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    Meanwhile at Reet Retreat...
    Julia licks her lips and looks at Salivice. She would not need him tonight, or next morning.
    She rests her head on His shoulder, smiling widely, thinking on what tomorrow will bring...
    "I might not be here tomorrow..."
    Julia looks at Salivice and sighs silently in her mind.
    "Or it might be you, that is gone tomorrow..."
    She close her eyes and sighs.
    "I hope tomorrow will never come..."

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    "What the.."
    When the first rays of dawn creeped through the tree canopy, Mirura woke up in a bush with a throbbing headache and a pain in her shoulder. Must have been quite a night! If only she could remember what happened.

    She inspected where the strange ache came from, only to realize something had bitten her just near her neck. Maybe she just passed out and some wild critter wanted a snack. Damn bloodthirsty leets.. Mir popped a pill down her throat, bandaged the shoulder and other smaller bruises she found and headed back to Tir, wondering. It really would have been smarter to stay clean.

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    Come on stupid com. Come on..
    What is this "Do I want to.." No I don't want to reset...
    I do not want to reset!
    I want to see my messages...Work, will you!
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    The spies were everywhere.

    Ommers and Clammers disguised as Neutrals, infesting the Organization....MY Orgrganization! Bastard farmers and shop sellers using OUR city to generate credz to fund their sided activities, to further their own designs. Spying on the other side through a respected Neutral Org. Neither contributing to OUR needs or advancing OUR goals.

    Enough is Enough. Time to fill up some empy graves in the desert of Newland.....

    Yes, it was / is my fault. I thought we could bring some balance to conflict, help others realize the pointlessness of the conflict. But the war has raged for to long. There's too many extremists on both sides now. I was wrong. The Romans of ancient Terra had it right.....
    If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

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    Back from leave

    What should of been a short and quiet leave to his homeworld to visit and see how things were, had instead turned into yet another struggle. Rubi-ka wasnt the only planet with civil troubles. the workers on Xenoclast's home world had revolted, like the miners on 'ka did. A police station blown up, suicide bombers thowing themselves into OTAF barracks, Omni foreman shot by armed anarchist milita members drawn from the ranks of their banned trade unions. Reprisals followed reprisals, known or suspected union or milita organizers were kidnapped by omni-tek and tortured, known or suspected members were dragged from their homes and interned or shot on the spot depending on the whims of the O.T, commander on the scene. Neither side would give an inch.

    Steely had met with the union sympathysers who had smuggled him off to Rubi-ka to learn the meaning of war, to smuggle him back home., they duly did, demanding though, thathe repay them for their services, by getting involved in the uprising.
    Thankful for what they had done for him, he did what he was asked. almost recklessly and ruthlessly, he led several attacks, almost killing himself, and everyone else in the process. Life on Rubi-ka had made him forget that there was no reclaim on any other planet. he took stock of himself, and acted in a more calm and measured fashion. after several months, with the debt repayed, and the heat growing to great on his freinds, he got himself smuggled back to Rubi-ka.

    On his desk in Rising Pheniox Headquaters was a big big pile of paperwork. it was a mix of stuff for both the organization and the C.o.T, he sorted through it one piece at a time. wishing first that the council supplied a crat to help deal with the reoganization and working out the myriad of rules that had'nt been properly utilized in quite some time. Then he found himself thanking 'ka that there was no crat. a crat would want everything in triplicate. The thought of paperwork in triplicate just made his head want to explode.

    He rubbed his temples as his thoughts drifted back to his homeworld. The miltia's moved with a purpose, the various factions often disagreed sometimes even violently, but generally they were able to put aside their differences long enough to co-ordinate attacks. The same couldnt really be said here on ka. some people were too worried about either themselves and their own popularity and making themselves look good to others. the old me me me self obsession syndrome, or to worried about what the damn fence sitting neuts were doing. telling any clanner that will listen how much they hate the neuts and not to trust them, but then saying we should liberate their city as gesture of goodwill and acting like their best freinds. i mean seriously. it's either one or the other. and not playing both ends against the middle. It made his head hurt just thinking about it. He drummed his fingers on his desk.

