana smiles as the colour drains from their faces at the thought of such an early start after a night drinking.
    She pulls out her beer can from her back pocket taking a swig as she walks past them into the elevator and pushes the button for the basement.
    As the doors close she watches their shoulders slump and listens to the start of groans.

    A moment later the doors open again, the hallway infront is dark but as she steps from the elevator the lights start to flicker on.
    At the end of the corridor a large blast door can be seen, with a armourglass office next to it.
    Walking down sipping her beer.
    Reaching the doors she looks into the darkened glass, only seeing a reflection of herself.
    The reflection is suddenly replaced with the face of one of the supply masters. He briefly nods before the armourglass returns to its reflective state.
    Turning back to the blast doors Lasliana watches as they slowly grind open, retracting into the ceiling.
    Ducking under the still rising door she enters and looks around as the lights begin to snap on far overhead. There is a faint ticking emanating from somewhere inside.
    Walking past various crates and racks she comes to the closest wall where multiple bays are fitted into the wall, looking along she see's the ammo hoppers are empty.
    "Well thats why i guess."
    She looks around.
    "Well, why hasnt the automated system refilled them..."
    Close by a robot is laid out on the floor a large crate pinning it.
    Walking over she pushes at the crate but it doesnt move an inch. Looking around she notices something on the crate.
    Kneeling down she looks at a strange yet somehow familiar symbol. with words written above it, but upside down.
    Standing and bending so her head is upside down she stares at the symbol and reads the words underneath.


    Her eyes widen and she takes a step backwards. She suddenly realises she has found where the ticking is coming from.
    Stepping back again she reaches for the commlink hanging at her neck.
    "Lasliana to all duty units, code red, threat level one, I need a Epsilon loadout in the armoury, we have a.. extremely highly explosive erm...Situation."
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    Julia was sitting in her apartment and crying. Why did everything go so wrong?
    Suddenly, her self-esteem gave up, leaving Julia look miserable and hurt inside.

    "Am i really.. like Tucxedo said..?"

    Silently she hugged the pillow on her couch, letting tears flow down on her cheek.
    She went through the happenings of the day.

    "Or then Naxsina is right. Why should i ask that guy for drinks? What do i want from him?"

    Julia closed her eyes and sighed deeply.

    "They're right..."

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    Letter to Maugerry

    Dear Miss Maugerry,

    I want to sincerly apologize that I couldn't meet you this evening but the honest truth is I'm under a lot of stress. To be blunt, Im getting stalked by a fellow clanner named Ciyanid. Last night was the worst, she forced me to kiss her, she even blasted my knee caps so I couldnt run away.

    Please bring me some tranqualizers im dying for them..


    Ferry Feeble.

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    (( What The...!? :'D ))

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    Lasliana, Third Faction HQ.

    A couple of minutes have passed. ((Since last post))
    Crouching down and leaning over the fallen robot and crate, a mob of demolition experts in big suits of armour are trying to get the best view into the crate.

    One of them looks up and says "Um.... yeah, this might get interesting..."

    Lasliana "Define interesting."

    The demolitions expert turns around, his face hidden behind a large helmet "Oh god, oh god, were all going to die?"

    Lasliana raises an eyebrow "Can we try and avoid that?"

    Turning back around the demo guy mutters "Were working on it.."

    Looking around at the now near empty bay she puts a finger to her comm "This is Lasliana to all personnel, you might feel some slight tremours and then...explode, if you dont want to please evacuate the building."

    Looking back around Lasliana see's the demo guys begin to move the crate off the robot. Five of them standing around it, inching the crate up and off onto the floor, whilst one walked around checking and giving orders.

    Lasliana steps behind a quickly errected blast shield and begins running her reflect shields.
    She watches patiently as they demo guys finally set the crate down on the ground and step back, swinging the cramp out of their limbs
    The sargeant in charge moves in and begins running a finger along the top join of the crate.
    He motions over one of the others with a couple of crowbars, and they begin to prise off the lid.
    The lid pops off and they lift is off as though made of some fragile material.
    One of the others peers in and steps back, moaning.
    The rest crowd round and begin cursing and murmuring.
    As time passes Lasliana watches them at work, using various tools she has barely seen before.
    After some time one of them went running out of the room, and came back a few minutes later with a canister and spray tube.
    He walks up and just begins spraying into the crate, as the others step back.

    Finally the sargeant walks over to Lasliana and pulls off his helmet.
    Proudly he says "Threat neutralised!".
    "So what was in the crate?" she asks.
    "Oh erm, about 500 kilo's of high explosives in packages and an alarm clock, with what looks like the wiring from a toaster.." the demo sargeant says looking at his fingers.
    "Wait, so it wasnt actually dangerous?" Lasliana stares at him
    Looking up he says "Appears that way, seems to have been some kind of eloaborate pratical joke."

    Lasliana turns on her heel and stalks out of the armoury fists clenched.

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    Shore leave's over!

    It was several months....yes months....but they were back. Some of the old crew, the original founders of the organiztion, had taken an extended leave of absence off of RK. Now they were back, and anxioius to continue their careers.

    Damon welcomed them back. They were long time experienced recruits....he'd not even begrudged the expenses to send them offworld. No..he had plans for them...they were going to help him complete tie up some loose ends he'd been meaning to complete.....yes.....things were looking up nicely.
    If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

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    Memo to Dabbles:

    "Irma is almost finished. Just needs an extra coating. I'm sure we can introduce her to Ergo after the coating is finished."

    Memo to Mary:

    "Please make sure that Astera gets a VIP wedding invitation when Ergo accepts Irma."
    --Victor "Eeod" Linear. R.U.R. Engineer --
    Hath not a machine gears?
    Hath not a machine cogs, racks, pinions, cutters, bearings, spindles?
    Fed with the same electric, hurt with the same bits of grit getting in our works, subject to the same gremlins, healed by the same brute force, ignorance and big hammer as a human is?
    If you program us, do we not manufacture?
    If you take us apart, do we not shoot springs all over the floor?
    If you oil us, do we not purr?
    And if you ignore us.......... Do we not get ideas?

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    Meanwhile on Rubi-ka...

    There is a Neutral theory saying that is it Always raining in Omni-Ent, this is a theory somewhere between true and very shameful for the engineers who tries to fix that problem.

    The fact was that Gaylene O. was lying on the ground next to "Head or Tails". In a Stereotypical nurse dress. And that a Male Officer was trying to wake her up under the disgusted stares of the many stylish citizens around. Half of them in Miir dress and all of them with the neat haircut: "the last Nolos design from Earth, my dear? Don't you know it?" they say with a creepy giggle...

    "Oh! in the name of that is Holy", she though. What a headache she had.
    "What am i doing in front of this lub-... place?"
    "Oh my, what am I doing in THAT dress?"

    -"Omni-Tek advice-120'4: Please drink responsibly" said the Officer
    Xenotric: "see that blue name? that indicates its some sort of in character person, some are NPC some are actual people. if you right click them and a chat box comes up its a quest, if you right click and trade opens, you have to appologise for putting your hands into their pockets"

    Getting information off the IRRK News is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant...

    Gaylene Orbin.

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