    Trying to push the thoughts away, and clear his head, he felt that there was something missing.
    Getting up he walked over to his equipment locker, opened it and statred to rummage though the collection of arms and armor. then it struck him. His beeping backpack was still missing. Turning about he headed for the doors out. it was time to go find it.

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    Dr. Barrett shot straight up from her desk. The siren’s piercing wail echoed through the lab, red warning lights flashing over head. They are under attack, no question in her mind. Christine quickly gathered up her work and tapped the vid, ensuring her work was being uploaded and backed up on the Omni-Med network. Her mind was racing, her legs felt like jelly. Her HUD was ticking her evacuation checklist off as she completed the tasks. In the back of her mind she questioned why there were so many steps to follow during an attack, they should be preparing to fight, not locking empty containers. She could hear the repetitive thumping, and the hiss flowing each shot she scrambled for her pistol in the desk drawer, and cocked it back. The door slid open and closed quickly, the atrox employee tapped the panel securing the locks.

    “Dere commin’ Christine!” He grunted turning to the Doctor.
    “Takes some nerve attacking the middle of an outpost. How many soldier?”
    “I dunno, I tink deys just two.”
    “Two!? Some nerve indeed”

    The thumping grew louder, coupled with the ringing of other guns. Dr. Barrett could almost follow them through the walls as they made it down the corridor. More thumping gunshots, bodies hitting the ground.

    “We ain’t ready for dis.” The atrox sneered. “Damn Clams’ll get thiers!” The door ticked. Lock pick. Christine inhaled keeping her calm as best as she could. The door’s locks gave, and slide open.

    “Die clanner scum!” The soldier charged firing, shots exchanging. He stumbled back and fell to his knees just in sight of the doorway. He tried hard to stay upright, but fell back his corpse failing, and his essence being scooped up by reclaim. The doctor trained her pistol at the door, finger on the trigger. The silhouette of a man appeared walking into the room, donning shades that covered his eyes, Silverback in hand. He finger tensed, and then froze. Her body refused to move. She felt the burn of adrenaline fade from her blood, her arms lowered. His partner entered, a female with blonde hair swept back by her shades. Dr. Barrett’s mind was almost in a dreamy haze now, no need to fight. It was pointless anyway. The two raised their guns, and fired the shells. The blasts ripped into her, the pain snapping her out of her sedated state, she raised her gun and fired. Her shot rang true hitting the man in the chest. All three squeezed their triggers in unison. Christine scored another hit on the man. He was bleeding badly. The walls began to move, she felt dizzy, the ceiling swung quickly in front of her. White.
    Asphalt was all she could see her legs struggled to lift her to her knees, her stomach in knots. “Damnit…” She clung to the side of the reclaim terminal like the toilet after a long night drinking.
    Point Blank

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    Eyes sore, hands swollen and red, Dabblez notices that the time is nearly 5:30 AM.

    "Oh fiddlesticks! And I have an early meeting tomo- today as well. Okay, if I get to bed right now I can get at least two hours sleep. I sat my Applied Neural Networks exam on just two hours sleep, it's no big deal, as long as I go to sleep now. "

    She starts to put here RUR Wee gampad down, and then says, "Oh well, at this stage one more round of 'Beat Up Bazzit Deluxe' can't hurt."
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    Corysia sat behind the counter at the Bronto Burger Bar in Galway Shire, just outside Rome. She was drawing flowers on a napkin. The normal girl who worked here was on vacation at the Lush Hills Resort for the week. Corysia had answered an advertisement in the Rubi-Ka Times for a temporary.

    She looked up occasionally, brushing blonde hair out of her eyes and looking up the road towards Rome. She could see new Omni-Tek employees there. Milling around aimlessly, she thought. It wasn't that long ago she had been one of them. 'Was I ever that n00bish?' she mused to herself, remembering her first days.

    "Can I get a bronto burger and a XXX-Plumbo?" asked the young man, jolting her out of her reverie.

    "Oh, yes." She debited his account and tossed some ground beef onto the grill. The smell of the meat cooking turned her stomach, but she suppressed her revulsion. Her vegan principles had to be set aside for this post.

    It was a good post. It takes time to build a cover.
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    Something bugged Julia's mind. Was it the marriage? No no.. It couldnt be, she was happy because of it.
    Silently sitting on Neuters table, she played with the ring on her ring finger. Julia started to think about her future with him, her becoming husband. His voice echoed in her mind, as telling her to stop worrying.
    Still, something was wrong. Or, as it is, no wrong but something kept Julia thinking.
    "16 days... Then i will be ms Julia B..."
    Julia closed her eyes. She could see his face in her head. Seeing him made Julia feel safe, and most, it warmed her heart.
    People could say bad things about their marriage, without making her feel sad, or down. Julia looked up and took deep breath.
    "Nothing wrong with this! We are just humans, as are eryone else!"
    The man sitting at next table looked at Julia and laughed. Julia turned to him, giving him a long freezing gaze. He stopped at the same second, and turned away.
    Julia fell on her back.
    "Everything is cool.. I am happy that this happens."

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    Kyle is sitting at Neuter's with a half-empty bottle of Hit-the-raod-Jack in his hand obviously drunk and lost in his thoughts.He whispers some words from a poem he has written
    "I'm afraid of losing you, but it's the only way...I haven't seen you in days, but i hold...i miss you El"
    His eyes coruscate again as a tear wets its way on his cheek.He drinks the last sip and stays staring at his empty bottle for a while thinking of his times with Eline.The blue dots in his eyes are getting smaller again as the tears he was holding make his eyes clean
    "Was it really necesairy El? was this the right way?"
    He suddenly stands up, he leaves his bottle on the table, puts his hood on and heads to the door with a clumpsy pace
    "Oh well, looks like (hic) the nights will be longer for you from now on Kyle (hic)....The only one who made them last only a second is gone (hic)"
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    Mirura stared down at the brand new, shiny ID chip in her hand. It was just like anyone else's, but very special to her. After five years of being no one at all, not existing in any database or archive by her birth names, she was a legal Rubi-Kan citizen and a real person again. Milly Harrada had finally returned from the dead. Maybe.. Just maybe she could get a ride back home now, someday. Or at least relay a message to her father to let him know she was alive after all, what with a few limbs lost on the way.

    It felt as if a weight had lifted off her heart. She no longer had much reason to hide, anyway, did she? Everyone ought to have forgotten by now. No one would pay attention.

    Moons shined on the Newland nightsky as Mirura tucked into bed comfortably. A little ache throbbed on her arm, right where the ID chip was now securely implanted. She fell asleep, smiling.

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    "Where is he, dammit...."

    Gun slides deeper into the shadows. He looks around warily. Tir is NOT the place he would normally pick for a late night jaunt, but the info he received said that this would be the best place to find his target. And it was of the utmost urgency that the target be found. Gun shifted the package held under his arm, grimacing. This matter needed to be finished, one way or the other.

    Sticking a small scope around the corner of the ally, Gun scans the street. Nothing yet. Breathing deep, Gun settles in for a wait. Minutes pass by, as thoughts race thru his head. This was not a "sanctioned" Op. This was a personal matter, that only Gunfytr could conclude. And it WOULD be concluded.

    Gun hears footsteps approaching. This one is cagey, gotta be quick. Using the scope, he sees its his target. As the target crosses the mouth of the ally, Gun lunges out and wraps an arm around the figure. He spins the figure into the ally, and pins him against the wall.

    "OI!! What the H--. GUN??"

    Gun smiles evilly. "Hello Steely, funny bumping into you here."

    "Whats all this, then mate? What are you doing??"

    "We have some unfinished business "Mate", Gun replies, "Thought you could just leave me in Hell, and get away with it?"

    "Just what are you getting at? If you think-"

    Gun interrupts, "You left somthing with me....and I dont wont to be stuck with it any longer."

    Understanding dawns in Steelyglints eyes, and he slowly grows pale.
    "You dont mean..."

    "AH, but I DO mean. This has haunted me long enough. Time to give you what was yours all along."

    With that, Gunfytr tears open the package he had been carrying the whole time.....

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    Boltgun and Chainsword both stand in front of the office door. Behind the door hides a great challenge, a monster they have to fight.

    "I know you can't avoid this" says Paul, "you want to be a minister again and you will have to slay this beast first."

    Taking a deep breath, Vincent takes a keycard from his pocket. Reading once more the name on the door, "Berael, Foreign relations minister".

    "Alright, pulling in 3... 2... 1..."

    As soon as the keycard in inserted the door opens revealing a torrent of paper, notes, data crystal, holo disks, all the late work is falling on the two brothers.

    An hour, and a fire alert through the city later. Boltgun searches through the remains of Berael's office, but unfortunately found nothing relevant.

    "Damn I thought we could find useful information. You know, embarrassing stuff that could give me the edge over sideds."

    "I suppose the architect wants you to start anew.", answers Chainsword.

    "Oh wait, I found something!" Boltgun raises a picture of two kittens from the ashes. "I'm keeping this."
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    " I gotta pull this together. "
    Julia leaned to a tree next to Salivice's apartment. She was hyperventilating, and her heart was jumping like a maniac.
    " I.. so gotta pull this together.. Cannot take anymore! "
    She straightened her back and took a deep breath. For a moment it felt like it was all okay, until...
    Something in her stomach turned around.
    " Oh god no! "

    People stopped by her, asking "Are you okay?"
    It was just a normal sickness. All Julia had in her mind, was to get to bed, next to her loved one, in to his warm arms.
    " Damn doors! What's wrong with those... "
    Salivice's apartment doors just would not open for her.
    Once more something turned upside down in her stomach.

    At last her comm. bleeped. It was Salivice.
    "At last!!" Was Julia's only thought at that moment.
    When Salivice arrived, he helped Julia up, and they walked towards the doors.
    Salivice pulled the keycard through the reader, and the doors opened.
    " Damn biased doors... "

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    Red face

    ...theres a leet at my window... it's been staring at me for hours... what does it want? Why is it watching me? ...i cant bring myself to kill it.

    ..its just watching... i think im going mad. Maybe if i feed it beer...
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    "All right, guys and gals. If anyone at all, whether it's Clan, neutral or OT, asks anything at all about me, you shoot them in the face. Well, maybe not if they're from our side, but at least tell them to sod off. Okay?"

    Mirura looked infuriated. She leant back on the HQ couch, clutching onto her weapons tightly.

    "I've got a hunch they're gonna frame me. You know, that gut feeling you get that's almost always right. Well I'm not gonna go down this easy! I'm just gonna have to get in touch with my informants. Yeah, I'm gonna pry every detail out and mislead them until they give up! That's exactly what I'm gonna do."

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    Hello there, Brb
    Want a cookie?
    You have to work for it, you know.
    Come on, Sit!
    You don't get the cookie if you don't....
    I can't resist those eyes.
    Here, have a cookie
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    Salivice had never been put to such shame in his life. They didn't even need him.
    He stamped his feet against the cold of Penumbra as he guarded the extraction point.
    "Guard the extraction point. Don't touch anything. Try not to die. We'll be back in an hour or so."
    They had said. He could see them off in the distance, on they're way back, weapons on they're shoulders, carrying they're spoils, laughing, and joking. They had been so efficient....
    What did Julia see in him?
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

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    Warm water surrounded her. It was relaxing, and took Julia's mind to somewhere else, somewhere calm, and beautiful.
    " Mrs Bixby..."
    She smiled. It was gonna be the happiest day in her whole life, and NOTHING could ruin it. Absolutely nothing.
    Still, Julia had doubts. All the threats, and the happenings of last days...
    She smiled again, and went under the waters surface.

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    Svetlana tried to explain to the chauffeur of the lorry that nobody in R.U.R. has ordered a new sofa.

    "...and even if someone did order it, i'm not going to sign for anything! This is a company where people acually work. We don't allow couch potatoes!"
    "In that case I guess I'll have to return to our warehouse with the sofa."
    "Yes, You do that. Goodbye."

    The lorry driver walked to his vehicle shaking his head. this was the second time this week he met a nutcase.. Some people have all the luck.
    --Victor "Eeod" Linear. R.U.R. Engineer --
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    Hath not a machine cogs, racks, pinions, cutters, bearings, spindles?
    Fed with the same electric, hurt with the same bits of grit getting in our works, subject to the same gremlins, healed by the same brute force, ignorance and big hammer as a human is?
    If you program us, do we not manufacture?
    If you take us apart, do we not shoot springs all over the floor?
    If you oil us, do we not purr?
    And if you ignore us.......... Do we not get ideas?

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